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Chris Hemsworth comes across a bunch of @marvelentertainment action figures

Hilarity ensues

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Infinity War
  • Me Now: I'm not ready.
  • Me in 3 Months: I'm not ready.
  • Me seconds after watching it: I'm not ready.
For infinity war I want everybody to grab their loved ones and kiss or hug them like it's their last time doing so while epic music is playing before going into battle

Take note russos

I just realized that one of the Russo brothers is a Romanogers shipper and the other brother is a BuckyNat shipper

 I think that’s one of the reasons they send mixed signals to the audience. Because Buckynat has very significant moments that make reference to the comic, And why is so worked up that the chemistry that there is between Steve and Natasha, and the relationship of loyalty and mutual appreciation that exists between this pair, nevertheless doesn’t leave of the Platonic thing. I think they stop themselves from making a couple canon. And it’s good because they evolve more to the characters without needing a romance that seems forced as happened with sharon (Sharon is an incredible character who could have evolved much more before that kiss passed and possibly that would have helped people to like Staron more than at this moment)

And the actors don’t help (I love it)

On the other hand there are rumors (unofficial) that the end of Brutasha is approaching with the arrival of Betty Ross in infinity War.


Avengers: Infinity War Featurette

Everyone to Marvel for the Infinity War trailer.

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Photographs from the funeral of Lee Harvey Oswald, who shot and killed president John F. Kennedy. The only people in attendance were his mother, his brother, his widow and his children. The weren’t enough mourners present to carry his coffin, so instead it was carried by the reporters who attended the event. Not even the minister went to the funeral, instead the executive secretary of the Fort Worth Council of Churches conducted the ceremony.

It was reported that Jackie Kennedy wrote a note to Marina Oswald, following the murder of her husband Lee Harvey Oswald, saying she was sorry for her loss. 

The Russo Brothers have just shared this mysterious photo, presumably from the set of AVENGERS 4!

How I think Avengers Infinity War should end

Since that might be the last movie for all of our OG heroes (Tony Stark, Captain America, Hulk, Thor) I think the best way to end their journey is in a Pepper Potts and Tony Stark wedding. Why?

A) This is the perfect place where all of our heroes will be together. Cap and Tony will patch things up by then and everyone will have a good time anyway. Keep in mind this isn’t the last MCU movie but probably the last movie with the OG so we have to go out with a bang. I think that some of our new faves like Peter Parker, Black Panther, Ant-man, Guardians maybe? will be there as well.

B) This has to end with something significant for Tony Stark the guy this all started with. What better way to end it than a wedding for him. He started as a selfish womanizer who didn’t love really anyone but himself. Wedding shows that he’s left all of that behind. He is less selfish and marries the love of his life a woman named Pepper Potts. This would be a perfect full circle moment. Also that engagement in Spider-man was there for a reason I believe.

Russo brothers, Do you hear me? 

So if my historical sources are telling me the truth…

…and I’m synthesizing the history properly…

…then, in fact, the entire edifice of Western civilization – all the cultural, social, and philosophical structures that define the world in which we live today – can be traced back to a stupid loophole in Roman inheritance law.

NOTE: Everything here is taken either from Francis Fukuyama’s The Origins of Political Order or from a Livejournal post by the Infamous Brad that I am currently unable to find.  I get credit for absolutely nothing, except noticing the connection between Section II and Section III. 

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None of us would even know about Van Gogh’s paintings if it hadn’t been for this woman, Johanna Bonger. She was Vincent’s brother Theo’s widow, who was left all of Vincent’s paintings after his death. She then dedicated the rest of her life to preserving his paintings and his memory. Yet she is almost entirely forgotten to history. Let’s hear it for the woman responsible!!!