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the work schedule: IRBB

If life was just a little bit easier. We all did our best, and I’m glad to have been a part of this. I had a wonderful partner in @stacinadia. This is my entry for IRBB 2017, and again, thanks for the fun times! 


the work schedule

Autumn light dips onto Rukia. It’s warm, easy, just as the weather wants to be, and it’s perfectly timed for the hour. Goosebumps pick from her shoulders down to her forearms, and her gloved fingers curl around her suitcase. The train station is empty except for random strangers. 

Their large, brimmed hats and wide, black sunglass, more like black holes say more about their foreign status. Their laughter combined is deep, guttural, and they wave as they pass by, waving excitedly for no explicit reason. Rukia waves in return without feeling the need, but knowing her manners couldn’t be forgotten.  

Her wrist watch reads forty-five minutes past two. In fifteen minutes the train should arrive with her package, and from there the real work will begin. Her feelings aren’t set in stone for the matter, taking on this job. It makes her feel restless, annoyed, and relieved in one, round ball. 

Anticipation is somewhere down there, she knows, but it’s buried underneath the drive to get the job done before anything can become an issue. Months have passed since her last job. It’s the least, she thinks, she can do. 

Her arm aches, and she shifts the suitcase, staring down the railroad tracks as if the train will magically appear before her.

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these pics from today got me thinking about being bundled in one of luke’s oversized sweaters, hood and knees drawn up in an effort to shield yourself from the wind as you sat between his legs, cuddled back against his broad chest with his arms on either side of your shivering body, trying to keep you warm with one wrapped around your waist, holding you close, and the other holding a dimpled beer mug. you tilt your head up to watch your boyfriend talk animatedly to the other boys who were sat across the picnic table, which was covered in pitchers of beer in varying degrees of emptiness. luke’s arm tightens around you before he draws his attention away from the boys to look down at you through dark sunglasses, smiling widely when he saw you looking back, and asking “you good?” quietly and rewarding you w a kiss when you nod in affirmation, his lips hitting the corner of yours in a messy kiss because of the awkward angle, but you can still taste the beer you weren’t fond of on his pink lips, reminding you why your own glass sat untouched in front of you. instead of returning to his previous position, luke would lean forward, resting his chin on the junction of his shoulder, so close that you could feel his scruff tickle your cheek as he laughs at something calum said and the beer that dripped down his chin and landed on your shoulder as he repeatedly missed his mouth, trying valiantly to finished his drink while staying cuddled against you

a short kagehina fic

“Yo, sluts!”

The Karasuno team turns towards the gym doors, were Kageyama and Hinata are standing decked in large baggy hoodies, jeans lowered on their hips, wide-brimmed caps, sunglasses, and thick gold chains around their necks.

Tsukishima narrows his eyes, “Are those plastic? Did you guys rob a cosplay store-”

“Yo, sluts.” Kageyama repeats, slinging an arm around Hinata who nods and echoes him.

“Yo, sluts.”

“Can you please stop calling us sluts?” Suga frowns, “And go get changed for practice-”

“Nah, man.” Kageyama sniffs, “Practice is old shit news. Me and Hina-dog here are going to go ride some wood. Maybe pull off some sick aciddrops. Or some bluntslides.”

“Are you talking about drugs or.. a sport?”

Hinata holds up a deuces sign, “Skate 2 Live, sluts.”

“Where are your skateboards then?” Daichi asks.

“At home.”

“At home, slut. God.”

“Don’t call your captain ‘slut’.”

“What?” Kageyama tears off his sunglasses, “You callin’ us posers?”

Hinata shakes his head, “Nuh uh, man. these Ams better not be callin’ us posers.”


Kageyama scoffs and puts on his sunglasses again, steering Hinata towards the door with his arm around him, “Am stands for amateur? You wouldn’t know.”

Hinata holds up the deuces sign again behind his shoulder, “Deuce out the roof, sluts.”

“Slater alligator sluts.”

The team watches them walk away. Tsukishima wrinkles up his nose, “Was that some kind of goodbye?”

“I think so.”

“They’ll go back to being normal tomorrow.”

A New Scoop || Open

Everything changed the minute that the article in the paper was published and her face was put on display for the world to see who she was. No longer a lost princess and no longer really Roza, it seemed like everyone was intently interested with her and that was because they were…well, very specific people were. She had to admit that she was a good story, somewhat like a fairytale, thousands of lonely girls probably secretly dreamed they were princesses and here she actually was one. She was sure many were jealous but remarkably most seemed really happy for her or happy for the story. 

She wore a fairly wide brimmed hat and sunglasses but that didn’t stop some reporters from recognizing her. They descended upon her like…well, some sort of predatory animal hunting party, cameras flashing and questions flying, “Princess Rampion, can I ask a few questions?” said one, “princess rampion, where will you be attending school this coming year?” said another, “princess Rampion, love the dress, tell me, who are you wearing?” It was overwhelming. 

She backed up away from them and right into someone who had just come out of the cafe she was in front of. She turned to face them, camera bulbs still flashing “Oh…um…I’m sorry…” she said with a grimace, “I’ll try to make sure the pictures don’t get published,” she mumbled, pulling the brim of her hat over her face a little more. 

Cruise adventures feat. tashton

Toby smiled widely and slipped his sunglasses onto his face before turning back to Ashton “okay so this is actually amazing, i am so fucking excited” he said and jumped on his fiancé, wrapping his arms tightly around him “i can’t believe i am on a cruise with you” he giggled “and the best part is that we don’t have any parents here, so we can pretty much do anything we want” he smirked and kissed his cheek.