widow leggings

  • Friend: mercy is so gorgeous oh my god
  • Friend: I love widowmaker she's so beautiful
  • Friend: and Sombra-
  • Me: hm yes.
  • Me: but consider
  • Me: junk-
  • Friend: shut the fuck up or I'll kill you in real life

I have been trying to upload this drawing for like 3 days but it’s constantly coming out fuzzy when it finally posts, so I’m just gonna post it and hope it balances out eventually. I wanted to give Widow some slick ass legs and also have the chance to map out my thoughts on where she would have scars, cause there’s no way she’s been running around sniping people for years and not gotten shot back at least once or twice.

there are only two genders:

-hardboiled detective who knows that it’s a dog eat dog world
-wealthy weeping widow with legs in all the right places

No Vacation - Natasha Romanoff Imagine

author’s note: I might do a 2nd part of this story, but it’ll probably come a lot later after this one. Feedback is appreciated!! :) 

main pairing: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow x Reader

words: 753

gif credit: not mine. please message me if yours.

You had the worst luck ever. Here you were on vacation, where you were supposed to be relaxing, but of course, the deadly Black Widow decided to interrupt. You were sick and tired of this happening, so when the assassin dropped down into your cabin, you went ballistic.

“You’re kidding me. I was assigned to relax not try to fight for my life.” You yelled, getting into your fighting stance. The Black Widow smirked, swinging a punch which you, thankfully, dodged.

“There’s been a bit of a change in the plans, Agent Y/N.” You grimaced, hitting the back of a table.

“Well, I hate this change of plans. I was having a great time not dying. I mean, couldn’t you have waited a week or something.” In your surprise, you were able to hit your attacker. She’d have bruises for at least a week, you hoped.

“I’m a bit busy.” The Black Widow swung her legs around your neck, pulling you to the ground. You were going to die, and there was nothing you could do about it. As you said your prayers, she chuckled darkly. “I’m not going to kill you, Agent Y/N. You should consider yourself lucky. I’ll be back.” As soon as she finished sparing your life, she was gone. There was no trace of the Black Widow having a surprise visit except for the bruises on your body. Sometimes, you believed you imagined that the Black Widow was even there as she rarely ever spared lives.

“Clint, I’m completely serious. She attacked me. Do you even see these bruises?” You lifted up your shirt to show the blackish purple marks on your back. Clint shrugged.

“Look, Y/N. I believe you, but there’s just no evidence.” You huffed, stalking out of the room. You needed to find evidence, but as the years passed, you brushed it off. If the Black Widow didn’t kill you, you shouldn’t be wondering why. You should be living life happily alive.

It was three years after the attack, and you were wandering aimlessly through the SHIELD hallways when you stopped abruptly after you heard a familiar voice.

“I don’t want to be here. Get me out of here.” You peeked into the room where the voice came from, silently gasping when you saw the Black Widow strapped down in a chair. Well, you thought it was silent, but apparently, it wasn’t as the Black Widow looked up to the sound of your not-so-silent gasp. She smirked. “Well, well, if it isn’t Agent L/N. I thought you’d be around here somewhere.” You nodded, slowly walking into the room. “Do you mind? I hate being strapped down.” The Black Widow pointedly looked at the cuffs. You narrowed your eyes before racing out of the room to find Clint or someone who seems smart enough to explain what the hell is going on.

“Phil? Why the heck is the Black Widow here? She tried to kill me!” Phil turned around to your loud voice, frowning.

“Clint brought her in; he said that he could try to help her. Natasha, the Black Widow, supposedly reminds of him.” You rolled your eyes, of course, Clint Barton would do this to you.

Over the next four months, you were able to beat Clint in sparring as revenge for bringing your almost murderer in, and you also managed to avoid her. Unfortunately, you couldn’t avoid her forever as you were assigned to help with the Avengers. As soon as Natasha saw you, she walked over to you. You couldn’t help but sigh.

“Look, I spared your life; the least you can do is say thank you.” You rolled your eyes.

“I was on my vacation! I ended up bruised for three weeks! I could barely relax because of your “I’ll be back” threat.” Natasha chuckled and leaned in closer to you. This was becoming uncomfortable.

“You’re a pretty good fighter. Anyways, can you at least not try to avoid me? We’re part of the same team now.” You shrugged. “I’ll change your mind somehow, Agent L/N, or may I call you, Y/N? That’s a good name.” She whispered into your ear. You quickly moved away from her, shivering. Natasha winked before leaving you stunned, watching her walk away. You had no clue on what was happening, but you were going to find out some way or another.

the end :)

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