wide open wounds

Don’t betray people. Don’t cheat on people. Don’t fuck people over. Because the pain you inflict on them is not the type of pain that is quick and soon over with. Its the type of pain that never ever truly goes away. Even when the wound seems to have healed, some memory will surface and suddenly it tears wide open and the wound becomes fresh again. It never stops hurting. Its tough enough to mend a broken heart, but mending a heart that has been broken by betrayal is almost brutally impossible.
—  I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. Not in 6 months. Not in 6 years.

Florence smiled at me but pretended
like we’d never kissed while drunk with
our mouths like firecrackers and our
wounds wide open, pretended like we hadn’t
ever been best friends - i saw the
river between us grow too big to ford and
smiled back and pretended too, since that’s what she wants.

Live your life with your wounds wide open
make people cringe when they look your way
let the world know you hurt.

don’t let anyone tell you that sadness is unbecoming
if you are angry
be angry
let it fill your mouth and break your teeth
let it kick open your ribs like they’re nothing more than sticks
if you are hurt, be hurt
don’t let them take that from you too.

—  If you want to cry, make sure they hear you– Lily Rain