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Quick sneak peak excerpt of from 1 of 8 Nike Basketball research zines done at Wieden + Kennedy. The strategy team travelled to Europ, Asia, and throughout the U.S. researching and cataloging the current state of basketball.

Nike Calls Serena Williams the Greatest Athlete Ever in This Striking U.S. Open Ad
At a press conference at Wimbledon in July, a reporter asked Serena Williams how she felt about going down in the history books as "one of the greatest female athletes of all time." She responded simply, "I prefer the words 'one of the greatest athletes of all time.'

“With just a few words, the winner of 22 Grand Slam singles titles was able to combat the subtle sexism that permeates how female athletes are treated by the media.

Now, just two months later, Nike uses that moment as inspiration for its latest 60-second spot, a celebration of all that makes Williams great, timed to the U.S. Open.

The spot, part of Nike’s “Unlimited” series from Wieden + Kennedy, goes a step further in its assessment of Williams, deeming her the “greatest athlete ever” (after striking the word female from its own onscreen copy).

The ad uses the just a few of those on-screen words to condense Williams’ many accomplishments into an easily digestible narrative (even if it’s cryptic at first). The creative is stripped down, which works, though it might have benefited from more visuals matching the captions. Film is a visual medium after all.”

Read the full piece and a list of her accomplishments here


I shot the Travel Oregon “We Like it Here.  You Might Too.” campaign with Wieden +  Kennedy this past fall.  Very excited to see this work rolling out now!  

Art Director:  Matthew Carroll

Writer:  Shaine Edwards

Art Producers:  Heather Hanrahan and Hope Reynolds

Also check out the nice write up in Adweek.

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Wieden + Kennedy’s new ad campaign for Nike Running explicitly illustrates this gap between runners and nonrunners through a character named Alice, a woman who literally never stops running.

Check out the sequence in my posts above… This maybe resume most of our lifes, and the distance that we are creating in human relationships.

Parabéns para a Wieden + Kennedy agência que criou essa campanha para a Nike.

Uma coisa é verdade, nossa vida é corrida demais e usamos das mídias sociais e da tecnologia para aproximar-se mais das pessoas. E Nike Running, prova que realmente se sua vida é corrida que seja então com os nossos tênis.

Alguns livros filosofam sobre o tema corrida, que as longas distâncias são um teste para o pensamento profundo e superação de obstáculos físicos.

Mas não adianta quanto mais vejo maneiras de entrar em contato com as pessoas virtualmente, mais percebo que as pessoas estão ficando mais carentes.

Corra pra ver a sequência dessa campanha nos posts acima… Quero dizer, rola sua barra e olha os outros videos.


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Stride’s Mintacular.

A parody of Apple’s ads, courtesy of Wieden and Kennedy, London. Seems to be a week of  Apple making its way around the internet and news, what with the iPhone 5 ‘leaked’ video and Apple winning the battle, for now, against Samsung in N. America.


John Jay of Wieden+Kennedy shares some insight on creativity and self-definition. 

Unbridled Creativity

Whether you believe it or not, most people are creative.  Each individual’s creativity may manifest itself in varying forms and intensities but deep down there is a special ability to create something in all of us.  The problem is that many people are afraid to embrace this side of themselves for fear of failure or what others may think.  It really is a shame!  To all those that may fall into this category I issue the challenge to throw your cautions to the wind and let your creative juices flow!  The brilliant thing about creativity is that it is impossible to fail!  There is no right or wrong answer and as long as you are creating things that you enjoy and are proud of that is all that matters.  I call this unbridled creativity and it is something I try to embrace everyday.  It’s also something I try to influence others to embrace when I have the opportunity.

In the spirit of unbridled creativity I wanted to share something both very personal as well as very creative.  Each year as the holidays approach I am often contacted by the amazing agencies that work with Coca-Cola to exchange holiday well-wishes and pleasantries.  Being the generous people that they are and as tradition follows, I am often presented with considerate gifts or invitations to close the year together over a fine meal.  All sincere tokens of appreciation for the work we do together and another successful year in the books.  However, instead of accepting these beautiful gifts each year I have started my own tradition.  A tradition steeped in unbridled creativity :)

Those that know me well can attest that I have a sincere love for musician Whitney Houston.  I find her to be a brilliant singer and someone I have passionately enjoyed listening to for years.  So, each year, as a token of appreciation, I ask many of my advertising partners to channel their creative genius into something personal.  Based on a creative brief I provide I encourage each of these agencies to come up with an original representation of my love for Whitney Houston.  I know this may sound a little strange, but it is something I truly look forward to each year and I am beginning to think my friends that create these works of art love it as much as I do!  I wouldn’t be surprised if a few even converted to Team Whitney :)

So without further delay here are some of the masterpieces that have been created in my behalf over the years.  I hope you enjoy them and are as equally impressed as I am!

From my good friends at BBH in New York I was given these amazing hand painted cushions.  Each cushion features a jungle cat in mid leap with Whitney’s head on one and mine on the other.  If you were wondering whether these things could be any more spectacular just squeeze and listen to the cat growl!  I was blown away by the creativity and the craftsmanship of these pillows.  So well done!

External image

Here Jan, one of the creators, displays the piece they call “Jonathan & Whitney Diva Catfight" 

External image

                       The detail is amazing!

Next on the list we have a collection of Whitney Houston stamps from the amazing team at Johannes and Leonardo in New York.  I love the artistic representation of Whitney in a medium that many have forgotten with the modernization of communication.  This collection represents something truly unique that I will cherish for years to come!  Bravo team!

External image

Whats that?  You need a stamp?  Don’t even think about it! ;)

External image

Just beautiful!

And the last show and tell, but certainly not the least, come from my partners at Wieden+Kennedy.  From friends in different parts of the world come 2 fantastic videos that literally had me gasping with delight.  So great!

Video 1 comes from Brazil where graffiti is a very common and admired form of artistic expression.  For the video, which you will see below, the team made a graffiti stencil and placed my custom Whitney + Jonathan street art all over Brazil.  Take a look:

Not only am I flattered and honored to be worthy of such an effort, but the idea that my face is paired with Whitney’s all over Brazil is more than I could have hoped for.  Its also such an honor to be a part of this culture’s rich tradition of street art.  As you can see in the video there are great works of art out there and now I am lucky enough to be captured among them!  Not many people can say that!

Video 2 is from the Wieden+Kennedy team in Portland and is equally as epic.  This is my big premier with Whitney in the latest music video for her hit "I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”  I don’t think any further explanation would do justice :)

How cool is that?!  They nailed my likeness, right down to the bling and the chiseled abs ;)  This may be as close as I ever get to dancing with Whitney so of course it has a special place in my heart.  

Thanks to the unbridled creative genius of the amazing advertising partners I work with everyday I now have built over time a lovely shrine to the one and only Whitney Houston in my office (these were only a few of the many creations I’ve received over the years).  They are all unique and are so much more meaningful than many corporate holiday gifts that are exchanged.  I applaud the brilliant work of each of these teams and encourage all of you to seek out opportunities to be creative and change up the status quo.  

The opportunities are everywhere as long as you are looking!


Shotopop a réalisé ce petit film d'animation pour Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai. Une vidéo pleine de fantaisie ou l'on croise une employée sexy, une pieuvre parlant chinois et plein d'autres personnages fort sympathiques…

Wieden + Kennedy in Shanghai approached Shotopop to help out with making a video to entice people to take their online creativity test and ultimately join their team.The video features some swanky jumps, a sexy girl behind a photo-copier, a hungry Dino and an OctoShark! | mai 2012

Watch on creativemania.tumblr.com

Old Spice - Motorcycle

Wieden + Kennedy, Portland