He took a picture

So apparently my husband admitted to taking a ton of random pictures of me. i INSISTED that I see them and he hands me his phone.

Of course I see a ton of pictures of me but what gets me is three things.

1. He takes pictures of me when I’m not looking; half the time I’m zoning out into the distance or busily amused by something and the other times I’m asleep (haha, I know right?)

2. When I ask him to take pictures of me, he takes multiple pictures as if to catch my candid movements where I’m no longer posing.

Before I get to the third thing, I just want to state the fact that he enjoys taking pictures of me when I’m least “staged”… during the most candid moments when I’m not posing or when I “fix my face/hair.” I asked him why he did that and he said, “I like the raw you. It’s beautiful.” I blushed and kissed him.

When do you get someone who is totally okay with the least flattering pictures of you, asleep, zoned out, or just not posing. I don’t know but that made my heart flutter.

3. I stumbled upon a picture he took that gave me chills. A photo dated February 19 of this year… the day before he proposed to me. It was a picture of the ring in the box in his hand. I said, “Why’d you take a picture of it?” He said, “Because I was stressed out… I was trying to figure out where the perfect place was to take you to propose. Also because I couldn’t believe I’ve finally gotten to that point in my life where I realized I loved a girl so much I wanted to ask her to marry me.”

I can’t help but boast but I love him so much. I always get on his case about how I’m the one always taking our pictures together and turns out, he’s got a ton of me. He’s a man of little words but he’s got so much sincerity. I love my husband. I love him so much.

I promise to help you wash the paint and dirt off of your hands after a long day of work. I promise to laugh at your random bursts of randomness and Disney songs, even when I’m not in the mood to listen your rendition of Aladdin. I promise to let you win sometimes when we have our ugly picture wars on Facebook that all of our friends find adorable but I find horrifyingly embarrassing. I promise to SOMETIMES let you listen to your music, even if it’s the same 3 rap songs and the same 6 country songs. 

I promise to believe you the first time and to stop asking so many questions, especially when I don’t want to know the answer. I promise to help you follow your dreams, no matter what you want to do this week or what car you’ll be dreaming about for the next month or so. I promise to tell you when you need to save your money and when it’s okay to spend it, just so you don’t end up broke. I promise to clean when you’re at work so I feel like I’m contributing, at least a little bit. I promise to reassure you when you’re feeling like you’re not good enough for me, because in my eyes, you always are, even on your worst days.

I promise to ask you for your advice before anyone else’s because at the end of the day, you’re the only best friend who matters. We’re supposed to be best friends for life, right? I promise to kiss you goodnight even when I’m mad, and I’ll try my best not to wake you up to fight when you have work in a few hours. I was always really bad about that. I promise to calm you down during anxiety and panic attacks. When you’re depressed, I will continue to tell you the things that you do that make you wonderful. 

I promise to keep hot sauce in the house always and I promise to regularly practice my water-spitting skills because it took me so long to learn how. I promise to tell you when you’re wrong, but still support you, because we are life-long partners. I promise to discuss our children with you so we are CO-parenting, because I know you’ll love them as much as I do. I promise to let you pick the movie sometimes (I’ll try not to fall asleep). I promise to hold your thumb every single night when we fall asleep together.

When we met, I never thought I would want and need you so badly, but I do and I did, and I always will. Marriage is scary to me, I have never seen it work. It’s always ended in a terrible disaster and it’s such a big commitment, but I know that you would put your all into everything like you always do. You have changed into a hard-working individual who would sacrifice his entire life for his family. You have become the ideal and perfect human for me. I am proud to call you my husband and the love of my life. It feels like a dream come true now that I understand what love feels like for the first time in my life.

You have always amazed me with your sense of humor, even when there is blood gushing out of your finger or when we are too broke for food. You are not the same boy I met, you have become a man and I have watched this journey, just like you have watched mine. You have always amazed me with how you come across as a punk, but in reality, you are a sweet, kind, and caring individual who knows how to treat others with respect.

I love you and I am incredibly happy to have found the one person I would ever be willing to marry.

—  My friend is getting married so I’ve been thinking about vows…

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Headcanon where Severus manages to somehow insert you, 'his wife', at least once in every conversation and he's completely unaware of it until someone points it out.

Severus knew that he shouldn’t have tried the champagne, not after he’d just finished a glass of red wine, but it was a celebratory evening, and besides, there had been a toast, and it simply wasn’t proper not to have champagne after a toast.

“Have you head that they’ve finally added another exception to Franken’s third Law of Suspension?” The woman stands before him in a sparkling gown that hugs her every curve, one hand twirling her hair a bit as she leans forward and gives him a generous view of her cleavage.

“Ah, yes,” Severus says, sipping the champagne slowly before coming up for air, “well, actually, as I was discussing with my wife the other day, it’s not a true exception. More of an addendum, really. According to my wife, well, it’s hardly news at all. And I must say that I agree.”

“Er…well…that’s…” The woman’s smile begins to fade and she shuffles uncomfortably on her high heeled shoes.

“In fact, I should tell you, my wife is just the funniest, most beautiful-”

“You know what? I think my friend just called for me. I’ve gotta go.” The woman turns tail and practically sprints for the lady’s restroom.

“What did I miss?” 

“Oh, nothing, my love,” Severus purrs, looking at his wife with loving eyes. “Just a buzzing fly.”

“I guess I was right when I said that they had absolutely no standards, present company excluded, of course,” she replies, smirking deviously. “Say, what say you that we ditch this place and get up to some…mischief?”

Severus is filled with a heady sense of arousal as he realizes just what she means, and he grins uncharacteristically widely, swooping her up in his arms.

“Don’t let me stop you, my beloved wife.”

“Come along, then, my sexy henchman husband.” She pulls on his collar playfully and he follows her towards the double doors to the ballroom, his mind already imagining her in a scandalous state of undress. Preferably underneath him.

After stepping through the floo connection to their home, it doesn’t take long for them to achieve an acceptable level of nudity. Severus is nothing if not efficient, even when he’s had a bit to drink.

Especially when it comes to his wife.