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Things I learned from Battle of Mewni (spoilers)

-They weren’t really spoiling all that much, most of the bombshells in the ads were dropped pretty early.
-Moon really had to become a hard boiled egg now, didn’t she?
-Eclipsa is adorkable.
-Toffee losing his finger was a bit anti climactic
-River was a cinnamon roll.
-Ludo’s got a semi gollum thing goin’ on
-poor rivers trying to distract himself.
-Marco just wanted to give star a memory of home away from home, poor guy
-Mewni needs wider roads… I guess
-OH hi Ludo, you book burning puppet piece of s***! How are you doing!? Taking over the kingdom with rats and a hand!? That’s… nice!
-Uncle Buff Frog!
-Down the rabbit hole some more with the monsters being an allegory for prejudice! (This is why I f***ing love this show)
-Ludo got rid of the family photos! Y u do that!?
-Metal gear marco
-RIVER IS GONE! Oh god please don’t be dead!!
-Starco reunited! New fave hug!
-Les Resitonce!
-Marco x barrette
-Star is inside Ludo…
-Giant Goopy Toffee!!
-well toffee’s back!
-oh shit, star might be dead!?
-toffee got his body back! After growing all over ludo… ew
-hey glossyrick!
-moon is fucking destroyed, and Marco punched a hole in toffee.
-dip doooooown
-new wAnd and butterfly form for star! This time with more gold and horns
-the eagles are here with everyone!
-goopy toffee irl is kinda creepy… and might be dead… well that’s unfortunate
-back to the void with ludu, this time with concent!
-O shit, eclipsa
-new song and sequance. It’s nice, it has a sunset.


ELI5: What's the difference between an Ave, Rd, St, Ln, Dr, Way, Pl, Blvd etc. and how is it decided which road is what?

Everything I found here is either rephrased from an urban planning textbook, wikipedia, or googles define function, I never claimed to be an expert on anything, what I gave here is essentially the most common occuring definition I could find, but many are used interchangeably, how a word is used in vernacular does not change an accepted definition.

A road has no special qualifiers. It connects point a to point b.
A street connects buildings together, usually in a city, usually east to west, opposite of avenue.
An avenue runs north south. Avenues and streets may be used interchangeably for directions, usually has median
A boulevard is a street with trees down the middle or on both sides
A lane is a narrow street usually lacking a median.
A drive is a private, winding road
A way is a small out of the way road
a court usually ends in a cul de sac or similar little loop
a plaza or square is usually a wide open space, but in modern definitons, one of the above probably fits better for a plaza as a road.
a terrace is a raised flat area around a building. When used for a road it probably better fits one of the above.
uk, a close is similar to a court, a short road serving a few houses, may have cul de sac
run is usually located near a stream or other small body of water
place is similar to a court, or close, usually a short skinny dead end road, with or without cul de sac, sometimes p shaped
bay is a small road where both ends link to the same connecting road
crescent is a windy s like shape, or just a crescent shape, for the record, above definition of bay was also given to me for crescent
a trail is usually in or near a wooded area
mews is an old british way of saying row of stables, more modernly seperate houses surrounding a courtyard
a highway is a major public road, usually connecting multiple cities
a motorway is similar to a highway, with the term more common in New Zealand, the UK, and Austrailia, no stopping, no pedestrian or animal traffic allowed
an interstate is a highway system connecting usually connecting multiple states, although some exist with no connections
a turnpike is part of a highway, and usully has a toll, often located close to a city or commercial are
a freeway is part of a highway with 2 or more lanes on each side, no tolls, sometimes termed expressway, no intersections or cross streets.
a parkway is a major public road, usually decorated, sometimes part of a highway, has traffic lights.
a causeway combines roads and bridges, usually to cross a body of water
circuit and speedway are used interchangeably, usually refers to a racing course, practically probably something above.
as the name implies, garden is usually a well decorated small road, but probably better fits an above
a view is usually on a raised area of land, a hill or something similar.
byway is a minor road, usually a bit out of the way and not following main roads.
a cove is a narrow road, can be sheltered, usually near a larger body of water or mountains
a row is a street with a continuous line of close together houses on one or both sides, usually serving a specific function like a frat
a beltway is a highway surrounding an urban area
quay is a concrete platform running along water
crossing is where two roads meet
alley a narrow path or road between buildings, sometimes connects streets, not always driveable
point usually dead ends at a hill
pike usually a toll road
esplanade long open, level area, usually a walking path near the ocean
square open area where multiple streets meet, guess how its usually shaped.
landing usually near a dock or port, historically where boats drop goods.
walk historically a walking path or sidewalk, probably became a road later in its history
grove thickly sheltered by trees
copse a small grove
driveway almost always private, short, leading to a single residence or a few related ones
laneway uncommon, usually down a country road, itself a public road leading to multiple private driveways.
trace beaten path
circle usually circles around an area, but sometimes is like a “square”, an open place intersected by multiple roads.
channel usually near a water channel, the water itself connecting two larger bodies of water,
grange historically would have been a farmhouse or collection of houses on a farm, the road probably runs through what used to be a farm
park originally meaning an enclosed space, came to refer to an enclosed area of nature in a city, usually a well decorated road.
mill probably near an old flour mill or other mill.
spur similar to a byway, a smaller road branching off from a major road.
bypass passes around a populated area to divert traffic
roundabout or traffic circle circle around a traffic island with multiple connecting routes, a roundabout is usually smaller, with less room for crossing and passing, and safer
wynd a narrow lane between houses, similar to an alley, more common in UK
drive shortened form of driveway, not a driveway itself, usually in a neighborhood, connects several houses
parade wider than average road historically used as a parade ground.
terrace more common in uk, a row of houses.
chase on land historically used as private hunting grounds.
branch divides a road or area into multiple subdivisions.

These arent hard and fast rules. Most cities and such redefine them their own way about what road can be called what.

Why you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway parkway originally referred to the decorations along that particular road, not the state of the cars on it, its similarities to a park being obvious. driveways were orignally much longer than they are now, so you actually would drive on them.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

anonymous asked:

Hello can I request a Baekhyun ambw smut please? Could it be about car sex or something along those lines? Thank you!!!

AMBW, car sex

A Little Break: 

“Are we almost there?” You groaned in frustrations fanning yourself. It was a hot day out and you were going to the beach to have a good time with Baekhyun before the winter came rolling in. But it was not going as planned. Woken up at the crack of dawn so that you could leave, your outfit came down to having on short khaki shorts and a pink tank top letting your hair stay up in a messy bun. There was no point putting on panties or a bra because you were just going to change clothes anyway. You both decided to rent a beach house for a year round. The night before you had packed a bag together to make sure everything was ready. 

“You’re so impatient baby girl. We will be there in some time.” He chuckled softly letting his hand move to grip at your thigh moving it apart a bit. 

“I’m hot, hungry and very very tired.” You growled softly watching him. A smile lit up his tan features, his eyes twinkling as a soft laugh rumbled through his throat. His thumb stroking up and down your skin lightly. 

“Get in the spirit baby girl. Besides. I like it when you’re soaking wet for me.” He teased indicating he could see the sweat dripping down your face towards your body. It had been a pretty enough day to drive without the AC but at the moment you wanted to protest to him why that was such a bad idea after all. 

“The only thing that will be wet is the sweat on my body asshole. Stop checking me out you pervert.” You teased softly moving to press your feet against the dash board. Your body shifted so that you could rest against the car seat. Letting your eyes drift shut you feel bad into a deep slumber to kill more time deciding you’d rather sleep right now than to see some of the city. 

Baekhyun had chuckled watching as you fell asleep. You were so cute and feisty it was a main reason he had fallen for you. Of course everyone tried to bring up skin color but he really could see passed that if anything it made him want you more. Your chocolate skin that glistened in the sun light. Your full plump hardened brown nipples when erected. Your tight little brown pussy and how good it sucked in his cock whenever he slipped deep inside of you. The thought alone made his member twitch in the confines of his swimming trunks. 

He growled softly looking out the window trying to clear his thoughts but all he could think about was your tongue on his shaft, how good it would feel for your lips to be wrapped around the girth of his cock. But when he looked over at you, it made him much more hard. To see your breast jigging under your shirt as the car hit some of the bumps. How your breast flopped up and down and your lips parted slightly. His hand slowly slipped up the insides of your thigh spreading them wider apart, watching the road and you at the same time. Hand gripping onto your flesh he dug his nails softly into you only to drag his fingertips up to ghost across the hems of your shorts. Slipping his hand across your clothed pussy he whined out in a sense remembering that you didn’t have on any panties. He was a needy man, needy and wanting you right now. 

“Yeah.. Hey..” He called out softly as his hand slapped at your thigh repeatedly waking you up. 

“Mm?” You asked softly blinking to open your eyes casting your gaze towards him. 

“Suck me off.” He meant to demand it, but it came off as a ask from you and a slight beg. 

Laughing softly, you shifted up in your seat, leaning over you rubbed onto his protruding bulge pressing against his blue trunks. Your fingers danced around the spot before you reached into his bottoms to take out his cock letting it stay against his stomach. “Mmm how I wish I could just fucking ride it. Your nice and thick cock Baekhyun. I know it can just stretch me out to the brim.” You smiled up at the male, whose face was twisted in want and anger from the teasing. 

Opening your mouth you started to lick around the top of his shaft, licking at the slit repeatedly soon your lips was wrapping around his cock and you were bobbing your head up and down at a slow pace. He was trying to drive and keep a straight head but fuck it felt so good to have your tongue working on his cock, licking up and down him. Treating him like a lollipop.

“Fuck this.” He sighed softly thrusting his hips up as he headed towards an exit. He drove and drove around until he found a big mall and moved to the last few parking spots far away from the mall so that no one could you both. He unbuckled his seat belt grabbing at your head he crashed his lips against yours kissing you deeply. His teeth clashed against yours, tongues sucking against one another in the heated kiss. He broke it only to push you back. Crawling in the backseat, he pulled you up on top of him, his hands working at your shorts.

You helped him kissing his lips once again everything was a blur until your shorts were thrown somewhere and your hips were gripped by him. He slammed up into you, quick and hard thrusts he pounded into your tight pussy causing the car to shake. Your hands gripped at his shoulders, head rolling back as loud cries left your lips. You rode him, slamming yourself down onto his cock. His balls slapping against your ass as he fucked you. His hands slipped under your shirt to grip your plump breast, playing with them as he fucked you. He pushed your top up over your breast, leaning forward he wrapped his lips around one of your perky breast and he kept fucking into you. 

Your hands moved to grip at his shirt, squeezing your walls around his cock groaning every time he pushed deeper, letting his member press against your spot. Moans and grunts mingled with one another, the windows fogged up from the rough fucking that was happening in the back seat. 

When it became too much for him, he rolled you down on your back and he started to slam into you, harder and harder he fucked you burying his face into your neck releasing more cries of pleasure. You were close, hips rocking up against him, your hand slipped down to rub your clit. He licked the shell of your ear voicing out to you how you were a good girl, how he wanted to fill you up. All those dirty little things that would help you reach your end. Back arching from the leather seats, your hands reached up to wrap around his back crying his name as you came on his member. At the same time he filled you up shooting out his thick ropes of cum, sweaty body against yours. His arms trembled and he lay on you breathing softly and kissing your skin. 

“Want to go eat now?” He asked after a second causing you to hit his arm and laugh as he pulled back to help you clean up.

Loch Ness Monster on Land 1933

In 1933 Mr. and Mrs. Spicer were driving down the east side of Loch Ness. They were somewhere between Dores and Foyers at about 3:30pm when something shocking happened. The Spicers spotted something crossing the road ahead of them in the distance.

They described it as a hideous beast with dark grey skin moving in the direction of the loch. A long neck was buried into the foliage with the head out of visibility. The body was huge and jerked as it moved. The neck curled up and straightened out as it moved, similar to the movement of a worm. Near the point where the neck met the body the Spicers noted something flopping which would have probably been the creature’s flipper. They also spotted what appeared to be a dead animal laying on its back which is presumed to have been a sheep. It was about 6 feet tall and wider than the road which was 12 feet wide.

By the time they approached the place where the creature was they noticed a distinctive trail of where it moved. The grass had been trampled down and vegetation disturbed and destroyed. They slowed down at the spot where the creature crossed and tried to see it but the trees and tall grass blocked their view of the shoreline. At the time the Spicers hadn’t heard of the Loch Ness Monster but they stopped a biker further down the road to tell him about it. He told them of the recent reports of a lake monster and told them they probably just saw the famed Nessie. This is one of the few reports of seeing Nessie on land and is one of the best documented sightings of the creature.

License to Science (And Kill) Ch.14

Title: License to Science (And Kill)
Characters: Hanji Zoe x Levi
Genre: Action / Humor / Romance
Rating: T


When International criminal organization, TITAN, successfully steals an arsenal of missiles along with their encrypted launch codes, Code Blue is initiated. It up to Agent Levi Ackerman, a spy in a class of his own, and research scientist Hanji Zoe, the premiere authority on the organization, to halt a global catastrophe in its tracks.

Also read it here.

Ch.1 - Ch.13

Chapter 14:

“Where are you going? Shouldn’t we be trying to get back to your friends?”

Hanji turned down one side street, and then down another. She wrenched the wheel and tires spun as the car skidded onto a wider, main road. It led South. Away from the safe house.

“I’d rather not lead four cars of TITAN agents back to our new base of operations.”

Mike was injured and there was very possibly a traitor in his company. She didn’t think it wise to bring a firefight to their doorstep. Doing so would in all likelihood mean the loss of the codes – and probably a few agents. TITAN wasn’t known for taking prisoners.

As she sped over the two lane road, the car’s engine roared. Rapid pops, barely audible over the engine, sounded behind them. Windows shattered as bullets tore through the glass. Hanji flinched, instinctively ducking to the side. The pastor slouched low in his seat. His hands, still cuffed to the door, strained to cover his head.

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I’ve been working on a OPM fic with the amazing @paperficwriter who has been an enormous help bringing this HC to life! Thank-you paper for everything! 

[ Head-canon: Saitama and Genos cross paths many years before they were to meet again, after disaster strikes. This chance meeting affects them and their future aspirations in more ways than they realize. ]

—More under the cut—

Saitama flicked a small piece of rubble off his uniform and glanced around, raising his eyebrows in slow recognition of his surroundings.

What should have looked like a street he took to get to his class was now an almost unrecognizable mess of dust, rubble and debris, and as he turned to take in the view his neck twinged in pain, snapping him awake from his deep thoughts. When he brought his hand up to his face he noted the bloody grazing on his palm and knuckles. He slowly lowered it again as he tried to piece it all together.

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A Street Called Dolores Huerta

I grew up driving down streets that had the names of great men. Men I admired. Men who inspired me to look inward and find my courage, voice and value. I grew up driving down streets named after men. Great men. Men I should seek to find. Men I should hold other men accountable to. There are great men. Your violent words and actions do not and will not find a place in my life. The names of these men showed me what men could be. What men were capable of. I grew up driving down streets named after men.
These men however, despite their greatness, I was driving down streets I could never grow into. I could never be, you see, a great man.
What then would it be to drive down a street named Dolores Huerta? What would it feel like and where would it go?
Would it cross seventeen when I hated who I saw in the mirror? Or the corner I turned when at 31 I finally had the courage to dump an emotionally abusive man?
Who would drive it? The mothers who get up at 5 am to take their children to relatives willing to watch them while they went to work to put food on a table from an employer who did not offer childcare?
Would it be tended by the hands of women bloody from years of bending over to pick strawberries? Would it cross the place my car broke down at 19 and I had to hike home covered by a blanket afraid that men might see me?
Would it cross the place other women came together to weave a wider road? My guess is it would not be tended regularly and perhaps the journey would be rough from potholes and city neglect, but it would be travelled. It would take me somewhere.  What would it be like to drive down a street named Dolores Huerta? It would be like taking a journey down a road I knew was meant for me. A road I knew had been travelled before my arrival. A street that although at times difficult would lead me someplace finer and that perhaps my traffic would demand new and better roads. I have driven down streets named after great men. A street named Dolores Huerta would be a street worth seeing. It would be valuable. It is necessary and urgent. Let us come together and build it. We need desperately someplace to go.

Dolores Huerta was born April 10th 1930 in Dawson, New Mexico. As a child she moved with her mother to the agricultural community of Stockton, California. In the 1960′s she co-founded the National Farmworkers Association with Cesar Chavez. She Radicalized and revolutionized union organizing and civil rights. There are no streets named for this Great Woman. Viva Dolores Huerta!

DEVIL’S HIGHWAY, a demon road fanmix

listen on 8tracks

demon road - yeasayer // flirtin’ with disaster - molly hatchet // blood on my name - the brothers bright // harsh realm - widowspeak // teen angst - m83 // kingdom come - the civil wars // running battle - kasabian // snake song - emmylou harris // down the road - c2c // staint john - cold war kids // rocks and water - deb talan // laughing with a mouth of blood - st. vincent // worship me - laura marling // bonus tracks

A fool’s journey

Her eyes are like crescent moons

Her lips, like a rose in bloom

Her words are more precious than gold

They are like water to my thirsty soul

Her touch is full of love and warmth

Her voice, like a bird in song

She tells me that it is time to go

Where we journey, I already know

She says that I can no longer stay here

In this place of darkness and despair

She breaks all of the shackles that bind

She frees my body and soothes my mind

She places her hand inside of my own

She leads me to a narrow road

She tells me of a place prepared for me

That is found at the end of the journey

Yes, I have traveled this road in the past

I have stumbled down its narrow paths

Though, I have never arrived at the promised place

Always choosing instead some detour along the way

Some wider road that I would come upon

Full of travelers that would beckon me with them to come

And so with them I would continue on

Like a fool, right back to the place that I had been rescued from

And with defeated soul I would once again sit

with shackles placed upon my wrist

Praying that there would soon come a day

That Lady Wisdom would once again show her face


So I put up a passive suffixes table last week, and here’s the causative suffixes table to go with it. Like I said, although I frequently cannot pull these out of my brain fast enough when speaking, being able to recognize them when listening or reading is sooo helpful.

Causative is used when A causes/makes/lets/enables/permits/gets/has B (to) do something. Here’s an example:
ACTIVE: 미아가 웃었어요. (Mia laughed.)
CAUSATIVE: 내가 미아를 웃겼어요. (I made Mia laugh.)

So just like with passive, a few things happen when a sentence becomes causative.

  • A new subject (who causes the action) is introduced. (내가 미아를 웃겼어요.)
  • When there’s no object involved (intransitive verbs), the original subject becomes the object of the sentence. (미아 –> 미아) When there is an object already (transitive verbs), the object stays the same and the original subject gets one of these particles to show that it’s receiving the action: 한테, 에게, or 께 (in order of increasing politeness). You can see a bunch of these examples below.
  • The verb changes to its causative form. (웃어요 –> 웃어요)

Also like passive, there are a few ways to make the causative form, and I want to focus mainly on the suffixes, but:

  • Verb stem + 게 하다. This works for all verbs, but not all verbs are commonly made causative with this construction.
    인부들이 길을 넓게 했다.
    The workers widened the road. (made the road get wider)

    친구들이 나를 못 자게 했어요
    My friends didn’t let me sleep.
  • Action verb stem + 도록 하다. Same as above, but only works with action verbs.
    선생님께서 학생들에게 청소를 하도록 했다.
    The teacher made the students clean.
  • 하다 verbs become 시키다.
    남동생한테 심부름을 시켰다.
    I made my younger brother run errands.

OKAY, yay, now finally, the last way to change verbs is by using the suffixes 이/히/리/기/우/구/추:

  • The suffixes 이/히/리/기/우/구/추 can be attached to some (not all) verbs (but for the verbs that they can be attached to, this is the most common way to make these verbs causative).
    알다 (to know) –> 알다 (to let someone know)
    도착시간을 알려 주세요.
    Let me know what time you’ll arrive.

    벗다 (to take off clothes) –> 벗기다 (to undress someone)
    제가 아기 신발을 벗겼어요.
    I took off the baby’s shoes.

There are spelling rules as to which verbs take which suffix, but because there are sooooooo many exceptions, it’s best just to learn them one by one. But this chart has a bunch of common ones, which should be a pretty good start!

part i | part ii | part iii

sakura times her steps with those of whoever walks above her. she keeps her breaths short and quiet and tries not to shiver with every thump of that person’s feet. 

she thinks about ino and how they would take the stairs to the seventh floor together on monday mornings, deciding that this was the week that they would finally begin being healthy, only for them to get to the fourth floor and give up and take the elevator. this is the staircase where, back in her intern days, she would kiss sasuke senseless when he would come to visit her.

the steps stop again and sakura tries not to whimper. there are just ten stairs left between her and the basement level and from that bottom step, two meters to the door. from there she would just need to push the door open. taking her chances, sakura moves without masking the sound of her boots with her companion’s own footfalls, and by her third step, she hears another shriek. 

she curses without meaning to and rushes down the remaining steps. when she finally reaches the basement floor, there is a loud, wet splat at her right.

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When the World was Wider

Summary: During a road trip, America decides to ask China about a particular past relationship. China has a lot of thoughts, but has trouble putting some of them into words. 

Pairings: Past RomeChu, present tentative AmeChu, with some parallels.

Tags/Warnings: Light angst, lots of history talk

Also read on: ff.net/ao3

When China says he’s not been one for romance, in the modern sense of the word, he doesn’t of course mean he hates it. It’s something he cherishes, in fact–he’s had a long enough history of all sorts of stories that explore the various turbulent and passionate relationships of figures both fictional and factual, translated from the poems and novels of old onto the modern screens of the TV dramas he is not-so-secretly so fond of. The beauty of the grand romance is woven into his landscapes, his music, in his written language, and in that context he embraces it fully.  

In a modern sense however, when it comes to relationships between individuals, things do get a lot harder to define in any language even for humans, let alone nations.

“So what’s the scoop on you and Rome?” asks America out of the blue while they’re both heading down a particularly barren patch of highway.

“What about me and Rome?”

“Weren’t you two a thing, back in ye olde ancient times?” says America.

“Oh god, not this conversation again,” It’s not that it was particularly surprising, but it’s always annoying when the subject of past relationships are brought up. Especially relationships more than two thousand years in the past.

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betweenmayandjuly  asked:

Hey mum, I'm curious, is there anything you like better in the US than back in the UK? Because otherwise living there just sounds like fresh hell.

The sunlight is nice. I’m no longer dangerously deficient in Vitamin D. (I’m deadly serious, I was so low in Vitamin D for the first year I was living here I needed injections, and most of the Scottish population is likely the same)

I like that the roads are wider and so are the pavements and their stores are all new and easily accessible for mobility issue people. (for the most part) I like that the stores say open and don’t close every day at 5pm but I don’t like that the people working in them get paid so little/have so few benefits.

I like the people. I like that where I am at least in MN, food is not as expensive as it was back home, even if I am more limited because of allergies. I like that the cost of electric and gas is significantly lower. (I own a house that is the same square footage as my parents home back in the UK, same age. My parents are paying triple what I pay each month in both gas and electric, even in winter when the MN temperature drops to “hell has literally frozen over”.)

Um…I like my husband. And his family. And the friends I have made.

I like that the immigration process was easier coming here than it was getting husband into the UK (yes, REALLY).

In all honesty, husband and I will likely be returning to Scotland at some point in the future, but it’s nice to have my options open.


Jeep Cherokee KrawLer Concept, 2015. A special model created for this week’s Dubai Motor Show. The KrawLer’s ride is raised for extreme off-road use with Mopar equipment including special suspension, BF Goodrich KM2 255/80/17 off-road tyres, wider fenders, skid plates and rock rails. The Cherokee concept is painted a military-inspired matte-green body colour with quartz grey exterior details. Powered by a 272 hp 3.2-litre V6 Pentastar engine linked to an automatic nine-speed transmission, the KrawLer also features Jeep Active Drive Lock four-wheel drive with low range and rear differential lock.

Starting a business is NOT easy

So if you want to do this, and need help, send me a message. I will walk you through step by step in the name of making the road wider.

Peace and love.

GET OUT!!!!!!!!



AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki being sent to a remote mountain location but because of the weather flying is out of the question so you are assigned the task of 



The weather was abysmal; it was one of the worst storms you had ever witnessed. Even Thor was reluctant to do anything to try and calm it, he was nervous that if his control weakened, and planes were airborne, he would be responsible for Midgardian casualties.

As a result, you were assigned by S.H.I.E.L.D. to drive the three hour journey from Edinburgh to the Scottish highlands with Loki, the Asgardian and God of Mischief, and the newest Avenger, to find and contain the Jotunn ice beast that had gotten loose in London during the alignment of the realms the year previous. It had made its way as far north as possible, but was now a nuisance to the farmers and hikers on the moors there.

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On the road - Stiles/Derek

Stiles and Derek have earned this vacation.

For candypinkcocks

Note: This is set in a distant alternate future where everyone lives (except the bad guys) and our favorite supernatural teens are now the grown up members of a supernatural secret agency.

And to Meeya - Your friendship through the years means the world to me and I really have no idea where I’d be or what I’d be doing online without your encouragement. <33


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