I directed a new music video for Wide Streets with a talented team of friends! Inspired by some of my favorite childhood toys I transformed the members of Wide Streets into puppets who star in a violent western about a good guy and bad guy who find their way to rock and roll and friendship in the deserts of Mèxico.  Thank you for all your help Grant White, Sam Sitar and Danny Miller.


So I ditched the 20 years RENT reunion to see The Force Awakens literally across the street. So whatever. Now I’m sitting outside of mainstage and I’m like almost shaking and I can’t tell what percentage is tired and what percentage is very emotionally effected

And now ??? how do I go in there and watch someone sing You’re the One that I want there are so many things

I’m glad I got to sit mostly by myself in the row, there were ppl behind me. Right before I started I put up my hood on my jacket because I felt that I would be less scared of the Loud Scary Movie like that lol

So yeah I lost it when Leia comes out I made this ridiculous noise and proceeded to just swear under my breath the entirety of Han/Leia songs

I spotted Billie literally every time she was on screen omg

The way Rey looks at Han near the lake I’m gonna


Yeah I’m pretty tired

Ok alright!

Oh and I stayed for all the credits. And it started and I got so excited like !!!! I’m seeing a Star Wars film in theatres for the first time! I got excited at leia’ name on the crawl who am I !!!!!!!!! I took both pairs of glasses off and squinted my eyes at the yucky monsters Han was transporting

During the Cantina I got so excited because I saw Lin today! And then saw his name on the credits!!!!