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Aqours DIARY: Everyone’s Diary (December 2016) 
Caption: I’m always connected to my partner, heart to heart♡

I’ve loved horse-riding since childhood♡
Ah, even though I said horse-riding— What I do isn’t the troublesome-looking, formal British style— but rather the cowboy-style, with simply riding along quickly as its basis♪
Though horses can’t speak— It’s really clever, and I’ve really loved it ever since it was small♡♡
With just the slightest movements of my body— it’s able to sense my feelings.
And just by meeting our eyes— we can understand each other’s feelings.
It’s always been my greatest friend.
I can’t lie to it either♡
Once I climb onto its back and ride along the country roads, I’ll soon forget any unpleasant things no matter how bad they were!
But in Japan, it’s truly a pity that there aren’t many places where you can ride a horse.
I’m certain Starbright here would definitely have wanted to move about a wide open field too—.
Right now, all I can do is ride it on the road around the island twice a day, in the morning and evening.
Sorry, Starbright.
But— you understand, right?
— Hehe♡

I’m not very good at explaining things in words.
My true feelings—.
It seems that I’m the type who always conveys them directly through physical contact like this, from the bottom of my heart.
And whenever I’m troubled— I hug and cuddle it like this.
Once we huddle together like this— Just that is definitely enough to make anything alright♡
This simple person that I am— Someday I want to do this with you too.
With a hug— Won’t you hold me?
Okay? It’s definitely a promise♡♡♡

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine December 2016 issue

embarrassing sentence starters.

“ um, that’s not my name actually. ”
“ there’s toilet paper attatched to your shoe.. ”
“ you know, you’re dragging toilet paper with you, right? ”
“ there’s toilet paper hanging from your back. ”
“ could you pull your pants up? your crack is showing. ”
“ i can see your nipples through your shirt. ”
“ you know the bathroom door is wide open, right? ”
“ there’s a nude photo of you all over the internet right now. ”
“ did you mean to send me this nude photo of you? ”
“ yeah, i accidentally sent you a nude, could you just delete it. ”
“ i think you meant to text someone else your nudes, yeah? ”
“ um, is this text message really meant for me? ”
“ oh shit! i’m sorry, my bad, i didn’t think anyone was in here. ”
“ your back side is hanging out from your hospital gown. ”
“ wow, that is literally the smallest dick i’ve ever seen. ”
“ is your vagina always this loose? it just keeps falling out. ”
“ are you okay? you ran into that door pretty hard. ”
“ uh, yeah, i think your skirt is caught in the car door. ”
“ is there a reason your standing in the street bare naked? ”
“ hey, could you pull the bathroom door shut? ”
“ hey! if anyone can hear me, i could really use some toilet paper! ”
“ jesus, put a shirt on! ”
“ you smell like shit, have you showered lately? ”
“ your breath is on foul, seriously, do you own a toothbrush? ”
“ oh, my god! wow, okay, yeah. uhm, ever heard of knocking? ”
“ yeah, i’m trying to use the rest room here, could you leave? ”
“ are you jacking off in the stall next to me? ”
“ wow, could you not peek at me from the other stall?! thank you. ”
“ did i leave my keys at your house? oh nevermind, they’re in my hand. ”
“ hey, just calling to see if you’ve seen my phone anywhere? ”
“ have you seen my phone anywhere? oh wait, it’s in my hand. ”
“ oh, dear! are you alright? you hit the ground pretty hard. ”
“ what’s that stain on the back of your pants? ”
“ oh my god, did you really just fart? ”
“ i think your bleeding through, hunny. ”
“ there’s blood on the back of your shorts by the way. ”
“ your shit is stained yellow, under the arms, maybe you want to change. ”

while im on the topic of this fuckin nerd lemme tell you that I love chompy with all my heart, hes a fuckin pest and costs one trillion pounds in sawdust bc he has no concept of not running in mud and then jumping all over his hutch but this bun knows he got the good life. as said before he just kinda roams the back garden during the day. patrols the perimeter ynow controls them borders. but yeah one time I went out to check on him bc I couldn’t see him and saw the back gate was open and he’d gotten out and let me tell u ive never shat bricks quicker. hauled ass back into my house to get some shoes on to run round the neighbourhood thinkin I’ve lost my formidable Elder Rabbit forever or he’s been in the road or smthn. shot out my house like a fuckin bullet to scope him out and there he fuckin is, in the front garden, munching the grass. front gate wide open, main road right there, had been presumably free to wander out for at least half an hour but nah. in the front. chowin the fuck down. bc this little bastard probs got to the gate and thought wait. this sucker pays out of pocket for fancy fruit rabbit food when he could just get the generic one that tastes like ass. he grows a garden and gives me carrots straight out the ground. ynow?? im gonna Stick Around, might cause him a fucking aneurysm from the stress of him thinkin I’ve scooted my furry ass straight into a fuckin road but w/e


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Right, this was not the position the Soldier wanted to be in. Not at all, not in a million years.

Dmitri’s hands were pinned up on both sides of his head against the wall of his home. They were standing in the hallway that led right to the front door, which stood wide open. Right outside on the steps, rested the Pizza Boy’s hat.

The same Pizza Boy that had left his number on the receipt all those months ago, had currently parked his car in Dmitri’s drive way, and had the older man pinned against the wall.

The only reason Dmitri couldn’t quite stop the other from his actions, was because he hadn’t taken the time to take his medicine for the day. Leaving him without all of his strength. “Come on, I’m better than that kid who was here…I’m better than him okay?” The Pizza guy called, his name tag read Carlos.

Dmitri was still half asleep when he opened the door and ended up slammed against his wall, and before he had a chance to respond, Carlos’s lips were shoved against his as well as his body, and Dmitri found that he couldn’t breathe.

Home (future CS drabble)

As I said in an earlier post, I wrote something. This is actually the first time I write anything, the nearest thing I’ve ever wrote being essays. So bear with me, because this might be absolute garbage.

But I still wanted to post this because we are in need of some fluff after last night’s episode and next week’s promo. At least I am lol.

So here it goes, pointless fluffy future cs drabble. It’s not edited and English isn’t my first language, so I apologize if something doesn’t make sense or there are mistakes along the way.

The little boy was looking up at him with his big blue eyes wide open. Killian extended his right arm and the boy started playing with his wedding band, absolutely marveled by its golden shine.

A little girl came into the room looking for her favorite toy, which was laying on the floor at Killian’s feet, in a pile of random games and toys and stuffed animals. It was obvious there were kids living in the house.

“Daddy, when is mommy coming home?” The little girl looked up at his father, a small pout on her porcelain-like face.

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A wide hole has opened,
Right up in my chest
And in this emptiness I’m lonely
It’s the only proof that you had once breathed
Come back my dear lover,
Oh-come back again
My heart in ribbons falls to the floor
And there’s nothing that I can do

this is the first september that i haven’t been in school and i’m starting to realize that i don’t know exactly who i am without it. and i can tell because it’s showing in how i’m writing the september series. september’s character doesn’t seem fully formed. i don’t know who september is and i don’t think september does either. he’s all over the place. this month has been really weird and exhausting for me. i miss the discussion and interaction that comes with taking classes especially at the university level. i miss the plan that a degree set out in front of me. everything feels so wide open right now and i can’t figure out which direction to run in. i’m taking on more projects than i really have time for and i don’t know what to do about it. i feel like i’m putting too much pressure on myself to see them through. on the other hand, i accomplished so much this month. i pushed myself harder than i thought i could and there’s something there that i really feel proud of. i think i’m just feeling like everything is moving so fast, i just want it to slow down so i can catch up.

force of nature

A crack of thunder shook the house, and it was then that Kaidan noticed he was alone in bed. The side of their bed that Shepard normally took over, before invading his half of the bed, was cold and empty, but he couldn’t say he was shocked. Shepard’s sleeping habits were far from normal, and she often got up in the middle of the night to tour the house or make herself food. She sometimes ended up downstairs watching trashy reality TV until she was tired enough. Thankfully, it never woke his parents.

He rubbed his eyes with the backs of his palms, set to go find her. The rain hit the roof and windows with an unending might, and he faintly made out the flashes of lightning out at sea. He sat up, and saw that the doors to their room, leading out to the balcony were wide open, and Shepard sat right in the center, looking out onto the water.

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