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 Newt Scamander x Reader

 557 Words

 Prompt requested by anon : 3. Ice skating

  “Are you sure you don’t want to do this next week? When it’s, err, warmer?” Your boyfriend inquired as he trailed behind you, leaving footprints in the fresh layer of snow. Newt’s scarf hung loosely on his shoulders, and his cheeks and nose had a red tint to them. It certainly didn’t help that the thin coat he wore wasn’t doing a very good job of fending off the cold. You, however, had prepared for the chilly weather and dressed yourself in a bulky fur coat; The fur being fake, of course.

 “That’s what you said last week, you’re not getting out of this again.” Your destination came into view, and the childish grin you had been wearing grew even wider. You only hoped Newt would share your enthusiasm.

 You came to a sudden stop, taking in the beauty of the frozen pond before you. Couples and families skated around, their blissful faces mirroring your own. “We’re here,” You turned to see Newt’s reaction, but instead saw him a few feet behind you rubbing his hands for warmth.

 The poor man was shivering. He hadn’t even remembered to wear gloves. “Merlin’s beard, Newt.” You shuffled towards Newt and wrapped his scarf properly around his neck. Your faces were now mere inches apart, something you hadn’t noticed because you were so focused on adjusting his clothing so that he’d be warm.

 Newt was trembling, but not from the cold. He was trembling because you were so close to him. He could see the details in your face, such as the furrow in your brow that appeared whenever you were focused. You looked up and he couldn’t help but admire your (e/c) eyes.

 “Ready?” Your giddy voice asked. Newt blinked owlishly before recollecting himself, then gave you a small nod. With a laugh, you skipped towards the ice rink

 “Skating?” he questioned, his curious eyes surveying the rink. The slightest of smirks tugged at his lips.

 “Don’t get too confident, I’m a known expert at skating.”

 “I just don’t understand how you’re better than me!” The skates you were wearing felt like heavy weights and have caused you to fall ten times already. Maybe you were exaggerating your skating expertise the teeniest bit, since the last time you were at an ice rink was at age five, but you figured the instincts would still be there.

 You were wrong.

 And surprisingly, Newt was far better at skating than you. He was gliding on the ice like a true natural, the joy evident in his features. You weren’t jealous, quite the contrary. This newly discovered skill only added to the long list of reasons you loved him. Though it would be nice if you could keep up with him.

 Newt came to a halt when he saw you stumbling on the ice. He suppressed a laugh and instead extended his hand to help you balance. “It’s alright, I’ve got you.” he cooed, his motherly tone coming out. 

 You clutched his arm as you struggled to steady yourself. When you were finally still, Newt lifted you onto his back. A squeak escaped your lips and you gripped the collar of his sweater. “Please don’t drop me, love.”

 “I wouldn’t dream of it. Besides, I’m a known expert at skating.” he teased, making sure you were secure before taking off on the ice.

~ Whitebeard Crew Week : Day 6 : Jolly Roger ~

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[150302] Fancafe Update - Sangdo

Title: Happy SangDo Day :) ♥

SangDo’s 20 Questions & 20 Answers

Name: Yoo Sangdo     DOB: 1993.03.02    Blood Type: AB

1. How would you describe yourself in a few words?
A creek. Just how it becomes deeper as it gets wider, I hope I can be like that too!

2. What is your favourite number & why?
2, 3,7. 2 is my lucky number. I like 3 and 7 so I also think of them as my lucky numbers.

3. The good & bad points of your personality?
The fact that I don’t seem light (easy) to people.

4. What are the top 3 memorable things for you in the past year?
1) Debut stage!   2) Concert!   3) The day we received the Best Rookie award!

5. If you could go back to being a student, what would you want to do the most?
Busking! Dating in school uniform..👉👈

6. What is your favourite colour & why?
I like all colours~ But if I had to choose, white, black, grey, silver, these… ㅋㅋ I have a lot of grey clothes… I really like silver accessories.

7. Write down the sizes of your shirt/pants/foot/finger/toe/head that you know!
Shirt – 95~100
Pants – 30~31
Foot – 265~270

8. What are you most interested in lately?
Clothes? Where should I go to see ToppKeul?

9. The variety program you really want to guest on?
Law of The Jungle… Three Meals

10. What is the best thing you’ve done since being born?
Being born as my mother and father’s son, Yoo Sangdo, and becoming a part of Topp Dogg!

11. What do you think when you see Xero always trying to look good?
My god…. this kid has always been smart in pretending to look good to people… so I thought he was too much.. but lately I find him cute and fun~

12. Topp Dogg is ____?

13. Who do you share a dorm with and are there any funny episodes?
Hyosang, Hojoon, Dongsung, Hansol, Sanggyun! Dongsung is the type to take long showers, and one day I felt like he was in the bathroom for an hour…. I turned the lights off but he still finished up and walked out with a nonchalant expression. Our Kim Gohnsung…..

14. You usually show a friendly image to fans. Where can we find a friendly Sangdo?
Even when they are busy, they still come to see us~ They must have been able to see my friendly side due to my always grateful heart towards them~

15. What food do you cook the best and how do you make it?
Umm….. hamburger? French toast! As long as I have the ingredients, it’s not hard ~_~

16. What song do you enjoy listening to and sing the most lately?
I recommend Musiq Soulchild’s album. ‘Like The Sun,’ 'Yes,’ and 'Say I Do!’

17. Our fans are ____?
They’re all pretty and cute.

18. What is ToppKlass to Sangdo?
Even after I turn around, I will miss them again♡♡♡♡♡♡

19. What kind of Sangdo do you want to be for ToppKlass?
I hope to be a proud oppa, or friend or dongsaeng [for them] wherever I go….!

20. Your goal for 2015?
To be recognised more under Topp Dogg’s name is my biggest goal! Also to improve my individual skills!

SangDo’s sense!
They call this picture a non-celeb cosplay :)

Please congratulate SangDo from the bottom of your heart
..:+:.. Happy SangDo Day :D ♡ ..:+:..

Translation by: Topp Dogg Intl.

Invisibility Blues: Exploring Race in Video Games
A video series critiquing race and representation in contemporary games and game culture.

Announcing a new NYMG project by Samantha Blackmon and Alisha Karabinus: Invisibility Blues, a critical video series analyzing race and representation in video games. For this ambitious project, we are turning to the community for support with our research and production costs.

Our goal is to produce at least five videos (plus a bonus, if funded) exploring different aspects of racial representation in games. In this documentary-style series, we will include voices from the community, alongside our own analysis, in an attempt to broaden the ongoing discussion about race in games.

We love what we do, and we want to bring the discussion to a wider audience. We hope you’ll stand with us, by sharing, supporting, and talking about the project as we work.