widow sniper

A widowmaker sketchy painting i did………didnt turn out as good as i wanted it so i wont finish it properly. i dunno whom shes shooting at, just wanted her by the morning window. “original”, bra-less version is under the cut.

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I wanna trade places with that Black Widow sniper rifle…

I should be doing my last senior final project, but I haven’t drawn my space boyfriend in a while.

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Got any headcanons for Widowmaker and pharah finding out their kind quiet s/o is actually a total badass? Like they see them take down multiple enemies pretty easily? Thanks.


  • Amelie thought her partner was so cute and sweet
    • But then an enemy flanker got too close to her, and her s/o wenwt off on this guy!
    • They unleashed a line of combo attacks on him until at last they kicked him off Widow’s sniper nest
  • “Ooh lala~” Widow cooed, “Zat was some impressive work. Why don’t you do zat more often?”
  • Amelie will think her s/o is just that much sexier with this dark side. They can be cute and quiet at times, easy for her to dote on, but also kickass and strong! Best of both worlds in her opinion
  • Every time the enemy gets too close to her, Widow will specifically request backup from her s/o, even though it’s usually Reaper who comes to clear out any opposition
    • If Gabe comes in place of her s/o, she’ll give him a disdainful look and mumble that she requested [Name], not him


  • Unlike Widow, she’d be a little shocked at first
  • Her sweet, little [Name] wasn’t as sweet as she thought…
  • She’d still love her of course, but she’d remind her s/o not to get carried away in battle
    • Fareeha just wants to make sure they’re safe, and they don’t want them putting themselves in harm’s way for the sake of looking cool
  • Still, I think she’d be a little impressed at their hidden, bad ass side as well
    • She might request to spar with them some time and learn their moves!
  • But Pharah would look out for her partner just as much in battle, regardless of how tough they may seem. She would never forgive herself if something bad happened to them

–Mod Sirana

>>you can immediately tell when you run into another widowtracer shipper in Overwatch

>>choose tracer
>>they are widow
>>immediately get “bonjour” three time
>>wave hello back
>>widow blows a kiss
>>do tracer’s emote in response
>>start punching things around the room together
>>sticker on wall
>>widow’s kiss sticker goes right on top of tracer sticker
>>how fucking gay

>>spend the entire match being her bodyguard
>>eventually realize this Widow has a golden sniper rifle
>>shes a Widow main
>>realize you have Tracer’s golden guns
>>the two of you match

>>too fuckin gay

>>the entire idiot team gets too aggressive
>>they forget the payload
>>widowmaker hops on the payload
>>go to payload too
>>girlfriends protecting the payload together
>>she blows tracer a kiss

>>mccree 2 shots her from afar mid emote
>>this is quickplay motherfucker, why are you even playing the objective, go fuck off somewhere
>>get mad
>>kill him
>>blink back to spawn to walk with Widow back to the payload
>>another kiss emote is given
>>this one is uninterrupted


Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 236}                             (🌸>)
                       — Spy Shade: Blonde  —

On a five storeys high building, far out amongst the orange rooftops of Monte Vista we find a double cross in the making. Yelena anticipates another KGB Agent. The deceptive spy, spies on the sniper on a floral and Itallian decored balcony, overlooking the mayhem.

Sniper [comms]: “ … The blonde has dissapeared, over. Does anybody copy? ”
KGB Agent [comms]: “ I copy. Black Widow is in combat with the Red Guradian as we speak! Her garrote wire failed which is the good news. The bad news is I can’t tell who’s going to win. More bad news I think we have an agent down thanks to our blonde friend’s dissapering act. Oksana I truly think that you are in danger up there. If you’ve lost sight of the other widow then she may try and pull a deadly trick on you. Watch your back, agent! Either take the shot on the red head immediatley or get down here and assist me! ”
Sniper: “ [confident laugh] Aha ha! Oh please. Worry not, comrade. I shall go with my intuition and kill the Black Widow in my sights. I suspect the dumb blonde is occupied with other agents in the field. The Red Guardian looks like he’s on a loosing streak. I’ll finish this once and for all. ”                                                 * translated from Russian *

Yelena’s honey toned hair shined in the sunlight as she eavesdrops on the KGB Agent’s conversation… Whoever was on the other side of the communication system is slightly harder to understand. Maybe she should take the device to hear confidential intel? — Creeping low in her wedged heels, the blonde Black Widow sneaks up behind her newly allocated target.
Yelena [thoughts]: ( This little bitch. I thought female agents where quite rare for the KGB especially as the Black Widows are dying out. — Uh oh! She’s begining to take aim with her sniper rifle! There’s no time to backstab her or take her communication device. She’s probably got a lock on Natalia! Hmm how pitiful… I expect more from a woman in espionage! It should be second nature to look over your shoulder for any spy… Anyhow I’m not letting her kill my love. )
Oksana smirked her maroon lips as she leant against the balcony ledge taking aim; Her sniper rifle steadied in her grasp as she held her breath. Her finger began to slowly grip the trigger - // With full deception, Yelena silentley stealth kicked Oksana in her lower back, ‘causing the shot to go off into a whole new course of direction! [*Snipt!*]. Missing Natalia completley. The suprise attack also cause’s the sniper rifle to fall right out the agents hands. Oksana then tumbled forward, following her weapon head first over the balcony. 
Sniper [thoughts/speech]:( Well played, comrade.) “ AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! ”
Pressumabley to her death.
As the sound of Oksana’s body and breaking bones could be heard crashing against the ground, [thud] Yelena pouted her pink glossed lips.
Yelena: “ Bye bitch. ” 



It had been a long time since Xanos had found himself in a predicament he was unsure of. He always knew that his sword or his rifle could see him through the worst. This was different, though. This was not a person he could shoot. This was a place. It was a place he had no idea what to expect from.

This was some sort of underground city. It was a complete unknown. Taking out Widow, his sniper rifle, the mercenary began stalking through the shadows, trying to find some sort of way out.