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so I wasn’t going to show this…but I’m sort of bored. This was something that happen in a dream I had that kept waking me up during the night. I can only remember bits and pieces now, but simply put…I was either trapped by @stealthnerd Mr.G or was given to him and at first I though I was going to be experimented on or something, but then turns out to be even worse because he wanted to wed me (guess every king needs a queen). Either way I wasn’t to happy about it and then there was this shindig going on that he had to attend to and drag me with him. He choose the dress. I went. We dance. And the last scene I remember was him petting me to sleep and telling me not to be afraid…..and then I woke up…..weirdest dream I had all year.

I blame the romance novel I am reading where the character is being place in an arrange marriage and the fact that I like stealthnerd’s design for her underfell gaster…

Bts reaction to gf or bff doing weird mannequin head dance.



If you don’t know what the mannequin head dance it is this:

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Namjoon: He didn’t know that was you to be for real. He dead ass thought you had an intruder in your house. He thought about attacking, but considering how viciously long the “Intruder” neck was and the fact that the “Intruder” was dancing….. 

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Hoseok: Let’s be honest. He’s not even fazed by it. Just let him try next.

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Yoongi: Okay you’ve been dancing all night long, like legit wouldn’t stop. He would think you’ll be knocked clean out once he woke, but nah, you up dancing while cooking breakfast .

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Jin: You didn’t give him enough time to think of jokes to say, you were already getting on him about what he had on his damn head.

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Taehyung: You were dancing with heels on…so not only was you pretty tall, but you were extra tall with the mannequin head on top. He was so ready for you to walk under a fan or a low ceiling and get that shit knocked off.

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Jimin: Aye man that shit low key scared the fuck out of him. How about you try to touch somebodies mannequin head and they turn around super quick with that crap on, neck looking extra long and shit.

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Jungkook: It was funny in the beginning, but got pretty old quick. So he hid from you the rest of the night.

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what are some bad production stories

Okay so I was in this production of Pippin. The guy who played Pippin was not off book until tech week and throughout tech week never got the lyrics to the Finale right. Our opening night he had a boner during “Corner of the Sky.” At some point during our run he said this during the same song “eagles belong where they can ramble, rivers belong where they can fly.” We did this wierd shadow dancing stuff that was surreal and very mediocre. Our costumes were basically orange scrubs. Throughout this entire production our vocal director was sabotaging our director and they very clearly hated each other. The part of the leading player was split between two people, but weirdly the baritone got all the high parts, and the soprano got all the low parts. The baritone couldn’t do it so they had to drop the octave A Lot. The entire thing is on YouTube somewhere and I hope no one ever finds it. Tbh this isn’t even the worst.

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Imagine: you and your husband Jim Hopper out shopping, everything is chilled, quiet and then… One of your favourite songs come on, you both stop, give eachother a look and start dancing, earning wierd looks for your small but simple dances but having mini dace comps with the old people in the biscuit isle and it was L I T.

Iron Maiden as high school students
  • Bruce: The goofy class clown dork that dresses wierd and gets sent out of the classroom and everyone thinks he is rad as fuck
  • Steve: The smart kid, that likes history class and short shorts
  • Adrian: The kid with all the sass and the mullet cut and only shows emotions once in like a fucking blue moon
  • Dave: the beautiful blonde angel, that is perfect and says "you know" a lot
  • Janick: kid with noodle hair and does wierd dances at the prom and shit because he is gay as hell
  • Nicko: the kid to cool for school

Imagine. Getting a bad grade and the boys trying to cheer you up.

“What’s wrong Y/n?” Dean asked as you arrived the bunker. You threw the bag on the ground by the couch and sat down angrily.

“The test I had last week. I failed because I couldn’t remember anything even though Sam and I sat up all night reading.” Two of the three boys looked at each other and nodded simple. Sam and dean started making funny faces and dancing wierd making you laugh. Cas on the other hand sat down next to you.

“I don’t understand. Why are they doing this?” You had to laugh of the angel.

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exo's reactions to the other members seeing them crossdressing?(per SM's orders ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

Baekhyun (I think he’d be absolutely okay with it and just start doing wierd girl group dances xD)

Chanyeol (when he must crossdress)

Chen (“what are you laughing at?”)

D.O (“One more word about my ‘pretty legs, thin waist, nice butt or girly shoulders’ and you’ll get to know my inside devil”)

Kai (“Please just shut the fuck up”)

Kris (*I’ll just pretend that I died, maybe no one will notice*)

Lay (pretends he’s on runway)

Luhan (turns into little princess /still super manly deep inside/)

Sehun (“Just look at how fucking fab I am”)

Suho (used to it)

Tao (“why is his dress better than mine?”)

Xiumin (*fml*)

I had fun doing this :D thanks for requesting, I hope you’ll like it ;)