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I was tagged by @wie-sagt-man-noch – thanks so much!

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nickname: I don’t really have one, but I was once called Gardinator and I think that’s rad
gender: not cis
zodiac sign: leo
hogwarts house: I haven’t seen Harry Potter, but based on my zodiac sign I’m Gryffindor
favorite colour: blue
time right now: 1:00am
average hours of sleep: the life as a student is unpredictable, but the average is probably somewhere between five and seven hours
lucky number: two and three
last thing i googled: Ulrikke Falch, the actress portraying Vilde in SKAM
blankets i sleep with: one
favorite bands: Revolverheld, Panik, Queen, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Kraftklub, Gorillaz, Poets of the Fall, Unheilig
favorite solo artist: Daniel Kvammen is very high up on the list
dream trip: as long as the destination is Germany and the trip involves football somehow – or a concert with one of my favourite bands –, I’m happy.
wearing: dark grey sweatpants and a burgundy t-shirt
age of blog: five years and five months, if I remember correctly
following: 36
posts: this is my 10882nd
what i post about: mainly football, fandom stuff, gay stuff, fics and the like (which are all basically the same thing), but also shows that I like, depending on whatever’s airing at the moment and what appears on my dash
when did my blog reach its peak: I’d say 2013-2014

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