wife and 4 kids

Conversation With My Daughter

Last night, before heading out for date night with my girlfriend, I was kissing my wife, and 2 kids goodbye. My 4 year old daughter was sitting on the couch next to my wife. Here is the conversation that ensued:

D: Where are you going daddy?
Me: I’m going over to R’s
D: Oh… To her house?
Me: Yes
D: Are you just staying at her house?
Me: Yes, I think so, but we might go out for a walk or a drink
D: Oh… Are you going to kiss her?
Me: (Smiling) Yes, probably. Is that okay?
D: (With her most serious face) No! You shouldn’t kiss her, daddy.
Me: (Surprised) Oh, why not?
D: Because if she has a cold, then you’ll get her cold, and I don’t want you to get a cold, because then we’ll all get colds when we kiss you.
Me: (Smiling even more while glancing over at my wife) Don’t worry babesy, Remember, you just saw R yesterday, and she didn’t have a cold. We’ll all be fine.
D: (Giggling) Ok, daddy, then you can kiss her.
Me: Ok, thanks babe. 


Red title doesn’t mean death. Red means a Skywalker loses their shit and goes darkside for anywhere from 38 seconds to 23 years. And they take off someone’s lightsaber hand when they do it.

Think about it. Vader his the sister-button and Luke took off his hand in RotJ. Anakin was so worried about Padme’s impending death that he choppped off Mace’s hand, then swore fealty to the Dark Lord and slaughtered a bunch of children. (and Shaak Ti, which I’m a little irked was not on screen and had to be confirmed in a flasback in TCW.) Then Anakin lost 3 of 4 limbs, a wife, his best friend and two kids.

Don’t believe me? Remember the Jabba sequence? That’s set up to make us think there’s a possibility Luke’s going to go permanently undershadow. He uses force-choke, which is a darksider-only power, and GLEEFULLY kills every motherfucker on the barge.

So the common theme here is Skywalkers losing their shit at some point with a threat of an extended career on the Dark Side. Potentially Rey but smart money’s on Luke when he sees his dumbass nephew.


I’m not into dick riding celebrity couples like i did when i was younger for the simple fact that I can’t take them seriously cuz they’re here today, gone tomorrow & some even look like they do it for the fame . However if I will dick ride any couple it’s gonna be Ice Cube and his wife. They emulate what I want. 4 kids and 23 years of marriage later and they still want each other. Cube said it and you can see it when u look at them they have a good partnership, they respect each other. She been down for him and he’s still holding it down for her, he tries to keep her happy, and even tho we have no idea what may go on behind closed doors when u see them out what they show you is that they’re still and will always be good just like it should be. I love how he always has his arm around Kim or he’s holding her hand when they’re in public. For that they are the only famous pair that will have me sayin “relationship goals”……..23 years of marriage that’s amazing

Every time I see a preschooler in public I say hi and they become my friend bc God gave me the gift of being best friends w every kid under the age of 5, but yesterday I met a 4 year old and her mom was like “yeah this is my wife’s kid” and I was like…….. You have a 4 year old daughter… And a wife? I almost started to cry because it gave me so much hope for the future


someone: so, do you and your wife have any kids yet? :) 

me: oh you bet! 4 wonderful children -pulls out my wallet and displays these 4 photographs- 

someone: they’re beautiful. they are so wonderful. you are so blessed. this is why i believe in god