wierd dancing

Iron Maiden as high school students
  • Bruce: The goofy class clown dork that dresses wierd and gets sent out of the classroom and everyone thinks he is rad as fuck
  • Steve: The smart kid, that likes history class and short shorts
  • Adrian: The kid with all the sass and the mullet cut and only shows emotions once in like a fucking blue moon
  • Dave: the beautiful blonde angel, that is perfect and says "you know" a lot
  • Janick: kid with noodle hair and does wierd dances at the prom and shit because he is gay as hell
  • Nicko: the kid to cool for school

Imagine. Getting a bad grade and the boys trying to cheer you up.

“What’s wrong Y/n?” Dean asked as you arrived the bunker. You threw the bag on the ground by the couch and sat down angrily.

“The test I had last week. I failed because I couldn’t remember anything even though Sam and I sat up all night reading.” Two of the three boys looked at each other and nodded simple. Sam and dean started making funny faces and dancing wierd making you laugh. Cas on the other hand sat down next to you.

“I don’t understand. Why are they doing this?” You had to laugh of the angel.