Going Home

When ​Beth finds herself a widow with two young sons to care for, she heads back home, to the farm she grew up on​​.

Roots and Wings

More fluff, hope you all don’t mind. ;) Thanks for reading.“Leavin’ you every night ‘bout near kills me.” Daryl told Beth. Trying to get her attention he nuzzled her neck. They hadn’t been alone…

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It’s finally done! I have been working on this for so long you have no idea… It’s the first in what is hopefully going to be a series on the team living together in the tower! I like to think the team is split down the middle in terms of who wakes up early and who doesn’t… Bruce enjoys the early hours because it’s quiet and calm, where Nat and Steve wake up early to spar/run together. The next piece involves the other three….
(I will be adding the new members like Sam, Rhodey, the Twins {Pietro’s not dead}, Vision and Bucky later, but for now its just the 6 from the 2012 film)
(Also in this series, Clint is with Coulson, Steve is with Tony and Nat is dating Pepper. Thor and Jane are a thing and Bruce is alone. Sorry Bruce)

Rec: The Good Doctor

Title: The Good Doctor
Author: Terry
Format: Novel
Published/Free: Free
Length: 76 medium sized chapters
Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Gay sex
Link: http://www.mygaystories.com/The%20Good%20Doctor.htm
Summary: The main character is a widower with an adorable little son. A doctor moves in next door and they hit it off.

Review: So I’m not great at summaries, but the story is totally worth reading. The interactions between all three characters are unbelievably sweet. This is a great read if you want a happy and endearing, fairly slice-of-life story as long as you can handle the imperfect grammar.

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Going Home Chapter 1-Returning to Her Roots, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
by piper78

WIP -  When Beth finds herself a widow with two young sons to care for, she heads back home, to the farm she grew up on. Wanting to give her boys a good solid upbringing, she cant help but worry if she is making the right decision? Is she ruining her boys life? Will they be happy? And what about the neighboring farmer?


                                                                               Sunday, October 22, 1978

     The Malfoy family wholeheartedly condemns the atrocious lies
     put forth by the notorious tabloid The Daily Prophet. The supposed
     ‘reporter’ Rita Skeeter’s scathing words have caused insurmountable
     damage to the Malfoy family and its legacy, damage that comes a
     few short years after the untimely death of Abraxas Malfoy. Her
     insensitivity towards a frail, grieving widow and her son appalling.

     The current Lord Malfoy has decided against perusing a legal case
      against the tabloid and Miss Skeeter and denounces the article entirely.
      He asks the wider British Wizarding community to disregard the
      fabrications invented by a silly reporter’s desperation to be relevant
      and wishes to move on from this unfortunate event and focus on his
      upcoming marriage with the beautiful Narcissa Malfoy.

      In addition, Mister Malfoy would like to specifically rebuff the notion
      that he has a basilisk tattoo on his genitals. Ignoring the sheer
      uncharacteristicness of that being true in the case of Lucius Malfoy,
      the logistical complications of that type of procedure is enough to make
      it entirely implausible.

hades-son-withsmiling-depression asked:

❥ (// obviously between Kyle and Nat.)

send me ❥ for your muse to cuddle up next to mine while asleep on the couch


Natasha took a sip of her glass as she watched him sleep. She ran her fingers through his hair gently. She was texting James to let him know she had company and that he should stay with Steve for a bit. She wanted to make Kyle feel comfortable and knew that James would understand. She flipped through the channels and watched him as he slept a little bit. Hoping he would sleep well. Natasha shifted a little bit so she could sleep comfortably and not bother him. 

A Life to Tolerate

I have had a difficult life, very difficult.  When I was a young girl my parents arranged my marriage. My husband was a tailor and he was a very nice person.  He behaved very well and I lived with him for ten years.  But his family was not like him.  It was my fate that I could not become a mother.  His family punished me for this.  
“How long will you stay in our house without having a child?”  Without a child I was a servant and slave in the house of my in-laws.  I wish that my husband’s family had respected me because I was his wife, but they did not.  I served them and helped them all the time, but nobody cared.
In order to stay in my own house with them I said to myself, “I have to obey.”  I washed their clothes, washed the dishes, and did everybody’s cleaning just to pass my days and nights, just to exist.  For ten years I lived like this.
My husband had a good relationship with me. He told me, “I don’t need a child.  You are a very good wife and you are nice to my family and tolerate them.  It is okay for me not to have a child.”
But fate would again make me suffer; one day on his way back home from work he was killed in a car accident.  I no longer would have him in my life.
After my husband’s sudden death, there was no reason to stay with my in-laws, but I had nowhere else to go.  My parents were dead and I had no brothers to help me.  My brother had gone to Iran to search for a better fortune, and we had not heard word of him since.  We did not know if he lived or died.  My one sister had died after I was married, leaving me with no close relatives at all.  I lived with my in-laws for five years more.  Every day I tolerated hardships and every day I had a warning and they would ask me why I still stayed there.
One day my brother-in-law told me that I would have to leave the house now. It was evening and I didn’t know what to do.  Crying, I left and stayed one night with a friend.  But I couldn’t live there.  I had a relative in Mazar, so I called him and told him that I was homeless.  I had nothing but the clothes that covered my body.  My friend paid for my trip to go to Mazar, and now I live with my relative as a servant.  I wash the clothes, cook, and clean.  I live, but my life passes with such difficulty.  I have no one close, no one who cares for me.  
My relative has sent me to Kabul because I am sick.  I have come to Kabul because of my high blood pressure and because of depression.  I am depressed because of the life I have led and what I have suffered.
In Kabul they say that widows receive a lot of help.  This may be true, but I have been here a week and I still need help.  But they have bought me new clothes and I have enough food.  I am happy here, but I will have to go back to Mazar.  My relative called me and asked me if I will come or not because he will find another servant if I don’t.
I will go back.
I wish I had a son or a daughter to help me today.  I wish I had a family to think about me.  Everybody in this world has someone to take care of her, but I don’t have anyone.  Maybe I didn’t deserve it.  I pray to God and ask God to help me. I don’t ask God to kill me and I don’t kill myself because I know it is not right.
You asked me to tell you about my life.  I don’t call it “problems.” I tolerate it.  It is my fate.

By Shakila
Editor’s note: This story is from an oral interview with Shakila conducted as part of the March 2013 AWWP Oral Stories Project.

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Going Home

When ​Beth finds herself a widow with two young sons to care for, she heads back home, to the farm she grew up on​​.

Chapter 22 - *Revised Version*

Ok…I just couldn’t make it all work. So I deleted the last chapter and revised it! I hope you like it and forgive me for my ADD-like tendencies!**********Daryl lay there till the sun was just…

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Big hero 6 head cannon

After watching Big hero 6 for the 7th time these are now my head cannons and no one can tell me otherwise:

1: Tadashi and Hiro are the sons of Jane and Thor
2: Honey Lemon is daughter of Pepper Potts and Tony Stark
3: GoGo is adopted daughter of Black Widow.
4. Wasabi is the son of Bruce Banner
5: Fred is the son of Phil Coleson.
6:Last but not least Aunt Cass is Darcy.

Scarlett Johansson, cheveux rouges et coupe garçonne, dévoile sa métamorphose

Quatrième fois en Black Widow, quatrième look pour son interprète Scarlett Johansson.Les aficionados des films Marvel l'auront noté : Scarlett Johansson n'a cessé de changer de coupe de cheveux pour son personnage de Black Widow. Un fait inintéressant pour beaucoup à première vue, mais qui a pourtant son importance pour la belle blonde américaine, maman depuis le mois de septembre 2014 d'une petite Dorothy Rose.

À chaque apparition dans le costume de la Veuve Noire depuis 2011, Scarlett Johansson a toujours arboré une nouvelle coupe, comme le symbole d'un personnage en mouvement, qui évolue. En 2010, on la découvrait sexy à souhait dans sa combi noire, agitant ses longs cheveux roux et bouclés. C'était dans Iron Man 2. Dans le premier Avengers, la belle optait pour un carré ondulé. S'ensuivait Captain America, Le Soldat de l'Hiver, où elle secondait Chris Evans en arborant de longs cheveux rougeoyants et lissés. Avec L'ère d'Ultron, elle revient aux ondulations avec une coupe plus au carré.

Pour The Civil War, qui marquera la cinquième véritable – si on inclut sa présence furtive dans Iron Man 2 – apparition de La Veuve Noire dans le Marvel Cinematic Universe, Scarlett Johansson a tout coupé. Les cheveux rouges restent, mais la comédienne, qui a visiblement grandement apprécié ses cheveux courts arborés ces derniers mois, n'affiche que quelques petits centimètres sur le crâne. Après Civil War, ScarJo campera l'héroïne - aux cheveux courts - de Ghost in the Shell, l'adaptation du célèbre manga japonais par Rupert Sanders.

Plusieurs médias rapportent, photos à l'appui, cette nouvelle métamorphose pour la star de 30 ans. Mercredi 22 juillet, elle assistait au concert de U2 au Madison Square Garden en compagnie de son époux, Romain Dauriac. Très décontractée dans une fine robe grise, ScarJo s'est faite volontairement discrète, cachant sa coupe garçonne sous un chapeau. Alicia Keys ainsi qu'Anya Rubik (…) Lire la suite sur purepeople.com

Laeticia Hallyday, Johnny et ses filles : Vacances en famille dans le sud
Karine Ferri : jolie sirène en bikini, la bombe relâche la pression !
Alizée et Grégoire, duo amoureux à la plage : La photo qui va rassurer les fans
Gigi Hadid : ventre à l'air dans la rue, on copie son look 100 % noir et blanc !
Heidi Klum : Egérie hot à 42 ans pour sa propre marque de lingerie
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On This Day ....... 23rd of July 1916

The death of Mr George E. Smith of Dingle-road, Beechworth, occurred in Sydney on this day in 1916. The deceased gentleman was about 80 years of age, and went to Sydney some 12 months earlier, owing to bad health. The change, however, had no beneficial effect, and he passed away. The late Mr. Smith was for many years carpenter at the Hospital for Insane, Beechworth, being afterwards appointed head warder. He was held in high esteem by the large circle of friends outside the Staff of the institution. He retired from the Government service some years ago on a pension, and had resided privately on the Dingle road. He left a widow, two daughters and a son to mourn his lose.
#onthisday #beechworthghosttours #twistedhistory #beechworthlunaticasylum
#beechworth #highcountry #victoria #history #ghost #paranormal

Going Home

When ​Beth finds herself a widow with two young sons to care for, she heads back home, to the farm she grew up on​​.


Please forgive me for this chapter.Thanks for reading. :)**********She cursed herself for her shaking voice, as she told Daryl, “I got to take this, be right back.” Beth walked into the entryway…

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