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Wearing   ♥  Tailored gingham dress {similar in plus size here and here}  ♥ Handmade flat straw hat  ♥  Handmade rattan Ata bag  ♥  Birkenstock Arizona sandals {similar here}  ♥  Jeepers Peepers pink round sunglasses 

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I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I love all the fashion, DIY and home inspiration I find there, I hate how 85% of the site is basically images of skinny, white women. When I started blogging, it was with the intention of creating fashion imagery in a similar dreamy, wistful aesthetic but as a fat, brown woman instead. For today’s look, I’ve drawn inspiration from a select set of imagery that’s had my attention on Pinterest all summer. It started with the Rennes Veritecoeur dress which I kept seeing everywhere early this summer but which was hopelessly out of my reach. Around midsummer there was this serendipitous moment where I was obsessing over black and white gingham and my tailor got in a bolt of gingham fabric which was just right, so I got my perfect flowy billowy gingham dress tailored. Although I’ve been wearing it constantly the past couple of months, I wanted to wait until I had all the components of my ultimate summer vacation outfit together before photographing it for the blog.

Next up was the hat. I’d been perfectly content with my trusty Olney boater all these years, until I realised that a flat straw hat is what I really really wanted after seeing this image of Imade Ogbewi from the Kinfolk summer issue. And this obsession was further cemented by everything from the Jacquemus Spring 17 collection. But even Jacquemus sized hats are way out of my budget, retailing at £200 on average, so I kept hunting until I found my handmade flat straw hat from Portugal for less than £25! Even though I draw a lot of fashion inspiration from Pinterest, my budget for translating that inspiration isn’t much, so I have to get creative. I switched the original ribbon the hat came with for a velvet one because hat ribbons in my wardrobe have to be velvet. And yes, someday I will have an outrageously massive wide brimmed straw hat, and I’ll handle it like a baby and also wear it for gardening, but in the meantime, working with a limited budget helps me harness my ingenuity a lot more than I would have if I could just buy everything I saw off Pinterest.

The bag needs no introduction to anyone who’s been following Summer 17 fashion trends, because these bags have been everywhere! It started with the Rachel Comey Baan bag and soon enough, traditional Indonesian Ata bags were hanging from almost every single fashion blogging shoulder on the internet. I actually had to wait and save up for my rattan Ata bag - at $75 plus shipping, it’s the most expensive thing my wardrobe has seen in a while. And it’s such a beautiful, delicate, unique piece, I’m utterly besotted with it! I so wish summer wasn’t coming to an end soon so I could keep styling this bag with every single outfit, but there’s always next summer and many more summers to come. And what August holiday outfit would be complete without a pair of Birkenstocks? Ever since I got my first pair last summer, I knew I wanted more of these unbelievably comfy sandals, which are the only things I can actually walk in thanks to my fallen arches. My pink Birkenstock Arizonas are currently sold out, but Birkenstock has a similar pair in the very reasonably priced Eva range. The Mediterranean inspired setting of Rural Blues on the outskirts of Bangalore was the perfect backdrop with just a hint of Santorini (another Pinterest favourite!) to complement the look.

So that was a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes and in my head while putting together an outfit. A lot of the time, it’s not as easily defined since Pinterest isn’t my only source for fashion inspiration - but I do try and pin bits and pieces I see on my internet journeys so I can collect most of my inspiration in one place. Where do you find your fashion inspiration from? And how do you put outfits together? Let me know in the comments!

Photos by Taha Zaidi

I’m not sure if this is a popular opinion or not but the idea of Professor McGonagall going home to an excited wife in a wide brimmed straw hat and a garden stained sundress and kissing her uncommonly tan-freckled face makes me happy

She’s an untamed, summer swept woman from Ireland -the complete opposite of Minerva and everything she would usually disapprove of; shaking her wild red ringlets loose and skipping into their garden topless to feel the rain and starlight on her skin, she’s the only person who makes Minerva giggle like a young girl in love.

“Aine,” Minerva said softly, grasping her lovers long dirt stained fingers and brushing her cheek with a kiss. “You will never believe what I lived through this year.”

“Oh?” Aine giggled, pulling her into their cottage. “Don’t tell me there’s a third generation of Potters, now.” Minerva’s thin smile made her beady eyes crinkle.

“They’re just as wonderful as their grandparents, my love.”

Most alluring of all Venice’s attractions, however, were the Republic’s women, who were not only beautiful but famously flirtatious and as free with their favours as the men who pursued them. Nowhere in Europe was the game of love played with more relish than within Venice’s watery borders. With its winding canals, mysterious dark passages and damp musty smells, the city reeked of sex and promised romance, torrid affairs or quick casual encounters - whatever one wanted, given freely in what the English traveller Lady Mary Wortley Montagu called an atmosphere of ‘universal liberty.’ Venice was quite simply the sex-tourism capital of Europe, the place where young male aristocrats on the Grand Tour congregated to scatter their wild oats. Its maze of dead-end alleys, canals, quays, and narrow bridges seemed to have been designed specifically with intrigue in mind, as did its anonymous black gondolas with their discreetly curtained cabins just big enough to hold two lovers.

'Alla mattina una massetta, al dopo dinar una bassetta, alla sera una donnetta’ ran a local Venetian proverb - a little Mass in the morning, a little game of cards after dinner, a little woman in the evening. Venetian women were renowned for being beautiful, well-dressed and available. They bleached their hair a streaky blonde by pulling strands of it through the crowns of wide-brimmed straw hats and sitting out on their roof terraces all day in the sun. They adorned themselves with dresses made of sumptuous imported fabrics and wore fabulous pearls and precious stones around their necks. A surprising number of women of all classes with sexually available. The city had been overrun with courtesans for more than a hundred years, and although young unmarried virgins of the patrician classes were safely cloistered away from sexual predators in the Republic’s fifty-odd convents, their mothers and even their maids enjoyed an unprecedented amount of freedom. Allowed out all day either on their own or with their 'cicisbeo,’ a male companion or lover who was officially sanctioned by their families, they moved freely about the city on foot or by gondola, at liberty to do whatever they pleased. Anonymous in their carnival masks, androgynous in their floor-length black cloaks, these liberated wives played cards in the back rooms of theatres, frequented low-life taverns and smart cafes, and even visited male friends in their private casini, the small, luxuriously-appointed houses or apartments used by the wealthy for gambling and secret liaisons. No one knew exactly where they went to or what they got up to and in most cases, no one cared. Even God, it appeared, smiled upon love affairs in the Serenissima [Venice], where 'Christ Defending the Woman Taken in Adultery’ was one of the favourite subjects tackled by the city’s painters’


Casanova’s Women: The Great Seducer and the Women He Loved // Judith Summers

regarding Venice in the early 18th century.

Suitors at the Beach!!!

It’s summertime! I hadn’t seen this before, I apologize if someone else has done this.

Leo -
God help him, and someone get the SPF 150, is there a higher SPF? He needs it.
Wears some funky colored board shorts.
Stays under the umbrella all day and reads. Burns anyway.
Beach towel has parrots on it.
At night he and MC search for seashells, he steps on a Jellyfish and asks MC to pee on his foot 😂

Giles -
Makes sure everyone has sunscreen, sunglasses, and plenty of water.
Wears weirdo short shorts and ties his hair up (haaawt).
Wears a huge ass wide brimmed straw hat.
Brings a fan and one of those misting things- mists MC while she tans 😏
Bless him, he cannot swim well.
Cheetah print beach towel.

Robert -
Wears green swim trunks and unbuttoned floral shirt, and a hat.
Builds huge fucking sand castle and other sand sculptures.
Collects seashells with MC at night to make her a bracelet.
Paints a sunset one evening. 😙
Did he even get in the water?

Albert -
Self conscious of his body. Wears tank top and swim trunks, and sunglasses with the thing around his neck so he won’t lose them.
Wears typically thick dab of sunscreen on his nose.
Researches local shark attacks before getting in the water.
Helps Robert build a sand castle.
Only one MC trusts to rub sunscreen on her, and she asks if her boobs look ok in this swimsuit… 😳
Brings picnic blanket and lunches. 😁

Nico -
Runs away before Albert can put sunscreen on him.
Demolishes sand castles and sculptures.
Likes to scare the shiznit out of MC when she’s on a floaty in the water.
Gets super sunburnt; asks MC to rub aloe vera on him 🙃
Chicken fights with Sid, Leo, Alyn, Louis, Rayvis, and MC.
Loses his swim trunks in the ocean for a bit, has to run down the beach naked to get them where they wash up 😂
Wears himself tf out and sleeps like baby (so precious).

Sid -
Swears he’s gonna show up in a speedo, fortunately wears some dark colored board shorts, and a pair of aviators.
Brings Jess and she loves to swim.
Likes to show off all his tats.
Likes to surf, and pretty good at it.
Brings cooler of drinks.
Also ties his hair back.
Is freaked out by crabs because he thinks they’re creepy. 🤣

Louis -
Ewww sunlight and ppl.
Has the best beach hair, wears some blueish board shorts and LV sunglasses.
Plays volleyball with Alyn, Rayvis, and Byron.
Only one who MC will sit on his shoulders for chicken fights.
Loves sunsets the most.
Drinks coconut water with a straw
Finds the biggest most beautiful sea shells. ☺️

Rayvis -
Wears grey board shorts, and Oakley sunglasses, and has a plaid towel.
Builds a campfire at night for s'mores.
Likes walks along the beach and watching the sunset or stars at night.
Gets a splinter in his foot and MC removes it for him and gives him a band aid.
Pokémon beach towel.
Does not like being in the water if he can’t see the bottom - constantly creeped by “something touching his foot” 😆

Alyn -
Ripped. Best beach body. But super humble.
Kills it at volleyball, and can also surf.
Plays frisbee with Arthur.
Wears board shorts- actually has quite a few pairs.
Gets some super cute freckles when he tans.
Brings a picnic basket with baked goods.
Best swimmer also. 😳

Byron -
Wears speedo (stop staring) and eyepatch (until everyone makes him take it off, because tan lines)
Has a Hello Kitty beach towel and cheapo sunglasses… still hot af.
Swims like a damn dolphin.
Likes to sit in the inner tube and chill.
Sits up all night with MC to look at the stars and watch the sunrise. 😊

redacted-metallum  asked:

Every time I see this blog i remember how small some of the bots in tf:m are and then I start crying because I am fundamentally unable to handle tiny robots

Do you ever just think about how Minimus is so small they can put human clothes on him?

And those clothes are often too big?

Rumble and Frenzy can just straight-up wear sweaters. Like. They can pretend to be humans. “Hurr durr I’m a human!” Rumble says, tugging down a wide-brimmed straw hat. “I have a job and I eat leaves!” Frenzy laughs himself sick.

Mythologies + Summertime feelings

Zeus: The rumbling of thunder in the middle of the day. A hot sunny day suddenly devoured by rolling clouds and the feel of a cool breeze indicating the arrival of a storm. The first droplets of rain falling upon your face, bringing strong humidity afterwards, and with it the return of the sun once more.

Chalchihuitlicue: The glistening of a river, lake, of stream by the midday sun. The bounty of creatures attracted to a body of water by a drive to survive. The shrill yet consistent cawing of seagull colonies flying above a brilliant blue ocean and perching and nesting on rocky cliffs. The sounds of rolling waves smashing against rocks compared to the daily resurgence of the calm tide at the mercy of the of the force of the moon. Nightfall brings with it the croaking of frogs, barely visible in the reeds by the riverside, and footprints in the sand washed away by the tide, memories dragged into the sea.

Dionysus: Teens sneaking out of their parents house to attend late night summer parties at their friends houses. Innocence, curiosity, and excitement in the faces of those teens as the wine is brought out. Parents recording their children’s performance in a quaint summer camp play. A pastor preaches ecstatically about their religion as they sweat in their suits, and a group of fans squeals wildly at a concert performed at by one of their favorite stars. A mother who has finally put her baby down for a nap, raiding a hiding spot for her bottle of “special juice”, which turns out to be wine, or a group of friends kicking off their shoes after a long, hard day at work and pouring some wine for each other, getting drunk and forgetting their worries of the world for just one night.

Chang'e: Finding the perfect summer night to go stargazing. Celebrating that the hot summer day has now turned into a cool summer night. Gazing up at the clear summer night sky, feeling so empty yet so full at the same time. Staying up all night to celebrate the summer solstice aka the longest day of the year. Tracking the movement of the moon night after night and watching out for meteor showers. Taking moments to just enjoy the moon, and the calm night that comes with it.

Ra: The heat of the sun beating down on you on a sweltering and muggy summer day and beads of sweat rolling down your face. Flip-flops smacking against pavement on the days where the heat disposes of the need for shoes. The shadows cast around you, reflections of the movement of the sun through the sky. The feeling of the sun burning your arm, put up to protect your eyes from it’s harsh glare. Watching the beauty of a sunset from a high altitude, and smiling, knowing that the sun will come up tomorrow.

Aphrodite: Girls strolling upon a boardwalk, dressed in pretty and colorful sundresses made of floaty fabrics and bodies adorned with shiny jewelry. Brightly painted lips that part to reveal smiles as the girls giggle at a joke one of them told. Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes finding the courage to wear their bikinis to the beach or the pool on the first day of summer. Stolen kisses in the midst of night, and the chuckles of mischievous teens going skinny dipping in a nearby lake. Dates held at carnivals where hilarity is bound to ensue. The sharing of cotton candy and frightful screams of terrifying rides lost to the night, and one individual finally gathering up the courage to kiss the other at the top of the ferris wheel. Wild thoughts and rash decisions made in the name of love, that may or may not lead to regret in the fall. Trivial activities leading to the realization that summer will come to an end eventually, and then followed by the thought to enjoy it the best you can, for life is meant to be savoured, and so is love.

Anansi: Swatting off flies on a sticky summer day. Mosquito nets put up and screen doors being closed, protection from their constant biting. Itchy bumps and visible redness brought on by the relentless bites of various insects and arachnids. Spiderwebs flowing in the summer breeze, the unfortunate corpses of their prey left to rot in the hot summer air. Spiders of various shapes and sizes crawling up buildings and nesting in cracks and crevices, protection from the summer heat.

Demeter: Rolling fields of yellow grain, and tall green stalks of corn that seem to lose you in their cornfields. The sweat of farmers in faded denim overalls with rolled up sleeves toiling in the summer heat, harvesting their crops, and the shadows cast by their wide brimmed straw hats. Sinking your teeth into a soft roll of handmade bread prepared from the harvested grains while the elderly joyfully recount memories and life stories over freshly brewed beer, toasting to more memories to come.

Agni: The crackling sounds of dry wood burning in a campfire, sparks visible in the air, the small flame illuminating the night sky. The sounds of laughter as friends and family swarm around a neighborhood bonfire. The visible smoke from a forest fire ignited by the sparks of a small, unkempt flame. The savory scent brought on by the roasting of s'mores around a flame. The glowing embers of a dying fire and the ashes that are left afterwards, a symbol of what was once there.

Hermes: Familial dysfunction occurring during an hours long road trip. Poorly read maps and a malfunctioning GPS system. Little children crying over stolen toys. The hum of the wind and hair whipped around by it, caused by a car speeding down a highway. The sound of a lone car driving down an empty road. The crossing of state lines and the miles recounted. Postcards sent and received recounting tales of places visited and vacationed to. The sound of a car engine starting up once again, signalling a readiness for adventure.

Loki: Raucous laughter caused by a very audible joke. The sneaky giggles of friends planning a prank on another. Gasps of shock as someone is “accidentally” shoved into a pool. Playing with the gags at the jokes section of a toy store. Rolling your eyes at crude, unfunny, and/or distasteful joke. Mysteriously initiated water balloon fights that lead to everyone getting soaked. Clutching your sides and gasping for breath as your eyes tear up due to a joke that for some reason you found really funny. Getting cheered up by a friend who knows how to make you smile when you’re down. Remembering the importance of comedy through all the seriousness in the world, and knowing that sometimes, you just have to laugh.

Persephone: Walking through a field of flowers, all in full bloom, watching the butterflies, bees, and other pollinators flutter around, performing their built in duties. An odd couple sits under a tree to avoid the harshness of the summer sun, an imperfectly perfect match. Spending an hour plucking fresh flowers for your crush, inhaling their lovely scent beforehand and afterwards. Basking in the sun, flowers all around you, for summer is here, and it should be cherished for it will eventually come to an end.

Imagine Flint toiling away in the garden one sweltering summer afternoon. Cheeks flushed and shirt drenched with sweat, yet not once does he have half a mind to complain. It’s hard work, but it’s honest work. It’s the peace he’s sought for the past ten years.

Flint gazes upwards, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he looks up towards the sky. Nary a cloud in sight, and the most perfect shade of crystalline blue.

Suddenly his line of sight is obstructed as a wide-brimmed straw hat is plopped over his head. Immediately a hand flies up to keep the hat from further tipping forward over his eyes. Despite himself Flint grins, and when he turns he sees Thomas standing right there beside him. That same smile warms his features. It’s a brilliant, fragile thing, one more blinding than the sun above.

An Unexplored Realm

Fandom: OUaT/Rumbelle

Rating: G

Word Count: ~2,250

A/N: written for the @rumbellesummervacation event.  AO3

“Is that it? Is that where we’re going?” Gideon sat up to peer over the heads of people in front of him and through the windows of the catamaran.

Belle craned her neck trying to see as well, but as usual could see no more than the back of people’s heads. Her son, who at age ten was already as tall as his father, could obviously see something she couldn’t, without even standing up. She half stood to take a quick look, seeing the pontoon come into view. It was a large white structure, rather like a houseboat, with two levels and canopies for shade. Even from this distance, she could see people moving from place to place on the deck.

“That seems to be it,” she confirmed, settling back into her seat.

“So when we get there, we’ll be in the Great Barrier Reef?” Gideon questioned.

A polo-shirted staff member heard the question as he passed by. “Mate, you’ve been in the Great Barrier Reef for the past hour, didn’t you know?”

“We have?” He stared after the man in wonder before spinning back to Belle. “Mom, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Sweetheart, I thought you knew,” she responded, still feeling a bit of a pang when he called her Mom. Gideon’s tenth birthday had brought about all sorts of changes… among them, the conviction that he was much too old to call her Mommy. She missed the days when his little voice would call out for Mommy a hundred times a day. “Weren’t you listening when we went to that seminar last night?” He gave her a blank look, so she elaborated. “The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism on Earth, and the only one of the seven natural wonders large enough to be seen from space. That should have told you that we’d be in the Reef long before we docked at the pontoon.”

He rolled his eyes, a recent addition to his physical vocabulary, and one that she’d been hoping wouldn’t appear till he was a teenager. Just give me a couple more years with my sweet baby, please, she sent out a silent prayer to whatever entity might be listening. Just another year or so, before he’s so tall I need a ladder to hug him and he becomes moody and brooding and wants nothing to do with me.

“Mom, if I wanted to sit in a classroom and be lectured, we could’ve stayed in Storybrooke. We didn’t come all the way to Australia so I could sit inside and–” He cut himself off, his mouth staying open mid-word as he stared at something over Belle’s shoulder.

“Gideon, what–” She turned to look, and smothered a giggle.

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Riviera (00qad)

Under the shade of the palm trees, it was almost cold; a breeze blew softly from the sea and it brought a salty scent with it even so far up the beach and, despite moving masses of hot air, it raised goosebumps on Alex’s fair skin that was slowly becoming tanned under the brighter sun shining on the French Riviera.

Not as tanned as James, of course. In the matter of two days spent laying about shirtless - and with the help of a tan booster lotion - his lover’s skin had become golden, offering a perfect contrast to his icy blue eyes that reflected the endlessly clear sky and to his blond hair, that had already gotten a shade lighter under the strong sunlight.

Q and Danny preferred the shade, or so they claimed.

Personally, Alex thought that Danny would have really liked to get a tan but had discovered that his skin was too sensitive for a prolonged exposure - no matter how much sunscreen he had put on during the previous days, his shoulders still had burnt and a smattering of freckles had appeared on the bridge of his nose.

Q, while just as sensitive as Danny, probably didn’t want to get tanned at all; amused, Alex had lazily spied on the way his younger lover moved around the beach following the shade, towel following him like the train of a bridal dress - just like the wide, diva-like straw hat that never left its perch on Q’ s curls, made even more unruly by the salty air.

Alex yawned and turned on his stomach, cheek pillowed on his crossed forearms, closing his eyes - all the other senses suddenly sharpened when his eyelids were lowered, lashes fanned out on his sun kissed cheeks.

Above all, he could hear the sea: its voice came and went in a constant rhythm, scraping along the sand before rolling on itself and lazily stretching along the wet beach, broken only by the yachts that speeded along the horizon line and disturbed its lulling song. If he focused, Alex heard the slow turning of the pages of the novel James was reading - the decadent Hollywood world coming to life on the slightly yellowing paper; as the frequency of that particular sound slowed, Alex guessed that James was falling asleep, tired out by a long swim. He heard the steady tapping of Q’s fingers too, coding for pleasure instead for work, accompanied by the steady litany of Danny’s voice, talking about snatches of histories he’d heard about the little city - more of a village, really - they were staying in.

Also his sense of smell was sharpened and Alex filled his lungs to the brim with the curios mix of the tang of his light sweat, overlayed by the salty fragrance of the sea and the pasty smell of the sunscreen coating his body like a burial sheet. It was a scent that alone was enough to make him think about days stretching in the summer’s heat, pleasantly similar one to another. Uneventful. Boring. And safe.

“He’s fallen asleep too”

Alex wanted to reply that no, he hadn’t: he was just focused on his surroundings, slowly letting his consciousness fade away to a pale ghost as he immersed himself in the nature, became one with it. But when he tried to open an eye to playfully wink at Danny, his facial muscles wouldn’t cooperate - almost seemed to relax further - and his voice stayed trapped in his mind, too enchanted by the song of the sea to interrupt.

“Did he put some sunscreen on? He’ll burn if he sleeps under the sun”

“Yes, he has. Don’t worry”

Lips against his skin. Alex turned his head to the side a little, breathing in the scent of the man kissing his heated forehead before putting what felt like Q’s straw hat on his hair: brought out by the heat, Alex recognised the smell of Danny’s lavender-perfumed shampoo.

Then he felt nothing else but the breeze whispering in its secret language to the palm trees.

Damn, but Danny was right: he too had fallen asleep.

(When I wrote this I was high on weed under a boiling hot sun, drinking white wine straight from the bottle on a beach somewhere in between Roquebrune and Cardoles lol)

ANYWAYS junkrat wearing pride flag nipple pasties hanging over his top scars while roadhog tends to his garden in a pretty wide rim straw hat with a pink bow and a pretty sundress. ur welcome

Why did this take so long, I don’t fucking know. Everyone sorting out things.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 (here) / Part 10

Yang talked for a long time, carrying on the one-sided conversation with her mother’s grave marker for at least an hour as the skies darkened overhead. The topics ranged from how Ghira and Kali were doing to touching a little on her slight falling out with Blake before moving right into the latest news around Patch, and even the last bit of news from Ruby, the blonde’s enigmatic sister who was off gallivanting around the kingdom on some quest or other. Weiss remained silent beside her, caught between swirling emotions that she did her best to hide. The blonde seemed happy despite the undercurrent of wistful longing that lingered in her tone and it would be a shame to ruin her improved mood so soon. Doing it once had already made her heart clench painfully in her chest, hardly able to process the absolutely heartbroken expression on her wife’s face as she fought to keep her tears in check; honest the Atlesian would be per their agreement to do better, but there had to be a more appropriate time and place to pursue those questions lingering in the back of her mind. Especially when most of them could be answered by someone else, the sharp point of her anger reminded her, almost threatening to break through her calm expression. The less the other woman knew of her current thoughts, the better for both of them.

Eventually, the boom of thunder drew Yang’s attention to the encroaching storm, and she frowned briefly before looking back to the grave marker.

“We should probably head back. Wouldn’t want to be caught outside when it starts coming down. It might pass us over and hit the mainland but… well, better not chance it, right?” She reached out with one hand, putting it inside the little box and gathering the balled up papers into a loose fist. Brows pinching in concentration, the blonde remained silent until faint smoke began to rise from within, drawing her hand back to reveal the small tongues of flame licking at the papers bearing various Valen characters. Weiss could only read a handful from her brief looks at them, but each had a positive message about peace and rest, so she could only assume them to be prayers meant to set her mother’s soul at ease. “I love you, Mom. I hope you’re resting well under the Maidens’ care.” Yang glanced her way. “And if you could put in a good word for us? The harvest is coming up. After that, if the Winter Maiden could give us a little snow this year, I think we’d like that.”

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Tricks and Treats: Harvest Moon

For October 18th! Oh lord…what have I done to myself haha…

And for @wolf–ink~

Prompt:Harvest Moon

Summary: Saitama just wanted some help around the farm. He hadn’t known his former neighbor was a witch and he certainly didn’t think much of fixing up an old scarecrow.

“Come on, my grandmother said that he was great around the house when she needed him to be. I’m sure he’s not that bad.”

“He came into my bedroom through the second-story window,” he replied flatly.

“Hmm…grandma never told me he was clingy. I guess he just likes you.”

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Sesskag- Can you write a fic about sesshomaru coming to the village to get kagome, they then go to take a walk together and they try to get to know each other better!! Kagome asking simple question like what his favorite color! And he ask her question like about her school life!!! Those r just examples:) I hope this makes sense 😫

I hear you loud and clear, Anon, thank you for the prompt! ^^ Here you go!

Getting to Know You

It was a hot summer day, and sweat was beading underneath the wide rim of Kagome’s straw-hat. She had been lost in her work, but the persistent ache in her knees and back was pulling her back to the reality. She groaned as she got up to her feet and tossed the plants in her hand into the growing pile of uprooted weeds. Hands on her hips, she cast a look around her garden patch. It was looking better, though there was still plenty of weeding to be done. Still, the heatwave was even a bigger threat to her precious plants.

“Look at all my poor herbs and vegetables, they’re dry and drooping,” she sighed. Then, she glowered at the pile of weeds and nudged it with her foot. “How come you are still growing so happily?”

“Because the perseverant nature of pests is the very reason they are so vexing.”

Kagome yelped and swirled around, her hand pressed over her racing heart.

“Sesshoumaru! You scared me.”

“I apologise. It did not seem like you had noticed my presence so I chose to speak up.”

“Eh? Have you been here long?”

“A while.”

“I’m sorry. You’re right, I didn’t notice at all… Did you come to see Rin?”

“That was my intention, yes.”

“Yeah…” Kagome brushed her hands on her hakama and flashed Sesshoumaru an apologetic smile. “She’s gone with Sango and Miroku to visit the old Taijiya village. You know she’s been helping Sango with the kids, though I think she had ulterior motives this time.”

“Ulterior motives?” Sesshoumaru blinked. “Rin?”

“Well, they’ve gone to see Kohaku, haven’t they?”

“I see.”

“I’m sorry you came all this way for nothing.”

“Not necessarily. You are here, are you not?”

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« you’re a gardener with a really nice ass that i can’t stop staring at and one day you caught me looking at you bent over and fuck that’s embarrassing but then suddenly you started wearing tighter pants dear holy lord » au, heh

fuck the spaus tag, it seems like no one ever contributes to it and that makes me sad

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sticks-and-mints  asked:

If you're still taking fic requests: Zuko/Katara Meeting at a masquerade ball au. :)

Note: I had a few people request this! So I just made it MEGA LONG, hope you enjoy!

“I look like an idiot.”

His sister doesn’t even look up from inspecting her manicure, “Then I imagine it’s time to develop charm and personality, Zuzu.”

“That’s not funny.”

She yawns, setting down her hand in order to lean against a pillar. Even dressed in an evening gown, with a red and gold feathered mask, everything about Azula manages to scream predator. “Of course it’s not. If anything, it’s cruel of father—giving you yet another opportunity to embarrass yourself.”

Zuko grits his teeth, and readjusts his mask for the hundredth time. It’s blue. He isn’t sure why he ended up with a blue one when he’s supposed to be representing his country tonight. He’s also still not sure if he wants to just grab a bottle of whiskey and retreat to his room for the rest of the night-

“-you’re not planning on sulking again, are you?”


“Are you sure? You’re wearing your sulking face.”

“You can’t even see my face!”

Please, Zuzu.”

“Please what?”

Azula rolls her eyes, “I think I’ve had enough of coddling your wallflower tendencies for one night,” she grins, and Zuko watches her stare move to a man wearing a navy blue suit with a wolf mask, “Time for new company. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the future Chief of the Water Tribes. Bye, Zuzu. Try not to shame our country too much this evening.”

And just like sharks are born swimmers, Azula is a born mingler. Zuko watches as she saunters up and corners the man, starting a conversation that seems to be both flirtatious and vaguely intimidating.

Zuko’s never been good at swimming.

He walks over to the punch bowl. At a political function like this, where the heads of the four most powerful nations are convening for a treaty negotiation, it’s important to go with punch. Drinking punch is safe. Drinking punch won’t accidentally start a war or increase tariffs somewhere.

So Zuko drinks punch for two hours and glares.

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The Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree | ch 1 |

Summary: Lilacs, for memories and first love. Plumeria, for new beginnings. Peonies, for happiness. White lotus, for eternity. The language of flowers was one their family knew best.

Title: Their Secret Garden
Pairing: NaruHina, sunshine family
Prompt: From chapter seven of the Konoha Hiden: where Naruto talks to his plants and Hinata presses flowers.
Chapter: 1 | 2 
AN: This was always meant to include Boruto and Himawari but it got so long I split it into two chapters. I absolutely love anything to do with flora and the sunshine family (as does ammeja so this is also for you!) so it was only a matter of time before I wrote something based off these wonderfully canon and dorky traits. Enjoy! The second part should be up in a few days.
(Also on ff.net)

Hinata hummed as she watered the cluster of stargazer lilies, taking care to give them just the amount that Naruto told her would be good for them. She patted the soil to feel the texture and nodded in satisfaction. She sighed as she sat back and wiped her cheek with her free hand, feeling a streak of soil left behind in its wake. The summer sun shone relentlessly overhead and she mentally patted herself on the back for remembering her wide-brimmed straw hat. The last time she forgot and joined Naruto in gardening, she burned rather badly and he had fretted over her for the rest of the week with each wince and hiss of discomfort from her. He had been more than happy to help smooth aloe lotion over the sensitive skin though.

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