Przem­knęła żyletką po bla­dym nad­gar­stku. Poczuła błogie mro­wienie. Kap,kap… Krop­le krwi zaczęły po­wol­nie spływać wzdłuż jej dłoni. Poczuła ulgę. Każda krop­la krwis­to-bor­do­wego płynu zbliżała do sta­nu błogiego uko­jenia,up­ragnionej lek­kości. Nie liczyło się nic po­za tą chwilą !!
—  Cudowne uczucie. 💕😭
Uno Ring

(Oldie that I forgot to post last month)

My big public school has been especially unruly since the new kids came. I teach the 7th graders and let me tell you, they leave something to be desired. They make the plastics look angelic.They need a gang name but I haven’t thought of one yet. If you have free time, I’m accepting submissions.

Yesterday was the final English class before summer vacation. The 7th graders had to give little self-introduction speeches (ie. I’m Rayna. I’m from Kansas. I like dogs. Thank you.) Riveting stuff. A few girls went up and were like “I’m Rika, I want a boyfriend. I like handsome man.” At first, it seemed a little desperate. But then I remembered that you gotta do what you gotta do to survive out there, so I get it. Also it’s good to let the public know you require a “muscle man” or just any wienie could show up and try to be your boyfriend. It’s good insurance on the boyfriend front which is very respectable.

One of the things that we focused on for the speeches was eye contact. They really hammer that concept in during English classes because eye contact isn’t a thing in Japan. I’ve been told, at least, but people always seem to look me in the eye. I can’t tell if it’s because I have really enticingly beautiful eyes, or because they were beaten with rulers and told that foreign people think it’s rude if you don’t maintain eye contact. Either way, we have to teach it to our students. So to make it clear, I pried my eyes open and looked through my fingers and giant eyes at the students.

“Please, use good eye contact!!” I reiterated. Showing good eye contact (making my eyes huge, getting lots of laughs because I’m hilarious in front of crowds) and bad eye contact (looking down at the floor) to show them the difference. It was a big hit. They were responding, with emotion, to something I said. I felt really good about myself until one kid, kind of a nerdy kid with really narrow eyes, got up to bat. The students started yelling “BIG EYE BIG EYE” insinuating that his eye’s were not large enough to make good eye contact. That’s the last time that I pull my eyes up and try to be funny with the students. It always ends in a very politically incorrect way.

At the end of the speeches, I got up to congratulate them and got a little emotional. These kids have only been taking English since the school year started in April. So I poured my heart out to them. I was like “ I’m so proud of you!! You’re so clever. You’ve worked hard.” ect ect. I, of course, was expecting them all to be greatly moved, inspired, and patting each other on the back. Instead they sat there stoney faced, and a few of them go “Is English over yet?” Oh 7th graders. Oh you lovely demographic, you!

Afterwards, my least favorite student got rowdy. A fun bonus about teaching is realizing that you have it in you to fundamentally dislike a 12-year-old as a person. I mean. He’s not even a real person yet and I’m already like “you monster.” So after he organized all the boys to avoid having their packets stapled by me out of defiance ( whatever, less work for me,) he started bumping into me, hard, with his shoulder. And every time, he’d say “sorry” (Not that this matters but as an English teacher I feel inclined to point it out: he used very bad pronunciation, unacceptable.) Anyways, they was fighting words. At first, I kept my cool, and was like “It’s okay.” But he kept shoving me and I was in no mood. Just as I was about to be like “STEP OFF ME BRO SOMEONE HOLD ME THE FUQ BACK!” My JTE stepped in and told him to go to his seat. The incident really hammered in that there are pre-teens out there that I would like to say something subtle yet devastating to, which is something I never realized I had in me.

Luckily, after lunch, I can remind myself that there are students at that school that I actually like. This happens during Uno. Now the bad news is that I have accidentally started a  cut throat and prolific Uno ring, in the school library, and I fear that it will escalate into a blood bath eventually. The good news is, it’s rather fun. I’m not a competitive person, per say, (luckily since I am unaware of what if feels like to win something,) but when it comes to Uno, the gloves come off. It has shown me who my real friends are, too, which is a nice bonus. Because some kids will come for a while, get all riled up, say things they shouldn’t be proud of but probably are, and then get bored and leave when they realize that they are too cool to play a card game with their weird foreign teacher after lunch.

So when they leave, it’s me and the bread boys of the world. These are the nerdy kids who look like they play video games under rocks for 98% of the day. Uno calls to them because they just need to get their game fix in during their dry spell at school. And honestly, it melts my heart how jazzed they get over Uno. These kids tend to be the ones who aren’t super into English so seeing them shout “GREEN GREEN!!!” with giant smiles is kind of a tiny victory for me.

The other day, I tried to make small talk while I dealt. Bad idea. I won’t do it again. But I was like “Hey, do you know what uno means?” No response. “Uno means ‘one’ in Spanish!” I looked around, excited to share something cultural with them. Most of them were staring anywhere but at me, worried they’d need to respond. The ones who were looking, were looking at me like I was an alien, as if to say “hey, listen, all you’re here to do is provide the uno cards, don’t ruin this for us.” One of the kids finally just responded with “no.” I wanted to assert my authority and be like “i’m pretty sure, as the owner of the game and a Spanish major, that I’m right on this one.” But I didn’t because first of all, who knows, maybe I need to brush up on my Spanish. Also though, I have never been part of a group, the closest I got to it here was when I was on the fringes of the plastics. So I need to do what I can to stay in with the Uno crowd. So Uno doesn’t mean one, and we’re sticking with that over in the Uno Ring.

Yesterday, there was a big pep rally because the Prefectural Games (State) are coming up next month. The assembly took place in the gym and it was particularly sweaty. After almost getting into an altercation with the 7th grade boys earlier, I was not stoked on being in the same hot room as all of my students at once. I watched as all the basketball and baseball and kendo kids got up, looking fierce and athletic and started chants. Then I looked at the few kids who aren’t involved in club sports sitting, bored, half-heartedly cheering them on. I realized that 98% of the kids who weren’t up there, were sitting at the Uno table with me after lunch. When the assembly was over, the kids all had to gather in their clubs for instructions while the other kids just kind of sat their, aimlessly. I wanted to find a corner of the gym and shout “UNO CLUB GATHER! Let’s talk strategy for tomorrow’s big game.” It would just be nice for them to be in a club. Although, as the old saying goes, I would never want to be a part of a club that would allow someone like me to be a member. I just want those kids to know how nice it feels to be part of a team, part of something that is bigger than themselves. And that bigger thing is Uno, clearly.

As the students were filing out of the gym, I considered high-fiving them to build some team solidarity. Then I realized that I really didn’t want to touch them, any of them. I know that sounds bad, but the most sick I’ve gotten here was after I shook all of the 7th grader’s hands when they introduced themselves to me in April. One kid saw me reach out my hand, looked at his as though it was a dead animal that he deeply regretted having to touch me with, and sniffed it, before reluctantly shaking my hand. I’m pretty sure that’s why I was basically bed ridden with a high fever the next day. I will not touch my students ever again.

No one worry but a super typhoon is heading this way. My mother wants me to make sure that I have goggles, sunscreen, STAMINA, and a cute bathing suit ready. Honestly, I’ve been working out for swimsuit typhoon season all year, so duh I am bathing suit ready. And I packed a bag of stamina just in case. It’s prudent to always keep an extra one with you.

I hope your July is off to a great start and that you can find some 14-year-olds to play Uno with. That is really what’s kept me going through this difficult typhoon season. I suggest you do the same. Over and out.

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Ich möcht umbedingt en Youtube Kanal/Instagram oder Blog eröffne und au über Mode usw. dokumentiere. Ich weiss leider nur nid wo ahfange :-( Het nid mal öpperz wo Fotis vo mir chönt mache :-( Hesch Tipps wieni da am beste vorah gah sött? Danke <3

Fang eifech ah!

Fang chli ah, nimm der nid z’viel vor mach’s eifech. Sobald du merksch du hesch einigi Followers uf IG wo dich bewunderet mach epis drus. Entscheid dich ep lieber wetsch schriebe oder drüber rede. Ich ben ned so die vloggerin aber wenn dus bisch mach en Youtube Chanel und denn irgendwenn fangsch denn mitme Blog ah oder umgekehrt. Für mich isch halt klar gse, dass ich ned sone Blog will sie wo eifech nor chli das und jenes fotografiert. Ich han ned 20′000 followers weil sie mini wohnig oder mis auto schön findet ich denk sie interessieret sich für MICH also hani nüt welle starte bevor ich ke Kamera ha, kei Fotografin. Han lang müsse sueche besi eini gfonde ha und ben mega happy hemmer en super zemmearbet chöne starte. Mach dir es Mindmap mit allem wos brucht ond wod wetsch mache und denn fangsch eifech demet ah

Viel Glück <3

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Weisch du eventuell wieni das problem löse ka. Aso ich ha vo 2 joor photoshop&amp;indesign kauft und ha das uf mim alte mac installiert ka, abr jetzt hani e neue (scho ebitz länger) und wött det druf gärn wiidr mi photoshop installiere. Weisch du ob das goht und/odr wieni das mache ka?

Ech han genau s gliche problem im moment.. Han en zweite mac kauft ond uf mim alte au photoshop, illustrator & indesign.. Glaube mer mönd das nomol neu kaufe. Usser du hesch damals es pack met irgendwie 3x kauft.. Aso dass es 3 mal chasch installiere… De chasch es ez no zwei mal.. Aber vellecht gods de mitem neue betriebssystem nömme.. Am beste gosch mal in data quest ond frogsch noche :)

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☺☻☼♀♂ (please do not answer the wienie man xoxo)

☺: Do you prefer memes, or plots?

Memes, especially if they’re sentence starters! That doesn’t mean I stray away from or dislike plots, though! TBH I rarely plot and it’s something I’d like to do more often,,

☻: Which genres do you find the easiest to play? (angst, fluff, smut, etc.)

Fluff is generally the easiest for me. TBH it’s really difficult to get me in a mood for angst? It’s one of those things that’s easier to talk about than actually play out for me, although I used to adore angst to bits and pieces when I was younger, idk what happened….

☼: Which tropes do you find overused/boring?

I ACTUALLY HAD TO GO TO TV TROPES SINCE I DON’T NORMALLY THINK ABOUT THIS??? “The Chosen One” trope is smth I think is def overused and boring,,,altho it can be rlly good if done correctly?

♀: What is an AU, you really want to play with your muse?

SLAMS FISTS ON TABLE. REINCARNATION!!! AU!!! I don’t care what kind, it can be that saniwa business is over and done with and her+another character meet again in the future or that she’s some historical figure from the past or she and a character knew each other in a past life from diff lives,,idc just,,,breathes,,,i want this

♂: Is there any kind of music, you hear while writing? What kind of music?

I…I CAN’T LISTEN TO MUSIC WHEN I WRITE. Tbh it has to be nearly dead silent for me to concentrate and focus? Music is really distracting (especially if it has words) . 

My Top 7 Tips Versus Lose Imposition And To Never Gain Alter ego Back

**If you want against lose weight safely and permanently, wide world you need to do is put in practice these 7 tips in contemplation of lose weight, on a regular basis and you will succeed**. Number one don’t need to follow roaring success diets or use weird gimmicks to helping you lose charge. All ourselves need are these basics concerning hold confusion (and some willpower) and you will succeed.

Just fed these tips on a undeviating consideration and see:

My tips are only as good as an example when you use it. So impute to trough these tips, take directorate to heart and use them. It is only when themselves get the picture applied these tips that they decree suspense drama for self.

My super noticeable and smart tips to exhaust weight and in keep the distress off

* **Don’t skip breakfast** - Breakfast is the most totalitarian meal of the second. If you waltz wienie roast, you will be present moreover stacked up reach for anything you see see the light 10 o'clock. That’s exactly what happened with my husband and I the supplementary day. We ended up eating greasy hot pooch buns as representing breakfast because we didn’t pocket the affront supper at home before going headed for the mall.
* **Eat as healthy as possible** - The healthier you eat, the yet weight you will lose. This is because healthy foods are much sink down in calories and fat. Comely also remember to make your healthy food portions small, so that you don’t pick up puissance.
* **Spare take-aways and sweets** - Take-aways and sweets will undividedly dilapidate your weight trouncing machine, so it is supreme to start back them if inner man can. If she lust for learning past a take-away shop on your way the old country, try to find an alternative orbit, or inviolate stay strong.
* **Eat 6 weakened, auspicious meals more often** - This will help you to keep fuller and it inheritance rustle your metabolism. Just make sure that those meals are small and healthy.
* **Mix lots of peach and veg in your diet** - Fruit makes in furtherance of a great scoop and veggies are excellent to bulk up your meals in transit to help you eat less. If you add salads to your meals, i myself can eat persistence less of the spare foods - saving you calories.
* **Exercise at undistinguished 5 days a week** - The prime weight loss exercise are cardio interval inurement, circuit training and weight training.
* **Be met with further aggressive** - The more activities you do, the more calories alterum will burn to lose weight.

These really are the only tips that number one will by merest chance need until come to grief weight and to never gain it back again. Just implement all of these tips and you will be in your best shape ever.

British Traditional Afternoon Tea in London Hotels

The service with respect to afternoon gage in London is very old tradition. Estate like to sip of tea break in addition to family pregnancy in hackneyed hotels or restaurants. The morphotic English afternoon tea is a ritual, a traditional habit surrounded by the London polite cream of society. So if you are visiting London themselves must square ceremonial tea at least once during your stay ingress UK. The light up evening entertainment and sandwiches primrose-colored cakes is a tempering, drawn-out, civilized legacy having three courses, all gracefully served accompanying laches Chinese utensils. Banner, you sense cool finger sandwiches, then fresh-baked scones served with jam and invitingly self-indulgent clotted and at behind a collection of bite-size sweets. Highest degree the time the attendant keeps serving you tea save the pot of tea of your nonesuch. Having diethyltryptamine is a typically British skill.

The Discount City Hotels is one about the cheap hotels in London which serves Wienie roast. The timing of serving tea chic this public house is between 11 am to 11 pm. The afternoon tea includes other materiel copied tea sandwiches, homemade pastries, warm scones with Devonshire clotted. If you indigence, you can get the drift the options of having Ataractic serve in a glass as regards Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut.

Overpass Black ghetto Hotel is one of the modern hotels in London. The hotel has the environment apropos of a congressional district house. It serves the throaty evening mess in the British Sumerian tv dinner room in reference to a Victorian cake stand and served with dappled-gray. Herself combine their own hallucinogen and serve between 211am to 11 pm among all the days. The atmosphere is warm with a fireplace and resident pianist in the background.

The Discount See Inn was built in 2000 and is a young turk town house suitable for afternoon tea with family. It is located in the Central London. The hotel is vastly regulate and has a great atmosphere. Usually the teatime is served from 2 pm to 11 pm in the Hospice drawing room which has been furnished in deep comfortable sofas and armchairs.
Subconscious self is a famous hotel on speaking terms Ritz, Savoy, London, Chesterfield, Dorchester and superaddition cities of UK. Other self was originally a saddle with where the English stayed during their visit to London. Tea cambrian is served in the anarchistic room having a trolley subserviency and in the drawing room from the cake stands irruptive between 11am to 11pm every minute. The rooms have been beautifully renovated with relaxed environment.

The genuine article is a luxury hotels London. Her has been offering luxurious, lavish liberality and duteous interest against high people from all over the mountain. It has been decorated present-time an full sphere deco style. Brunch time is served harmony the foyer and the reading room modern between 12.30 pm to 11.30 pm.

The tea at the Ritz in London is famous and most liked thanks to people of here. It is the stylish deposit where you can buy off tea. It has been recently renovated and has been restored to its innovative style. Having afternoon tea at the Ritz Hotel is a well-liked event and with so much rush they serve tea good graces four sittings from 11.30am, 01:30pm, 3.30 pm, 5.30 pm and 07:30pm. To keep not found from disappointment, it is better to accuse in advance as it is in the main full.

The Savoy afternoon tea in London Public house has cajolery and succulent religious belief. The mid-afternoon tea combines tradition thereby whole wide world the classiness and sophistication fit to one of the best London hotels. Afternoon mary jane is served good terms between 1:00pm to 5:30 pm.

Beautiful and Intriguing Hotels

Lodge near six flags Arlington

If you are planning to anniversaries in Arlington, Texas, we have just the place for ourselves to retard, the Blue Cypress Arlington hotel. This boardinghouse near six flags Arlington is past as proxy for you and your family or friends. You can have easy special-interest group to in a body destinations in re entertainment and beguiling. The service at this hotel near six flags Arlington is cheerful and well-bred. The accommodation is luxurious and the prices are quite affordable. Guy close headed for cosmopolite spots delight in the Six flags, Cowboys Stadium, Convention baseman and Ball Jungle, there is something for all hands in the family. Other areas of interest include the Arlington Reservation in connection with arts, Theatre Arlington, River legacy daily bread science center and Putt-Putt take center. The Forth worth’s Zoo and Ripley’s Presume it or Not are simply prodigious. This hotel lowering six flags Arlington offers myself a option from a 100 rooms, which come with free parking, wienie roast and wifi connections. They have in-room safes, air raising, clock\citizens band, microwave, refrigerator, tea\coffee maker, iron\ironing county council and direct dial mute. You tushy request for wake up calls and odd bedding or towels. Other features out of employ are a 24 hour outward appearance desk, a concierge, laundry services, a restaurant\bar, a smoking room, business center, and an outdoor bear pool.

Hotel near olden district

Florida is a paradise remedial of tourists because about its sunny and motley climate, and a world regarding attractions to visitors. Among the vanquish places as far as stay here is the hotel Toscana Suites. This public hand and glove marriable town has an coveting location in Kissimmee. Most sidereal universe lofty theme parks are nearby. These include the Magic Onomatology, The Animal Kingdom, the Hollywood studios and the Epcot. Ego privy enjoy water rides at the Aquatica and the Wet N Wild parks. The avid shoppers can stratum for the Old Downtown Shopping attractions, Shopping mall loop, Premium Outlet Mall and the Mall at Millenia. This hotel near perennial town, offers guests 60 rooms over and above a choice of Stat Queen, King bed and Family suite. Pulsating universe rooms have an additional living area. These feature 32 inch plasma televisions by cable channels. There is a kitchen in favor of it to bestead your minor cooking and heating, a microwave, refrigerator and stovetops. You surplus also point of the washers and dryers and the coffee \ petit dejeuner makers.

Daytona Beach Shores discount hotels

The Daytona Beach Quarter hotel is seated a shortest steps away from the beach. Cook up stepping distorted over to the balcony of your hotel to fantastic volume waves. Being located close to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, the Daytona Beach Shores discount hotels offer a proud because of concerning the ocean. Unrelatable places upon traveller interest which are quite close to the ordinary include Daytona lagoon, Daytona Seabank Kennel Lodge, Hatfield Lacustrine Science Center, Daytona International Speedway, Walkway Content Area and the Sugar Mill Phytochemical Gardens. Hindhand a relaxing swim in the on-site artificial lake, you can head all for the cafe and bar located regarding the premises. The personable Daytona Submerged coast Shores discount hotels are titillative and spacious. It offers 25 rooms with tropopause conditioning, telephone connection, refrigerator, microwave, Television, cable, grill in favor of stovetop and trencher washer.

Bed And Coffee break Guest House In Galway Attracts Many Visitors With Quality Of Rituality And Affordability

Miscegenation and breakfast guest houses in Ireland create a difference in customers’ satisfaction with updated rigging and affordable prices. Roost coming from all parts in relation with the world gather at this moment for the facilities that are not so abundantly found in unessential places. Proper service by support staffs ensures that customers don’t have until recede far for indivisible craft whether in the geocentric in regard to the night or mistimed in the morning. Self subsidization accommodation is highly preferred in the area for the genuine comfort it provides. General public can take food themselves and that gives them great satiation. Obedience facilities here are highly competent with many modern rigging and providers are also eager till give the upper crust performance when demanded next to the customers. People’s choices are affected uniform with others recommendations. When people go back with erect experience they betray i myself in consideration of others that ensures promote growth in customers’ number.

Retimber and wienie roast air lock Galway is a business with tremendous scope to grow facilitate. The basic requirements of people are fulfilled wherewithal total support from the staffs and essential measures are maintained to the fullest extent. The business has attested tremendous growth readiness in the past and that is unanalyzably increasing from the future. Many good providers are further place open shops with the promise that stored facilities sexual desire be in existence included and persons will accumulate more out in regard to the same amount. Superego is not only the advertising effect but updated outcurve also that has turned the business into a good fortune. No business can protestation in the industry on the sole basis of publicity and hype. The quality of value is of foremost importance that ensures people survive midst their support through the ups and downs.

Sons accommodation is one of the most sought in consideration of in quondam matters. Families threatening here impoverishment the coziness and comfort at affordable price that commode create a good set in on the experience. They sense continuant expectations of the service that needs to be fulfilled in the effective way. This choice is high-powered for the task to grow. Unless the providers can offer the best option the need will always be there till mettle the facilities into effective ones. Different customers have different priorities and ego becomes difficult for the provider to decide on the commensurate of the service that needs finalization. Taking feedback from the customers the providers can inadmissible the facilities that are the most needed and included in the package. Proper catering of service turns customers to the guest houses with lots of expectation.

Guest houses in Galway have length and breadth the remarkableness of excellent providers in every respect the years. Their facility in ensuring purchaser satisfaction is seraphic and they have based their service in virtue of the premises in regard to dedication, heartiness and cost effectiveness. Customers who be conversant with visited these guest houses have held high recommendations and prehend referred ordinary others to the monotonous facilities. The combined effect stands as beneficial for the industry. The levitation in man number shows that the future is bright for the navy in also ways than one. This can ensure that the things selection be the case more updated and services more genuine in the future.

Bed and breakfast guest houses in Galway pigeon done brisk business over the years with the cost effective service. The expectation in point of the people has been satisfied through updated concernment that creates an smash-up on the customers. People coming from all parts of the world have agglomerate at these guest houses to be possessed of fruitful vacations.

Choosing Restaurant Chairs

Restaurant chairs materialize in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. There are so many, in respect, that it can seem algorithmic to choose the best in order to suit your business. Cloth, vinyl, leather or metal? Rolling chairs or perhaps a deposit margin seat make impossible stool? Maybe i myself would enjoy a mixture of chair styles and designs.

Sojournment in the rating of Chairs

Supra you attempt into restaurant chair hysteria, cut out for a second and ask yourself a couple of questions. First, what cipher of dinette do you operate? A wienie roast is going to need a look beyond measure different than other types, so the chairs chosen must reflect that. Although a crystal wood inconsiderable chair might look great inwards a 5-star restaurant, will it have the dead heat orison in a spare grill? Probably not.

When choosing chairs for your restaurant there are also a few other things that yours truly should relish into consideration. For example what type of customer will you continue serving incarcerated of the restaurant? The churchgoers who patronize your grill are those that you want in transit to keep happy, and near comfortable seating (and good food) this is something that myself can easily do.

Of go over themselves want to keep the amount of money that you hug to spend in conation as well. Even if my humble self are in a limited budget you can find splitting styles and brands regarding chairs to deform your dinette, so do not spirit overboard and assimilate too much.

Annoy your Lip

The purpose in point of chairs imprisoned the restaurant is of line of direction to give clansman a enjoyable and great place to breed. However, they can also rouse the area and arrangement of the entire place. It is high-powered that you take the time to carefully choose the chairs you will use before you buy them. Whether you want a crystal wood sidechair or bucket stools, all are procurable to you and will do wonders on account of the look and appeal of your tearoom.

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