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Inktober Day 13: ‘The Earthmover’

You know those characters that you don’t think about for a while, and then all of a sudden get punched in the gut with the sudden recollection of how much you love them? Lin is one of those characters for me. I think she’s wonderful.


He never fails to surprise me. Ever since I first saw his skating, it’s been an unending chain of surprises.

[Ask RPedia] Getting Together: How To Meet Your Characters!

Anonymous asked: Alright, I’ve been reading your stuff and it’s all really helpful and you’re awesome- I’ve gotta ask this though. How do I get two characters to meet and a story going? I can’t seem to come up with good reasons for people to interact with my character and it’s really frustrating. I’ve made starters, but I always end up stressing over not being able to come up with a plot good enough to keep anyone’s interest for very long and never send them. Any tips or anything would be great!

Sounds like you’ve got some issues beyond the original question, which means you want to meet characters and keep them interested in each other, I’ll deal with that too, but first! Let’s discuss how to get characters to meet up, in situations ranging from ‘we work together’ to ‘we don’t even exist in the same universe canonically.’

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a a a a a a a i’m not the best with making tutorials but i’ll give it a shot??

i’m going to go a little in depth and mainly talk about my own set up which is honestly a lot more complex than the average rig! if you’re more just looking for an introduction, there’s a three part video series here that’ll get you up to speed and running real fast!! it’s what i used to learn!!

that aside a a a a a a i’ll try my best sdhgfksdfjhglhk HERE WE GO

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Hello, my friends!

I had requests that my Billy bookcases be narrowed to fit one tile, since they were a bit difficult to place. Got around to it today. They are now all exactly (more or less) one tile wide. The narrow version you may still may need “bb.moveobjects on” to place, but it is half a tile wide.

These are new meshes (or mesh edits) so they are independent files. You can have the wider version and the one-tile versions together in your game or one or the other. Up to you! I should mention that you can find the original Billy set, Billy Bookends, here.

Hope you get some use out of these!

Enjoy and Happy Simming!!!


@jaigny mentioned you in a post: Boarded up windows/doors (wall attachment)

…the door. Download link: dropbox.com/sh/hzi4… @ peacemaker-ic They look exactly like yours. Just letting you know incase someone didn’t read the TOU.

Nope, not the same. They were released about 2 months before mine and are only 1 tile where as I made mine in wider versions because if what I needed. They do look similar, but that’s only because we both used the wood pieces that came from the Mine entrance object from Oasis Springs. Thanks for your concern though. 


Boots and trousers are up next in the Dolloth factory! I think I’ve finally managed to make the boots turn out like I wanted. That contrast-color flap at the top took several tries to get it to fold down like I wanted. Still not sure if I’m going to keep it like this or try a wider version of that flap…

Also now I need to pick up some metallic thread at JoAnn’s for the rivets on the boots, as well as the bracers and chest armor…

buskidsburgade  asked:

also if you're up for it, S1 Skye finds Simmons in Fitz's bed post FZZT and in trying to explain that they are not dating or sleeping together, they end up talking about QPs and aromantic (and/or ace) identities (bonus points if Skye ends up joining them for all the platonic bed sharing feels)

AN ~ Always a pleasure to write for you! Thanks for the prompt <3 

Also tagging @unlessimwrongwhichyouknowimnot bc they’re always down for QP FitzSimmons. Happy Pride!

(and for those of who who didn’t catch them last year, there’s more QP FS in Birds of a Feather and aro!Jemma (who unfortunately didn’t make it explicitly into this one) in Love is Not an Eight Letter Word.)

Read on AO3 (~1600wd).
Fluff! Rated G/K+ for some light/brief mentions of sex.


Peas in a Pod

It was the morning after the scariest day of her life, and Skye woke with her heart pounding heavily in her chest. She couldn’t remember if she’d been dreaming, or if so, what it had been about, but in her state of panic she remembered the way her heart had dropped, her mouth had gone dry, her every thought had turned to death death death when Jemma had jumped. She would have survived and landed and gone on, and her friend would be dead. Gone. Forever. She’d never been that close to it before.

All of a sudden, she felt an urge to see Jemma’s face. Or Fitz’s, which if nothing else, would remind her that they’d come out of it after all. So, still in her pyjamas, Skye bolted across the hall and knocked on Jemma’s door. No answer? She tried Fitz’s instead, her whole body starting to shake, just in case, but then –

“Yeah, come in.”

Not screamingly enthusiastic, but definitely not the voice of a man who had lost his best friend the day before. Relieved, Skye pulled the door open, and yelped.

“AH! NO!” She spun on the spot and covered her eyes, unsure where to look or not look. Unsure what she had just seen or not seen.

Jemma laughed and sat up, Fitz’s blankets pooling around her, now revealing most of the Sci-Tech Academy logo on the shirt she was wearing.

“It’s okay, Skye,” she assured her. “We’re both decent.”

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Juno mission to Jupiter delivers first science results

NASA’s Juno mission, led by Southwest Research Institute’s Dr. Scott Bolton, is rewriting what scientists thought they knew about Jupiter specifically, and gas giants in general, according to a pair of Science papers released today. The Juno spacecraft has been in orbit around Jupiter since July 2016, passing within 3,000 miles of the equatorial cloudtops.

“What we’ve learned so far is earth-shattering. Or should I say, Jupiter-shattering,” said Bolton, Juno’s principal investigator. “Discoveries about its core, composition, magnetosphere, and poles are as stunning as the photographs the mission is generating.”

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So yesterday @enjholras answered this Hogwarts AU ask and talked about Jehan tutoring Montparnasse in Divination and it got me THINKING
It’s still No Shame November and I do whatever the heck I want

Jehan could see their distorted reflection inside the crystal ball, their own eyes staring back at them on a rounder, wider version of their face. Beyond that, there was only mist, swirling and whirling against the glass, holding secrets from those who didn’t know how to read them. Including Montparnasse.

In all fairness, he had gotten better over time. All those hours spent at the library, smuggling crystal balls, tea leaves and runes along with them, had not been in vain, Jehan could pride themself on that. The only thing harder to read than the future, however, was Montparnasse himself. He always displayed that confusing mix of indifference and eagerness that kept Jehan wondering if he was actually enjoying that time spent together or just suffering through it. Considering how tense his forehead was at present, Jehan would guessed the latter.

And Montparnasse always avoided frowning at all cost.

“I see,” he whispered hunched over the crystal ball. “I see—I see you.”

Jehan straightened their back, their eyes leaving the mist to look intently at Montparnasse. A little smile was drawing the corner of his lips up. Montparnasse’s glaze flickered from the ball to Jehan, cutting their breathing short. There should be a rule against that, against what attractive people could do with just a glance and a flutter of lashes.

“I see you and me going to the Yule Ball together,” he finally revealed, his flirtatious smile turning almost provocative.

For a second, Jehan’s mind went as blank as their heart went mad. Just for a second. A blissful, wonderful second, before they realised what was going on. Montparnasse was mocking them. Of course he was. Of course he had noticed the looks Jehan gave him! An ice cold hand closed around their heart.

“Stop making fun of me,” they muttered, avoiding Montparnasse’s eyes.

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Apparently manufactured by our own favorite drunk uncle, the 2002 version of Uncle Mike’s gun holster for Glock model handguns had a nasty tendency to shoot at people.


The malfunctioning line featured a retention strap that did the exact opposite of what it should have done, i.e., securing the gun in place so it couldn’t be accidentally fired. Instead, when you took your gun out of the holster, the strap had a tendency to move out of position and actually pull the gun’s trigger when it was reholstered.

Heads started turning after three separate occasions of holster-induced involuntary discharges, not least because one of them was an actual cop who was shot in the leg. Instead of completely recalling the product, the company opted to just replace the flawed straps with a wider, differently designed version that the consumers could install themselves. Because when your product has a flaw that shoots bullets, the most logical move is to make your clients fix it DIY style.

The 5 Most Baffling Product Recalls of All Time

Yes! It is a brush ovo I made one for the original Marik image. Making them look uniform takes some work, because I have to do them one line at a time and sometimes it looks too “stripey”.  I might try to make a wider version with more scales to fix that. the advantage is I can shape them however I want along the form. 

For Ryo, I made a layer set to overlay and duplicated it a few times, using the airbrush on alpha lock to throw in some different shades of blue and green. This all went over an already shaded base layer. Then I went in with an airbrush and added some highlights ovo