thanks wikipedia for making sure i noticed that johannes wierix couldnt draw a fuckin whale nose to save his life but goddamn if he didnt get that whale dick perfect

Hieronymus Wierix - Madonna with Child on Crescent Moon (~1600)

This mystical portrayal of the Mother of God on the crescent moon, whose iconography originates from the Book of Revelation and has possessed a Mariological significance since the Middle Ages, is a masterpiece of refined printmaking. Like his elder brother Johannes, Hieronymus Wierix worked mainly as a reproductive engraver, although he also produced a number of engravings after his own inventions. His technically sophisticated and meticulous engraving technique is in the tradition of such great predecessors as Albrecht Dürer and Lucas van Leyden and Wierix is doubtless the equal of these masters in terms of virtuoso craftsmanship.

(Nicolaas Teeuwisse)