wide squat

Mika giving yuu piggy back rides frequently and yuu getting stubborn because he never gets to carry mika. so one day he just. grabs mika by the legs and tries to lift him. He kinda does, and gets him on his shoulders haphazardly while doing a weird wide squat thing.
“What are you doing, yuu???”
“How do you,” yuu almost falls over, slightly out of breath “carry me so easy???”
“Jesus Christ yuu I’m a fucking vampire now put me down before you hurt yourself”

Wanna kill your legs and glutes?
  • I typically don't share my specific workouts, just general ideas. But my coach KILLED me today and it's worth sharing 😜
  • -Wide Stance Squats 10x10
  • - Single Leg Press 4x15 (each leg)
  • - Lying Ball Squeeze 4x1 minute
  • - Single stiff-leg deadlift 4x15(each leg)
  • - Cable Kick Backs 3x12 (each leg)
  • - seated/standing calf raises 3x15
  • *(minus stability ball) all exercises include weights at your ability level*
  • *for form/technique bodybuilding.com has a good video base of exercises or you can Google and watch tutorials on form.

How do I reflect on such a crazy month? So much is changing. But I had so much fun doing this challenge all month. I set a lot of goals for myself and I feel like I am on my way to reaching them. It’s lovely that as so many things are changing around me and happening so quickly, I can still have these moments of peace and see changes in my body, as well. All for the better :). I sometimes like to end my practice with a wide squat because i feel that it is such a peaceful and reflective pose, so what better way to end a challenge?

Thanks so much to everyone that has followed this blog and that has offered support <3 It has been so much fun sharing with you and seeing everyone participating together in this challenge.


Exercise Tutorial - Wide Squat

Plie Squat to Lunge

A. Stand with feet just wider than hip-width distance apart, with toes pointing out and heels in. Hinge at hips and lower into a wide squat position, drawing arms in front of you.
B. Rotate body to the left, pivoting on feet and lifting right heel to shift into a lunge facing left with arms outstretched overhead. 

Teka update

Teka went to the vet yesterday and she weighs 118 grams.  She normally weighs 97, so both the vet and I think she’s got some eggs in the oven.  The vet could also feel something on her uterus, adding to our suspicions.  She’s also been sitting very wide (imagine a sumo squat) which makes me think there’s more than one egg.  She walks very gingerly and is slow/careful when stepping up or down. Regardless, she’s still her sweet and happy self.  I’ll be putting her to bed at 7pm now (previously 8 pm) and putting calcium powder in her water.  I also regularly check her vent to make sure her feathers are clean (meaning no pooping difficulties) and check her feet to make sure she’s gripping okay (signs of poor grip could mean a tumour is pressing on nerves).