wide nails

neil + allison headcanons

i firmly believe that one day, neil and allison get to be pretty good friends. like there’s always that iffy bit to their friendship but they learn to work around it. anyway-

  • neil and allison start to hang out a lot 
  • allison likes to dress neil
  • and he doesn’t really care
  • neil “fuck gender stereotypes” josten
  • so they have “treat yo self” days maybe once a month
  • or after really awful days
  • allison teaches neil how to do his make up
  • so on really bad days, he can semi hide his scars
  • neil learns conturing
  • his cheekbones get sharper, his eyes get bluer, his jaw is more obvious
  • andrew = dead boy walking
  • anyway, one day, neil and allison are sitting on the couch in sweats
  • watching chick flicks and shit talking classmates
  • allison has a wide assortment of nail polish on the coffee table
  • she’s painting her nails vibrant pink, aight

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Who ships who in the ToG fandom

Rowan: Manorian, although have you seen that elorcan happening?

Aelin: lysaedion *winks and explain again how heirs are to be made*

Dorain: well I’ve slept with half the kingdom so he has a wide selection*manon sharpens nails* I mean I ship me and manon

Manon: *shrugs* is my thirteen still alive?

Lorcan: Excuse me, I do not ship, I am a cold heartless- wait did elide just look at me?

Chaol: *Looks to dorain in longing*

Nesryn: *slaps chaol over the head*

Maeve: Rowaelin, but only after I destroy and kill them


“Wide Open Wound” Nails

anonymous asked:

what does a taurus rising girl look like?

tan skin, black hair, full lips, straight teeth, alluring eyes, wide smile, naturally long nails with chipped red nail polish


Handsome vintage Composition Doll in a Mexican Mariachi costume with Sombrero

Charming vintage Composition Doll dressed in a black and white Mexican outfit with a large straw Sombrero. His outfit is like that of a Mariachi Band member.
This boy doll has such a lovable face. He has black painted hair with a curl above his eyes, round dark eyes, long lashes, a thin cute mustache and a red mouth.
His entire body is made of composition. His arms and legs are tightly jointed. His hands have a touch of red paint to highlight his fingers and his black boots are also painted on. Please note the tip of index finger on his right hand has a tiny chip (pictured).
His sombrero is measures 5 inches long and 3 ¾ inches wide and is nailed to the back of his head and also tied with a green ribbon around his neck.
Shirt and pants are soft black cotton with white cording accents, both nailed onto his belly.
He is in excellent vintage condition with no identification marks (that can be seen) and free of crazing, chips, cracks, repairs or odors.
Measures 8 inches tall and almost 10 inches with his hat and 2 ¾ inches wide at the shoulders. He weighs 6.6 ounces alone and 10.6 ounces packed up. – Sold!

The stretch marks on my ass crawls downward to my untouched legs.
My belly leaps over the jeans I wear. 
At times, I sprout a garden in my panties.
My chubby fingers carry wide finger nails usually unpolished and chipped.
The tampered pimples on my face have left spots.
I hardly wear makeup because of the pain it leaves behind.
On special occasions my legs will be hair free.
Removing facial hair is painful, so I do it minimally. 
I eat late at night and can finish a bag of chips in less than 10 minutes. 
I do not have a soft voice and often stutter when I write or speak. 
I holler, sweat and feast like a grown man. 
Biologically I’m a female, 
but through the image created by magazines, social media and models I’m a working progress, a cry for help.

I’m the girl every other girl is afraid to be.

—  @incraxs

I want to know what your
soul looks like,
ribcage pulled back in frame, glowing, exposed

I want to know what your
breath tastes like,
a soft exhale from parted lips. Alive.

I want to know what your
tears sound like,
Dead of night, half laugh half cry

I want to know what
your hatred feels like,
words burning, eyes wide, nails into flesh.

I want to know who you are.

—  23/01/16