I forced myself to do the 6am run thing, against the comfort of my bed and thoughts of wanting more sleep.

- Workout is done for today
- I am now awake
- My bag is now significantly less weight to carry
- Drinks can commence immediately upon leaving the office

- I didn’t have time to eat anything before heading out for my run [BAD]
- As a result, I’m now STARVING
- Rain. Sideways. In face. [upside: that’s over]

Good pace that I’m pleased with though, so I’ll take it.

Darcy and I had another 6am running date planned for today, but the poor girl is sick (so if you’re not up for it, don’t! I’ll get you another time) so let’s hope she’s resting up in bed still.

Happy Hump Day.

Jurassic Park: finished.

Five out of five stars, ten out ten points, 100% loved.

I never expected to love this book as much as I did, but hot damn I could not put it down. Finished it in what, six days, and I’m also reading two other books right now too - probably could have finished it in 4 otherwise. Riveting story, beautiful imagery, perfect amount of suspense that keeps you turning pages. Definitely graphic in places, but I mean, its understandable. They’re dinosuars for crying out loud.

I’ve recommended this book to literally everyone I know since I started it. My friends are probably sick of me talking about it. So do yourself a favor, and pick this book up. You won’t regret it.

Good work, tumblr. I never would have read this without the book club!

What did/does everyone else think?!