widow dress

instead of shitty easter skins that don’t respect certain characters’ religions, maybe they should do spring themed skins, like symmetra in a flower patterned sun dress or widow in an outfit inspired by flower spiders (which are rlly cute actually!!) or something with hanzo !

The Girl as White as Snow

The Queen, dressed in widow’s black, gazed upon her baby girl and wept. She wept, for in her girl she could see exactly what her father wished for (before his untimely demise): skin as white as snow, hair as dark as a raven’s wing, lips as red as blood. People from far and wide came to bless and pray for the child, the only heir her father produced, which she received with only screams and howls – all she could muster as a new-born babe.

Time passed, and the girl, known to all as Snow White, was almost 16: almost of age. The winter set in once more, just as it had done all those years ago when she was born. She was now fairest in all the land, and every man’s heart was hers to control. Many suitors had fallen at her feet, begging for her hand in marriage, but none had yet slipped a ring on the hand of Snow White. None had yet tamed the soon-to-be Princess, not even her mother, who grew more sick by the day. It was not a sickness of the body, that could be cured with potions and healing hands, but a sickness of the mind. Her behaviour grew more and more erratic: she refused any man who asked her hand in marriage and spent her days attempting to govern the kingdom, leaving her daughter in the care of various nannies.

“It was the shock of finding her husband so brutally murdered that pushed her over the edge" was a popular rumour. Others said “she broke a mirror the very day she gave birth, and so was cursed with eternal misfortune". But all agreed that, despite behaving most unladylike, she was the best ruler the land had ever known.

The Queen requested her daughter meet her in the highest room of the tallest tower the day she turned 16, as tradition dictates she must. Snow climbed all 1,816 stairs (she counted), and prepared to enter the room where she would become a Princess, for within that elevated chamber would come the private coronation that every Princess must take. Every girl who entered the room before had left a woman, wearing the ancestral tiara and possessing the knowledge of all her royal duties.

Snow entered the chamber to see the Queen kneeling over a looking glass that had shattered into – 10, 12, 13! - pieces. Her mother turned around hurriedly and asked her to “Close the door, my dear”. Snow did as she was told, the very image of obedience. The Queen picked up the pieces of shattered glass and placed them back within the frame. By some power of chance, all the pieces fell back into place; the mirror could once again reflect the room. “Look! there’s a piece missing,” cried Snow, seeing the exposed sliver of oak back. “Yes,” replied the Queen coldly, as she raised the piece above Snow’s head and aimed for her heart.

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The famous Princess Rongshou (榮壽公主) was the only person who dares to defy the Empress Dowager (Cixi).
The story has it that Rongshou admonished Cixi for wearing colorful dresses, her reason is that Cixi is an old widow and it is disrespectful and unnecessary for her to do so. From then on, Cixi was afraid of Rongshou and didn’t dare making or wearing colorful dresses infront of Rongshou.

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