The Crown of Margaret of York, Aachen Cathedral Treasury.

Margaret, the sister of king Edward IV of England, became Duchess of Burgundy in 1468 as the third wife of Duke Charles the Bold. Her crown was made in England in about 1461, and is one of very few pieces of English royal regalia to have survived into modern times.

Miracle Baby (Charles X Pregnant!Reader)

Characters: Charles Xavier X Pregnant!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Xmen

Warnings: Child Birth


Request: Hey there! Could you please do young Charles Xavier comforting his wife in labour please. (Wheelchair as well too - not when he has the serum). Thanks a million

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When you found out you were married, you were so, so excited. You had been married with Charles for over 10 years. You had been through thick and thin with him, as you had been with him before and after Cuba and the serum. Before the accident you had talked about having children, but that came to a halt after Cuba.

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A tribute to some lovely ladies that played a role in the life of everyone’s favorite revolutionary-manumission-abolitionist; John Laurens. (Drawn the way I imagine they’d look in the musical.)

(From top left- bottom)

Martha Laurens (Ramsay): John’s intelligent and curious younger sister; the family kin-keeper who would later go on to adopt her eldest brother’s orphaned daughter after his death. She married her father’s physician, David Ramsay.

Martha Manning (Laurens): John’s wife, who he married in order to protect her honor(as she was pregnant with their child.) She stayed in England to have the baby while John was fighting in the war, though they made multiple failed attempts to meet up. She died 1 year before John, while their daughter was still very young.

Frances Eleanor Laurens: John’s daughter, who he never got to meet. Orphaned at age 5, Frances was adopted by John’s sister Martha, who did everything she could to make sure Frances got a proper education. She and her only son (who would never marry and ended up being the last member of John Laurens’ bloodline) famously petitioned Congress for money that was owed to her father for serving.

(John had one other sister- Mary Eleanor ”Polly” Laurens Pinckney, who became the wife of Founding Father Charles Pinckney - but I didn’t discover that until after making this picture. So she’s the Peggy of the group, I guess. Sorry Polly.)


Wedding group, 1933. A photograph of a bride, groom, pageboys and bridesmaids outside St Margaret’s Church in Westminster, London, taken by James Jarche for the Daily Herald newspaper on 18 January, 1933. Crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of the elegant society wedding of Sir Hugh Smiley and Miss Nancy Beaton (Sister of Sir Cecil Beaton). The bridesmaids hold garlands of flowers as they walk behind the couple and their pageboys. St Margaret’s stands besides Westminster Abbey in Parliament Square, London. Founded in the twelfth century, it is the parish church for the City of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament. 


Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll (1912-1993), Former wife of Charles Sweeny, and later third wife of Ian Douglas Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll; daughter of George Hay Whigham.

Joan Buckmaster, Viscountess Buckmaster (died 1976), Wife of 2nd Viscount Buckmaster; daughter of George Augustus Garry Simpson.

Joan Morley (1910-2005), Daughter of Dame Gladys Cooper; wife of Robert Morley. 

Lady Violet Georgiana Powell (1912-2002), Author; wife of Anthony Dymoke Powell; daughter of 5th Earl of Longford.

National Portrait Gallery, London.

30 Years Later (Charles X Reader)

Characters: Charles Xavier X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: Young Charles Xavier being seduced by a fellow mutant teacher and years later still being happy together? Pretty please - you’re awesome!

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You had been a mutant since you were a child, and when you heard of a telepath was going around searching for mutants to join his school, you decided to go check it out to get a spot as a teacher. Charles was surprised to find someone so willing but let you join.

Charles had an odd feeling about you the second you walked through those doors, so he watched you closely. He watched how kind you were with the children, and how they respected you. He saw how you carried yourself with confidence and dignity, something a lot of mutants struggled with. He saw how your clothes complimented your body and how you treated each person uniquely to make them feel special and worthy.

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Miracle Baby Pt 2

Characters: Charles X Wife!Reader

Universe: Marvel,Xmen

Warnings: None


Can you do a small short of Raven and Erik finding out about the baby and maybe they come to see her? Cuz I love this story it’s so sweet and cute!!

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Your little girl was nearly a year old. She had her daddy’s bright blue eyes and your hair. She was tottering about already but she rather preferred being in your arms or on Charles’ lap, which neither of you minded at all. She was started to speak as well. You remember your husband’s chuffed face when she called him Daddy.

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Story time

Went to get afternoon drinks with some grad school compatriots and when approaching the bar, one of the other patrons looked at Deacon and said to his (I’m assuming) wife: “we need to get a vest like that for Cooper so he can go everywhere with us.”
Me: “Actually, my dog is a service animal. He’s not just a pet with a vest on.”
Man: “but you don’t look disabled”
Me: “…what does a disabled person look like, exactly?”
Man’s wife: “Jesus, Charles. Stop talking. This is why the Olsens won’t play bridge with us anymore.”

Dating Charles Xavier Includes...

(A/N: Set after X-Men: Apocalypse)

-He is finally comfortable enough around you to be in a Wheelchair. Although he thought you deserved better, he finally see’s himself as more worthy of your hand.

-His sass begins to build up again. He is constantly backfiring, and you bloody love it.

-The nicknames grow, too. He just wants you to feel loved, and appreciated, and would stop at nothing to make you feel that way. 

-Your by his side, as the school begins to build up. The students begin to question though, you helping the younger ones, who see you as a mother figure.

-The one night when all the Students are working, so you both have a movie night, with him endlessly cuddling you.

-When Raven comes back, you’re too happy to see her. and she to see you. Even though Charles is a little cautious.

-He comes to you, after Raven tells him of her need for both of you. You just hold him close, and remind him everything will be fine, in the end. You’ll have each other.

-When he’s kidnapped - Oh god, he fears for your life, he can tell something is going to happen, and he begs to god, you are safe. You have to be safe, for him.

-After you find him, he’s broken. He think’s his hair gone, and the fact he wasn’t there for you, means he was not good enough for you, and your the one who has to prove him wrong.

-He still wakes up at night, fearing of the past, and what is to come, and what happened to Angel, but your there to hold him, and remind him your there.

-Charles gets so much more romantic, yet so much more devious, as if everyday was the last, and he wanted to make sure you had done everything.

-You and Erik, before he goes, share so many stories of what has happened, mainly about his wife and child. Charles dosen’t miss the look in your eye when you’re talking about a family.

-And to be honest, now this is over, he want’s a Family with you. Somebody he can protect, until his last breath. He want’s you, and only you. He loves you way too much. 

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It would be better if himaruya drew fem lithuania in traditional dress because during the polish lithuanian commonwealth only men went to war. Women just stayed home and took care of the family and house

That didn’t stop Hungary from appearing in a soldier uniform during Maria Theresa’s time. Then we have women like Elizabeth of Pomerania, wife of Charles IV of the HRE. This probably means that Nyo Lithuania is incredibly physically strong. Maybe not strong enough to snap swords like Elizabeth of Pomerania though.

Catherine of Braganza, circa 1665, after/by Sir Peter Lely.
Catherine of Braganza (Portuguese: Catarina de Bragança; 25 November 1638 – 31 December 1705) was Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1662 to 1685, as the wife of King Charles II. Catherine was born into the House of Braganza, the most senior noble house of Portugal, which became Portugal’s royal house after Catherine’s father, John, 8th Duke of Braganza, was proclaimed King John IV after deposing the House of Habsburg in 1640.  

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catherine_of_Braganza?oldformat=true