ok so a few months after all the avengers move in to the tower, its around the end of May, and Nat just disappears for a whole weekend. No one really questions it, they figure she’s off doing spy stuff, and when she comes back in a terrible mood no one pushes it.

A year later, it happens again. End of May, Nat leaves for a whole weekend with no word of warning. However, when she comes back, she’s in a much better mood than the last year. No one even realises that it’s the same weekend, so they don’t comment.

The next year, it happens again, and Clint starts to pick up on the pattern.He doesn’t want to mention it to the team, but he presses Coulson for Nats file, to see if this is an important date at all. Nothing comes up, and he’s too afraid to ask her outright. When she comes back, she’s humming a pop song that none of them have ever heard.

The next year, Wanda and Pietro have moved in the tower following the events of Sokovia and Ultron. It’s the same weekend, near the end of may, and on Friday morning the team wake up to find not only Nat gone but the twins as well. Everyone is suspicious, but when the team comes down on Monday morning to find the three of them sitting at the breakfast table, Nat gives everyone a look that stops all questions before Tony can even open his mouth. The twins are, unbelievably, in a worse mood. Clint wonders why Nat seems to take herself on a torture weekend every year, and why the twins have decided to tag along.

The next year, Bucky has been living in  the tower for about six months,when Nats disappearance weekend comes around. Clint is determined to find out where she goes, and this year not only the Twins but Bucky goes too. Stark had placed a tracker in Buckys arm, and Clint, Steve and Tony follow them to a dingy bar downtown. When they enter, they find the bar packed full of people singing Europop, and Nat, Bucky and the twins are no exception. Tony, Clint and Steve make a hasty retreat, knowing that they have crossed a serious line.

On that monday morning, Clint goes into the kitchen to find Nat is the sole occupant. Before he can say anything, Nat looks at him, and whispers ‘If you tell anyone about the weekend, I will make sure no one ever finds your body.’
To which Clint can only reply, ‘So… Eurovision, huh?’

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Going Home

When ​Beth finds herself a widow with two young sons to care for, she heads back home, to the farm she grew up on​​.

Absolutely Beautiful

Thanks for reading. :)************“Problem?” Daryl asked as Beth put the phone in her back pocket and, regretfully, slid off his lap.“Oh just more bank paperwork stuff.” Daryl found out one…

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Despite the awesome Vin-Ezra friendship that the fanons are so big on (and ahem so am I), I actually think the series was trying to paint Buck and Ezra as good friends, a`-la Chris-Vin or Josiah-Nathan.

They sit together on the boardwalk (Manhunt, Witness), they drink together and Ezra reads letters from his mother to him and Buck calls him Hoss, albeit only once (Serpents), and Ezra turns to Buck to insult Big Lester Bangs (Achillies). They are the two who start a bet on the widow and her son (Wagon Train 1-2). The official name count from Starke Raven revealed that of all the guys, Buck is the one Ezra addresses by name the most and over 90% of that was first name. (To be fair though, he never called JD or Josiah by anything but their first names).

I’m thinking there’s more, but I can’t remember any right now…

Hopefully I’m not the only one to notice this…

Sex in the name of pikareum return

Chung Hwa Park:  “Let’s think about the issue of six Marys. The doctrine says that God has been angry for 6,000 years because Satan took Eve’s body. And God sent Jesus as second Adam to save the world. But Jesus’ mother Mary did not have sex with Jesus because she thought he was her son. And Jesus had to face the death of crucifixion. It also says that Judas did not obey the will of God by selling Jesus to the authority because he was jealous of Jesus. And I believed the theory of six Marys then. But Moon kept having sex with other women after finishing his six Mary responsibility.

For example, the head resident of Ehwa Women’s College Han was seduced by Moon and became addicted to sex frenzy. I witnessed the pikareum return ritual between Moon and Han at that time. Han was then a widow with a deaf son. She was a devout Christian, but she became Moon’s sex slave and she was happy about it thinking that it was God’s will. When she found out that Moon had many other women, she left Moon and got an operation of uterus because her body became dirty by Moon. Regretting about her imprudent sex frenzy with Moon, she died a few years later. Who becomes responsible for her death? It is surely Moon’s.

In 1955, five professors and 14 students from Ehwa were expelled from school because of their relation with Moon. During the time of Pusan, the six Mary project was done already. But Moon never stopped banging women. Without thinking deeply about the pikareum return ritual, many women devoted their bodies to Moon. And such a situation has made the rumor that people can’t get away from the Unification Church when they join.

Many destroyed families

The doctrines of Moon have changed the life style of many families. Many wives of peaceful families began to reject to have sex with their husbands after they joined the church. And there was the donation problem they made to the church. Most of them finally got divorced and their families were destroyed. Some husbands left their wives and children with despair. The number of family that was destroyed is more than 170 as I know. Some women who realized that it was just crazy sex frenzy returned to their home. How do they feel now about their mistake then? Many women have served to Moon without knowing the truth.

One day I was asked a question by a male member. He asked me was Moon’s pikareum return ritual a solemn act. I had to say yes. But, as you know now, it is not true. Moon was like a horny dog. He was a sex addict. He was full of sexual desire. In fact, he was very energetic. He told me that he once had sex ten times in one night. The women who were conducting the pikareum return ritual often fainted during sex. I have seen it and it is true. Luckily for some women, they found out the reality of Moon quickly and returned to their homes. They could prevent any deeper damage.

The grudge of women

… Many women who were used by Moon are now living their miserable lives. They were all from rich family but now they have to worry about everyday’s food. The women with grudge will be more than hundreds. I want to see all these victimized women but my economic situation may not allow it.

Children from unmarried women

…According to Moon, the lamb feast can make the true parents to achieve the goal of creation. His doctrine says that we can make a clean world by rooting out the original sin in our society and we can live in a world of no pain and death with our true parents. But when Moon had Young Hee Kim pregnant, he smuggled her to Japan.

After Kim gave birth to his son, she had to live in terrible poverty. He also had Sung Hwa Lee pregnant and she gave birth to a son too. She thought that she was the first Mary. After Moon deserted all his women, he married Hak Ja Han saying that she is the true mother. Moon and Han are now spending a lot of money to advertise them as the true parents to create the new world.”

“The Tragedy of the Six Mary,” by Chung Hwa Park    chapter 5

Bones (the serial)

I just found out Bones was in Netflix, and has bin addicted to the watching it from season one again.

The connection and chemistry between Bones and Booth was really great and somehow along the seasons something went wrong and I can’t really put a finger on it. Maybe it was the fact that they waited 8 season to get them together ?

But my initial reason for this post was if anyone knew if the guy who played Zack wanted to leave or did he get fired ? Or what was the issue?.
I get Zack can be seen as more vulnerable than the others, but it still seem inconsistent in some ways, or maybe it would have been better if they had actually shown how and why Zack became the aprecentise (student). Just to mention one thing: when they first started they talked about gormogon as the widows son as the murderes/canibals- but we haven’t seen any indication that Zack doesn’t have a mom, Infact they have only showed that he has a big family.

Elsie Anna Wood, The Widow’s Son at Nain

Luke 7:11-17 11 And it came to pass, on the morrow, he was going on to a city called Nain, and there were going with him many of his disciples, and a great multitude, 12 and as he came nigh to the gate of the city, then, lo, one dead was being carried forth, an only son of his mother, and she a widow, and a great multitude of the city was with her. 13 And the Lord having seen her, was moved with compassion towards her, and said to her, `Be not weeping;‘ 14 and having come near, he touched the bier, and those bearing [it] stood still, and he said, `Young man, to thee I say, Arise;' 15 and the dead sat up, and began to speak, and he gave him to his mother; 16 and fear took hold of all, and they were glorifying God, saying – `A great prophet hath risen among us,’ and – `God did look upon His people.' 17 And the account of this went forth in all Judea about him, and in all the region around.(YLT)


Miss Granny (2014)

Korean comedy film available on Netflix now, English subtitles available. I just watched this on Friday and I recommend it. This is one of those age reversal films like Damn Yankees or 17 Again where someone older gets the chance to relive their youth (pssst - I think it’s better than both of those).

Oh Mal-Soon is a 74 year old widow who lives with her son’s family. When she learns she is to be sent to a retirement home, she heads off to a photography studio called Forever Young to take a proper photo for her funeral. When she emerges, she is her 20 year old self. Hijinks ensue. More under the cut.

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Movie-A-Day Day 176: Sleepless in Seattle (1993) - A recently widowed man’s son calls a radio talk-show in an attempt to find his father a partner.

No idea how I managed to never see this movie in its entirety considering I secretly love romantic comedies. This is one of the best. Loved it and even got a little sniffly at the end. Shut up! 

I wonder why they never did a sequel. Seems like a no-brainer. 

Tom and Meg. They’re the best.


390. Something About A Cowboy by Sarah Anderson

Sarah has a good story here. I always like to find new authors. This story line starts with the “ not my1st video.com” for people divorced or widowed. His son Tommy put Mack up to find a woman for him. Mack was not happy but a promise is a promise. He drives 3 hours to have this evening. He has been missing his late wife for the last 6 years. He is nervous. Karen, his date is nervous. They find that they have things in common. There is more sex and loving in this book than usual. It shows how to get loved and cared for. Mack gets upset when he gets home and digs out pictures of their wedding. Spoiler. I hope you would like to read this book. It is so sweet. It also shows how families worry about each other. By the way keep tissues handy. Enjoy! . I have this book for an honest review for NetGalley.

Chinese court upholds death penalty for 5 in mine murders

BEIJING (AP) — A court in eastern China upheld death sentences for five people who conspired to kill miners in what they claimed were mine accidents and then posed as relatives to claim $300,000 in compensation, state media reported Saturday.

The Hebei Higher People’s Court delivered the verdict Friday for five defendants who were convicted in August 2014. They were among a group of 21 people in the scheme, which targeted migrant workers and took advantage of lax safety and loose regulation of mines.

Members of the group first hatched the plan in July 2011 when they met a migrant worker from southern China who came to Hebei seeking employment, the China News Service said in a report

Fellow miners killed him while he worked underground at an iron mine in October of that year and then reported a cave-in. Two members of the group posed as his widow and surviving son, in order to claim about $100,000 in compensation.

The group continued the pattern in three other murders through February 2012 until staff at one of the mines became suspicious and reported the incident to police, the report said.

In all, the group had claimed about $300,000 in compensation. The report gave no details of how the murders were carried out or how they were made to look like mine accidents.

#TronicaCity double murder: Society watchman nabbed

#TronicaCity double murder: Society watchman nabbed

Over a month after a 35-year-old widow and her minor son were brutally killed in their apartment, police today arrested watchman of the society and claimed to have cracked the case.

Ramandeep Kaur and her 7-year-old son Bhavya were killed while her two daughters– Osana (13) and Mitali (10)– were severely injured in their house in Ram Park colony of Tronica City area on May 30.

Watchman Qurban was…

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Anytime At All by FandomLifeTookMyHandAndSaidRUN

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1KwKLWV

by FandomLifeTookMyHandAndSaidRUN

AU. Rick is a widower with son Carl 13, and baby Judith 10 months. Daryl is the father of a 3 year old little boy, Jasper. Recently lost the mother of his child in a horrific car accident. Merle, tired of having to pick up the slack for his baby bro, forces him to attend a grief support group. Morgan facilitates the meetings. Carol, attends meetings when she can but is having difficulty with her teenage daughter and newfound freedoms. Rick pursues Daryl.

Carick? Rickyl? Carickyl? Not sure where this story will end up, but let’s have some fun!

Words: 2485, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1KwKLWV