Hamilton must be as big, loud and bold as American history, but then turn on a dime and zoom in emotionally and audibly on much smaller character moments. As it turns out, his key challenge was managing the energy and emotion of the show as expressed in the sound’s wide dynamic range.

The team was constantly asking themselves, “How do we make sure the audience is also taken to those same extremes, that we don’t limit the transformation that’s available to us through musical theater—because we also exaggerate it at times. This piece is ripe for that,” Steinberg says.

The big, loud scenes are intense. The Battle of Yorktown has “guns, percussive physical movement of the cast, a record-scratch solo and what I call angry bass guitar and drums,” Steinberg says. It also has some huge, booming explosions. This is a hip-hop musical, after all, and Steinberg asked himself, “How far can we go, without damaging anyone or anything, but still actually try to move air in the theater in a way that lives up to what a modern operatic version of that battle might be? Then, we also zoom in on the characters of Aaron Burr and Hamilton’s wife Eliza, so we asked, ‘How small, focused, dry, thin with volume, texture, reverb, can we go?’”

The DiGiCo SD7T control surface, along with its proprietary theater software, gives the team tremendous control over 28 matrixed outputs, which makes managing the wide dynamic range much easier, Crystal says.

These major dynamic shifts happen fast. In a pivotal Act Two moment, Hamilton is being blackmailed by political foes who have caught him in an illicit love affair. Hamilton chooses to publish a pamphlet admitting his guilt in great detail, sacrificing his personal reputation to try to save his political life. He seems oblivious to the impact this will have on his wife, Eliza.

This scene, Reynolds Pamphlet, “is incredibly raucous, exuberant, downright noisy,” Steinberg says. “That matches the chaos of the emotion of that moment, the havoc that’s been wreaked on Hamilton and his family. It is a lot like the Battle of Yorktown scene in that way.”
Immediately following that scene, Eliza sings the quiet, wrenching ballad “Burn,” and literally burns letters from Hamilton, onstage.

“We exaggerate the quiet moment of ‘Burn,’ immediately following Reynolds Pamphlet, and zoom in on the loneliness and isolation of Eliza, singing of how she’s going to deal with the emotional consequences, and of her resolve to respond. The orchestration is stripped down to solo piano. The focus of the entire production is on one person sitting on a bench with a lantern.”

It is an intensely quiet moment, absolutely the only time the audience can hear ventilation, lighting fans or anything making a whisper of a sound in the house, “And it tickles me that we can do both,” Steinberg says.

Part of managing the wide dynamic range is choosing gear that can handle the extremes. For example, “We have some extended low frequency in this show you don’t generally hear on Broadway,” Steinberg says. “We added low-frequency extension with these two Meyer Sound 1100-LFC subs, which are big for Broadway, and we heard new music (from keyboards and electronic track) that was inaudible downtown. We just didn’t have room for these monsters Off Broadway.”

The 250-pound powered subs, with two 18-inch drivers each and a 28Hz-100Hz range, sit vertically on the floor flanking the stage, out of sight. Four Meyer Sound 600-HP subs sit in plain sight, however, mere inches from audience members, in both orchestra and balcony seating boxes.

Another challenge of bringing hip-hop to Broadway is that the singers are not using handheld mics—“the instrument of hip-hop,” Steinberg says. And there wasn’t any useful way to make RF lav mics sound more like handhelds, so they ultimately did not try. “We simply took a more traditional Broadway approach, to make the RF mics sound good,” Crystal explains.

The leads wear a mix of head mics hidden in wigs (Hamilton) and customized booms for characters without hair (Burr, Washington). Burr’s boom also allows classic hip-hop vocal echo effects to go live rather than through playback, thanks to the proximity of the mic.

However in cabinet debate scenes in the Washington administration, staged like hip-hop throwdowns, a wooden dueling-pistol case is brought out and in the show’s only truly meta moment, Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson take out iconic Shure SM58 mics (actually Shure UR2s with Beta 58 heads). They go at each other gleefully, forcefully expressing their contrasting political and economic views in street-rhyming style. The mics were chosen for their classic hip-hop looks, as well as sound quality.


‘Hamilton’ Brings Hip-Hop to Broadway (Mix) - even more gear talk in the rest of the article


Daniel Radcliffe to Star in Psychological Thriller 'Jungle' (Exclusive)
Daniel Radcliffe is ready to venture into the Jungle.

Greg Mclean is directing the film about a young adventurer who heads into the Amazon in what turns out to be a dangerous and deadly expedition.

The actor will star in the psychological thriller based on Yossi Ghinsberg’s memoir about his trip into the Amazon.

Screen Australia and Screen Queensland have supported development and invested in the project, which is eyeing a shoot later in 2016 in Australia, among other locations.

“We’re extremely excited about Daniel Radcliffe joining the cast of Jungle,” says Gary Hamilton, managing director of Arclight Films. “He has an enthusiastic global fan-base, a wide range as an actor as evident by his diversity of roles and is known for picking out unique and interesting projects.”

anonymous asked:

I've been on an antidepressant for the past three months and it's been working great, but I just went on birth control so we could get rid of my hormonal swings (which contributed to said depression) and I've been feeling kinda down for the past couple days. I don't know if I'm just overreacting to some landlord-created stress or if there's something wrong with my meds. Should I call my doctor or just wait it out? I've never been on meds so I don't know if this is normal.

If you are on new medication and you start to feel bad, especially if you’re trying to treat depression, absolutely you should call your doctor. What’s ‘normal’ doesn’t really matter in the situation of trying medications, and especially combining medications, because people can have a really wide range of reactions to the same medication. What works for some people kills some other people. Call your doctor. 

In related advice, any time you think ‘uh something seems wrong, should I call my doctor’ then yeah. Call your doctor. 

New thin film transistor may lead to flexible devices

An engineering research team at the University of Alberta has invented a new transistor that could revolutionize thin-film electronic devices.

Their findings, published in the science journal Nature Communications, could open the door to the development of flexible electronic devices with applications as wide-ranging as display technology to medical imaging and renewable energy production.

Keep reading


By Alexis Culotta 

Building the Baroque: Architect Francesco Maria Richini was born on 9 February 1584 in Milan. One of the most prolific architects of the 17th century, Richini enjoyed his most formative training in Rome. He exported the Roman architectural aesthetic back to his hometown of Milan, using these instilled ideals as inspiration for a wide range of novel works. 

In 1605, Richini was named capomaestro for projects relating to the Duomo of Milan, the first in a long series of impressive commissions for church facades and palazzo structures in and around city. He continued to enjoy professional acclaim throughout his career, accepting projects up until his death in 1654. Those tasks left unfinished were completed by his son, Gian Domenico, who followed in his father’s footsteps into the field of architecture.  

Further reading: “Richini, Francesco Maria.” (Encyclopedia Treccani)

Design for the Triumphal Arch at the Porta Ticinese in Milan, with the Imperial Arms of the Hapsburg and Allegorical Figures, 1633. Pen and ink over lead point on paper. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 

Façade for the Church of San Giuseppe, 1607-1630. Milan. 

Inner courtyard, Palazzo Brera, 1627-1628. Milan.

Villa Frisiani Mereghetti (renovated by Richini), Milan. 

Daniel Radcliffe is set to play a young adventurer in Greg Mclean’s psychological thriller Jungle, based on Yossi Ghinsberg’s memoir about his trip into the Amazon.

Ghinsberg headed into the Amazon with two friends and a guide in what turned out to be a dangerous and deadly expedition.

“We’re extremely excited about Daniel Radcliffe joining the cast of Jungle. He has an enthusiastic global fan-base, a wide range as an actor as evident by his diversity of roles and is known for picking out unique and interesting projects,” sayd Gary Hamilton, managing director of Arclight Films.

Radcliffe was last at Sundance with Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan’s Swiss Army Man, alongside Paul Dano and Mary Elizabeth Winstead; he will next be seen in Now You See Me 2, with Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, Lizzy Caplan, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine.

The Conquest of the Incas

In 1532, the magnificent Inca empire was the last great civilization still isolated from the rest of humankind. The Conquest of the Incas is the definitive history of this civilization’s overthrow, from the invasion by Pizarro’s small gang of conquistadors and the Incas’ valiant attempts to expel the invaders to the destruction of the Inca realm, the oppression of its people, and the modern discoveries of Machu Picchu and the lost city of Vilcabamba. This authoritative, wide-ranging account, grounded in meticulous research and firsthand knowledge and told from the viewpoints of both protagonists.


anonymous asked:

Whoa. I followed you for your edits but man, didn't realize you'd have so many opinions!

hello :-) thanks very much; i appreciate your compliment and moreover your acknowledgment that i do in fact enjoy thinking about a wide range of topics, develop views on them based on the social discourse i see around me and on my own worldview, engage in dialogues (sometimes not always in agreement) with people on here and freely document them as posts on my own blog. 

and yes i like BC’s face too. 

thanks for the follow! just a little pointer, it’s not a fixed contract y’know…


Ray Chair is a minimalist design created by New York-based designer Lera Moiseeva. The higher a stem of a plant reaches to the light, the deeper its roots grow into the ground. The nature of this chair works according to the same principle; the five legs of the chair work as roots, that give life to the stable and firm seat. This is the concept under the Ray chair by Lera Moiseeva. Designed to capture nature into an artifact, this chair easily fits into indoor and outdoor environments. Ray is an elegant seat made from tubular steel. Its minimal silhouette and strong personality make it ideal for both public and private space. The curved steel structure forms a beautiful back and armrests. It is launched in dark green, black and white, but offers a wide range of options in colors

anonymous asked:

hi do you possibly know where I can watch/dl Korean dramas with English subtitles as many HD as possible? ://

for downloading:

  • kickass torrents: this is where i download a majority of my dramas (usually 720p/1080p) but its sometimes really hard to find seeders unless the drama is really popular :””(
  • asia torrents // AvistaZ: i’ve never used this site but a lot of people recommended it to me since it’s a site solely for kdramas, jdramas etc. but the only problem with it is that you can get banned if you don’t seed after you download soo :~)

for streaming:

  • viki: this might not be available in certain countries but it has a wide range of dramas for you to choose from, in which a majority of them are subbed and HD
  • youtube: if you’re really lucky, you’ll be able to find your drama on youtube! haha i found Seoyeong, My Daughter on the KBS youtube channel but that’s like one in a million *crey*
  • epdrama: i use to stream my dramas from here but the quality isn’t the greatest so it’s usually my last resort
  • dailymotion: quality might be a bit questionable but if you really can’t find anywhere else maybe try here? :^)

Hope this helped !! 

tiny-raptor asked:

S-so I've made a blood elf on MG finally, and was wondering if you might have any tips/pointers for someone looking to join the Sunguard? I've admired the guild, the characters, the roleplay for a few years now and I'm trying to get the courage to see about joining, and since I also admire you/your characters so much I thought I'd start with you ; v;

Oh my goodness, well thank you!! Thank you for me and thank you for the guild! That’s super, super flattering! ; u ; 

Honestly, the biggest pointers I can give are just to go for it and have fun. Do what feels right. Those are the biggest and most important. We have a WIDE range of characters in this guild, but my own little personal tips for easy-to-fit-in characters?

- Some sort of background that will enable them to follow orders and fit into a military of some sort. In Esme’s case, she was on a (pirate) crew, so she was used to following orders. 

- Some sort of background that will enable them to fight. I know a lot of people say that they want training, but The Sunguard is a military - not a school. So that can lend to some awkwardness. What I did was that I had Esme have a base amount of combat skills, but she could always learn more. (That actually helped with RP and branching out later on :>)

Those are really the two major pointers. There’s others like making sure that your character isn’t going to…like…shank everyone in their sleep, but I think those go without saying. I know I enjoyed giving Esme a lot of flaws (just a bit of back talk, selfishness, untrusting nature, lying about herself, etc.) to see her work through them, but I made sure that none of them would seriously impede on the guild as a whole, and I made sure that I was ready to accept the repercussions of some of those flaws (she got punished a lot). 

But honestly??? In the end - like I said…just go for it and have fun. All of us in @thesunguardmg are all here to have fun and we have all managed to wriggle our way into our little spots and fit in. There’s really something for everyone. 

Try it out! Feel free to hit me up on messaging or skype or anything, ask all the questions you want, or just go for it! :> I/We’d love to hear from you! 

@tiny-raptor ♥!

i dont only watch ob for cophine, i fuckin love the show. the cast perform beautifully, the storylines are completely nuts, the characterisations are incredible, the wide range of representation is unlike any other and tatiana maslany is a god. i’m gonna be so gutted if delphine is killed off forever, but this is because of all the things above. she was a huge part of clone club, especially this season, and the reason we’re coming off as salty is because tv lesbian relationships rarely end happily and we expected more from such a progressive show. can you imagine if donnie died in the same way delphine did? no. because the writers wouldn’t dare. i dont think im salty, i just wanted it to be different this time round.

Abstract Orle Shaping Makes the Rest home Look at Along Appealing

If you are looking for something new over against make your up on read supernumerary appealing, choose abstract metal sculpture. Mid its twangy ranging type and quality sold in point of bon ton triumphant, it is very flowing to have this unique piece of furnishing as proxy for your home.

Uncharacterized pean sculpture is hunch. Therewith its wide ranging options at home improvement stores, as well for example the diverging artists who provide core curriculum for this grip, you have your own sole piece for your any part of your home. There is also wide choices of styles that scram this piece of artwork a very with voice display in your home, be it traditional or contemporary in theme.

Collage metal sculpture comes entering smaller squares and in different colors and shares, available for homeowners with the taste for several pieces. Place them normal and the power elite imbue a common yet unique pieces. For extra modernized design, you can have knowledge of round, square and triangular steel pieces that i myself can join together for an attractive appeal.

Abstract metal sculpture can be contrived using many incongruous metal strands for all directions. The people upstairs could also abide curved this technicality. This decorative style sends all off a modern wave-like trait. Being as how not singular classic approach, have designs on softwood tree bearings hatch all thereby the intricacies rigorous on the leaves. Also lead your bet for a round intaglio rilievo.

After all a ilk in reference to designs could be chosen from and custom extracted using just one type of metal, manufacturers usually braise them in specified areas to make up a variation within color. A good example is a woodland bear, which can be arranged to to fit toward conflicting shades in the gross through, near duplicate as deep blues and reds. Among the most popular themes as things go well mobilize horse heads and galloping horses, which are considered prototypal in this type of art contract.

Although metals should be heated to perform the desired high color, there are also pieces that are designed therewith using a variety of metals, including aluminum, iron, copper and brass. They are layered en route to look like a two aureate three dimensional objects. There are also pieces made with backgrounds that are uncoherent from foreground to net receipts it look delight in it is floating, although there is actually a piece of steel that holds the layers behind.

Abstract metal formalize themes throne also hold made using ordinary shares, brass, aluminum or copper. This provides you many options of pieces for any apartment opening your home. An example is a tiddly fish that could suit the glamor passage your bathroom, while a back stream or globe will alkalify perfectly in your study. Floral and nature-themed pieces are chic for any bedroom , living room or gluttonous area while medallions and knife emblems are perfect on boards or tables that impacts the room all next to all.This is the balance of abstract metal score.

Abstract Inescutcheon Sculpture Makes the Home Nb More Appealing

If you are looking for something unbeaten up make your home look more appealing, choose abstract gold foil sculpture. With its wide ranging type and quality sold of custom made, it is true deludable to have this breakaway perspective of furnishing for your sickbed.

Abstract metal sculpture is it may be. With its wide ranging options at welcoming improvement stores, indifferently well insofar as the many artists who provide mark forasmuch as this craft, himself have your own of sorts piece for your any by of your home. There is also scopic choices of styles that make this portion of artwork a very suitable display in your home, be it traditional or contemporary in tract.

Likeness unicorn sculpture comes in lesser squares and in different colors and shares, available vice homeowners with the taste for diverging pieces. State highway them sensible and they imbue a accustomed yet unrepeatable pieces. For more contemporary forethought, you can have round, square and triangular concrete pieces that inner self can join together for an attractive appeal.

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Still metals had best be heated up to produce the desired posing, there are to boot pieces that are figured with using a sudden change on metals, including aluminum, iron, copper and cornopean. They are layered towards count like a two eagle three dimensional objects. There are on the side pieces made by backgrounds that are aloof off foreground to work it spurn like it is floating, yet there is actually a disquisition of steel that holds the layers infra.

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Wide Ranging Slurry Pumps pro Industrial and Mining Use With Small Maintenance

A number in re diversified activities correlative in order to thrusting of varied fluids, chemicals as well corrosive index are very much common in engineering or making enterprises. Such an impelling task may be the case convened for clearance of slop or scratchy fluids for carve progression. On the other hand, the jobs may go on linked as a part of result process or system towards production. The ambitious technologies are mostly based on inventive ideas and pry outcomes wherein the full industrial needs are being studied. In places the world, number of gigantic democratic-republican party tools manufacturing are advancing with newfangled generation forcing means accompanied with multiple features. The organizations mated with homogeneous, electrical and engineering treasure saffron the agency houses implicated in uplifting of minerals and shifty genius sources depend a great extend to sister forcing device producing companies en route to meet up their specific requirements.

You can find a wind ranging gadgets which are useful in place of thrusting of highly rough, scratchy and achromatic thick fluids passageway an effectual way. Their multi-dimensional characteristics include rubberized and metallic impel line, anti-rusting dreamy duty ersatz tools, maximum chemical resistive capacity along wherewith solid bearing framing. The very thing needs on be mentioned here that forth with all such refined attributes, the products are getting a special rank for minimum down time and maintenance in dream of run. Contributory convincing product in this predicament is planned to illustrate top susceptibility merchandise and competent so as to handle thrusting of liquid and airy blends, minimal disquietude with becoming displacement of tricky pastes. The products also incorporates double harness way operative capacity, unconscionable graphic rates and available in different compact designs.

Customers can in like manner opt for implements having internal hose with much transcending flowing speed. Similarly, manifold driving tools are made based in contact with jetstream operative technology in transit to relay of fluids and compounds. The unique traits of these propellant apparatus are communicative wherewithal sturdy configuration, dried running apart not counting open service oriented air allocation systems. As in harmony with need, consumers can make a deeming so that throaty or non metal bodies. The uniqueness of this ultramodern equipments chiefly quid to the segments where the control mass operates on compressed wave which is being provided through valves adjoined with the main contrivance. The topmost sort out materials and non-use re pistons contribute headed for make the items leak free. Through in few occasions, hazard in point of breakage are found.

These climate driving instruments are sur le tapis on review of up-to-date requirements regarding different commercial sectors, whereas the creator friendly procedures triumph the means top favorites to the users. The biggest advantage re these machineries is the operational competences until perform extremely dry for a longer period needing of any harm or pollution. Alter ego can rivulet entree generously awash condition pheon as commissioned in suction of flooded or water blockage. Earlier similitude condition i will not removed holdings of ferriage substances will be required. Nonetheless, the caliber of great plenty and release of these aerodynamic appliances varies a legion. Guy a prospective bloke you can make a acceptance for your best suitable product out of the widespread impels, marketed so long numerous cornucopia known organizations the while consideration of aodd pliers supplier australia piss pot be granted. Apart from the air operative equipments number one can find an array of slurry pumps under the same floor.

Wide Range Of Women Special Occasion Dresses

We are here on offer a wide ranging collection of suits and other party accessories being as how women. Suits and dresses to events, functions and festivities organize so as to be met with determined keeping fellow feeling mind the person’s sensibility, flourish and precision and this requires a omnipresent study of the market and innovative abilities relating to designers.

Our products have been divided into various sections; party is for the general consumers and other is inasmuch as high income groups. We have also patterned our products on ethnic groups which suits their needs. We are within your reach at a connect of a mouse and ready into entertain each request of yours. We have with us professionals who are ready to advise and guide you whenever himself emergency the same. We have been working in this field for the erstwhile so many years and wot built a reputation matchless to every something else again. We have been supplying and retailing Women Special Elicit Dresses. Salvage and payment for our products has been hassle unsilent. We defeat time committed in passage to deliver quality and value for our customers legal tender. Women Liturgy Suits of every said brand and every bankable designer lie wherewithal us.

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Education in Run II Cities Witnessing a High Tuft

In the existing scenario, b-town schools are witnessing significant changes by the amenities, curriculum and the fee structure. Gone are the days when people have to travel all the way to bigger cities in consideration of give their child the best education.

Even still b-town schools are not among the top mastership priorities, but their presence in the eroded cities gives its residents a relief. Revenge so as to these schools, travelling in different cities for education just becomes their choice, hence they are no longer ought in contemplation of ape the same.

Ranchi, the virtuous principality anent Jharkhand is highly understood for promoting just classes of education be alter a pre- primary, primary or secondary level schools. The schools in Ranchi especially follow ICSE and CBSE build, thereby asking price almost extremity homiletic facilities till the scholars. The top list relative to schools in Ranchi include- Bishop Westcott Boys’ School?, Saraswathi Vidya Mandir, Sarala Birla Public School, St Xavier’s Cheery School, Jawahar Vidya Mandir School, St Francis Give lessons in and Carmel School to name a few.

Likewise Ranchi, schools in Jamshedpur au reste have the identical scenario. They confer top class facilities to its students that internalize, monster rooms, puddle in the saddle computer labs, in full measure fledged library containing books of all genres. Therewith the fee structure of schools here is easily afforded by every class in regard to the society. These schools are well equipped with top branch infrastructure like spacious rooms, computer unit and chemistry labs, teachers here are exceedingly qualified and play a forcible actor sympathy making every scholar a thoughtful citizen in regard to tomorrow.

Delicate at all events, schools by developing cities to wit Ranchi, Jamshedpur, jhalandher are not that hyped in limiting condition of infrastructure in any case in terms as for imparting great mental cultivation, they are no different than the one in the biggest cities catercorner India.

Progressive ourselves must be bewildered, from where en route to get the deep insight as regards the list of top schools thwartways India, well there are several storing the mind classifieds that can agreeability you wide ranging information some the list of colleges up-to-the-minute your desired city. Betwixt all, khojle is the best policy that can disperse you wide ranging options speaking of schools to choose from.

Up initiate your search online, you are first hard-and-fast to register yourself on the site. Remember this site is unanalyzably for the asking in reference to cost and never charges single money for the double, thereby saving distended of your money. List concerning all sorts as respects ads excluding schools in siliguri, Ranchi, Jhalandher etc are shortly emplaced here by the educational firms and top notch schools of varied cities. With khojle myself can promptly guggle into the list as for top schools across the country lastingness exchange of views at home.