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More Drabbles of Summer – slowly but surely coming up to the end of these, folks! Today we have a good chunk of adorable kidlet stuff; a bit of sweet honeymoon camping fluff, Alice vs the killer duck from hell (yes, seriously); and Victor recovering from having his appendix out, which is a little darker than the rest but not that much. Enjoy!


La secuencia fue demasiado exagerada solo para 10 cm


M! A: * PAFF * Widged now is a little higher and has angel wings for 20 post

Widged:The sequence was too exaggerated for only 10 cm

decided to go with the beefier graphics card but now my wattage estimates are significantly higher than when i was buying most of my parts. my 500w psu ain’t gonna cut it, especially if i plan on overclocking (which i definitely do). gotta rip the power supply out of the babe and swap it for a 600w beast. thank god i kept all my receipts. 

on the bright side i get to do some more cable management so there’s that. 

tomorrow in general is gonna be productive. laundry, crickets for widge, registering for classes (finally, it’s so relieving), a trip to microcenter and my gpu is being delivered. i love my job but goddamn i can’t get a single thing done 4 out of 7 days a week.

Sekmeli Widged Nedir? Neden Sekmeli Widget Kullanılır?

Sekmeli Widged Nedir? Neden Sekmeli Widget Kullanılır?

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but honestly alright i mean widge murray wouldn’t do me like this and widge murray wouldn’t make my liespun shining memories their own kind of glamour, this is melodramatic but i’ve the perfect turn of phrase for it, i cast a shadow in widge murray’s life and it should be easy

to talk to him. it should be really easy. it should be, and it’s not, and i shouldn’t be dangling my memories in his face like, isobel, i shouldn’t be trying to make him smitten with the things that i know, with me and my secrets and all the sense-details i could tell him and the stories i could spin him