widow sniper

A widowmaker sketchy painting i did………didnt turn out as good as i wanted it so i wont finish it properly. i dunno whom shes shooting at, just wanted her by the morning window. “original”, bra-less version is under the cut.

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Meet Sara Vanessa Ryder, better known as Ves Ryder. Short caramel hair, light brown eyes with a patch of green in one eye, barely noticeable from afar. Grown surrounded by man, she’s a tomboy with a very slender but toned body, barely a B cup. She has a very bright and solar personality and has a smile for everyone, sarcasm is her way of be. Stubborn and determined, she’s also a shameless flirt, first because is a way to hide her shyness, second because she doesn’t think that men find her attractive. In her spare time she usually upgrade her Black Widow sniper rifle or do some DIY, she adores Gil because he is theaching her the mechanics bases, and he allows her to help him when he repair the Nomad. She practically adores Reyes, even if he make her blush all the time.

 I always had the headcanon that Reyes at first find her funny and cute, but nothing else. After the fighting against the Roeakar, Ves calm and professional with his sniper rifle, he see her outside the cave, with dirty and sweaty face and a peaceful expression, facing the sunset. Then is when he tought that she is a very nice girl, but also a very beautiful woman.

(Please let me know if I made some mistake ;D)

>>you can immediately tell when you run into another widowtracer shipper in Overwatch

>>choose tracer
>>they are widow
>>immediately get “bonjour” three time
>>wave hello back
>>widow blows a kiss
>>do tracer’s emote in response
>>start punching things around the room together
>>sticker on wall
>>widow’s kiss sticker goes right on top of tracer sticker
>>how fucking gay

>>spend the entire match being her bodyguard
>>eventually realize this Widow has a golden sniper rifle
>>shes a Widow main
>>realize you have Tracer’s golden guns
>>the two of you match

>>too fuckin gay

>>the entire idiot team gets too aggressive
>>they forget the payload
>>widowmaker hops on the payload
>>go to payload too
>>girlfriends protecting the payload together
>>she blows tracer a kiss

>>mccree 2 shots her from afar mid emote
>>this is quickplay motherfucker, why are you even playing the objective, go fuck off somewhere
>>get mad
>>kill him
>>blink back to spawn to walk with Widow back to the payload
>>another kiss emote is given
>>this one is uninterrupted