Greater Grison (Galictis vittata)

The greater grison (Galictis vittata), is a species of mustelid native to South and Central America. They inhabit a wide range of forest and cerrado habitats, and are usually seen near rivers and streams. They are typically found at elevations below 500 metres (1,600 ft), but they may be found as high as 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) in some parts of the Bolivian Andes.

Greater grisons are primarily terrestrial, although they can climb trees and swim well. They are mostly diurnal, and only occasionally active at night.[4] They live alone or in pairs, with home ranges of at least 4.2 square kilometres (1.6 sq mi), and a very low population density, such that they are rarely encountered in the wild. They spend the night sleeping in cavities in hollow logs or beneath tree roots, or else in the abandoned burrows of other animals...

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photographs by Tony Hisgett | Flickr CC

Amy Schumer really asked for more money from Netflix after she found out how much Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock made. Her basically saying she’s on their level is the funniest joke she’s ever told.

She really thinks she’s on the level of LEGENDS. she nowhere near as funny. like, those two have crossover appeal, can sell out arenas on a whim, and can tackle a wide range of topics while she appeals to a few demographics, can’t really draw at the box office, can’t sell out no arenas, and her set is limited to hygiene jokes and stories of bad dates.

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me: is sad all the time. also me: shut up binch you fine! harry: reads a book on how to be happy. me: WHO HURT HIM WHO DO I HAVE TO MURDER

MEEE but honestly i;m so sad……..i know he’s a human with complex thoughts and layers who feels a wide range of emotions from bad to good but the thought of him having to…..read a book about making urself happy and dealing w stress and low mood……………….makes me crave death more than i ever have before



The jaguarundi (Puma yagouaroundi) or eyra cat is a small wild cat native to southern North America and South America. The jaguarundi has short legs, an elongated body, and a long tail. It has a total length of 21 to 30 inches with the tail taking 12-to-24 inches of that length, and weighs 7.7 to 20.1 pounds. The coat can be either blackish to brownish-grey (grey phase) or foxy red to chestnut (red phase); individuals of both phases can be born in the same litter. The two color phases were once thought to represent two distinct species: the grey one called jaguarundi, and the red one called eyra. The jaguarundi is closely related to the much larger and heavier cougar, having a similar genetic structure and chromosome count. 

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are you or a loved one suffering from allism spectrum disorder, the lack of autism? check these symptoms to find out!!

1. becomes uncomfortable or irritable when not making eye contact during interactions

2. lives by a set of unspoken rules, becomes distressed or even aggressive when said rules are broken. expects people to know and understand these rules without telling them.

3. has a wide range of shallow interests, may show little or no interest in learning every detail of said interests.

4. experiences only mild enjoyment from engaging in above interests, not deep satisfaction.

5. unable to adequately engage in one task related to an interest for more than two to three hours at a time.

6. hopelessly numb to sensory input including bright light, background noise, light touch, overwhelming odours.

7. engages in little or no self-regulatory stimming. shows little or no desire to stim.

if you show most of these traits, you may have allism! reblog to spread allism awareness! autistics with loved ones suffering from allism are welcome to share more symptoms of allism!


Magnus Bane’s S2 Wardrobe: a Study | Accessories
↳ A necessity in Magnus’ wardrobe is his accessories. A belt or a scarf can be used to top off an already bold outfit, while a pair of grey suspenders hanging loosely off the hip can put some spark to an otherwise toned down outfit. His accessory styling choices range from a soft patterned scarf tucked into a royal blue vest, to a practical belt complimenting a black and white striped dress pant, to an entirely decorative black tassel swinging from his hip with every step. His wide range of accessories allow him to play with textures in his looks by contrasting soft and hard elements, like pairing a flowy scarf with a studded coat, or to amplify an already sharp look by adding a pair of chunky suspenders.

Honestly I think part of the reasons cartoons nowadays are failing is because so many focus on comedy.

Comedy isn’t bad when the jokes are actually funny and aren’t stolen from the internet.

The issue is that they take action oriented shows (Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans) and turn them into shows that are nothing more than cash cows for the network that bank on the fame of the original while doing nothing to live up to it. A number of cartoons now fizzle out after so many seasons because they simply can’t maintain an audience. The issue is that kids grow up. Eventually the humor and stolen jokes become old to them while cartoons that should have fizzled out are kept going and out on repeat (Looking at you TTG)

“You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” - Walt Disney.

I think that is a quote any cartoonist, comic maker, writer, etc. who aims or gears their works towards children should have in their notebook or animation guide. Why? Because it’s true. So many cartoons are lame because they have no growth with the audience or any appeal beyond a young audience that is subject to lose interest at the drop of a hat. For some reason, it seems like cartoon makers are afraid of making a cartoon that has dark elements to it.

I’m not saying people should make dark cartoons just for the sake of it because that’s what will appeal to kids. Rather, I’m saying there is nothing wrong with having a dark theme in your cartoon or having the characters deal with issues. It doesn’t even have to be truly dark.

For example, The Powerpuff Girls had an episode that showed the actually dangerous or downside to the girls powers when they moved out of Townsville. They had an episode that dealt with toxic relationships (the episode with Buttercup having a crush on Ace). They had an episode that dealt with insecurities on a number of occasions, etc. all while maintaining a sense of laughter and cheerfulness.

Static Shock dealt with homophobia, Racism (the episode where Static met Richie’s father) and gun violence and bullying (the episode where Jimmy was bullied and brought a gun to school with the intention of killing his bullies). They had an episode where Static had to come to terms with his mother’s death.

Captain Planet obviously dealt with pollution and environmental dangers, but also had an episode dedicated towards HIV and suicide.

Steven Universe attracts a wide range of people to the show due to the variety of issues presented in the show. Grief, LGBT issues, etc.

Gumball is a genuinely comedic show that doesn’t rely on memes and jokes stolen from the internet for the sole basis of its writing. The characters are likable and funny without having to be total douchebags to each other.

Shows that attract a wide range of viewers are good shows and they deserve the attention over some cash cow that is a hollow shell of the original.

With so many shows from the 90s getting revivals and reboots, I can only hope that they don’t fall into the shoes of PPG 2016 and TTG.

Kids deserve better than just hollow jokes and shells of the original show that they will outgrow. Kids deserve shows that actually stick with them till adulthood.

5th house and Music✨🎼✨:

✨✨✨Ok so most of this is out of theory based off of the properties and natures of the planet so if you relate or not then cool but check it out and think for yourself, also if you don’t have any planets in the 5th house then look at the ruling planet of the sign that rules your 5th house and pay attention to the house the ruler is in as well…✨✨✨

✨☀️Sun: Naturally a musical person. You take pride in your musical tastes and aren’t shy to play your music wherever you go (reminds me of those mfs at school who play music from their speakers right when class gets dismissed at the end of the day🙄💀). Others could probably describe your musical taste as well rounded and cultured.

✨🌙Moon: Your tastes probably change pretty often, they probably change with your emotional climate. Music with a deep emotional component to it or music that gets your nostalgia going. With the Moon being a receptive and impressionable planet, you’ll probably like a lot of things and you’re probably the one to always have a favorite song but you’ll probably get tired of it quickly and find a new one maybe (also check the nature of the sign on the cusp of your 5th house) but you could pretty much bump to anything I would think. Always has a song/playlist for a mood.

✨📖Mercury: Likes variety so they’re probably very versatile with music and likes listening to many things and are always finding new music to listen to. Music probably has more of an intellectual appeal to you rather than emotional one, has a variety of styles and genres. Thinks and processes the meaning of the music and the lyrics more than most maybe

✨🌹Venus: Attracted to many different varieties. May even listen to things just because they’re popular for the moment. Probably very cultured and likes music for the simple reason that it’s music,art. Love songs, strong love of music that has to do with romance (who doesn't😭). Music is pleasure. Music is beauty.

✨🔥Mars: Anything that got u throwing ass💀. Loves music that gets them up and moving, as well as music that relates to feelings of passion. Sexual, explicit lyrics appeal to you maybe… I think of rap/hip hop or even other kinds of music with an aggressive beat…maybe rock lol. Music that makes you feel strong. Dancers.

✨💫Jupiter: Probably a wide range of things including music from foreign cultures, maybe religious music even, like gospel. Expansive taste, loves listening to new things and can probably bump to almost anything.

✨🗝Saturn: Refined taste, some people could even describe your taste as boring or dull. Probably an old soul or a sucker for older artists. I think of old school stuff or even shit like Classical music. You could possibly be very rigid with what you listen to and may not be open to anything new. Background music helps you during practical tasks and getting things done…

✨👽Uranus: You don’t care what’s popular. Your friends probably think you listen to some really weird shit…music taste can probably be described as unusual or eccentric… think alternative, electronic, disco shit maybe. You probably like music that you feel others don’t listen too because it adds to your feeling of uniqueness or because you feel as if it’s yours and no one else’s maybe?? Tastes are possibly prone to sudden change.

✨🦄Neptune: Indiscriminate with music, listens to a bit of everything possibly, maybe lyrics that appeal to the soul?? You probably let other peoples’ tastes influence yours. Music taste is probably pretty eclectic and with that you’ll probably have a lot of playlists/songs that others could deem unusual

✨☠️Pluto: Music with deep, intense emotional tones to it, maybe dark music that centers on taboos, violence, very sexual and explicit lyrics come to mind lmfaooo what if these people are like the XXXtentacion fans?? (if so stay the fuck away from me) Could have a huge change in the kinds of music you prefer. Music that makes you feel powerful and in control.

🥑 fruit factoids 🍉

Here are some fruit factoids that will help you to stay healthy while restricting. Stay safe, ladies and gentlemen. ♥

Grapefruit 🍊: one of the healthiest citrus fruits, high in vitamins, minerals and is known to aid in weightloss and reduces insulin levels. 110 calories in 1 grapefruit.

Pineapple🍍: nutritional superstar, Pineapple is rich in vitamin C and manganese. Its bromelain content may fight inflammation and reduce the risk of cancer. 82 calories in 1 cup.

Avacado 🥑: low in carbs, high in potassium. Avocados are rich in healthy fats and potassium, both of which are well known for their role in promoting heart health. 240 calories in 1 Avacado.

Blueberries: Blueberries are rich in a few important nutrients. They have a high antioxidant capacity and immune-enhancing properties, which may protect the body from illness.

Apple 🍎: Apples are very nutritious. Their nutrients, antioxidants and fiber may reduce the risk of disease, improve digestion and metabolic rate. 95 calories in 1 medium apple.

Pomegranate: Pomegranates have wide-ranging health benefits. They are incredibly high in antioxidants and other plant compounds that can help reduce inflammation and prevent disease. 144 calories in 1 cup.

Mango: Mangoes are rich in vitamin C and soluble fiber. They also contain plant compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. 200 calories in 1 fruit.

Strawberries🍓: Rich in several nutrients and antioxidants. Eating them may help control your blood sugar levels and reduce your risk of some diseases. 4 calories each.

Cranberries: Rich in several nutrients and antioxidants. They also contain beneficial plant compounds that help prevent urinary tract infections. 46 calories in 1 cup.

Lemons 🍋: Rich in vitamin C and other plant compounds that may promote heart health, boost weight loss and help prevent kidney stones. 17 calories in 1 fruit.

Durian: Rich in nutrients and plant compounds that can provide some promising health benefits. 350 calories in 1 cup.

Watermelon: High in water, nutrients and antioxidants. It is also particularly high in a powerful antioxidant called lycopene. 47 calories in 1 cup.

Olives: provide a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These may reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis. 4 calories per olive.

Blackberries: are a good source of many nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. Their antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties may lower the risk of chronic disease. 62 calories in 1 cup.

Oranges🍊: containing some important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These may reduce the risk of several conditions such as kidney stones and anemia. 45 calories in 1 small fruit.

Bananas🍌: provide several nutrients and plant compounds, including resistant starch and pectin. Bananas can have benefits for exercise, blood sugar control and digestive health. 95 calories in one medium banana.

Red and purple grapes 🍇: Rich in nutrients and other plant compounds that can decrease inflammation and lower your risk of disease. 105 calories in 1 cup.

Guava: High in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. It may reduce inflammation and help prevent certain cancers. 38 calories per fruit.

Papaya: Nutrient dense and rich in antioxidants. Eating it may reduce your risk of cancer and improve digestion. 67 calories per fruit.

Cherries🍒: Rich in nutrients and antioxidants. They also contain melatonin, which may improve the quality of your sleep. 77 calories per cup.

Hope this helps! ♥🍓♥🍒♥🥑♥🍊♥🍇♥🍋♥

Sun Viewed through Different Wavelengths

This video of the sun based on data from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, shows the wide range of wavelengths – invisible to the naked eye – that the telescope can view. SDO converts the wavelengths into an image humans can see, and the light is colorized into a rainbow of colors. Source: NASA

How to Find the Right Relationship

1. Know yourself – what you want, and do not want.

2. Have good boundaries – know what it is healthy, and what crosses that line.

3. Know your value, and require respect.

4. Get out there and meet a wide range of people.

5. Give people a reasonable chance.

6. Don’t put people into a box; be open to being surprised.

7. Be persistent in your search for true love.

11th House Cusp

The 11th House Cusp is associate with friendships, social circles, groups, communities, and goals/objectives.

Aries in 11th House: Your actions are influenced by your groups or social circles. You may feel like the leader of your group, or like a leader in originality even if no one follows you. You are active with your friends and have a lot of friends in your group, but have few close relationships.

Taurus in 11th House: You have more materialistic goals and objectives, and your friend may share those objectives. Your friends are artistically inclined and you may feel influenced by them to buy things or to indulge yourself. You are nostalgic and sentimental with your social group and you like to maintain those relationships, you like to go out with them quite often.

Gemini in 11th House: You easily attract social groups and friendships, and you like to be part of them. Your social interactions are filled with conversation, especially with intellectual topics. Your thoughts and opinions are influenced by your social groups. You entertain your friend group with stories and have a lively sense of humor.

Cancer in 11th House: You are cautious of new people, and the friends and social groups you do make, you keep for life. You are attached to them and have a deep emotional bond with them. You look to them for nurture and guidance, and are sensitive to their needs.

Leo in 11th House: You have a leadership role in your friendships, but you don’t overly dominate or control them. You have very close and deep friendships and groups, you gain your strength, inspiration, and creativity from them. Your friends have unique expressions or may have higher status.

Virgo in 11th House: You are serving and giving to others, and you love to help your community. You go to them for motivation and you like to keep plans or make plans with them. You pay attention to little details for them and try to make their lives easier. You prefer to associate with proper, well mannered people.

Libra in 11th House: You are graceful and diplomatic with your friends, you keep the peace. You find relaxation with them, you feel at ease. You may share friends with your partner or love interest. You may even stick to friends too long or hold onto old friendships. You deal with situations with ease and you lead your groups easily.

Scorpio in 11th House: You have very few close friends and those interactions are full of intensity and emotion. They help you face your fears and become vulnerable, you have deep trust with them. You don’t prefer to deal with people or situations and keep to yourself, but you care deeply for your group.

Sagittarius in 11th House: You have a wide range of friends and you all have different beliefs and interests. You all like to discuss these interests and ideas, and you enjoy their company. You explore new ideas and the world with them. But you still enjoy your independence and freedom.

Capricorn in 11th House: You like to keep your groups and social circles small and limited. You hate crowds and big social situations, and prefer one on one interactions. You aren’t good at teamwork and cooperation, and you prefer to work alone. You may even socialize with people with big influence or status.

Aquarius in 11th House: You are outgoing and social, and you easily fit into groups and organizations. You like to be friends with interesting and intriguing people, you like to have fun conversations and interactions. But you are also heavily influenced by your friends and interactions.

Pisces in 11th House: You are a very compassionate friend who would do anything for them. You expect the same back, and you like to have deep, emotional bonds. You have a very positive outlook on your groups, but aren’t quick to realize their faults or look away from them. You may be prone to following them blindly, without much thought. But you care for them deeply and love them completely.  

The 11th House

sun in 11th: determined to reach goals, needs freedom & space, connection with people, passionate humanitarian, sociable, works best in a team/group, idealistic, inspirational

moon in 11th: desires to change the world, busy mind, depends on others, loves discussion, idealistic, warm to others, has big dreams

jupiter in 11th: seeks social connection, enthusiastic, has many ideas, comfortable around people, generous, humorous, supports social movements, can over-do things

mercury in 11th: free minded, sociable, intellectual, group oriented, wants to improve society, open minded, well informed, loves learning, can lose individuality

venus in 11th: logical, thrives on friendship, quirky, sociable, always wants to be different, free spirited in relationships, high hopes, extroverted, positive

mars in 11th: fights for justice, sees the big picture, wants to fix society, knowledgeable, fair, good thinker, finds it difficult to relax, problem solver, lives in the moment

saturn in 11th: high aspirations, resilient, free spirited, need their own space, lone wolf, outcast, feels anxious in crowds, standoffish, slow to trust, feels lonely, gives off a chilled aura, introverted, fears rejection

uranus in 11th: resents the mainstream, creative, innovative, individual, likeable, honest nature, ever-changing mind, wants to make a difference, chaotic life, rebellious, free spirited

neptune in 11th: idealistic, visionary, longs to create the perfect society, extremely compassionate, charitable, artistic, constantly gets their hopes crushed; too hopeful, , influenced too easily by others

pluto in 11th: strong beliefs, ‘knowledge is power’, feels the need to point out flaws in others, gets along with others, large ego, good listener, has high standards, passionate about social ideals, can become paranoid in groups

aries in 11th: sociable, makes friends easily, driven to achieve goals, independent, fights on behalf of others, team leader, active, fast paced, likes trying new things

taurus in 11th: has few close friends, materialistic goals, drawn to trends, follows the crowd, can be too indulgent, relaxed, determined humanitarian, true friend

gemini in 11th: good sense of humour, has lots of friends, hates solitude, works best in a group, discovers power when talking about dreams

cancer in 11th: chooses friends carefully, loves animals, sensitive to emotions of others, homebody, mother hen, defends causes, has fluctuating goals

leo in 11th: leadership qualities, gets inspiration from friends, unique, likes attention, shines in a group, star quality, admired by others

virgo in 11th: hates large groups, good at planning, health conscious, modest, has reachable goals, down to earth

libra in 11th: diplomatic, sociable, indecisive, individual, extroverted, humanitarian, can easily form connections, searches for balance in relationships, idealistic, has high hopes for others; can get disappointed by others

scorpio in 11th: introverted, faces fears with friends, private, takes things for granted, can be closed minded, passionate about social causes,

sagittarius in 11th: has good luck, wide range of friends, explores ideas with other people, wants to know the ‘truth’ about life, needs freedom, can be discriminative, thinks they are better than others

capricorn in 11th: dislikes crowds, prefers to be alone, socialises to gain status, everything is business, can be too serious, strategic, may be in a shell, wallflower, has ambitious goals

aquarius in 11th: outgoing demeanour, rebellious, tends to be tech savvy, has innovative ideas, eccentric, sociable, can be aloof, head in the clouds, truth-oriented, progressive, magnetic

pisces in 11th: sensitive, emotional, generous towards friends, self pitying, can lose identity in a group, martyr for a cause, artistic, wants to help the less fortunate


I admire actors that consistently challenge themselves and play a wide range of different roles. Every actor has a reason for being an actor… it’s boring to play the same person over and over again. People like Daniel Day Lewis, who completely transform time and time again, I look up to.

- Joe Dempsie


Spnhiatuscreations Week Eleven: Emotions

Dean Winchester+Misconceptions: Dean is Dead Inside (2/2)

It’s a misconception born of Famine’s taunting; telling Dean he wasn’t affected by The Hunger because he’s got a hole inside him that can’t be filled. That he’s not hungry because he’s already dead. Some have latched onto this and taken Famine’s words to heart, decided Dean is dead inside; a broken shell of a man. But I ask you, can a man who feels as deeply as Dean Winchester feels, a man who has such a wide range of emotions, really be dead inside? 

Part One: The hole inside Dean is a metaphor for guilt, grief and self-loathing.