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Want to strengthen and build your back using only a resistance band? Take a resistance band and hold it about chest high straight in front of you grip about shoulder width apart, band taught but not stretched and elbows slightly bent (don’t lock them out) Now in a smooth motion stretch the band moving arms and hands outward to form a T. The stretched band should come toward or touch chest. Try to use your back and not your arms to stretch the band. Imagine trying to touch your shoulder blades together at the end making sure you are not overly bending your elbows and putting more work on arms than back. Think of it as a straight arm clapping motion with arms and hands chest height. Too tough? grip the band wider than shoulder width for less resistance, too easy grip the band closer. I use these as a finisher for back day usually 3 sets of 20 reps, as you can see it’s a great way to really squeeze and activate those back muscles. Give them a try and let me know what you think!


Majocco Shimai no Yoyo to Nene (2013), directed by Takayuki Hirao

{ gallery on imgur with more caps and stitches in high resolution }


I know that this has been way long over due (LOL 3 years to be exact) - an UPDATED GIF TUTORIAL. Shout out to @holdmetightae for mentioning this to me. 

First off, this tutorial is going to take you through the whole process of making a gif. So yes, I’m going to start from the very beginning: getting screen captures, to bringing it to gimp and also my editing and coloring process.

The very first gif tutorial was very basic - the more so simple version. I’m still going to keep that up for anyone that likes to go back and use it as reference. But I do want to point out that when I make gifs, the process is never the same. 

Some days, my gifs look great and other times they just look awful. That being said, I want you to look at this as more of a guide more than anything. You guys are free to experiment when it comes to the editing AND coloring part. But everything else is just the basic how to for a gif. 

Before we go ahead and jump into the tutorial, a few points to keep in mind:

  • Input Quality = Output Quality ; essentially, what you put into your gif will result in what you get out. So please, use HQ/HD videos when extracting frames and screen captures.
  • Tumblr’s max size for a single gif is 540px IN WIDTH ; so use less frames (10-15 range) for big single gifs. (2MB max for each gif)
  • If you are making smaller gifs such as 268px IN WIDTH or smaller, you can use more frames but don’t over due it. (2MB max for each gif)

What you need:

  • Gimp
  • MPEG Streamclip
  • Animstacks

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Aluball and Kava fans, I have a tip for you in case you havent figured it out already.

The Aluball container itself changed in some way when they changed to the new black outlined logo. As a result, the bottom of the shaker can crack and leak much easier then the older all green type containers.

Grab a few Blender Bottles, remove the steel mixer ball, and you have a thicker sturdier shaker for your Aluball.

I find the smaller size don’t work well but the full size work great. Just remember, the shaker is thinner around so you will want to measure the water (I put in 2 “shells” of water using my wooden bowels I use to drink Kava) to get the right amount. Then just fill your Aluball normally and shake shake shake.

Same results, less breakage. And since there’s less width, and more water height, the ball is less prone to get damaged. Win win.

Another tip, use warm to semi-hot water and shake a while and let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then repeat for another minute or so.

If you are frugal with your Kava, put the remaining Kava into a muslin bag and put that (tied) into a container with some coconut water or milk in the fridge and let it sit. In a few days, it will have a few servings of kava in it, kneed traditional style and you will get another round of Kava grog out of it.

I’m also experimenting with more water for the same amount of dry Kava to see if it has any effect. So instead of 2 shells of water, I get about 2.5-3 from the same dry product. It’s more grog to down but the extra water helps my belly deal, and I shake more between shells to get more out.

Due to my somewhat large meal tonight I’m having to go a little heavier on the amount of shells then normal. And I’m spacing them out more.

All I have to say, without Kava, this taper off the benzodiazepines would suuuck more. And I don’t drink alcohol so its my only “glass of wine or joint” I got.

3000+ years of use of this stuff has a reason behind it. Its a miracle worker. And I enjoy it a few times a week, take a break, repeat.

I’m hoping to introduce my friend to it this coming weekend. I think he’s going to dig it. He drinks a lot of beer, so this will be a (gross) alternative to help him let loose. Plus some vinyl and the sofa after getting a little krunk is always nice.

This has been yet another Kava post by me, the man who seems to be one of like 3 people here who enjoy the stuff as an escape.

I’ve been asked about it, sent a few care packages, but overall its almost like a secret right out in the open. I’m in the club and no one else is here kind of thing :D

And to those of you who don’t care, blah blah kava blah blah is all you hear and that’s OK too.

Trust me, if medical pot was legal here, I’d be baked all the time instead. However probably not posting about it because what a man does with his weed is a sacred bond. James Bond.

Someone on Instagram asked me about french seams, so I’ve made this little tutorial for you guys! French seams are a wonderful finish for sheer fabrics like chiffon and organza, or on areas of a costume that will be visible. I’ve used French seams on capes, tulle skirts, and organza sleeve insets. They are super easy, but do take twice the amount of time as a normal seam. First, pin your seam allowances wrong sides together. This will seem counterintuitive, but trust me! Next, stitch at half the width (or less/more depending on how wide you want the finished seam to be) of your finished seam allowance. Here I am stitching at ¼" because my finished seam allowance is ½". Trim the excess down to 1/8". You can grade the seams if you are working with thicker fabrics. Turn the fabric right sides together and press with an iron. Stitch again with the remaining width of your ideal seam allowance (for me this is ¼" again because my finished SA should be ½". ¼ + ¼ = ½). Press to one side. Tada! Your seam allowance excess is nicely encased within itself and there will be no raveling or ugly seam allowances!

under the cut are #244 251 gifs of the lovely karen fukuhara (they’re separed by her as kataja and as herself). i didn’t make any of the gifs (credit is given at the end of the hunt) the only thing i did was edit and crop them. all gifs are 245px or less in width and textless.
karen is of japanese descent so please keep that in mind. 

other gif hunts: 176, 48. 66, 80+ 
icon gif hunts: 100, 142 

tw: sword use/violence
all updates will be added to the end of each category

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Deity Dividers

Created another set of dividers/banners, this time based on the flight deities. Each deity has two banners (blank and with flight name in English) plus a matching divider, all 640 pixels in width. Usual reminder that sizes can be easily modified when linking from Tumblr by modifying the end-of-URL number (options of 250, 400, 500, 540, and 1280; if the actual width is less than the number used, the graphic will appear at actual size).

Links to photosets for sets, alphabetical by flights:

  1. Arcane, Earth, and Fire
  2. Ice, Light, and Nature
  3. Lightning, Plague, and Shadow
  4. Water and Wind

Matching colour codes are also supplied for each banner, sampled in two spots.

Anyone wanting to do things like add flight names in a different language or font or whatever is welcome to modify and re-post the banners, my only request is that your post link back to this post so users can locate the full sets.

Edited to Add:

2016-08-21 - Additional banners with “_____ Flight Representative” text [Post 1] [Post 2]

chiherah  asked:

Hey there! Two questions... 1) Does adult Kitty Cat for the Mob AU have a certain wardrobe style? 2) Would it be ok for a friend and I to cosplay Mob G and Kitty Cat? Thanks in advanced :)

1. 30 yrs old one? (Kitten) ? Because we decided the name of kitty-cat refers the small one :) 

For Kitten’s garb, think 1920 fashion trousers for women. Although I do adjust the pants design to be a bit more masculine style (less width, similar to the 2nd one but with the height like the 3rd one) for aerodynamic reasons (fighting)

but you get the idea :)

2. YES go for it :D let me know how it goes!!! would be lovely to see 

anonymous asked:

What's the process for your manga caps? They always look so flawless and hd ^^

Aww omg thanks *—-* I really appreciate your compliment ! it really means a lot to me ❤

For your question; First, getting good quality scans is very important! In this way it’s much easier to clean and edit the mangacap! For example, especially for AhR and KnT I take the raws by 17kk.cc. But for most, I simply take the images from online manga sites ^^( and luckly for some mangas I find good quality scans)

The difference is incredible right?

Then, I import the image in Photoshop. To remove the background I use the brush tool like this:

Also, to get a cleanest image, I recommend you to use the Levels Adjustments.

For more infos for both, check my mangacap tutorial level 2 ^^

Then, for many some of my mangacaps, as chapter covers, I also re-draw them (the missing parts).


This is more complicate to explain in less words, so I suggest you to check my mangacap tutorial level .3 !

By the way, you can check all my tutorials here ^^ but thank to you I took the change to show everybody in few steps how I clean mangacaps ^^

Last important thing: For Tumblr, always upload your image 500 px width (no less) and max 750px height. (Tumblr has messed up the dimensions with its last update making all the posts look blurry *sigh* but I keep posting with these sizes anyway, I donwloaded userstyles to fix the problem, I recommend you to do it too if you haven’t yet)

Hope this has helped you!

If you have more questions, just ask me! ^^

anonymous asked:

Hi Harrie, please share all you know about uploading art at its best quality as possible. What canvas size should I work on? Does Tumblr have image size presets? When should I use transparency? How do some people have their image fitting nicely into the dashboard yet mine has white space? Heeelp

The image dimensions on tumblr are 540px by 810px. The maximum dimensions are actually 1280px, but they’re not displayed that big unless the blog in question’s theme has larger photo posts.

Tumblr prioritises width, so if your image is 400x810px, then it will become very blurry and get scaled funnily, whilst if it’s 810x400px it’ll just be shrunk down to 540px and you won’t lose quality.

So always check that if you scale the image size down to 540px wide, the height does not exceed 810px.

For the canvas size itself, work at the very least twice as big as your output! I personally work on a 16x9in 300dpi canvas (4800x2700px), or i use the A4 preset.

I crop the image when I’m done, and i often just use the same canvas for multiple drawings as i dont tend to fill it haha. I generally post the images at around 900px wide.

I work at 33% zoom level, avoid working at 100% as that’s when you start working too small and lose out on quality. 

As for transparency - let’s take something i drew the other day, I’m unfortunately without a tablet pen at the moment

this looks fine against a white background, yeah?

I could, if i had wanted to, have left that white background as transparent. 

Sometimes i do indeed do that! But it depends on the image, as by leaving it transparent you leave the background open to change depending on whose blog it’s on.

Now, this could look fine, or it could look really weird!

So, if you think the picture would benefit from transparency then go for it! But if not, there’s nothing wrong with a white background. There’s no right and wrong with this, and you can use transparency to make interesting hidden images!

as for making it fit on the dashboard - first make sure that it is equal to or greater than 540px in width. if it’s less than that, tumblr will either scale it up and make it blurry, or it will have a lot of white space around it.

Second - make sure you’re cropping it properly! if the image itself has lots of white space, it will naturally have white space on here too haha. But I doubt that’s what you mean, so just make sure it’s big enough!

Last of all, as you are posting the images online make sure you are saving them as a .png to prevent them losing quality.

In summary - just work bigger than 540px, and the rest is honestly up to you so play around!

A Wild Tattoo Speculation

Maybe some people already wondered about this, I’m not sure, please let me know if someone has some information -

I was studying a photo of Harry’s mermaid tattoo for drawing reference - and I had the feeling that the boobs look out of place. Specifically, not drawn in the same style as the arms, face…less professional; outlined bolder, with less line-width variability than the rest of the body; lacking the kind of shading detail on the arms and torso. I SWEAR they reminded me of an interview before where Louis doodled boobs. Those were drawn the same simplistic way. Did Louis draw the boobs on Harry’s mermaid design?

( I think it’s reasonable to expect a professional tattooist to be capable of using methods to make them more 3-dimensional and realistic, e.g. to know boobs don’t grow on a flat surface, that the curve of the chest makes them angled slightly differently rather than just hang in the in the funny rotated “3″ way)

Now if only I can find the interview and screenshot Louis’ drawing for further comparison…I don’t care if it disproves, I just want closure haha. Does anyone know? It was in 2012… they were drawing on whiteboards I think….the interviewer was sitting on the right. Someone knowledgeable please help! 

Solved, haha.

Play. Pause. Repeat. Chapter Two

Might have had a bit too much fun when it came to this one… I regret nothing.

Chapter One

Chapter Two


“Konnichiwa!” Tadashi Hamada gave the camera a tired smile, insomnia induced bags clear under his eyes. “First off, I want to thank Hiro, over at Battlebot_Genius, for giving me the tip about the wires. It helped cut down on fires by quite a bit.” A warm and sweet smile was shot at the camera, which then turned to show the basic frame covered in limp vinyl. “As you can see, I’ve done quite a bit of work since the last video, although it’s still far from being complete.”

The camera moved again to show the rest of the garage he was in, door open to let in sunlight that chased away most of the shadows. “The basic frame has been completed, well, the really rough version of it, at any rate… Today I’m testing the vinyl inflation, trying to go for that huggable approach. He won’t be very helpful if his design ends up scaring people off.” A quick screen change showed Tadashi wearily holding a remote controller, wire leading to the robot.

“Now, when Baymax is done- That’s his name, if I haven’t mentioned it before. Anyways, when he’s done, he’ll be able to deflate and inflate himself, depending on circumstances. For now I’ll be doing it remotely until his programming and coding can be installed.” Tadashi quickly pressed what he needed, vinyl slowly inflating. It raised halfway before the noise of something popping lose was heard, camera violently shoved to it’s side and swinging around to show the middle of the garage, tipped on it’s side.

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