wider hope

The door to the apartment slammed open, shaking the pictures on the walls and making Otabek jump as he brushed his teeth. He knew without looking that Yuri had returned from his run, and seemingly hadn’t worked off the mood that he had been in since the night before.

They had been living together for three years. There was a quiet rhythm between them that drummed through their lives and made every day a little better. Chores were completed without the need for nagging on either end, food preparation was always a joint activity, and they trained with each other in quiet support and mutual understanding. Bad days were resolved with junk food and video games, good days were celebrated with cooking elaborate meals and teasing each other straight through the process. They had traditions and schedules, fights and friendly cuddles, and basically filled the void in each other’s lives without an extreme amount of effort. Their coexistence was easy in a way that everyone had said it wouldn’t be, and both of them were a little smug about it.

Until recently.

It had started at Skate Canada where they were both assigned during the Grand Prix run. They shared a hotel room to cut the cost of travel and spent their time on and off the ice within a comfortable distance of each other. Their rhythm existed even outside of their apartment, and Otabek had felt a sense of peace because of it.

Then a reporter had asked the question that had been asked behind whispered hands for at least a year. Bold and brass, she shoved a microphone in Yuri’s face and asked how long he had been dating his best friend. Startled Yuri hadn’t answered the question, scowling at the reporter as he stormed away to the locker room.

Two days had gone by since they had returned to St. Petersburg. The plane ride home had been tortuously silent and every moment since had been offbeat and out of whack. Otabek could feel the lingering of something heavy, but couldn’t find the words to chase it away. Eying his own reflection briefly, he dropped his tooth brush back in the holder and prepared to face whatever Yuri was about to throw his way.

Yuri paced across the living room. He had run for almost two hours, but his body was as keyed up as it was when he left. The thoughts that had been in his mind, all the memories swirling together in a confusing tornado, were beginning to break his sanity. Otabek was the person he would talk to in these situations, but this time it was Otabek that was leaving him off balance.

The words that started the tornado were simple. How long have you been dating Otabek Altin? He remembered the question as if it was still being asked, and every time he replayed the moment in his mind, his heart gave a definitive squeeze. He wasn’t dating Otabek Altin, but he wanted to, and that realization knocked him completely off of his feet. Growling at his own stupidity, Yuri continued to pace, silently pulled at the end of his own ponytail as he tried to calm the anxious hum vibrating through him.

Even in angered motion, Yuri was beautiful. Otabek had always thought so, but it hadn’t been until the past year that he allowed that thought to reach the front of his mind. When he had finally met Yuri, on that faithful day in Barcelona, he knew immediately that Yuri needed a friend. He didn’t need someone to love him the way Yuuri and Victor loved each other, Yuri needed someone he could count on without any ulterior motive. So, Otabek had carefully boxed up all those feelings, putting walls around his heart so that he could fulfill the role. And he had been, without question, for more than four years. In moments like these though, when Yuri was full of raw emotion, those feelings began to leak from the overfilled confines of the hidden parts of Otabek’s heart.

“You!” Yuri yelled, pointing a finger at Otabek. He didn’t mean to sound angry, but he still hadn’t learned to control his overzealous ways of expressing affection. “Look, I need to talk to you, but…” lowering his voice from its current shout volume, Yuri sighed, “I don’t know where to start.”

Staying safely at the end of the hallway, Otabek swallowed hard before nodding. “How about telling me why you have been avoiding me since Canada?” He saw the blush wash over Yuri’s face and felt the dread land in his stomach. If Yuri told him now that he didn’t have feelings like that for him, Otabek was positive that he could make himself forget that he had always loved Yuri. He was also positive that he was completely lying to himself.

“I… uh…” Yuri’s words faltered as his anger deflated. The truth was he didn’t know why he was avoiding Otabek. Normally when a reporter said something stupid, they would spend an hour laughing it off and then move on. This time Yuri couldn’t laugh it off and for a day or two he pretended he didn’t know why. Yesterday, however, he had taken to the internet, googling himself and Otabek together out of an insane need to do something potentially self-destructive. What he had found had left him with a lot of questions.

Clearing his throat, he finally faced Otabek. “That reporter asked me how long we’ve been dating. But we’re not… you know… dating.” The carpet was more fascinating than Yuri gave it credit for, and he acknowledged this as he stared down at it to hide his own awkwardness.

Otabek didn’t say anything. The pit in his stomach felt like it was opening wider, sucking in every hopeful thought he had ever possessed. He would have never pushed Yuri into a relationship, and had long ago accepted the fact that Yuri may not ever want a relationship with him or anyone else for that matter. Even with the shift in their relationship over the past few months, physically and emotionally bringing them closer than they had ever been, Otabek had still suppressed his hope. Leaning against the wall of the hallway, watching Yuri shuffle patterns into the carpet with his toe, Otabek knew that his denial had been broken. He loved Yuri, and he was about to sacrifice his own heart because of it. “I-”

“Are you in love with me?” Yuri snapped his head up, challenge burning in his eyes. Why he couldn’t have a conversation about feelings without sounding ready for a fist fight was beyond his comprehension, and he continued to glare at Otabek, daring him to answer. “Don’t lie to me. If all these internet psychologists are full of crap and you aren’t in love with me, just tell me. Then I can stop wishing it was true and we can go back to normal.” Shocked by his own admission, Yuri clamped a hand over his mouth feeling his heartbeat thud loudly in his ears.

It took Otabek’s brain a second to catch up. “You want me…” Otabek stopped to take a shaky breath. “Do you want me to be in love with you?” He felt the threat of tears and bit the inside of his cheek to steady himself. His stomach dropped as he watched Yuri begin to shake his head, but his breath stopped when the shake became a nod. Yuri’s own eyes were filling with tears, the pink on his cheeks darkening to an embarrassed red.

Then Otabek was moving. He reached the back of the couch and vaulted over top of it, throwing himself at Yuri and dragging him into a hard hug. Unknowing which one of them was shaking, Otabek pulled back and laced his fingers around Yuri’s wrist to pull the hand away from Yuri’s face.

“Do you love me?” Yuri still had an edge to his question, brows furrowed and eyes laser focused on Otabek’s face. They had been this close before, but Yuri had never felt it the way he was now. The tornado dissipated in his mind, and all that was left was the truth. He loved his best friend. He loved Otabek Altin.

“Damnit, Yuri,” Otabek reached up to touch Yuri’s cheek, wiping away a falling tear with his thumb. “I love you. Best friend and more.” Realizing he was the one who was shaking, Otabek took a steadying breath trying to calm himself down from the rush of the moment.

“I love you too,” Yuri almost laughed as the pressure released in his chest. Placing a hand on Otabek’s hip, Yuri lifted his own hand to caress Otabek’s cheek. “Are you going to kiss me or not?” Yuri lifted an eyebrow, presenting the question with a hint of mocking.

Relief swept over Otabek as he studied Yuri’s lop-sided smile. Teasingly, he shook his head. Otabek laughed as Yuri growled, grabbing Yuri’s face with both of his hands and guiding him into a kiss which was filled with all of Otabek’s renewed hope for the future.

| Rivers Of White And Gold | Kim Jongin X Reader AU | Oneshot |

CEO!Jongin X Reader

Genre: Angst & FLUFF

Synopsis: You’ve been dating Kim Jongin for four years now, but recently, he’s been distancing himself from you. When the worst is finally realized, how does he respond?

Warnings: Mentions of cheating, panic attacks, and alcohol

Word Count: 4,762

“No, it’s alright,” You forced a smile with every ounce of self control you had within you at that moment. “It’s not a big deal, promise.”

This was the fifth time that Jongin, your boyfriend, had declined to spend some quality time together with you. First, it was work, which you could understand, as being a corporate business’s CEO wasn’t exactly an easy task. Second, it was previous arrangements with the boys (his group of trusted coworkers, who were so close, they were practically brothers). But now, Jongin was straight up “forgetting” that you had scheduled time with him.

This had been a recurring pattern for three full weeks now. And after having been in this relationship for four years, it hurt. Deep.

“I’m so sorry, (y/n), I promise I’ll make it up to you, I swear I will, I just need some more time to sort some things out.” Jongin’s anxious voice sounded on the receiving end of your smartphone.

“Time…” You bit your lip to keep it from trembling. “Of course… Time. Yeah, I can do that.”

If only you could believe him. The truth was, it wasn’t just the absence of his presence.

On days that he said he had been too busy at work, staying late hours, you had decided to go out with friends of your own to relieve the stress. That was, until one night you saw him across the city street. The red and green lights reflecting off of the cars as they streamed past seemed to throw your head into a state of nausea. There was Jongin. Standing right outside of a prestigious jeweler store, he was accompanied by Sehun, his new girlfriend, and another woman. What made the dagger twist in your heart was the fact that you knew her. She was Jongin’s newest colleague; his own personal secretary, Jiwoo. You could see them inside the store together through the large glass windows, laughing and smiling. Then you saw it, happening in slow motion as your heart lept into your throat. It was Jongin, oh-so-delicately placing a thin string of pristine white gemstones around Jiwoo’s neck as she looked at the floor, blushing.

That night, you disregarded your friends’ adamant protests behind you as you ran down the city streets for the sanctuary of your apartment. That night, tears had stained your pillows. Pillows that still carried his scent.

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anonymous asked:

Hello!! Firstly may I say that your stories are so beautifully written and I spent all on Monday reading them (when I should have been revising oops) secondly, I was wondering if you have a Fic Rec of all your Highschool/College AUs??

omg BLESS YOU FRIEND thank you for this lovely message and I’m glad my fics could be a balm in times of trouble (though please study. for the sake of your future self. studyyyyyyy). so when I got your request for the fic rec I was like huh, I don’t have one already… but I haven’t written that many high school/college fics, right?? I’ll just throw them all together and link them. turns out I have like 24…

and they are, in order of publication date (most recent –> least recent)

and just in case it counts, there’s always A Priori - a magical high school AU. ;D

Whatever You Say

A/N: I found a way to work this into Roommates. Mwhahahahahahahahahaha!!! Enjoy.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

@jazzijanal said: “Maybe a Derek imagine based on the song Closer by the Chains Chainsmokers ft. Halsey? If not that fine but It could be awesome.”


Derek stared down at the brown liquid in his cup, swirling it gently, letting the melting ice cubes play a random beat against the inside of the glass.

“That’s the last one, bud,” the bartender said to him, nodding to the drink in his hands.

Derek plastered on a smile. “Oh, come on, man, I’m not even buzzed yet.”

Raising a skeptical eyebrow at him, the bartender scoffed. “That’s your fifth one, you should be beyond just ‘buzzed’ right now.”

Suppressing a growl of irritation Derek slumped back in his chair, nodding in defeat, ignoring the curious looks the bartender shot over his shoulder as he moved down the bar to the other patrons. Lost in the clinking of his ice, he almost missed her voice. It had been years since the sound had graced his ears, but it’s one of those things you never forget.

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Ludus Tibi Potentias Impiorum

Member: Jeon Jungkook

Genre: Fluff, humor, angst, Witch!Jungkook, father thing?

Word Count: 4,730

A/N: I WAS GOING TO MAKE THIS FOR HOBI BUT GODDAMN IT JUNGKOOK WAS TOO COCKY TO LET THIS PASS and I googled so many things and apparently a warlock kinda counts as an insult in this and so does a wizard just a disclaimer thing and everything that doesn’t look like it’s in english (aka a lot((including the title)) is in latin heuheuheuheu so I hope y’all like it and shit thanks for readingggg~

      “Darling… I-I’m so sorry… Please, take care of her…”

      This was the routine. The parents sobbing, gripping onto the small thing like their life depends on it. Their cheeks flushed and hair a mess, like they had already grown attached to the infant. Even though it’s been inside a whole different person for the majority of their bonding. Come on, why the hell are you talking to a woman’s stomach? Let her be! She’s got her own problems to worry about. Okay, so besides that, even though you had told them beforehand that you were going to take the damn thing, they still try to talk you out of it! Like, um, hello? You made this deal with me, you said, “Oh yeah, sure, I’ll give my firstborn to witch. Why the hell not.” (not that exactly, but you get the gist), and that was it. It was set in stone. You give your baby to me. Kapeesh? Good. Just give me the baby, and maybe I won’t have to put a spell on you.

      Really, it shouldn’t be this hard. Move your arms out, hand it to me, and I’ll leave. Ugh, I can’t believe these mortals. So complicated.

      “She’ll be fine Ma’am, but if you please, drink this. You’ll never remember anything that has happened. Both of you must drink it. Less pain for you.” Slowly, they reached for the vials, sipping them dry. You were ready to leave, pulling out a second vial until a crash interrupted you, a man appearing. Oh god, they made two deals?! “What do you want?!”

      A chuckle arose from the man’s throat, his deep eyes piercing through you. “I think the correct words you’re looking for are, here is the baby, now I’ll be on my way.” A sarcastic smile framed itself on both of your lips, quickly turning into snarls.

      “She’s mine. We made a deal, the newborn gets handed over to me. Nice try Jungkook.”

      “Oh, silly (Y/N). If only you knew. I made the deal with the father when he was twenty five.” Despite the fact that you two were mortal enemies, standing in the same room, fighting over the same mortal baby, and making deals with the same parents, there were a lot of other strange factors happening here. Main thing though: two witches made the same for the same firstborn.

      “I got the wife. She was fourteen. Nice try darling.” Pouring the bottle on your feet, you started your chant, only to be stopped by the other witch. A grip on your wrist had you looking up, glaring at him.

      “The baby is mine.

      “Get your twisted hands off of me you warlock, I’m not giving her to you.”

      “And you think I’m letting you keep her?” Your bickering went on and on, not remembering about the two mortals still standing in the room.

      “Just share her. Y’know, like… Have you two switch days. She stays with either of you for so long. And by the way, what the fuck are you two doing in my house?” You had both been at each other’s throats, but with the mutter of  few words, you had taken him back to your cottage in the woods.

      “Share her? Please, mortals are so stupid. You cannot share a deal trade, that is simply nonsense.”

      A scoff tumbled its way out of your lips, a shake of your head adding to it. “Who do they think they are? ‘Oh, you can just share this damn baby, the one you both were going to raise and train.’ Yeah, like a weak thing like this could handle the training both of us would be giving it. That’s just torture.”

      A silence fell over you both, your heads raising to look at each other. “Did we just… Agree on something?”

      “No. I refuse to believe that. Now, leave, before I banish you myself.”

      “I’m not leaving until you give me the child!” Who does this man think he is? Gandolf?

      “If you’re so confident that the child is yours, then try the mortal’s idea.” The words left you before you could grasp what you had really just offered, your eyes widening as a smug smirk grew on Jungkook’s features.

      “You, (Y/N) (L/N), want me, Jeon Jungkook, otherwise known as your arch fucking enemy, to live with you?”

      “That isn’t what I said!” Oh deus. That is what you said, just not entirely what you meant. Well, what did you mean…?

      “That is exactly what you said. And, seeing as you offered it, I’m taking it up.” Did… Did you hear him right? This little filius canis is actually doing this just to piss you off. 

      You locked gazes with him, yours hard and unforgiving. His, however, had a glint of playfulness strung through his coffee irises, with the sheer look of determination laced in as well. “Ede faecam.”

      “Potes meos suaviari clunes.” This irrumator. 

      “I wouldn’t do that if my immortality was taken from me.” A smirk rose onto your face as you strolled into your room, the small child in your hands. “Her name will be Venus, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.”

      “There’s always my butt if you want it.”

      “Fututus et mori in igni.” His laugh echoed throughout the whole house, eliciting many cries from the baby. “Deus deodamnatus… You are a terrible father you faex.”

      “Flocci non faccio, darling. See? I can cuss too!” You rolled your eyes, flicking your finger up to silence the baby. You strolled back out to the kitchen, moving all of the wildly colored bottles in the fridge around until you came across the two mason jars filled with milk.

      “You know, if you plan on staying here and raising this child, you’re gonna have to make yourself useful somehow. Mix up some sleeping potions, make some lunch, kill yourself with a wooden stake. All of the above would be nice too.” Walking back to the baby, you maneuvered the milk well enough to where it would fall in it’s mouth. “Ugh, I do hope this thing doesn’t grow up to be as ugly as you.” 

      “You must be mistaken, darling. That’s my line.” He walked back into the room, surprisingly holding some bottles in his hands that would help with the baby. “And anyways, it looks better than most babies. Not as small or crinkled, she’ll be strong.”

      A heavy sigh left your lips, the color draining from the air. “I feel like this is something we will both greatly regret.”

      “Well, I know it is.”

      “Venus, stop running! You need to eat!”

      “Tempus adhuc stare - ut faciam tibi. Transiet per minutis ad non facere, quod ego facere non. Tempus adhuc stare - ut faciam tibi.” With the chant of a spell and the flick of his wrist, Jungkook calmly walked to the frozen Venus, hauled her onto his shoulder, and flicked his wrist again.

      “Jungkook, you can’t just freeze time whenever you need something…”

      “Of course I can. I just did, didn’t I?” You rolled your eyes, and smiled when your pupil squealed on the shoulder of your acquaintance.

      “Kookie, put me down! I’ll eat, I swear! Just pleaseeee, put me down!”

      “Cross your heart?”

      The girl rolled her eyes, were grin becoming wider and wider. “Hope to die, stick a needle in my eyes. You happy?”

      “Very. Now eat, before I feed you flies when I turn you into a toad.” A squeal came from the young apprentice, as she jumps into her chair and shovels forkfuls of the steak you had made, sounds of happiness coming from her.

      You glared at the man, blaming him for raising her to be so… Unprofessional. He would always swing her around, carry her, play hide and seek with her. Not even the good hide and seek, where you would cast a spell to help, it was the mortal’s game! He raised her like a human, and you were not in favor of the whole idea. “You are making this harder for her. She’ll never learn well if you treat her like, a-a princess! You can’t have her prancing around, making her think she’s all high and mighty. If anything, she’s lower than most humans. Don’t get her hopes up.”

      The girl was twelve by now, very intelligent for her age. You were never easy on her, and she knew your tactics. Jungkook was good for her - all three of you knew that, too. He was that breath of fresh air, the blanket draped over one’s shoulders on a frigid winter day. He made everything fun for her, making it all easier. You were harsh, keeping it straight to the point. No humor, no praise. A quiet, “good job”, was about the best she’ll get from you. She was the perfect combination of you both. The humor and confidence of Jungkook, but the mindset and persistence from you. You had to admit, having him here made things better. For one, it made her better.

      It made you better.

      A laugh poured out from his lips, a genuine one, at that. The way his nose crinkled, and his eyes shone bright with joy, it made you want to smile. But you didn’t. “It’s called having fun, (Y/N). You should try it with us sometime.” His laugh tickled your ears again, the sound melodious and cheery. You didn’t really like that combination. Unless it was with those two.

      “I don’t need fun to have a good time. I need spells and herbs. Nothing more.” Yes, that’s right folks, the emotionless (Y/N) (L/N) has grown attached to these two. The human and the enemy. Wonderful.

      “Yeah, sure you don-”

      “(Y/N), I’m ready for today’s lecture.” Looking down at the girl, a smirk rose onto your face. Her exterior had changed immensely, the once smiling and bright girl, had turned cold and stoic. She knew your expectations, and she lived up to them. You were proud of her for that.

      “Well, get on with it then. Protection spell today. Grab the herbs. Jungkook, if you die today, blame it on her.

      “Hey!” Their voices ran in unison, a laugh falling from your lips. 

      “Just saying. Now come. I need to summon something.” Taking Jungkook’s hand, you tugged him out of the cottage and into the clearing near the home. After Venus having grabbed the needed ingredients, you let her get on with it.

      Lighting the seven candles, she topped the bowl of herbs upon a Baphomet symbol, and cast the spell.

      “Ad ligandum eos pariter eos coram me.” Appearing behind Jungkook was a demon, who’s sole purpose was to kill him. Not something a twelve year old should be held responsible for doing, but, she’d live. Jungkook stood, as still as a tree, as he waited for the words to tumble from Venus’s mouth. A look of pure horror was spread over her face, something that read: “I can’t do it.” Stumbling over her words, she uttered the first few syllables of the chant, before bursting into tears. “R-regna t-t-terrae, cantat- I can’t do it! Jungkook, I-I’m sorr-”

      “Regna terrae, cantata deo, psallite cernun nos, regna terrae, cantata dea psallite aradia. Caeli deus, deus terrae, humiliter majestati gloriae tuae supplicamus ut ab omni infernamium spirituum potestate, laqueo, and deceptione nequitia, omnis fallaciae, libera nos, dominates. Exorcizamus you omnis immundus spiritus omnis satanica potetas, omnis incursio, infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis and congregatio secta diabolica. Ab insidiis diaboli, libra nos, dominates, ut coven tuam secur tibi libertate servire facias, te rogamus, audi nos! Terribilis deus sanctuario suo, cernunnos ipse truderit virtutem plebi suae. Benedictus deus, gloria patri, benedictus dea, matri gloria!” The words left your lips in a storm, almost inaudible from how fast you were saying them. A sigh escaped your lips once the demon busted out into flames, your figure walking over to Venus, who was curled up in a ball. “You… Go inside Venus, me and Kookie will talk.” Holy shit, “Kookie”? That’s the first time you’ve called him that. First time for everything, I guess. 

      With a nod, the girl crashed back into the house, leaving you and Jungkook alone.

      “What the hell was that?!”

      “What the hell was what?! Did you want to get possessed?! She couldn’t do it, she was too scared. We shouldn’t expect this from her… It’s too much. It’ll eat away at her later in her life.”

      An eerie silence swallowed up your fight, both of you looking in opposite directions. “… Why’d you do it?”

      “Do what, Jungkook? Save your fucking life? Because she needs you, Jungkook. I need you. And she doesn’t need the burden of killing the one person she loves and looks up to on her shoulders.” Packing up the remains of the spell from the ground, you turned and ran into Jungkook.

      “You… Need me?” Expecting to look up to a cocky smirk on his face, you rolled your eyes and brushed passed him.

      “If you’re gonna put it like that, maybe I don’t.” Slamming the door behind you, you stashed the supplies away in the cabinets. If only you had really looked up to see the pleading look on Jungkook’s face, begging for you to confirm that, in fact, he did hear you right. If only you saw how broken he looked when you walked away, the image of his heart shattering clear in his eyes. If only you knew that he was the one that needed you, and that he thought his chances of having that were slimmer than slim.

      A knock at Venus’s door had her head shooting up from her hands, her body scrambling off of the bed to get to you. “I-I’m sorry (Y/N)… It shouldn’t have happened, I-I can make it up to you, I’ll-”

      “Sh. It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have expected that much from you. In all honesty, I don’t even know if your Kookie would’ve been able to do that. You’re a brave girl, Venus. Don’t ever forget that.” A nod came from the girl, a kiss on her head coming from you. “Go clean up, I’ll make you a post dinner snack.” You smiled when she kissed your cheek and ran to shower, a smile that hadn’t appeared in a long time. Standing to go whip something up, you were met with Jungkook, whose eyes were locked onto the floor.

      “(Y/N), I-”      

      “Save it.” Knocking shoulders with him, you held your ground, stalking back into the kitchen. He knew how stubborn you were, and how there were almost no ways in the world to get you to listen to him. Almost.

      Coming up behind your figure, his thick arms pinned you against the counter. The initial shock of what he had just done rendered you speechless, giving him a slight chance to explain himself. “Goddamn it (Y/N), I swear on a demon’s eye that I didn’t mean to say it that way. Honestly, I don’t want to know if you care about me, just for the sake of my own heart. I’ll leave it at that.” Just as fast as it had happened, he was gone, already out the door. Your grip had tightened on the bag of sugar you were holing, cursing yourself for taking it the wrong way. Shaking the feeling of butterflies rising in your stomach, you continued to put together the mix for the cookies you were making.

      You knew you couldn’t give him what he wanted. So, you wouldn’t. For the safety of this household. If anyone got too close, you’d all be weakened in a heartbeat.

      Years had already passed, and you had given Venus her first assignment. It was to hike up the mountain - with the accompaniment of you and Jungkook, of course -, gather anything she would need in the forest, and wipe out a majority of the demon population. The number of anything up there was scarce anyways, so it would be a simple task. The harder part was, to let her do it on her own.

      Truth be told, you had grown outrageously attached to the mortal, as well as Jungkook. Either way, the outcome wouldn’t be one you would particularly favor, so you kept quiet. There was always the occasional teasing from the both of them, which would tear a smile or a laugh.

      “Are we almost there?”

      “Shut your trap, Jungkook.”

      A laugh erupted from Venus’s throat, a glare from the man being directed to both of you. Venus had grown to be a beautiful young lady, but the passing years had done absolutely nothing to you and Jungkook. You both look the exact same - the scar that you had come to love on his cheek not looking even a day old. Venus had often made jokes about your immortality, and how you two are technically two walking corpses in disguise of very attractive people. But, being the teenager she is, she’s practically begged for you two to be together, saying that everything would be so much easier.

      And that she’d actually have a family.

     “Maybe if you were a bit more patient and observant, you’d notice we’re already here. It’s just the matter of whether or not the demons feel like playing.” You both looked up at Venus, a smile growing on your face. “You can both start out by setting up a symbol in the clearing, and I’ll set up a camp in case we have to stay the night.”

      “Okay, sheesh, fine mini (Y/N).” Jungkook grumbled a few things about how, ‘she really has worn off on you, I want the old Venus back.’, while taking out some paste to paint the trap. Dropping your bags in the middle, you grabbed some brushes to help with the trap.

      “Don’t spill it all this time, you dimwit.”

      “That was one time!”

      “Enough to almost get us all killed.”

      “If the trap doesn’t get set up, we will be killed. Please don’t fight today guys, just once. I get that you two hate each other and all, but act like you’re married for a day.”

      “We aren’t married!” You and Jungkook yelled at her in unison, a howl of laughter coming from her. “You might as well start calling us your parents if you’re pulling that game.”

      A smirk arose on her face at Jungkook’s words, her arms crossing over her chest. “Then get to work dad.” This earned a facepalm from you, snatching the bowl of paste from his hands.

      “Great job Kook. Great. Job.” Both of you glared at each other, before he moved to plop onto the pile of bags inside the circle. “What the hell are you doing?!”

      “You took the paint, don’t look at me.” Rolling your eyes, you flicked your finger and muttered a few words. In a second flat, he was no longer the handsome man you knew, but an ugly toad covered in warts. You bursted out laughing at the sound of horror that came from his throat, the mere croak of a toad showcasing his disgust. “Turn me back!” His voice was too big for his tiny body, a hiccup of surprise coming from him.

      “You’re more useful in this state. It may be easier to kill you. And plus, no demon wants to posses a creature as ugly as you. I’m just saving your life.”      “Forgive me, o righteous one, for I have forgotten my place.” His sarcastic tone dulled out the air around him, rolling his eyes and he hopped over to you.

      “You are forgive- ARGH! GET AWAY FROM ME, TOAD BOY!!!” Upon hopping his way over to you, he had jumped onto you. Except he landed on… Well… Your chest. Spewing out the return spell, your back crashed against one of the enormous tree trunks, and he had returned back to his normal form. With his face buried in your breasts. Unable to form a complete sentence, you instead went straight to kicking him away from you. Both of your faces were bright red, and Venus’s roaring laughter in the background didn’t help the situation one bit.

      “I-I, um, y-you, uh…”

      “Let’s just… Pretend none of this happened. Deal?”

      “Deal.” Handing him the bowl of paste that was set on the ground, you let him finish the trap as you went back to the center. Not before Venus could confront you, though.

      “T-that, was priceless! The look on your faces, oh god, you should’ve seen it! That was completely golden! Oh my god, BEST FIRST MISSION EVER!!!!” As the blush made a statement on your face, you rolled your eyes and hid away into one of the tents. One of the two.

     “Venus…?” A hum of acknowledgement came from her, and you rested your head in your hands. “Why are there only two tents…”

       A snicker came from the girl as she tried to contain her laughter about the situation. “So you and dad can have your own, of course.” A sigh fell from your lips as you dared not to press on the matter at hand, knowing that she would never cave, and that neither you nor Jungkook would be in the mood to put up another tent. Setting the floor of the tent with blankets and pillows, you laid your body down under a mound of wool to rest. Hearing the flap unzip and the strangled cough coming from the intruder, you knew it had to have been Jungkook.

      “So I’ll take it she’s making us stay together…?”

      “Yep.” A sigh came from him, the blankets next to you rustling. You tucked your head deeper into the blankets, falling fast asleep in minutes time.

      As soon as he realized you were out, his arms found their way around you, pulling you closer to his chest. If she wakes up like this, he thinks, I can just say I was keeping her warm. There’s quiet a breeze tonight. So, with you encased in his hold, he fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of none other than you.       

      Waking up later in the night, you decided you would get a head start on gathering some supplies. Only to be stopped by the grip Jungkook had on you.

      Not now, you thought. I don’t need these feelings hitting me in the face at this time of night. Sliding your way out of his grasp, you silently managed to escape the little camp without waking either of them up.

      Well, that’s not entirely true.

      The second he no longer felt you against him, Jungkook had been aware of the fact that you had wandered off into the night. Following your steps, he slithered away from the clearing, and followed you out into the dense clutter of trees. But, there he saw you, looking like a goddess in the light of the moon. You were sitting on a rock near a quiet stream, watching the shooting stars reflect their brilliant light onto the rippling water. He stepped on a twig to make notice of his presence, just so that he wouldn’t fall asleep again with an aching groin.

      Your head whipped around to see Jungkook, standing in the shadows of the trees. He looked absolutely stunning under the light of the moon, a smile gracing his lips. “Mind if I join you?” Your cheeks flushed after noticing his bare torso, and you motioned to the rock adjacent to yours.

      “Not at all. How’d you know I was out here?”

      “I have my ways.” You both laughed at his antics, the barriers of your heart all breaking down. Now was the time that he could see the real you, the person you wanted to be around him. He made his way over to you, and instead of taking a seat on the other rock, he sat on yours. “So what are you doing out here?”

      You tore your gaze away from his, looking back down into the water. “Ah… I was just thinking.”


      “About what we would do if anything happened to the three of us. How we would deal. If we would want to even deal at all…” Your eyes fell from the skies to the stream, a tear threatening to make its way down your cheek.

      “Hey… Don’t get all sappy on me. Nothing will happen to any of us, not while I’m around. And that will be along time.” He quietly chuckled, bringing his arm back around your waist. “That I can promise you.”

      You smiled, resting your head on his shoulders. “Shut up, I don’t wanna break my record for longest days without crying because of you.” You both laughed, taking in this extremely rare moment.

      “(Y/N)…?”      Tilting your head up to look at him, you were met with his warm gaze, something that could swallow you up whole. “Yeah?”

      “You know I love you right?”

      “I love you too toad boy.”

      “Oh, wow, way to ruin the moment!” You lifted your head up in laughter, only for it to be ceased by his hand on the back of your neck and his lips pressed against yours. Warmth spread over your body, the sparks flying through every single nerve. But, as you were both about to pull away, the click of a camera had you two falling off of the rock.

       A scream of delight came from the direction the previous sound came from, both of you looking up to see Venus jumping around, tears dripping down her cheeks. “I FINALLY HAVE A FAMILY!” Her display of happiness injected the feeling of hope, of pride and joy into your veins, tears rolling down your own face.

      “A… Family…” Running over to the both of you, she threw her arms tightly around you two, hiding her face away from sight.

      “I love you mom, I love you dad. I love you both so much.”

      Jungkook looked over to you with a bright smile, kissing your lips and leaving a peck on Venus’s head. “We love you too darling.”

      “ANASTASIA! (Y/N), Where’d you go?” Hearing your call from outside with Venus, he heaved out a sigh and scoured the house to find his other daughter. “Oh, my little gumdrop… Where are you?” A muffled yelp of surprise came from him, as his daughter’s hand quickly clasped firmly over his mouth from behind.

      Coming in with Venus and baskets of fresh fruit, you set everything down on the table and brushed your hands off. “Jungkook?” Calling out for your husband, you only got silence in return. Looking over at Venus, she offered you a nod before you went off to find your husband and daughter. Upon seeing the thirteen year old trying to cast a spell on Jungkook, your laugh danced through the air. “Ahhh Anastasia, what have I told you? No spells before dinner. You can turn your father into a toad afterwards.”

      Your daughter looked up at you, a pleading look in the beautiful eyes that she shared with Jungkook. “But mom-”

      “You heard me. No buts. He’s all yours after dinner though, you’ll live. Now go help your sister with the vegetables.

      She laughed and hugged you, kissing your cheek. “Ugh, fine. Thanks mom, I love you!” She ran off to the kitchen, shutting the door behind her.

      “Love you too!”

      Looking back down at your hopeless husband on the bed, you broke out into a fit of laughter as he pulled you down and tickled you. “What about me?” 

      “F-fine, j-just let me go!” Gasping for air, he laughed and hugged you, leaving kisses all over your face. “I love you, toad boy.”

      He grinned and laughed at the nickname, placing a loving kiss on your lips.

      “I love you too baby.”

No More Running

To my CSSS giftee @word-bug, it has been a pleasure chit chatting with you over this holiday season! Here is your present, a little angst, a little mutual pining, a little smut, and a ton of fluff. I hope you enjoy it! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

This is a fic based on the prompt, “you’re in the hospital for the holidays so i came in while you were sleeping to decorate your room i love you merry christmas” - from this post: http://nadiahilker.tumblr.com/post/133627477715/im-always-a-slut-for-a-christmas-au-i-know-we

Beta’d by the ever lovely @like-waves-on-the-beach Thanks for the time you gave me, on Christmas Eve morning no less, to beta for me.

8.2k   ao3   ffnet

“Merry Christmas, Swan! What’s up?” Killian answered his phone with a silly smile; the same silly smile that always came across his face when his best friend was on his mind.

“Still ever the jolly little elf, aren’t ya,” Emma deadpanned.

“Nothing little about me, Swan, but yes, I am quite jolly.”

“Alright, alright, enough of that. I’ll be off around five, are we still on for tonight?”

If possible, his smile grew wider at the hopeful tone in her voice. “Of course, what do you have in mind?”

“You could come over to my place, we could get chinese and watch a movie?”

“It’s Christmas Eve, eve, Swan-”

“That’s not even a thing, Killian.”

Killian could practically hear the eye roll through the phone. “It is so, and there is much to do on this Christmas Eve, eve; it’s a Saturday evening. The town Christmas parade is tonight, the Irish Rose is having an all night Christmas party, drinks are half price. The Nightmare Before Christmas is playing at the cinema-”

“What are you, the local entertainment section of the paper? I’m so burnt out after this week, I really want to keep it lowkey.”

“Well if you insist on staying in, it’s going to be at my place. You don’t even decorate, Scrooge.”

“I am not a scrooge! I just don’t like- I mean I don’t have time to- ugh, whatever. Not everyone likes it when Christmas throws up all over their house.”

“You’re right, not everyone enjoys it, you and Scrooge for example,” he laughed into the phone.

“Your place it is,” she acquiesced, knowing she really was a bit of a scrooge. But it wasn’t a totally unfounded reason for her lack of Christmas spirit. “I’ll pick up food on the way, pick your pleasure.”

“Well if it’s pleasure we’re talking about, I’ve a wholly different menu than anything you can pick up from restaurant, love,” he flirted.

“Oh my god, Killian. You are so shameless,” she chastised, silently praising the fact that blushing couldn’t be seen through the phone.

“You love it,” he taunted her. “Are you blushing yet?”

“What do you want for dinner,” Emma dodged his question.

“I’ll cook,” he answered, “see you tonight, Swan.”

“See ya,” she replied before disconnecting.


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monster ♡ mysme imagine

a/n: ok me @aquariumprincess23 were talking abt rika and we got soft™ and i started writing some random stuff about her and this happened djdjdb lol im not crying my eyes are sweating,,

Rika couldn’t stop her hands from shaking.

She stood in front of the front door with a plant pot in her grip, looking down at the small flower that only bloomed this morning. Rika wasn’t sure what MC’s favourite flower was, but she hoped that the pink tulip growing in the soil of the ceramic pot would suffice. She hadn’t met with MC since just before her recovery, and truly, she wasn’t in the best state. She apologised for everything – for the troubles, for the pain, for the fear, and she knew that it wouldn’t be forgiveable – although she was blubbering and sobbing and sitting at a table at a mental institution. Now, three years later, she was about to see MC again, who now took the surname Kim and lived in a row house with Yoosung.

Lifting up her head, Rika stared directly at the front door, and she was proud of herself because even that seemed too much for her, right then. She felt some leaves swirl around her ankles as a wind brushed by, and she shivered, suddenly regretting not bringing a cardigan. Swallowing, she brought her arm up and knocked twice on the door, toeing the threadbare doormat below her feet. Home, it read, a heart replacing the ‘o’. Rika’s heart swelled, but her nerves were singing. What if she ruins this home they made? What if she’s really crazy like everyone says she is? What if she really is just a monster? She tapped her foot, and stepped back to look at the curtained windows. Why weren’t they answering the door? Maybe they changed their minds, maybe they realised it was a bad idea to invite her, maybe they–


There was a doorbell.

Exhaling, she pressed it, and her trembling fingers made her stutter and ring twice. Swearing under her breath, she clutched the plant pot tighter. She hoped they wouldn’t find her slip up annoying. She really didn’t mean to ring more than once.

If Rika heard the footsteps behind the door, she was sure her heart would’ve stopped. The anticipation was killing her, and she didn’t realise it until the door opened, but a scowl formed on her face as she stared at the bottom of the door. Why does she have to be so jittery all the time? Stop, stop, stop! MC stood in the doorway with a smile, and Rika met her eyes, and her pulse was in her throat. She nearly lost her balance, and she was glad she didn’t, or the plant pot would’ve dropped. Wait, did MC say hi already? Geez, if only she could pay attention for once.

“Oh, Rika!” MC exclaimed, and held the door open wider. “Ah… I hope this isn’t too soon, but is it too much to ask for a hug?”

Surprised, Rika’s first reaction was no. What if she hurt MC? Everything she touched broke, first Sally, then… V… Biting her lip, she looked up, and nodded. Just slightly. It was all it took before MC was tugging her into an embrace. She gasped in surprise, caught mid-hug, looking down at the plant pot in her own hands over MC’s shoulder.

It’d been so long since somebody hugged Rika. She forgot how it felt.

It was comforting. She could feel MC’s heart beat against hers, and smell the hot chocolate clinging to the woollen sweater she wore. MC’s hand rubbed her back, and Rika closed her eyes. She wanted to stay like this. She could live like this. This feeling of affection and the presence of somebody else who wasn’t ready to call her bad names or make her feel crazy. She didn’t want to let go, and she was so glad when MC didn’t pull away. So, so glad. Relaxing, she looked up into the house, and watched Yoosung approach the doorway wearing a pair of mismatched socks and a hoodie. His eyes lit up, and Rika’s heart contracted. Yoosung. Her little baby cousin. He’s so grown up. She only ever saw Yoosung once without brown hair, and now his head was full of blond, clips nowhere to be seen, and his fringe falling over his forehead. He had grown taller, and his face had matured. She saw his graduation photo hung up on the corridor wall, and she couldn’t believe it. Was this her Yoosung? The little boy that would follow her around at the first RFA part because of his shyness? MC let go of her, eventually, and ushered her into the house, saying something about ‘not standing too long at the doorstep.’

“N-noona?” Yoosung stuttered, and Rika swore she’d never felt so relieved to be called something in her life. She was scared to death that she lost him – that after everything, she lost the appreciation that Yoosung had for her. But, she didn’t. Tears fought for room in his eyes, and she could tell he was trying to swallow them back. She stepped foreward, and hugged him, and she felt the feeling again; the one she had when MC embraced her. He held her, and she noticed how much taller than her he was. His chin could rest on her head. She heard him sniff. “I missed you. I missed you so much.

Inhaling, she knotted her fingers into the back of his shirt. This was the only part of her old self she had. She cherished Yoosung. He gave her a reason to recover, because nobody other than Yoosung looked up to her anymore. Nobody other than Yoosung thought she was much more than just a madwoman.

“I… missed you, too.” Pulling away from him, she surveyed his face, trying to mark every one of his changes. No more baby face. The scar over his left eye. The glasses. The maturity. Biting her lip, she suppressed any tears, and shakily brushed his hair above his hairline, before reaching down and gently pinching his cheek. “How’d you grow up so quick, huh? How’d you grow up so much without me to see?”

“I could say the same for you.” Reaching behind her, Yoosung carefully touched the ends of her hair, which now reached her neck. It was cut choppily, and Rika was meaning to get her hair styled at some point. It was only just growing back after she shaved it in her last few months in recovery. “Your hair… it’s so different…”

She caught his hand and stepped away from him. Guiltily, he quickly moved away, muttering an apology, but she stopped him. “No, it’s just… too soon…”

Sensing the change in mood, MC stepped in. “A-ah, Rika, do you want to see our kitten?”

Turning around, her lips parted. She felt Yoosung gently take the plant pot from her hands as she faces MC. Softly, she asked, “Y-you have a kitten?”

“Yeah!” Yoosung smiled. “Her name’s Lisa. She’s still small. Do you wanna meet her?”

Rika bit her lip, and looked down at her beige shoes. Shutting her eyes, she knotted her fingers together. Yoosung and MC were welcoming them into their home with so much love, it was almost too overwhelming for her. After three years of pills, and psychiatrists, and a vacant mind, Rika didn’t think she remembered how it felt to be loved. Now there she stood, fresh from one of the two first hugs she had in over three years, surrounded with soft carpets, and wine red sofas, and a spice perfumed kitchen. She didn’t want to get rid of this feeling.

"Yes,” she said, and followed Yoosung into the living room.

MC walked ahead, and Rika watched as she kneeled down in front of one of the sofas and peered underneath, murmuring softly and running her fingers along the carpet in front of the mouth of the gap beneath the couch. Rika waited with her breath held. She hadn’t been this excited in a long time. MC laughed gently, and waves Rika to sit by her, to which she complied. She gasped when white fur peeked out from beneath the sofa, and when MC reached out to touch it, it darted back in. Rika looked at MC, and saw the mirth dancing in her eyes as she chased for the kitten with her hand again, until it slowly peered out and stretched, sitting just in front of the two girls.

Rika stared. The kitten was still tiny, barely any fatter than the width of her hand. It was white and fluffy, and blue eyes which gazed up at her curiously. They blinked, and she wanted to stroke her so badly, but she was scared. What if she hurt this, too?

MC wrapped her hands around the kitten’s spine and lifted her up, running her thumb along her soft temple as she closed her eyes and nuzzled into her owner. Rika’s heart nearly melted, she barely heard Yoosung sit next to her.

“Would you like to hold her?” MC offered, reaching over to touch Rika’s hand. She froze under the other girl’s touch. Her hands were so warm.

“Y-yes, please,” she responded, but when MC went to hand Lisa to her, she panicked. She didn’t know how to hold a kitten! What if she dropped her? What if she held her too tight? What if something… bad happened… What if Rika–

“Noona?” Yoosung said softly, touching her shoulder. “Do you want me to show you how to hold her?”

Bowing her head, she nodded, keeping her hands in her lap. Yoosung took Lisa from MC and turned Rika to face him, letting the kitten rest against her forearm. Rika looked up at him, hovering her hand over the cat’s fur. He nodded, and she stroked Lisa, scared that she might touch her too harshly in the meantime. She wasn’t breathing. All she could feel was the kitten against her chest, and–

“Oh, my God,” she whispered, feeling Lisa hum against her body. “Is she purring?”

“She likes you,” Yoosung said.

Rika exhaled, rubbing Lisa’s cheek with the tip of her thumb. She was so soft, and so warm. She was alive. The trust that something so vulnerable and so tiny put in her made something clutch her heart. This kitten… Lisa… Lisa trusted her with something as valuable as her own self. Lisa didn’t think Rika was a monster, or crazy, or dangerous. She bit her lip, and didn’t feel the tear run down her cheek. When would she ever feel this much love again? Sniffing, she scratched the cat behind her ear, before Lisa stilled. Rika begun to panic Did she do something wrong? Why wasn’t the kitten moving? Th-this is Sally all over again, how could she–

“Oh,” MC said softly.

Rika couldn’t hold in her sob, and held her hand over her mouth, crying into her palm. They were painful cries, painful and racking her whole body. Yoosung stared at her, alarmed, and so did MC. She cried harder, unable to breathe in properly without hiccuping.

“I-I’m so s-s-sorry… y-you shouldn’t have let m…me touch her.” She touched Lisa’s fur. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt her. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

MC leaned in, and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “Ssh, it’s okay…”

“N-no… Lisa isn’t m-moving…”

“Hey, Noona.” Yoosung reached for the kitten in her lap, and nudged Lisa’s nose. She woke up, and sniffed, meowing softly. Rika stared at her lap, the kitten now awake and kneading at the skirt of her dress. Her lungs were worn out. Oh. Yoosung smiled. “See? She just fell asleep.”

She held her hand out for Lisa to sniff, her eyes still spilling tears, and the kitten stuck her tongue out and licked her hand. Rika’s chest contracted.

“I… don’t want to hurt things anymore.” She choked on a sob.

Leaning in, Yoosung let her rest her head on his shoulder. “You won’t, Noona. You’re a wonderful person.”

She paused, inhaling deeply. She listened to the clock tick on the opposite wall, and the cat’s purrs. “Am I a monster?” she asked softly.

“No.” The other two said immediately.

“Then…” she breathed, another tear slipping down her cheek, “why do I feel like one?”

She wept, her tears falling on Lisa’s fur. Her shoulders trembled as Yoosung tried to lull her, and MC reached out to hold one of her hands in both of hers. Rika sniffed, and sobbed, and she was glad Yoosung said nothing about the tear patch she left on his shirt. He stroked her short hair, running his fingers through the choppy strands. She pressed the side of her face against his chest, before sitting up, looking down at the kitten.

“I-I swear on my l-life…” She covered her mouth as she cried, still looking at Lisa. “I swear on my life. I will never h-harm y-you. Ever.”

Rika felt stupid. She felt stupid for crying over a kitten and she felt stupid for walking into her cousin’s home and bringing her messy brain with her. She felt stupid for feeling so much just by embracing Lisa, but she had no room to hate herself, since she could hear Yoosung crying from above her, and MC inclining towards her for an embrace. Other than stupid, all she could feel was how much she loved this family. MC, and Yoosung, and Lisa. And she cried more because she knew this was a love that she’ll only ever know once, and a love that she’ll never have back. She pressed the heels of her hands to her eyes, and took in a quaking breath.

“Th-thank you,” she said, “for accepting me.”

“Rika…” MC whispered. “Welcome home.”

Kinktober2017 Day 2: Dirty talk with Klance

Ooh, this one got spicy, and still kept fluffiness, too. God, you have no idea how much I love these two. Such perfect, horny boys <3 There’s a bonus ending, too, so have fun with that!

The dim light of a nearby star shone through Red’s front, granting Lance a form of light other than the inside of the cockpit. He leaned back in his seat with one foot propped up, smiling down at the screen of Keith’s face in front of him.

“Well, Red and I have touched down for the day. You?” He rested his chin in his hands as he watched Keith fiddle around inside of the Black Lion’s cockpit.

“Yeah, I made it to my checkpoint. It’s nice to finally be able to take a break,” He sighed. Lance chuckled, leaning forward a bit.

“Take a break? I can see you shuffling around through my screen, Mr. serious-guy. How ‘bout you actually try taking a break, hm?”

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excerpt from a book I’ll never write (2)

“Look, what I’m trying to say is,” a deep breath was inhaled before his hand reached behind his neck, “You don’t deserve him. Wait, that sounded wrong. I mean, he doesn’t deserve you. You know that. He knows that. Everybody does.” His arm reached out to her forearm before she brushed it away.

“What are you trying to tell me here? You don’t get to tell me who or what I deserve. You don’t get to tell me who I get to love. You don’t get to tell me he isn’t good enough for me.” she whispered, eyebrows furrowed as she stared blankly at the space between their feet.

“I know. I know I have no right to do so. But I’ll tell you this: if you give me one chance, I’ll try. I can’t promise that I won’t hurt you – but I’ll try my best to love you with my whole being. I’ll write songs about you, I’ll travel a hundred thousand miles for you. I’ll let you wear all my hoodies, and I’ll even let you pick the songs to listen to in my car. I’ll let you use my favorite coffee mug, and I’ll let you sleep on my side of the bed. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but what I’m trying to say is – you deserve someone who is willing to let go of the little things because they love you. I’m not saying I deserve to be with you, but I deserve a chance. I deserve to try. And I can promise you won’t regret that.”

The second her eyes looked straight at his, she knew he meant every syllable that left his lips. “Okay,” she offered a tiny smile.

“Okay?” he asked as his grin grew wider. “I was hoping you’d be more enthusiastic, but I’ll take okay anyday.”

sending lots of love to aegosexual people who feel left out of even ace positivity posts !!!!

your identity as an aegosexual person is 1000% good, real, and valid !!!!

you deserve proper inclusion and respect and support and you absolutely always have the right to a space in the ace community as well as the wider lgbt+ community !!!!

i hope you have wonderful day !!!!

Uninvited Guest

Pairing: Thranduil x reader

Summary: You make your way into the Woodland realm with shady motives, you get brought before the king.

Originally posted by theotherwillis

              You pushed the dark leaves aside, and held your bow firmly in your other hand. Based on the information you’d received, there was a forgotten entrance to the grand kingdom of the Woodland realm in the direction you’d already been travelling for several hours. Your feet were starting to go numb, you’d underestimated the denseness of the trees.

              You heard a twig snap behind you, and you swiftly turned with your bow raised. Four guards faced you, each with their own bows drawn. Shit. You looked into the eyes of each of them, and got no response. Finally, a voice came from one of them.

              “Who are you, and what business to have in the Woodland realm?” The voice asked, in a very firm and demanding tone. You smiled at them, and held your bow up in the air.

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The Sheer Bra - Revisited

We think you’re probably ready for another little fix of sheer bra lovliness. The Curvy Kate Bardot is a balcony bra we’ve actually got an example of - albeit in a G-cup that would be more useful as millinery for yours truly. The one member of staff who had the assets to fill the cups looked fantastic. The purple lace edging to the cups provides firm control over unruly bosoms (we did put it through it’s paces!). Obviously, being sheer you will be sharing an intimate view of your boobs with the assembled crowd (You looked stunning, hun). The bridge sat close to the chest (though not fully on it). If we had one big criticism the underband dug in even as we experimented with different hook settings. Alas my co-worker couldn’t be persuaded to release the pictures for wider publication. We hope you enjoy the professional version above.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I frickn' love your blog! Could you do one with a male s/o hero getting flirted with by sombra and widow (not poly) thanks! Again you frickn' rock, WRITE ON!


She smiled at you, a playful look on her face. You raised and eyebrow and her smile just grew even wider.

“I hope you’re an ISO file,” she said, a smirk on her face.

You raised an eyebrow and she gave a small giggle.

“Because I want to mount you.”

You groaned and she just kept smiling, her face beaming.


A chill went up the back as Widowmaker kept staring at you. It even freaked Sombra out as she looked over with concern on her face.

“Your ears look cold,” she said, face completely straight as Reaper looked over.

“Okay?” you asked, touching your ears and thinking that they felt a rather normal temperature.

“Warm them with my thighs,” she said and Sombra spit out her drink, Reaper starting to laugh.

‘Come with me?’ - WillNE

Drabble: ‘38 with will?’ 

Author’s note: I know this is only meant to be a drabble but I got a bit carried away when I was writing it because it’s Will! Enjoy! 

38. ‘Come with me?

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Gee’s eyebrows furrowed as she recalled her argument with Josh. You laid on your side next to her, studying her facial expressions and listening to her explain what had happened. Her voice grew fiery as the story went along, her fists balled up and her arms crossed. Gee wasn’t someone who was easily angered or upset, but this particular occasion had rattled her and she had called you straight away after it had happened, asking you to come over. In the past few months, the two of you had become close friends which had meant you spent a lot of time at her flat and had gotten to know her flat mate Will as a consequence. Will had caught your eye- he was attractive, kind and extremely funny. He won you over a bit more every time you went to the flat and you had come to the conclusion you had a small crush on him. A knock at Gee’s bedroom door tore you from your thoughts about the northern lad.

“Gee there’s someone at the door who you might like to see.” Your eyes widened slightly as you heard the same northern accent you were just thinking about. Will’s head popped around the door as he finished his sentence. He flashed you a smile and then looked back to Gee. She paused for a second before sighing and getting up to see Josh who was waiting for her. 

Will came in and sat on the edge of the bed. His hair was floppy and messy, his eyes caught the light perfectly and his stubble peaked through his skin slightly. You sat up and crossed your legs. 

"He’s really fucked it this time hasn’t he.” He laughed nervously, trying to gauge how bad Gee was feeling.

You nodded, causing Will to grimace slightly. “Yeah, she’s pretty upset, I’m sure they’ll resolve it though.” You shrugged, hope lacing your voice. There was a small silence between you. You played with the hem of your top out of nervous habit.

“You’ve been a really good friend to her these past couple of months you know. She talks about you a lot. It’s been nice to see her have a friend around and it’s been really good to have you around the flat. I like it when you’re here.” Will smiled softly. You were in shock. His final sentence reverberated in your mind. You couldn’t believe that he liked it when you were at the flat. 

Just as you were about to reply, Gee and Josh came back into the room. Gee shot you a wink, that being a code between the two of you and your queue to leave the room to let the couple do their thing. 

You nodded back at Gee. “I’m going to get going, it’s been nice seeing you all!” You got up and grabbed your bag, hearing a chorus of ‘goodbyes’ from Gee and Josh.

“I’ll see you out.” Will volunteered, getting up and leaving the room behind you. 

The walk to the door was short. You turned back to Will before you left and smiled, thanking him for seeing you out. 

“It’s been really nice to see you, hopefully I’ll see you again soon- maybe outside of the flat for once.” Will joked, rubbing your arm as he opened the door for you. 

You laughed in agreement, walking out and waving. “Outside of the flat would be nice.” You called back, shooting him a smile before you left.

In the Uber home, you replayed the whole conversation. Will liked it when you were at the flat, he walked you to the door, rubbed your arm and he wanted to see you again soon. You dismissed it as just being a series of friendly gestures- he lived with your best friend so he couldn’t exactly be mean to you. 

Your phone buzzed in your pocket. You beamed at the name when it appeared on your screen.

’This is weird but our conversation at the door got me thinking; there’s this really nice restaurant in London I’ve wanted to eat at for a while. I’ve got a reservation tomorrow- Come with me? W x’ 

Your body felt tingly and your stomach flipped. Your eyes scanned the message over and over and your heart raced. Although this was what you wanted to happen deep down, you had no idea how to reply and your thumbs danced above the screen waiting for your brain to come up with some coherent reply. Finally, you mustered a simple response. You bit your lip and scrunched up your eyes as you pressed send. 

‘I’d really like that. What time is your reservation? x’

Soon after you pressed send, Will was already typing a reply. You waited what seemed hours, but in reality, it was only a minute. The smile on your face grew wider.

‘7:30pm, I hope that’s okay. I’ll pick you up at 7 though x’ 

A soft smile tugged at the sides of your lips. You tucked a tendril of hair behind your ear before typing a reply with a devious smile now appearing on your face. You chucked to yourself as your pressed send, knowing your response would get a reaction out of him.

‘That sounds great I can’t wait, see you at 7. Be there or be square x’

‘Square! Oh shite off x’

CSBB: I Thee Wed (16/16)

Once upon a time, Princess Emma and Lieutenant Killian Jones stole away into the dark of the night to elope. In the morning light, however, they must face the repercussions of their actions before they can live their “happily ever after.” This is where their story begins…

M (Mild smut)

Other Pairings: Snowing

Author’s Note: 
Oh my god, it’s over. I finished by @captainswanbigbang fic. Thank you for everyone who stuck through this story. Your comments gave me life, and I cherish them all. One final thank you to @wexyuk . Special shoutout to my artists who also served as secondary readers, @piratesrumforswan , and @just-be-magnificent . Also, now that the story is over, feel free to shoot me some asks and I can provide commentary, my thought process, and reveal plotlines that changes over the course of writing this. 

[Ch. 1][Ch. 2][Ch. 3][Ch. 4][Ch. 5][Ch. 6][Ch. 7][Ch. 8][Ch.9][Ch. 10][Ch. 11][Ch. 12][Ch.13][Ch.14][Ch.15]

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Chapter 15

Emma sat curled in the windowsill of the library, watching as the snow drifted down and began to blanket the grounds. If it kept this up, guests would be delayed in arriving to the ceremony, or might find the roads too treacherous to navigate, and choose not to come. There was a time not too long ago that Emma might have taken pleasure in that, too exasperated with the whole ordeal to even want people in attendance.

But then she stared at herself in her wedding dress, her mother glassy-eyed beside her, and Emma began to feel excited for the ceremony. Her first one with Killian had been perfect by virtue of it being the day she married her husband. It would forever remain perfect in her eyes. But now she had to admit that there were vital elements missing to that wedding, the presence and support of her family being first and foremost. It would be nice to have them present as she said her vows to Killian, and she took comfort in the support.

Unfortunately, her desires to have her parents present at this wedding only made her wish she had gotten through to Liam. She had yet to hear anything from him, and tempted as she was to hunt him down and drag him to the ceremony, she knew that would not be received well. Even worse, Killian hadn’t made any moves to reach out to his brother either, stubborn in his refusal to apologize any further. Emma wanted to smack their heads together and force them to speak, to do anything at this point, but she knew reconciliation was something they had to decide for themselves. She could nudge all she wanted, but they were the ones who had to take the next steps.

It was maddening. 

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

A/N: Okay, so, my apologies.

This was requested maybe three months ago? But I am severely behind on fulfilling these requests from you guys. Slowly but surely, I will have them all finished so don’t you worry.

Also, the original request for this wanted smut, but I am content with the way this went so I’m going to keep it the way it already is. Forgive me?

Stay warm.

“With the bridge closed and most, if not all,” the newscaster paused and let out a laugh that oddly reminded you of the Wizard of Oz, “of the roads closed, it doesn’t seem how anyone could find a way in or out of the city.
“I don’t know, Catherine, I always keep a spare set of tennis racquets in my car. You think I could tie them to my shoes and make my way home?”

Catherine was cut off mid-laugh by your TV clicking off on its own accord, which elicited a loud groan from your mouth full of popcorn. You expected this much, so you used the light of your phone screen to act as a guide to your box of matches and off to your scented candles.
You had searched your home for six of the biggest candles with scents that wouldn’t overwhelm your nose once they mixed throughout your home, but you supposed you couldn’t be too picky.

You had always loved the holidays.
It was the perfect mix of exciting, high-powered activities and a relaxed stature throughout the city. While you were devastated your parent’s flight was cancelled due to this snowstorm that had also cancelled your night-in with Naruto on Hulu, you decided you could enjoy this night without technology.
It’s not like this night was unplanned considering everyone had known about the storm a few days prior due to its enormous size and not very subtle footprint on whatever system meteorologists used to determine how fucked the holiday season would be.
Hopefully reading by candlelight wasn’t going to permanently damage your eyes or something, you didn’t really have the money for that kind of thing at the moment.

You had finished lighting your candles and sat back on your couch, eyes following the lights and shadows as they danced across your walls in a waltz.

A sigh escaped your lips as you relaxed farther into your plush coach, deciding to sing along to a song that had been stuck in your head since November 1st.

“I really can’t stay.”
A whiff of “ocean breeze” whizzed past your nose.
“Get over that hold out.”
This time it was “autumn leaves”.
“Ah, but it’s cold outside.”
Was that cinnamon?
“Baby it’s cold, out-”

The sound of three soft, polite knocks on the door to your apartment startled you out of your harmonizing stupor, your legs forcing you out of your comfort zone and out onto the floor that had already begun to grow cold after a few minutes of your cheap heater switching off.

You wrapped your arms around yourself to retain the warm you had left and shuffled over to your door, sliding across the floor on your fuzzy socks.

“Oh, thank god.”

The man at your door greeted you with a smile that reminded you of the homemade moonshine your uncle used to make for special occasions, the way they warmed your body were way too similar.

“Hi,” you greeted your neighbor… Baekhyun. That was his name.
“I’m so sorry to bother you, Y/N,” first name basis with your cute neighbor? Merry Christmas to you, “but I just ran home in that fucking blizzard out there and here I was, completely prepared to heat up some water for a bath on my stove for all I cared, until I realized that I left my keys back on my desk. At my office.”
You thought that was all the explanation he needed to offer but Baekhyun interrupted you before you could invite him in.

“I hate to ask this of you so close to the holidays. For all I know you could have family with you, but I guess I have no other choice,” his laugh was short, but sweet.
“I only need an hour or two I-”

“You can stay, it’s completely fine with me.” You opened your door wider, hoping it resembled a warm invitation.
“Just don’t blow out any candles.”

Baekhyun offered another bigger smile, one that left sparks flying through your body and festering in your stomach.

With a smile like that, you wouldn’t have been able to deny him entry no matter the circumstances, so you were glad that you had met this man (and even his dog) before and were comfortable with him being in your home rather than ten feet across the hall.

Despite you living in this building for close to a year (and Baekhyun for one year more, as he told you when you first moved in), you and your cute neighbor hadn’t made it past small-talk and the only obscure facts you knew about the guy was the fact that he had a brother, had a passion for singing, and his dog’s name was Mongryong.

It was simultaneously better than nothing and enough for you to let him into your home, to allow him access to everything in your possession.
Including you.

“I promise I’ll be out of your business as soon as the roads clear up and I can get back to the office, the landlord said he wouldn’t make it out onto the roads until they were plowed. I figured I should risk it myself.”

You nodded in response, not sure why he was repeating himself. It was the holidays, after all, it couldn’t hurt to be a little more giving. Lenient.

“I don’t exactly have a fire place you can hang out by, but I do have a gas stove if you want me to make us some hot chocolate?”

Baekhyun halted in peeling off his soaked socks (him and his dress shoes were not prepared for the snow) and nodded at you before asking if you had marshmallows.

“Whipped cream alright?” You answered with, already heading into your kitchen.
“Yeah, yeah, that’s great. Thanks, Y/N.”
“Any time, Baekhyun, what are neighbors for?”
“I guess for coming in handy when dumbasses like me screw themselves over,” he joked, following far behind you.

A laugh escaped your lips.
“Oh please, if I had work today and hadn’t stayed home, I probably would’ve done the same thing.”
“Then we’d both be screwed,” Baekhyun pointed out, “but I’m sure we could figure something out. My coat is probably big enough for the both of us.”
You were glad that your blush wasn’t visible in the candlelight.
“With those shoulders of yours? I wouldn’t fit.”

You allowed yourself to speak with a flirty tone, hoping you hadn’t read his remark about the coat wrong.

“How about you sit between my legs and I wrap my arms around us?”

Okay, he was definitely flirting back.

“All this talk has me wishing I lost my keys as well,” you admitted, not even bothering to lie for the sake of flirting.
“There’s always next year.”

You smiled and continued stirring the powder-water mixture, watching the tiny marshmallows that were included in the mix bob up and down in the pot.

The silence was a tad awkward, one wouldn’t lie, but it was to be expected with the relationship between you and your neighbor. Despite the lack of words, the feeling he brought into your home was comforting. Especially with the environment outside of your candlelit apartment being oh so cold and dark.

Baekhyun offered a thank you as he took the steaming mug of liquid from you, licking the edge of the rim as some of the whipped cream started to slip down the side.
Your eyes followed the movement of his tongue.

Your lips closed around the edge of your own cup and willed the liquid to slide down your throat, welcoming the slight burn as it went down.

“This cup of hot chocolate is the most Christmassy thing I’ve done in years,” Baekhyun admitted, wrapping both hands around his mug.
“I’m glad I had the honor of getting you into the Christmas spirit,” you joked, smiling at your neighbor incase he needed some comfort.
“You’re expecting a sob story, I can tell.”

You ignored Baekhyun’s implication and took a rather long sip of your drink.

“Busy?” You guessed.
Baekhyun’s nod was the saddest thing you had seen all day.
“How about every year you set aside like, twenty minutes to come drink some hot chocolate with me? Completely on the house.”

The man in front of you scrunched his lips in thought, considering the offer you both knew he would say yes to.

“I’ll bring some marshmallows next time.”

“How many times, Baekhyun?”
“Just three!”
“Oh, I’m sorry, you only got arrested three-”
“No building off of our secrets! You set that rule yourself.”

You bit down on your lip and shook your head, disappointed at the fact that your houseguest refused to elaborate on his criminal record.

“Come on, Y/N,” Baekhyun teased, “your turn.”

To ease your boredom, your neighbor had suggested playing what he called “girly slumber party games” to pass the time.
You readily agreed, hoping for something racy like spin the bottle (even though that barely works out even when you have more than two people), but settled on truth or dare.

Once the two of you realized that wasn’t going to go anywhere, you suggested going back and forth between asking the person for a secret or a story, no questions asked and no further explanation needed.
The two of you required secrets for such a long streak that it was now just a given that that was what the other player wanted from you.

Your body contorted into the “thinker” position, hoping to pull a smile or a giggle from the attractive man sitting opposite from you.
Your actions rewarded you with both.

“I went to cotillion for three years.”
“Cotillion? I don’t-”
“It’s an American thing. It’s these classes over-bearing parents send their kids to so that they can learn how to be “proper”. Table manners, how to court, dancing-”
“Why is dancing included in proper behavior?”
“Slow-dancing. Waltz.”

Baekhyun seemed to be deep in thought about this, his eyes showing the inner battle deep in his mind.

You better get a good secret in return for further elaboration (even if it was on cotillion and not you).

“Show me.”

Your head snapped up to make eye contact with this beautiful man who continued to make your cheeks flush and the butterflies in your stomach flutter.

Baekhyun could see that you were a bit confused by his outburst, so he decided to confuse yo further by jumping to his feet and outstretching his hand in your direction.

You took his hand out of instinct and tried to remain as graceful as possible when you were yanked upwards and immediately towards your Christmas tree that was between your  favorite parts of your apartment, two floor-to-ceiling windows that allowed you and your guest a gorgeous view of the snow capped city below.

“You said you can dance, show me.”
“I didn’t say I knew how, I just said that I learned.
“Well now I want to learn! Usually I would jump on YouTube and figure it out but since I can’t at the moment and you’re right here…”
When Baekhyun realized you weren’t budging, he pursed his lips into a full blown pout and cocked his head to the side.

You blamed the holidays for you acting so lenient towards this man.

You showed him where to put his hands on your body (each placement sending shivers down your completely covered spine) and explained the counts, repeating “one, two, three” for the first few rounds, smiling proudly when Baekhyun seemed to pick this up in no time.

Was it your expert teaching or did this guy have a better idea of this beforehand than he let on?

“All we need now is some music,” you decided, leaning to rest your head on your dancing partner’s shoulder, thinking of how your old instructor would have gasped at how improper said behavior was.

Your comment was met with a silence that was first interrupted by the deep vibration within Baekhyun’s chest.

“I really can’t stay.”


“I’ve got to go away.”


“This evening has been,” you sang in your current position.
“Been hoping that you’d drop in,” Baekhyun continued.
“So very nice.”
“I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice.”

You couldn’t believe how stupid that sounded to you. No matter how much snow piled up outside, no matter how low the temperature dropped, you felt warm. You felt safe.

It’s cold outside, but you feel perfectly fine.