widow's kiss

the kisses au

because there are so many types of kisses! have some affectionate widowtracer because i refuse to believe their relationship is purely sex and angst

  • lena oxton is a very affectionate person
  • she is all smiles and hugs and friendly hip-checks and cuddles and sharing space and, needless to say, widowmaker is not.
  • so when they start this… thing
  • widow is not prepared for what comes next
  • she wakes in the morning covered in ten blankets and a snoozing lena oxton, surrounded by a mess of pillows and teddy bears and textbooks on theoretical physics, and it is warm and the sunlight was made for basking in, and she jolts a little in surprise
  • her talon bunker is cold and dark and decorated with one purple gouge across the blank white walls and the cot is stiff and poky and she has nothing but nightmares
  • lena stirs at her movement, grumbles sleepily. widow freezes, unsure of the protocol. does she… touch her? move? does she stay there? oh god what should she do?
  • she settles for tentatively touching lena’s hair. it’s soft, fluffy, perpetually messy, and she pats her head with cold hands.
  • ‘lo,’ lena murmurs, throat creaking a little, and widow blinks, snatching her hand back.
  • ‘good morning,’ she says, a touch stiffly. lena doesn’t seem to notice, tipping her head slightly and shifting closer, burrowing her head into widow’s neck and pressing a kiss to her jaw. the whole motion is easy and careless and widow can’t help but smile.
  • lena whispers something groggily against her throat, and she frowns in confusion.
  • ‘quoi?’
  • lena lifts her head for a moment. ‘said you look cute.’
  • ‘cute?’
  • ‘ya know, mornings. hair down. ‘s cute.’
  • ‘so do you.’
  • ‘mm. thanks.’ 
  • she’s waking up slowly, sitting up, bending over amelie to blindly kiss her face, opening her eyes, the soft brown gentle in the rising sun, her nose bumping clumsily against amelie’s icy cheek.
  • ‘there’s a diner here somewhere,’ she mumbles between kisses, aiming for amelie’s nose and missing spectacularly. ‘you into coffee?’
  • ‘café au lait,’ is amelie’s response, and lena snorts, snuggling into her shoulder.
  • ‘you and your prissy french coffee.’
  • amelie sticks her tongue out at her and lena pouts exaggeratedly, spread-eagling herself over widow and clinging.
  • ‘get off,’ amelie says, without meaning it. lena just smiles at her knowingly, and clings tighter, dotting kisses over amelie’s collarbones and humming some pop song.
  • ‘i want food,’ amelie says abruptly and decisively, and clambers off the bed with lena still attached to her. ‘shoes on. am i carrying you there?’
  • ‘yeah,’ lena mumbles, and then blinks. ‘wait, are we going naked?’
  • ‘no,’ amelie says, rolling her eyes fondly, ‘put your clothes on.’
  • lena sings as she straps the accelerator to her chest and slings a leather jacket around her shoulders, dances up behind widow and spins her around and presses the spiderbites into her ear and widow snorts when she makes a pun, eyebrows waggling
  • they walk to the nearest cafe and lena buys four pastries and feeds amelie pieces of an apple turnover as she talks about a recent prototype of the plane that she and winston are developing and widow hums and listens and feels the soft brush of lena’s fingers against her lips and the way they skim over her jaw and down her arm to her hands, and then lena gets momentarily distracted in favour of kissing each of amelie’s fingertips
  • and amelie tells her about sombra’s embarrassing moments, hands dancing in the air (she’s wonderfully expressive when she wants to be), smiles a little when lena laughs so hard she almost snorts coffee out her nose
  • they’re the best mornings amelie’s had in a while.
  • late nights are good, too
  • they curl up on the couch, and amelie wears lena’s fuzzy koala socks, and they watch old movies and lena squishes in next to her so close that amelie can smell the faint traces of the lemon soap she uses (and amelie steals on a regular basis) and she wraps her arms loosely around lena’s midsection and lena hums and traces her tattoos and pecks kisses on her wrists
  • and sometimes, every so often, lena comes home to amelie sitting on the floor with a bottle of wine and hard eyes and lena talks her down with quiet words and soft desperate ‘i am here’ kisses and amelie cries and tangles her hands in lena’s hair and they sit together on lena’s kitchen floor and amelie mumbles about needles and gerard and monsters
  • at nights, they lie together, lena’s arms tight around amelie’s shoulders, quiet words of affection. lena learns a bit of frankly horrid french and takes a certain amount of delight in sneaking up behind amelie and whispering, ‘je t’aime’ into her ear
  • and her accent’s bad and the tones are wrong and she doesn’t quite say it like people in france
  • but it seems much more right than anything amelie’s ever heard

BuckyNat Kissing… sorta? || HB pencil on terrible office copy paper.

Gift #3 (of 4) for @king-queen-and-ace

This is- I mean… well- ok fine, there’s no hiding it, I am, straight-up, terrible at art-ing, but at least I tried, right? O_o

I tried so hard to get Bucky to look like his MCU version but unfortunately the skills required to properly encapsulate the beauty of that particular visage are well beyond those that I possess. Natasha was supposed to look like her character in the 2004 run (because I was vainly hoping she would be easier to draw) but she sort of just looks like Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” (they’re both red heads, though, so that hopefully counts for something…)

I hope it makes you smile, at least!


I had a friendly Widow blow me kisses during Skirmish and I’ve never felt more loved.
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Cell Migration

Prompt: Sequel to Let’s Have a Baby

AN: This came to me at work and I couldn’t shake it.

Words: 855

Part 1

          You can’t help but giggle as Barry pulls you into his arms and kisses you. You haven’t felt this light in months. With Zoom down, and Black Siren in a cell, you can’t help but let out a rather big sigh. Wrapping your arms around him, you kiss him again. “I’m so glad you’re back. I didn’t like the idea of being a widow, Barry.”

          He kisses you again. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

          “I know.” You turn to look at Henry “So, your dad is going to be sticking around for a while.”

          Barry’s smile grows a bit wider. “Yeah.”

          You nod a few times “Good that means our guest room will finally get some use.”

          “You’re really okay with that?”

          “He’s your dad, Barry. He should be in our lives. Him and Dr. McGee.”

          Barry’s head swivels towards his father and he laughs “Great we’ll be policing two grown-ups as they make puppy dog eyes at each other.”

          “Now you know how I felt.” Joe teases as he passes by.

          You can’t help but laugh, Joe had caught you and Barry in more than one make-out session over the years. They had usually been followed by an in-depth conversation about safe sex, and him not being ready to be a grandfather yet.

          The moment he passes, Barry smiles at you “So you remember the thing we were trying to do earlier in the year.”

          You smile. “I do.”

          “You think we could start trying again?”

          You grin. You and Barry had put trying for a baby on the back burner after Zoom had appeared, but with Zoom’s defeat imminent now, you couldn’t help but smile. Going onto your tiptoes, you kiss him. “That is the best offer I have gotten all night.”

          Just as the words leave your lips, you feel the hair on your arms stand on end, and a brush of cold against your back. Then you can’t breathe, as the arm pins against your neck, and your setting changes. You recognize the new place a moment later, you’re in Barry’s old house.

          A moment later Barry is there, still in his every day clothes, not even bothering to have changed. You tune out their conversation and instead you focus on your husband. You focus on the six years you’d had together, and the love you shared. And when that whirling noise hits your ears, you block it out to say the one thing Barry needs to hear “This is not your fault. I love you Barry Allen.”

          The pain hits a moment later, and you find yourself thrown across the room. As you gasp for breath you watch through lidded eyes as Barry and Zoom fight. Then as the black blur vanishes, you focus on Barry. He’s there, and you focus on the sound of his voice, not the words but just the sound. You struggle for the words, and when they don’t come you frown.

          You want to curse when he fades from sight. You get mad when they take his image away. And all you can think is that you want Barry back.

          You wake up to the sound of beeping. The first thing you experience is a slight pain in your chest, followed by a very loud “Don’t move, don’t move, please don’t move.”

          You open your eyes, and you wince at the bright light. When a hand clamps down on your arms you turn towards its owner. You smile at the sight of your husband. You try to speak but can’t, your throat is too dry. Barry smiles at you. “It’s okay sweetheart, you’re okay.”

          He holds up a glass with a straw to your lips and you take several small sips. “What Happened?”

          Barry takes your hand, and you can see the tears hiding behind his eyes. “Zoom nearly killed you.”

          It comes flooding back a moment later “A hand through my chest.” Barry just nods, and kisses the back of your hand. “How am I alive?”

          He smiles at you. “Apparently we weren’t not trying hard enough.”

          It takes a moment for his words to sink in, and your mouth gapes open. “Are you saying I’m …?”

          He nods. “You’re pregnant, we’re having a baby.”

          You smile “And it’s okay, the baby is okay?”

          “More than.” Your head swivels towards a grinning Caitlyn.


          She smiles at you “The baby takes after its father.”

          “It’s a speedster?”

          She nods “When you went into distress, the baby healed you. It’s called cell migration. Using its own enhanced healing that comes with being a speedster, its own body started healing you to protect itself. It’s a bit of a slower process but it allowed you to hang on long enough so that we could help you. You’ve been out for almost a week, and you’re almost fully healed.”

          Your head turns back to Barry “Our lives keep getting stranger and stranger,” your hand goes to your abdomen “But I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

          Barry kisses your forehead “I love you so much.”

          “I love you too.”

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Buckynat prompt; first kiss back in red room time.

He’d just been coming back through the main door. 

It had practically been a blizzard outside, but he’d needed the cold blast, even if it had just been for a minute… needed the excuse of the freezing temperatures to blame for his raging pulse, to disguise the flush of want coursing through him. He’d sought the cold to clear his mind from the green eyes that had screamed a challenge, from the lithe and flexible body she’d used to her every advantage, from the smile that had so easily ensnared his immovable heart. 

And it had worked reasonably well, until she’d pounced as he’d re-entered the building - an amateurish attempt at a surprise attack. Without thinking he’d had her pinned easily against the wall, his body pressing into hers to keep her immobile. It was only when he saw her grin, and the way that her eyes were dancing, that he’d realised he’d fallen into her trap. 

He let go of her wrists immediately, but it was too late. Releasing her only made things worse: with her hands free she wrapped them around his neck and pulled, forcing his mouth down to meet hers. 

Unable to help himself, he’d kissed her back with enough fervour to match the lust he’d tried so hard to abate just moments ago in the cold, Siberian winds.

All too quickly she ended things, and before he knew what was happening, she’d pushed him away, wiping the glisten from her lips, and disappeared into the shadows with a grin.

My first gay OW experience

Okay so I have literally been waiting /ages/ for this and it’s perhaps a bit long but I’ll try to summarize because I am on mobile and also dunno how to put things under cuts but..

I enter a game as Mercy, and there is a Widowmaker in the spawn that said they needed healing so I went over. I said hi and they instantly did Widow’s kiss emote, so I activated Mercy’s giggle emote and the flirting continued. Widow won me over instantaneously of course so I pocketed them pretty much the whole game.

However many games later we finally get separated. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. We were separated but still in the same match, which we both kinda found out when she regretfully had to snipe me since I was on the point with my team.

Widow was upset.
I told the spider wife not to worry,
We would elope.
They agreed. Nobody would stop us.

The game finished and we joined forces once again. THE GAY CONTINUED.

okay but im all about mercy and widowmaker bonding over being dead. like widowmaker coming in all haughty and assuming like ‘you do not know how it is to die! i have been there!” and getting shouty about it and mercy just taking widow’s hand and setting it over her silent heart.