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I swear to god JK could literally sit JM down on his lap and feel him up and people would be like "OMG did you see that?? It totally means he has a wife and 4 kids!!1!" people be reaching man.. I just wish people would appreciate how cute and how much of a comforting presence they are to each other, no matter what their relationship is instead of trying prove they're straight by reading way too far into things

ja;efia for real thouggghhh. like, they could do some straight up gay shit, and people would be like “at 3:14 you see jk glance off screen, in the mirror at 3:16 you see a female figure in the direction he looked. is that his girlfriend??” i can’t handle that. (i’ve legit seen this type of shit on bts videos). it’s kinda sad tbh. but i mean, whatever lmaoo. but i wish people would appreciate the relationship that ji/kook have, even if they don’t think that’s it’s a romantic relationship. 


I’m not into dick riding celebrity couples like i did when i was younger for the simple fact that I can’t take them seriously cuz they’re here today, gone tomorrow & some even look like they do it for the fame . However if I will dick ride any couple it’s gonna be Ice Cube and his wife. They emulate what I want. 4 kids and 23 years of marriage later and they still want each other. Cube said it and you can see it when u look at them they have a good partnership, they respect each other. She been down for him and he’s still holding it down for her, he tries to keep her happy, and even tho we have no idea what may go on behind closed doors when u see them out what they show you is that they’re still and will always be good just like it should be. I love how he always has his arm around Kim or he’s holding her hand when they’re in public. For that they are the only famous pair that will have me sayin “relationship goals”……..23 years of marriage that’s amazing

Fallout 4 wasteland ex-gunner sniper for hire Lance


Lately my BF and me have been obsessed with the tiny house movement. For years we wanted to find a quiet, distant place to live in, close to the water and ideally completely self-sufficient. Stumbling onto the entire topic of tiny houses was a godsend. They are cheap, environmentally friendly and movable. We talked about it and both agreed on this being the best choice for us. So while we look for a place to put our little piece of heaven in, I decided to recreate some of the cutest we found in TS4. I can’t lie, I’m in love with this little thing. 

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What are some fun facts about Samuel the vampire~? ( I looked for him on your Toyhouse but couldn't find him)

(This ask is a bit aged cuz I wanted to doodle but YEEEhh still trying to do some nice art of certain characters before I post them on TH) 

Some fun facts about Samuel:

- He’s the mayor of Ollewest (the city where a big chunk of the stuff happens in Westerloch). He’s been the mayor for about 150 years. Not because he’s doing such a great job, but because anytime someone runs against them they mysteriously turn up dead. 

- He has a secretary named Gideon who basically does 95% of his job for him.

- He has a wife named Virginia. They’ve been married for about 500 years. Sam seems like the boss, but his wife calls most of the shots. If I could describe their relationship in a quote it’d be, “When she tells me to shut up, I’ll be quiet. But when she leaves….I start talking again.”  Mrs. Virginia is also the dean of the private school all the kids go to.

- Aside from a wife, Samuel has 4 kids. Three boys and one girl. All of which…drive him crazy. (Left to right: There’s Leander – the youngest, Jermaine– the second youngest, Josette – the oldest, and Franklin – the second oldest.)

- Samuel’s hobbies include golfing, gambling, and hunting. He also likes watching football and cooking occasionally. 

the other day one of my sims died (from electrocuting herself while trying to upgrade a stereo). her wife and their 4 kids all gathered around to mourn her, but they didn’t have any interaction options with the grim reaper, so i figured it was impossible to save her.

but then just as i was beginning to accept that fiona beckett the stay at home lesbian author mum was no more, their elderly cat walked up and saved fiona with the power of best friendship. god fucking bless. i guess in-fiction that means the grim reaper saw a cat approaching and thought “ah fuck, she’s got a cat??? there’s a cat that loves her??? shit. well, it’s out of my hands, see ya, i’m not making a cat sad” and then he left. but the wife and 4 kids he was fine with upsetting deeply i guess lmao

alright, yeah, so i have a busted lip & a black eye. it’s not that bad, if i’m being honest here. but everyone go tweet at jordan for being the biggest douche on the planet. calling me a pussy & said i wouldn’t do shit if he punched me ? nah, i don’t play by that. he was lucky enough to get the shots he got in before i started swinging on him. i may have gone overboard, i admit to that, but he’s fucking lucky i didn’t do anything worse for talking shit about my family. 

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I'm curious where do you stand on the "Dabi is Todoroki's older brother" theory?

don’t care for it, nor do i believe it

just because characters have similar powers doesn’t mean they’re biologically related; look at Tetsutetsu/Kirishima, Inko/Uraraka, Bakugou/Todoroki, etc

also, i think Endeavor is the kind of person to only stick with one partner once he’s decided that They’re The One, and he tried having at least 4 kids with his current wife. 

Dabi looks to be at least 19, give or take, Endeavor’s eldest is at least 23-25 given she has a job as a school teacher and had to go through college and classes to get certified. i don’t think the timeline adds up. either he cheated on his wife (who, we know he spent a lot of time and energy into getting into her family’s good graces in order to court her), or he had a relationship with someone else during the courting process. 

i don’t think it fits his character. he’s the kind of person to decide on One Thing and Stick With It, regardless of if it’s logical or not. he’s stubborn like that. he spent 20 years working on his plan to defeat All Might through his Perfect Child, aka Todoroki. even longer working to beat All Might in general.

i don’t like Endeavor. I don’t like what he did to his wife and children, it was abusive and horrible and there’s no excuse for what he did. But i also don’t see him cheating on his wife when he’s made such a concrete decision on this topic. he’s too stubborn and set in his ways.

i could be wrong. i don’t know. but from what i’ve seen of the series so far, i don’t really see Dabi being Todoroki’s older brother. it doesn’t add up for me

One of my friends who is 19 is sleeping with a 35 year old married man, he’s already got 4 kids with his wife and never cheated but still seeds her knowing she’s not on the pill, guess men can’t hold back their instinct to breed young girls and spread their seed

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My cousin's wife died tody in the morning. She was a mother of 4 kids. DUAS PLEASE. JZK

SubhanAllah May Allah bring peace to her soul in Jannah and may Allah ease the pain of the children and husband. I am so sorry …

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Omg I googled randy new wife and she has like 4 kids already one is in high school

I could care less about her kids tbh. She just needs to stop being such a cunt. Like… we get that you’re married to Randy. Yes, he cheats on you. Grow up. lol

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Maybe if carol was in her 20s or 30s I’d accept caryl not being romantic but if it never happens as it is I’ll never not believe the reason was AMC and tptb being worried about an older woman grossing out the comic fanboys and girls, i’ll also forever be mad that they would not take the opportunity to give hope to DA victims that they can find real love, I wish I just didn’t care but it still makes me so mad and sad even though I stopped watching the show

Maybe if they would stop tugging at us all the time for ratings while never delivering we could have stopped caring for real but alas…

I would never be over it cause comparing to other couples I shipped who had actual ship tease but never happened like Olivia/Elliot from SVU and Ned/Olive on PD like you just knew it was a long shot cause I mean Elliot had a wife and 4 kids and Ned was genuinely in love with Chuck even though they couldn’t touch,the difference is that you sorta always knew these ships were a longshot or not 100% canon even tho they were teased or had moments or even kissed! 

But with Caryl it does not feel like that because all the “reasons” stopping them from being together are bullshit. Within the fandom it’s all about stupid fangirls who are ageist or stupid fanboys who think Daryl can’t waste his time with females while within the show the “”reasons”” would be bullshit like Daryl and Carol are jaded and can’t love each other, too broken to maintain a relationship with each other or Carol and Daryl would never fall for each other. Carol/Daryl are not each other’s types for this or that reason…Those arguments don’t stand. Not to mention Carol and Daryl have yet to connect meaningfully with anyone besides each other. Chemistry-wise or understanding each other. It’s just not there and I still think Melissa is not giving her all to C@rzekiel(in case it is heading there) and honestly feel free to say otherwise but that’s my opinion.

Those are some of the reasons it’s so hard to get over them.

Conversation With My Daughter

Last night, before heading out for date night with my girlfriend, I was kissing my wife, and 2 kids goodbye. My 4 year old daughter was sitting on the couch next to my wife. Here is the conversation that ensued:

D: Where are you going daddy?
Me: I’m going over to R’s
D: Oh… To her house?
Me: Yes
D: Are you just staying at her house?
Me: Yes, I think so, but we might go out for a walk or a drink
D: Oh… Are you going to kiss her?
Me: (Smiling) Yes, probably. Is that okay?
D: (With her most serious face) No! You shouldn’t kiss her, daddy.
Me: (Surprised) Oh, why not?
D: Because if she has a cold, then you’ll get her cold, and I don’t want you to get a cold, because then we’ll all get colds when we kiss you.
Me: (Smiling even more while glancing over at my wife) Don’t worry babesy, Remember, you just saw R yesterday, and she didn’t have a cold. We’ll all be fine.
D: (Giggling) Ok, daddy, then you can kiss her.
Me: Ok, thanks babe. 


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Top 5 banana based recepies? (Idk, was lacking idea)

1. Banana Bread
2. Banana Milkshake
3. Banana Party (my wife’s invention for the kids)
4. Banana Cream Pie
5. Banana Chips (homemade only though)