wide lens camera


Robin from Fisheye Placebo looking melancholic in the city night. I wanted her eyes to resemble the fisheye lens of her camera. Many people think photography objectively captures reality, but that couldn’t further from the truth. A photographer can only capture the reality he/she chooses to see through. The types of lenses used, what’s included vs excluded in the photo, camera settings, and countless other things can alter the feeling a photo gives off, and thus reinterpreting the reality seen through the lens.

In other news, I’ve finally picked out my team of 3D artists to help me speed up my comic production. We’re still in some testing stages but I’ll be announcing the new team soon with sample artworks! So excited!

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Sweet ride! Kim, you didn’t tell us Duncan had a limo!
(Heh heh… you where wondering when he’d show up again, huh?)

Seeing how much Rythian disliked how much it rains in Server, she bought him the black umbrella. The umbrella used to have the words “spoopy” written in comic sans across the top of it. Luckily for Rythian, it could be peeled off but he appreciated the gift regardless.

Slightly different style for this page. It’s meant to be something reminiscent of shots taken from a wide lens camera. It is so you can get to absorb what is happening in (and between!) each panel a little more. Also, I enjoy making simple rain effects on these pages, trust me, there was no rain in any of the original photos used to create those backgrounds.