29 weeks and 6 days

Had another midwife appointment today :) it was really enjoyable this time, I think I like Kerry the most out of everyone I’ve talked to at this birth center. So here’s all the crap that went down today…
•My BP was something like 109/68
•Maddie’s heartbeat was between 127-145
•She was almost transverse but still kinda head down. Her head’s to the bottom-left and butt to the top-right. Kerry said she thought she was facing up toward me with her back to my back and to the bottom, but idk if that’s right because I’m feeling all her kicks and pokes to the bottom and the right today. I think her back is up and to my back so she’d be kinda looking down and out.
•My fundal height was 29-30 cm, last time it was at 30 cm. Kerry said it was probably because of how she’s laying but if I haven’t grown at my next appointment in 2 weeks that she might want to do an ultrasound to make sure Maddie’s growing right. That’s a little worrying, but I’m sure there’s nothing wrong. I’m betting the last measurement was off beause Lori couldn’t feel the very top of my pubic bone.
•I got the tdap vaccine and I haven’t had any sort of reaction at this point which is good. I was a little worried that I was allergic since I had a bad reaction when I got it as a child. My arm is a little sore but that’s pretty normal for any shot.
•I asked her what she thought of perineal massage since they gave me a handout about online birth classes and they had a link to Mama Natural’s blog and Mama Natural recommends doing it. Kerry doesn’t hold too much stock in perineal massage actually doing anything other that getting you used to the feeling of stretching. She said it wouldn’t make your perineum more elastic for birth, it would just prepare you for stronger sensation down there so you know what to expect and can gauge what your body is doing during birth. Which makes sense to me as well. I think I’ll try it out, but I’m not going to dedicate myself to doing it everyday until I give birth.
•I asked what she and the birth center thought of head and body supports for newborns that go in car seats since I’ve heard mixed things, and all she said was to make sure the head/body support is the same brand as the carseat so you know that it’s compatible. That’s good to know because I registered for one that’s not the same brand as my carseat.
•They recommend finding a pediatrician/family doctor by 36 weeks because if you go into labor and end up needing to go to a hospital it’s easier on you to have already established a relationship with a doctor who can take over of your and your baby’s care instead of just getting whoever is on call. I’ve got three doctors names written down to look up sometime.
•I’m planning on doing a water birth and one of my worries is pooping in the tub. I could handle like a solid little poop, but I would be absolutely disgusted if it wasn’t and I want to avoid having to move when I’m pushing. So naturally I’ve been googling shitting yourself during birth and I’ve come across people debating getting an enema beforehand. Some people swear by it, some say it’s not worth it, and some say it’ll give you the runs and you’ll be worse off. I asked Kerry today and she said she doesn’t recommend getting one because it would probably be pointless. What she told me is that the baby’s head blocks it up during pushing and she hasn’t ever seen anyone have diarrhea during hard labor. She also told me that most people have diarrhea in the days leading up to birth so mostly you’ll be cleared out. Now, I’ve heard that but I know that isn’t the case for everyone. However, with her input I’ve decided against getting one. I guess if I poop in the tub, I poop in the tub and we’ll deal with it then.
•I told her that I’m getting my things ready for birth and I asked about the peri bottles, they have peri bottles to give out (woo hoo) and she said to just make sure I have adult diapers because I might go through a few while I’m at the center and I’ll definitely want more for when I’m home.
•Something else I’m trying to figure out is how to get my breast pump. I have Tricare insurance and on their website it says to get a perscription for any breast pump, go buy that breast pump from any retailer, and then fill out a form and fax it in to them to be reimbursed for the total cost. I talked to Lori about that at my last appointment and what she did was write me a perscription and send it to Norco. Someone from Norco just called me this morning saying they got the perscription and I could come down and check out what they have. Now I don’t know what that means, is it free right from the get go or what? If I can just go there and get a good one for free I’ll do that, but if I’ll still have to pay for it up front then I’ll want to get another prescription and go check out breast pumps elsewhere. The Tricare website literally says any type of breast pump; it could be manual, electric, or even hospital-grade as long as you have a perscription for that breast pump. I think I need to call Tricare and ask them what I need to do.
•A should definitely come to the postpartum class as well as the birth and newborn classes, she said they talk mostly about postpartum depression and that it’s important for your partners to go to because they’re the ones with the clearest view of how you’re handling everything  She said there wouldn’t be any graphic videos or pictures of anything so he should be fine.
•And lastly I got to write down the dates for the classes I signed up for
-Planning for Your Postpartum Feb 2 @ 6:30
-Newborn Care and Parenting Feb 23 @ 6:30
-Prenatal Breastfeeding March 1 @ 6:30
-Out of Hospital Birth Prep March 8 @ 6:00
Next appointment is on the 23rd!