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when you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. check my blog to see what I said about you!

grazi omg i’m so glad we started talking even though the first conversation we had was kinda awkward and it kinda died bc i thought i was annoying you so i stopped replying lmao. i still don’t even know what happened tbh bc you’re so cool and then out of nowhere you messaged me because of my sidebar/theme and then we started talking about ashton’s preciousness and the subject changed a million times and it’s so random and i’m still confused but i’m loving it. i’m in love with everything you do seriously you make everything look so pretty and it makes me cry. and your face. your face also makes me cry bc wow what a beauty. thanks for being so nice to me. ♥

ok here we go:

michaelcliffhrd: bina you’re so beautiful and your drawings and edits and gifs always look amazing and i’m so heart eyes for them and tbh whenever someone reblogs one of your posts to my dashboard i feel like a proud mama or something bc everything you do is so freaking beautiful and you deserve to get as much attention as possible. most importantly, you’re so sweet and such a nice person!!! i really hope we get to talk more often even though neither of us is that good at keeping a conversation going bc i really like you and you’re one of those people that i’d love to have around me, you know? and idk ily ♥

littlesnowflakeirwin: melisa bby i’m so happy we started talking bc you’re so fun and so sweet and i always have a good time when we talk, no matter what we’re talking about, and i feel like we really connected in a certain way. you’re also so fucking gorgeous and i’m so in love with your hair and your face and everything about you is just so wow. aaaaaand you’re super talented and i’m so ♥♥♥♥ for your drawings/paintings. thanks for being around, ily ♥

wierdkids: zain!!! you have a great taste in music, even though i don’t know much of 99.9% of the bands you like, but whenever i listen to the songs you reblog (or songs by the bands you like) i’m like wow bc i really like your musical taste. i also love love love your edits and the only reason why i don’t reblog every single one of them is bc like i said i don’t know most of those bands (sorry haha). and you’re super pretty and such a nice person. i honestly thought you were sick of me tbh but then the other day when i wasn’t feeling okay you messaged me and i realized that maybe i was wrong. i’m still so thankful for that message you sent me the other day. it was incredibly sweet of you to actually take the time to talk to me and even send me that embarrassing/cute picture of fetus ashton and it made me smile so big bc maybe it wasn’t a big deal for you but it meant a lot to me. we might not be so close but you rule and pls know that you can count on me and that i’ll be here for you if you ever need someone to talk to about anything. ily. ♥♥

poundtownonthepaynetrain: nicole pls whenever i think of you i think of that day when we actually started talking (well we had interacted once or twice before but i think i only followed you after 5sos’ show in phoenix so ya know) and i cry bc sHIRTLESS ASHTON IS WHAT BROUGHT US TOGETHER I CAN’T BELIEb how beautiful that was. like i told you the other day, even though we don’t talk a lot, it’s always fun to talk to you. you’re so nice and so funny and so damn beautiful and i’m glad to have you on my dashboard and ily ♥

lewi5sos: carol i know we don’t talk but you’re super cool and i love your edits and your writing and everything you do. and like the other day when i said something about wishing i’d get mmc requests and you immediately sent me one that actually made me so happy even though i haven’t made it yet (i promise i’ll try to get it done on the weekend, i’m sorry) because it was so nice of you???? i hope you’re feeling better today beeb bc you deserve the best and ily ♥

mike5os: kAYA even though we don’t talk i love having you on my dashboard bc you’re so funny and i love your face and also it’s good to have some mashton on my dashboard bc they’re so underrated like wtf and it warms my heart to see you love them so much so yeah you go girl ily ♥

1994th: we haven’t interacted much but you’re super cool and i remember you congratulating me when i posted about finishing high school and then when i posted about being exhausted you replied with a little message to cheer me up and that was so so so nice of you and also yOU LIKE SKINS PLEASE you’re perfect and ily ♥

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name: i don’t like giving out my name on the internet bc it’s kind of “unique” or whatever and i’m too paranoid ya know
nickname(s): gui (and my alias is dani)
birthday: september 12th, 1995
gender: female
sexual orientation: i don’t know yet??? i’m like 80% sure i’m bi though
height: 5’4 sigh
favorite color(s): i’m in love with so many colors but i guess the main ones for me are purple, blue, gray, black and green 
current time and date: 4:43 am, jan. 1
average hours of sleep: sometimes i sleep for 16 hours straight other times i only sleep for like 3 so idk
last thing i googled: i always use incognito tabs to google things but it was probably some random word just to check if i was using it correctly

i tag: idk poundtownonthepaynetrain (again) littlesnowflakeirwin wierdkids and anyone who wants to do this tbh i’m too scared to tag people

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all time low?

 - Favourite Song
me without you or somewhere in neverland there’s so many omg 

 - Favourite Album
nothing personal

 - Favourite Member

 - Favourite Music Video
backseat serenade

 - Have I Seen Them Live
yes, 4 times 

 - Have I Met Them
yes, rian at two days a week festival in 2012 and all 4 of them in february at a signing

 - Do I Own Any Of Their Merch
3 shirts 

 - How Many Songs Of Theirs Are On My iPod
my sd cards deleted a lot songs off my phones i didn’t get to load all the songs i had back up there yet so i only have a few atm 

thanks :) 

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Since y'all are talking about monumentour, I'm going to see them in 2 days and it'll be my 2nd time seeing them in a year!! I wish they were playing "careful" because it's so lovely live ): but I'm happy I'll get to hear a few different songs live. What did you think of the setlist??

I actually am more ok with the set list than most people seem to be. I think it’s got some good stuff on it. But maybe I’m not as picky about it because it was my 3rd time seeing them this year and I already got to see so much good shit in the sets on Parahoy (36 songs total!), so I can’t really complain about what they choose to do this time. :) But they didn’t do Careful on Parahoy, and you’re right, that song rocks.

You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player, etc. and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: no skipping

I was tagged by mike5os and this is probably gonna be embarrassing as hell but let’s go

  1. Nice n Easy - Michael Bublé
  2. Amanhã é 23 - Kid Abelha
  3. Dopamina - Belinda
  4. Two Worlds Collide - Demi Lovato
  5. Drunk - Ed Sheeran
  6. Drip Drop - Vanessa Hudgens (i’m crying pls)
  7. A Lack Of Understanding - The Vaccines
  8. Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll - The Killers
  9. Contagious - Avril Lavigne
  10. Beauty and a Beat (Acoustic) - Justin Bieber

so there you go wow i’m in tears i’m so punk rock not embarrassing at all wow

i tag: ummmmmmmmmm i don’t know if they’ve done this already but 1994th michaelcliffhrd wierdkids poundtownonthepaynetrain paintashtonwings alshtonirwin lewi5sos  idk anyone else who wants to do this bc like i said i’m too scared to tag people