wieden kennedy


Wieden+Kennedy Toyko creates an instant fashion show using google image search and a projector screen.


Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland


I shot the Travel Oregon “We Like it Here.  You Might Too.” campaign with Wieden +  Kennedy this past fall.  Very excited to see this work rolling out now!  

Art Director:  Matthew Carroll

Writer:  Shaine Edwards

Art Producers:  Heather Hanrahan and Hope Reynolds

Also check out the nice write up in Adweek.

jordan-n-g  asked:

How often do people still ask you about that video you made where you ate an entire raw onion to "Single Ladies"?

honestly there are so many stupid things on the internet that i don’t think anyone remembers or cares about any of the stupid things i’ve done anymore

but that video did lead me to weird interview at wieden+kennedy which led me to some new friends which led me to my job at barton f. graf in nyc so you literally never know how or where life will lead you when you eat a raw onion to beyonce’s single ladies.

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Wieden + Kennedy’s new ad campaign for Nike Running explicitly illustrates this gap between runners and nonrunners through a character named Alice, a woman who literally never stops running.

Check out the sequence in my posts above… This maybe resume most of our lifes, and the distance that we are creating in human relationships.

Parabéns para a Wieden + Kennedy agência que criou essa campanha para a Nike.

Uma coisa é verdade, nossa vida é corrida demais e usamos das mídias sociais e da tecnologia para aproximar-se mais das pessoas. E Nike Running, prova que realmente se sua vida é corrida que seja então com os nossos tênis.

Alguns livros filosofam sobre o tema corrida, que as longas distâncias são um teste para o pensamento profundo e superação de obstáculos físicos.

Mas não adianta quanto mais vejo maneiras de entrar em contato com as pessoas virtualmente, mais percebo que as pessoas estão ficando mais carentes.

Corra pra ver a sequência dessa campanha nos posts acima… Quero dizer, rola sua barra e olha os outros videos.


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Stride’s Mintacular.

A parody of Apple’s ads, courtesy of Wieden and Kennedy, London. Seems to be a week of  Apple making its way around the internet and news, what with the iPhone 5 ‘leaked’ video and Apple winning the battle, for now, against Samsung in N. America.