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1. If you could go to any fiction-verse, but one of the people that don’t have the cool powers of that place (like being in Avatar and being a non-bender), where would you go? 

I’d still go to Hogwarts and admire everyone with powers from the sidelines. Maybe I’d help Filch around. 

2. What was the best cake you’ve ever eaten, and where did you get it from?

The best cake I’ve ever had is Jarir-Qabbani’s Black Forest Cake in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Best cake ever ever ever!

3. If you could take all the best qualities or attributes that you really like from your best friend, but it would mean that she wouldn’t have them anymore, would you?

Nope. Not a chance. 

4. Which evil character would you be from any Disney movie?

I’d be a part of the Huns from Mulan. 

5. Rocking chair, bean bag or hammock?


6. Would you be an excellent figure skater or really really good at all fighting styles and weaponry? 

I’d like to be really really good at all fighting styles and weaponry, no doubt!

7. Have you drawn or made something that turned out better than how you imagined it in your head?

Yes, I once drew an ink water painting for my Drawing course at University and it turned out surprisingly good. 

8. What was the one thing you did that made you feel like you had actually *done* something? Like a really great accomplishment? 

My classmates and I organized a science competition when we were in 12th grade. Most epic feeling ever, when it turned out to be a success! 

9. Favorite number? 


10. Would you actually go on an adventure, or would you prefer staying at home? (Be warned, going on the adventure means no internet). 

I would go on an adventure. 

11. Of all the character deaths you have ever read or seen, which one did you cry the most at? 

I was extremely sad when John Locke died in Lost. 

12. Pizza or Lasagna?


Now my set of questions:

1. If you weren’t studying or working in your current field, what would you be doing?

2. Are you logical or creative?

3. What is the most fascinating language in the world to you? 

4. Whose your favorite athlete or sportsman?

5. Why is it so important to know whether the chicken or the egg came first?

6. Mountains or sea/river or desert or green fields? 

7. Do you believe in an afterlife?

8. If you could replace any ruler in the past or present from any era and any nation, who would you like to replace?

9. What is your biggest insecurity about yourself?

10. Do you agree that Pluto isn’t a planet?

11. What animation movie do you wish you could do a character voice for and name the character. 

12. Do you believe in ghosts?