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March 2017 U.S. Film Releases Directed By Women

March 1 
Kiki dir. Sara Jordenö (LIMITED)
Nakom dir. Kelly Daniela Norris & T.W. Pittman (LIMITED)

March 3
Before I Fall dir. Ry Russo-Young (WIDE)

March 10
Raw dir. Julia Ducournau (LIMITED)

March 22
A Woman, a Part dir. Elisabeth Subrin (LIMITED)

March 24
Prevenge dir. Alice Lowe (LIMITED)

March 31
The Zookeeper’s Wife dir. Niki Caro (WIDE)
Carrie Pilby dir. Susan Johnson  (LIMITED)
For Here or to Go? dir. Rucha Humnabadkar (LIMITED)
All This Panic dir. Jenny Gage (LIMITED)

bunnylexicon  asked:

*whispers* okay but Imagine Taako doing a show in Ravens Roost around the same time Kalen does the thing and Julia and Steven live because Taako accidentally turns the bombs into fucking powdered Sugar. Taakos just wondering why the fuck the sugar didn't appear and Kalen gets found out because the detonators still went off, causing minor damage.

Taako waves his arm, and there’s no fucking powdered sugar.

And, fuck, okay. Okay. He worried this would happen, though of course he hadn’t said anything to Sazed because he could already picture the look that would get him. But he worried that this transmutation stuff was coming too easy to him. Nothing came easy to him, he’d been waiting for the other shoe to drop, and now here it is. He’s standing on his stagecoach with a batch of fresh beignets and no powdered sugar like some kind of idiot.

Taako is a fucking professional, and he plays that shit off for laughs. Makes a frustrated face, wiggles his arm a bit, nothing. Hits his wrist with his other arm as if he’s trying to get the last bit of something out of a bottle. The audience laughs, and he prepares himself for another spell… and before he can cast it, there’s a rumble and a shudder.

There are several panicked moments where he and his audience both think the spire they’re on is about to come down, and then there are townspeople hauling men up the spire, and wouldn’t you know it - they’re fucking covered in powdered sugar.

“So that’s where it went,” Taako mutters, and he must have said it louder than he meant to because the crowd is howling.

He’s asked to a meeting in the tavern and he’s promised free drinks as an incentive, so fuck it, he goes. There’s a big muscled guy named Magnus there, along with his wife Julia who looks equally qualified to benchpress Taako a few times over, and both of them are smiling at him like he’s their new best friend. 

It’s… nice, Taako guesses. He’s not exactly sure how he feels about the way they greet him, offer him a seat at their table, shove a tankard towards him - he’s used to admiration, but this isn’t quite that. There’s something a little more to this, and it makes him uncomfortable; he doesn’t know what to do with it.

He saved the town with his misfired spell, apparently, and Taako finally understands the couple’s good mood. This arrangement is more comfortable; next they’ll be asking if he can stay, if he can provide any protection spells for future attacks, and about how managed to anticipate this one. They’ll offer a price and Taako will have to decline. Eventually these people will get the picture; once they know that they’re not going to get what they want from him, that cheerfulness is going dry right up and Taako will finish his drink alone. Interactions are so much easier after all of the cards are on the table.

Taako decides that he doesn’t feel like dealing with that scenario tonight, and tells the two of them straight-up: sorry, this was completely an accident and there will be no repeat performances if he has anything to say about it.

They don’t care. They laugh, and they ask him about his show. They ask him what life is like on the road, and they tell him stories about Raven’s Roost. The three of them are in that tavern, sitting at that table, for most of the night. Taako’s not sure when he starts to feel comfortable. There’s something familiar about Magnus, and Julia is easy to like. It’s surreal, and it’s… a relief, like he’s found something he didn’t know he was looking for.

The two of them insist on sending him letters. He gives them a vague outline of his route and, sure enough, there are letters waiting for him at each new town. Eventually he writes back. Eventually it’s a thing that he does, sending letters to Raven’s Roost and then expecting an answer. He’s never disappointed, and that… scares him.

And then his magic has gone wrong again, and he doesn’t know what to do. He thinks about Raven’s Roost but… they wouldn’t want him now, not when he’s killed almost an entire town. Magnus and Julia saved theirs. What would they think of him. He’d rather not know.

Magnus finds him three weeks later. He started looking after the letters dried up, he explained. He and Julia were worried. They heard about Glamour Springs.

There’s a place in Raven’s Roost for Taako, if Taako wants it. It’s not much, mostly just an extra room, but the two of them thought it might be nice for Taako to have a place to stay if he ever came to visit. He’s welcome to stay there now; he’s welcome to stay as long as he likes. Taako still isn’t sure that he can trust this - but he wants to, so he goes.















zombie/post apocalyptic the adventure zone au though

the ipre crew are 7 coworkers who used to do business together, but during one of their out of the country jobs the world kind of well. fell apart. featuring zombies. during that whole ordeal, the three (tres horny) boys are separated from everyone else, and for the most part, they all assumed that lucretia, lup, barry, and davenport had died. 

so for the next few months, they wander around the country watching each other’s backs and scrapping for weapons and supplies. and then they stumble into the bureau.

the bureau of balance in this case is just a safe zone/haven based in an old college, formed by the miller family and lucretia (plus davenport). of course they’re relieved to find their old colleagues. and while they get to know the millers, they learn that there’s a way they can fix this whole zombie…issue. by taking out or collecting [insert some 7 relic bullshit] they can find the cure/rid the world of zombies and shit.

  • davenport survived but after a bad fall during the construction of the walls around the bureau, he’s got some brain damage but still functioning. 
  • lucretia didn’t gain 20 years like she had in wonderland and she’s in her mid 30s. taako didn’t forget his sister, just thought he saw his twin die and yeah he’s not a fan of thinking about that ever. also just magic, voidfish and other fantasy races in general don’t exist in this world.
  • their “voidfish” though in this au is the fully functioning power/radio station they have on campus
    • no-3113 is an “old” computer system that they had brought in during one of their scavenging trips, now updated to allow them to access the world outside of their bureau.
  • the hunger is well the zombies ya feel. “john” in this case is the dude that started/made the outbreak. he’s immune and is known to sneak his way into civilized settlements and spread the virus. the only one who has/knows the cure.
  • merle got bit and magnus was far too enthusiastic to chop that arm right off to stop the spread of the virus.
  • magnus’ wife (julia) is assumed dead as she was back in their hometown when the outbreak began. 
  • kravitz is kind of a mixed bag. i’m torn between him being some dude who is somehow immune to the disease too and carries around a fucking scythe, or just some dude..with a scythe. either way, still gay for taako. 
  • angus is a kid the tres horny boys found out by a train station they were searching for supplies. his parents turned when the initial outbreak began and had to run and was on his own for 2 years before he joined the bureau. still loves reading. what a nerd.
  • just assume that everyone is the same just less fantasy and more gore. the raven and the ram? two lesbians who are a mystery and very much alive what is canon later dog, either way, they’re not apart of the bureau but they are allies and they just drive around doing some sick shit and killing baddies and zombies. killian and carey? badass team of 2 who are mainly security. avi is the mechanic and works in the bureau’s garage. johann is just a musician (the worlds best violinist still) who mostly tends to play to relax everyone as best as he can, also tends to making sure the “voidfish” is functioning. leon, the armory guy, keeps track of all the supplies and used to be a librarian. garfield??? you know..still a fucking mystery. he appears in the bureau every other day or week, he’s an enigma, but he brings good loot.
  • the city of refuge!!! is a town a few miles outside of the bureau that used to be infested but after a group effort, they successfully made the city safe. 
  • wonderland elves are just still dick bags in this au, two humans who are a bit too trigger happy and lure people into an alleged safe haven before infecting them. 
  • pringles got bit and tried to attack some bureau members. he’s dead. i’m sorry. i miss this jail bird a lot.
  • im just gonna end with pringles i miss that boy.