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"Etched Hearts and Broken Parts" - Chapter 1

Tags/Warnings: Chankai x Chubby!Reader, mentions of blood, insecurity mention, angst 

           As you rounded the corner you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket for what was probably the tenth time. You didn’t know if your phone could take as much action as it had been getting in the 10 minute span since you left your house. You examined your poor little phone as you slid it out of your back pocket. It hadn’t been the newest edition when you first bought it and that was a couple of years ago. Being a videographer who could do anything when it came to television and filming, your slim little touch phone with all of its cracks and scratches had seen everything from hardwood, to concrete, to asphalt and everything in between, yet still the poor thing held itself together. It wasn’t that you couldn’t buy a new one, you had enough money to. You were just frugal and you felt like you and the phone had something in common. Broken, but still holding it together the best you both could.

          You slid your finger across the broken glass thankful that after all this time, you had never been cut by it and dialed the number that had been texting you practically non-stop since you left the apartment.  “You’re going to kill my phone if you keep this up. What is it?”

          “You didn’t give me a hug goodbye,” she said. You could easily picture the big pout that was spreading across her lips.

          “I’m sorry?” you giggled at the random childishness she was showing. “I’ll hug you when I get home.”

          “You didn’t give Xing one either,” she said matter-of-factly.

          “Tell him I’m sorry I guess?” your awkward reply went up a higher pitch at the end signaling to her that you were uncomfortable with the current topic.

          “So you’re going to come straight home after work right?” she asked and you could hear Yixing in the background immediately ask her what you had replied.

          “Yes. I’m coming home, right after work.” you emphasized. “It’s just an interview it should be a really quick shoot then I have to put away all the equipment and stuff. I promise I’ll be home right after that.”

          “Ask her if she’s going to be working the camera today,” you heard Yixing ask. Before she could even repeat his question, you began to reply. “No I’m not going to be working camera. Jongdae is probably going to have me doing all kinds of work with audio and directing but I’m not going to be on camera.”

          “GOOD,” they both exclaimed in unison.

          “What’s going on?” You asked, “Why does it matter if I’m going to be working camera or not?”

          “Ummm… well….” She mumbled a habit she always had when trying to come up with some kind of excuse when she was caught doing something she knew was wrong.

          “Your sunburn!” Yixing yelled, “You always start feeling really sick after you get a sunburn and you got one yesterday. So ummm….”

          “We just want to make sure you won’t be standing up the whole entire time. You know…” she explained.

          “You know so we don’t have to hear you complaining about your legs and back being sore while you’ve got sun sickness,” Yixing began again. “No one wants to deal with that. Ha. Ha. ….. Ha.” His laugh was more awkward than usual but you didn’t have any more time to argue with them. The strange conversation distracted you from how long you had actually been walking and you had already made it to the subway.

          “Okay. You guys just enjoy being weird together while I’m gone. I’m at the subway, so I’ll talk to you when I’m on my way home,” you were about to hang up when you heard Yixing yell your name.

          “Come home soon. Okay? We’re waiting,” he said.

          You let yourself get pulled back into the nostalgia of it all, and giggled as you walked down the stairs toward the subway, “Yeah, be back 


          “What happened to you?” You heard an all too annoying voice

          “I don’t know, Jongdae,” you sneered over at your “boss” if you could or should even call him that. “Maybe my “boss” had me training a bunch of newbies in the scorching sun all day yesterday. Does something like that ring a bell?” You raised your eyebrow as you looked over at him, he was rocking back and forth on his tiptoes and whistling obviously ignoring your complaints.

          You made your way to the brightly lit studio room and set your bag down to the side bringing out all of your labeled cables in case the camera operators. The studio was normal, nothing special really. A big room with a wall and floor at one end painted completely in white with three chairs in the middle, cameras docked in their rightful places at the other end, a ceiling covered in lights with some hanging down for more controlled light, and a control room off to the side; completely closed off so the ambient noise from the control room wouldn’t contaminate the studio.

          You bent down to make sure all of the cables were labeled correctly, you knew they were but the double checking had become a habit.

          “Here,” Jongdae said as he waved a tube of crème in your face.

          “What is it?” you didn’t move to take the tube, you wouldn’t put it past him to sneak something in it.

          “Here,” Jongdae grunted as he took your hand and almost smashed the crème into your hand. “It’s for sunburns. I bought it on my way here. I have a feeling that I’m going to get a call later from a very pissed off couple complaining that I’m a slave driver and giving my best worker a sunburn. Please tell them I got you this.”

          His pleading look made you laugh out loud, “Thanks man,” you said through tears as you put your hand on his shoulder. You started making your way to the control room when you were stopped by a tug on the back of your collar.

          “Actually about that… we’re down a few people because of the interviewees. They wanted as little people as possible and well… I have a floor manager and I’ll work all everything in the control room but I need you to work camera.”

          “What?! Oh come on!” you huffed but you knew there wasn’t anything you could do.


          After 30 minutes of helping Jongdae get everything ready in the control room, the interviewer and floor manager filed in. Figuring that the interviewees were not far behind, you made sure that the two cameras (one on the interviewer and one on the two people being interviewed) were in place and made your way to the camera in the middle, which you would be using the most.

          Just as you predicted, it wasn’t very long after that two men strolled into the studio. The taller of the two came in first. He wore a black button up shirt with white stripes going both horizontal and vertical, making a tick-tac-toe pattern, which was tucked into his black skinny jeans, and a black blazer. There was a wide black leather band on one of his wrists, and the outfit was finished off with a pair of black ankle boots. The other, just a bit shorter but not by much, wore a white button down, with a black leather jacket on top accentuated by large gold zippers, blue jeans and black pointed ankle boots with gold studs around the bottom. Their outfits matched together perfectly and accentuated the best parts of them – which was everything from what you could tell.

          You looked down at your own outfit and almost guffawed at the stark contrast. You were wearing a gray bomber jacket with an alien patch, a rainbow tie dye tank top, light wash blue jeans with rips at the knees, and gray converse. The separation of worlds just by clothing alone was comical.

             The men went to sit down in their two seats to the left, and just sat and talked with each other as the interviewer reviewed the questions a few more times. The floor manager came up beside you and leaned down to your level, “This is so exciting,” he whispered.

          “I guess,” you shrugged as you moved from camera to camera checking focus, headroom, and all of the other things that were needed to make the shot look good.

          The floor manager didn’t hesitate to follow you around while you were doing your last minute checks, “You’re not telling me you’re not excited that one of the top celebrity couples came out with a big secret and we’re the first ones to interview them about it?” He asked but you just stared at him with a blank expression.

          “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you replied, “I don’t know who these people are. I’m just here to do my job.”

          “You mean you don’t know –” he began to say rather loudly but you couldn’t hear what he said because Jongdae had stuck his head out of the control room and yelled for everyone to get ready.

          You went back to your main camera and put your headphones on waiting for directions from Jongdae. When you looked in the view finder, both men were staring at your camera so intensely you peered from around your position to see if you saw correctly. When you did, they quickly went back to talking with themselves until the floor manager started counting down.

          “We have the exclusive interview here with the most popular couple in Korea!” The interviewer began, “They’re with me today to answer some questions from their fans and also to give us an EX-CLUE-SIVE announcement!”

          You had started feeling sick from your sunburn about halfway through the interview, so you weren’t really paying attention to what was being said until you heard the announcer’s voice cut in after the last commercial break. “Let’s not waste any more time,” she smiled as she turned from her own camera toward the couple. “Chanyeol, Jongin, please tell us about your BIG announcement.”

          Your eyes widened and you stared down at your wrists, you could see it written there, as clear as the first day you saw them all those years ago. The two names written on your wrists that no one else could see, that for years no one believed were really there. Park Chanyeol, written on the left, Kim Jongin, written on the right.

          You just stared at the marks on your wrists until you heard something that caused you to jolt your head upwards.

          “So what do you mean you have a third soulmate?” the interviewer asked in shock.

          “Well, it means just that. We have another soulmate out there,” Jongin said as he held his husband’s hand.

          “It’s hard to talk about since we obviously have no proof of it, but it is true. We have a soulmate out there somewhere.” Chanyeol reiterated as he took his other hand and placed it on top of Jongin’s and squeezed.

          “So are you looking for them? Why did you wait this long to announce news like this? Why did you decide to announce it now? You’re already married, how will this other soulmate fit into the mix?” The interviewer came at the couple with a barrage of questions.

          “I mean we’re not particularly looking for them,” Chanyeol mumbled.

          “We don’t really have all the answers right now,” Jongin said, “All we can say to the fans, to those watching is that we can no longer – in good conscience – hide that we have another soulmate.”

          You were back to looking at your wrists after that not even knowing that the interview was over, it was like you were frozen in place. You were telling yourself that it was a coincidence, that maybe you weren’t the only person born with Park Chanyeol and Kim Jongin written on your wrists. That these two people, this famous celebrity couple you didn’t even know about, they couldn’t be your soulmates. They must have been someone else’s. Not you – the ugly, overweight, poor, useless, nobody. You looked up and saw the couple and the interviewer headed towards the door to the control room when Jongdae came out of the door waving his hands around.

          “_________, what are you doing? Pack it up and go home. Did you get sick from the sunburn or something? Why are you just standing there?”

          Your eyes widened with fear and your heart started pacing.

          “____________?” your left wrist started to burn and sting and ache.

          “____________.” your right wrist began to feel the same as the man named Jongin took a step toward you.

          You turned on your heels and without looking back, without thinking, you ran. As you felt the blood start to trickle down from your wrists, as you felt the stinging of names being carved into them by some unknown force, you felt the tears stream down your cheeks because , your fears had been right all along. They were perfect, they were in love, they were married, and you were an overweight nobody. You had been left behind for the second time in your life. You were broken.

My Heart - an Everlark Christmas drabble

My darling friend, @mega-aulover​ (also known as mega-idea-lady!!) sent me this gorgeous quote and challenged me to everlark it, and she’d do the same. I’m nothing if not obedient ;) Rated K for kinda cheesy ;)

Edited to add: find mega-aulover’s story here.

It’s the giggling that alerts him to the fact that something is very wrong.

Katniss, his best friend and roommate, is leaning against their kitchen door frame, giggling like a schoolgirl. But Katniss doesn’t giggle. Even when she was a schoolgirl, Katniss wasn’t a giggler. “Kat?” he calls out.

She jumps, whirling around, almost losing her balance, and that worries Peeta even more. He’s never, not once in twenty years of friendship, been able to sneak up on Katniss before. She has superhero-level hearing and incredible reflexes. He reaches out to steady her, and she leans into him, pressing her small body against his chest.

“Hey Peeta,” she says, drawing out the vowel sound, then giggles again. Her olive-toned cheeks are flushed, silver eyes glassy. If he didn’t know any better he’d swear…

“Are you… are you drunk?”

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Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter Fifteen

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 4571
Warnings: Swearing

They lazed away the day next to the river, sharing both the food and the peace of it in quiet solitude until the heat began to grow uncomfortable. If their speed on the way back to the farm amounted to nothing more than a slow amble, neither complained, nor did the horses, heads down and relaxed, seem to mind.

Teddy was waiting for them when they returned, grin wide and knowing, though he said nothing, only grunted a greeting and took the stallion and the gelding away.

Nodding to the elder man, Loki collected Lauren’s hand in his.

She took a breath, deep and steadying, before heading up the road to the house.

Silence continued to stretch between them, but Loki was finding it comfortable, and felt no need to fill it. What words had needed saying, had been said.

She was much more confident in herself, his Lauren. Chin up and shoulders back, she looked like a woman self-assured and strong, the way he knew her to be every day since they’d met. Certainly she could be shy, reserved at times, and easy to make blush, but when it came to her position as Tony’s assistant, and even among the others, she held her own with quick wit and sass, and quiet grace. Seeing her in the light of her family these past days had been… disturbing.

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anonymous asked:

hey guys, was wondering if you knew of anything that was non-au but just really well written, cute, funny, supportive domestic avengers? avengers fluff i guess?

you’re looking for domestic avengers! here are a few of my favorites:

hbo presents by nighimpossible (AO3 restricted)

HBO decides to make a Band of Brothers-esque Howling Commandos war series. Bucky, Steve, and the rest of the Avengers watch together in horror/fascination.

Figures A and B by castiowl

Steve and Bucky are finally together again, but how should they tell the rest of the Avengers? Turns out, they’re plenty good at figuring it out themselves.

In which people walk in on make-out sessions, Steve accidentally goes speed-dating, and friends can actually be too accepting.

Too Long We Have Tarried by kototyph

Bucky picks up the ring and holds it between them. “Steven Grant Rogers,” he says solemnly. “Will you marry me?”

Hell-raiser by Nejinee

If you said Steve Rogers has the scariest boyfriend on the planet, most of the Avengers would agree with you. Not all of them, but most of them.

Whole Lives by Claudia_flies

They find the dog by accident.

It’s tied to a concrete post with a thick metal chain and a wide leather collar near a guard station, seemingly left behind. It stares at them all and growls.

This is how it starts by rinnya

Steve Rogers and The Winter Soldier meet for the first time in 2014 during the canon divergence events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

It starts like this: this is how they fall in love.

The Bucky Barnes Guide to Household Management by CryptoHomoRocker

“Steve doesn’t even notice at first, is the thing.”

Or: Steve is unobservant, Bucky learns to be good at things that aren’t killing people, and knitting happens.

anonymous asked:

Why do these fuckers think that asking the same question over and over phrased differently is gonna yield a different answer?! "Are these the only wide dog collars you have?" Yes. "You don't have any other wide dog collars?" No, just those. "Do you have any leather wide dog collars?" Dude just fucking leave.


Date night with the bae then out for drinks with my girls! I wanted to be really cute but still comfy. Here’s the break down:

Smiley face mesh top: Forever21+
Criss cross bralette: Forever21+
Gold lip clutch: REBDOLLS
Gold espadrilles: ASOS (Wide fit)
Faux leather jacket: ASOS Curve

Outfit was comfy, I did wear some type of spanxx from Lane Bryant.

Cloak and Dagger

Brotp Prompt Fill (Tormund & Sansa, #16), for @winterosesansa

Thank you so much for requesting! I’m here for all the ginger brotp!


“You did this for me?”

Tormund’s eyes widened at the thick cloak he held in his hands.

“I did.” Sansa smiled. “I hope you’ll accept it, Tormund. You’re one of Jon advisors, and one of his closest friends as well. This cloak marks you as such.”

A wide grin spread across the rough man’s face as he unfolded his gift.

“You southerners and your foolish traditions never made much sense to me, but this. This I like. Thank you, lady.”

He ran his hands through the soft fur lining the dark wool, then gave a bark of laughter as he saw the embossing on the wide leather cross-straps.

“You put a bear on it!”

Sansa yelped as she was lifted up into a fierce hug. Faintly, she heard chuckling from someone nearby.

“I may have heard mentions of your more notorious adventures,” she said when he put her down. She straightened her skirts, her face flushed pink.

Tormund raised an eyebrow.

“Better not let Jon hear that, lass, or he’ll have my guts for wolf food.” He put his arm around her shoulders companionably as they left the courtyard. “Did anyone ever tell you about how I came by the name Giantsbane?”


“Tormund, you did this for me?”

Sansa smiled at him over the opened package on her desk. The dagger was plain but well made, sheathed in soft brown leather. She loved it.

“A woman should know how to defend herself, lady.” He looked uncharacteristically demure as he stood there, his hands clasped in front of him. “It’s a shame no one taught you.”

Sansa sighed, and sat back in her chair. “Another of our foolish southern traditions, I’m afraid. Fathers teach their sons how to defend themselves and make war, but women are meant to rely on the protection of their fathers, brothers, and husbands.”

Not much good when your father is dead and your husband is the one who hurts you, she thought.

“It’s pigshit.” He made to spit, but stopped at her raised brow and swallowed instead. “I taught my Munda how to hold a knife as soon as she could walk steady enough not to fall on it. If you like, lass, I could show you.”

“Thank you, Tormund. I would like that.”


handfast (beyond the horizon)

So I was recently asked about writing the “first time” scene from Beyond the Horizon from Emma’s perspective to show what was going through her mind during that pivotal moment in their relationship. So some pirate/princess sexytimes for you all tonight. The title refers to the practice of handfasting - a marriage or betrothal when two people join hands and make a commitment to each other.

On ff.net as part of my Interlude as Sea series here

Emma pressed the rough linen towel hard to her eyes, willing herself not to cry. It was late, hours had passed since the news had come from the red-haired captain of the other ship.

Kingdom overthrown…the king and queen vanished….Regina

She would not cry.

If she started…she would never stop.

There was a shuffle of movement behind her, the cold planks creaking and flexing under the heavy weight of his boots.


Her shoulders dropped and her lip quivered behind the towel, the hot tears still threatening to fall. She wasn’t a princess, not anymore. Another woman now sat on her mother’s throne, a woman with raven hair and crimson lips just like Snow White’s but with a heart as dark and cold as the ocean and who would set fire to the seas themselves to reach the little ship, slaughtering everyone on board without mercy to reach her. The thought sent a shiver down her spine that was colder than the chill of the night air in the captain’s quarters, a gust of wind had followed Killian in when he opened the hatch and climbed down the ladder from the deck above. It had stirred the hem of her nightdress around her unstockinged calves and the lights had flickered but not gone out, throwing bouncing shadows against the walls. His tall figure was among them, looming much larger than life as he reached up to steady the swaying lanterns with sure hands.

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The Detective, The Writer, His Ex, and Their Darling Daughter

by mldrgrl
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  Continuing in the adventures of Hank and Stella, the unlikely duo spend a weekend in Connecticut…at Karen’s.
Note: This will probably not make much sense without reading the rest of the stories in the series.  I will add the links to each part at the end of this story.

July was probably the worst time to come to New York, but it fit into both of their schedules.  Heat, humidity, summer tourists.  All things both Stella and Hank would have rather avoided.  They landed at JFK at 8pm EST and waited in the sweltering taxi stand for over half an hour amongst throngs of tired and impatient travelers for a ride into the city.  All Stella wanted by the time they arrived at Hank’s loft, was a cool shower and a soft bed.

Stella knew that Hank was tired as well by the simple fact that he made no attempt to invade her shower.  She left her hair wet, knowing it would be wild and untamed in the morning, but all she’d wanted was to get the stink of jet fuel and sweat off of her before she headed to bed.  Hank had already crashed, sprawled on the bed in his underwear with the sheets kicked away.  She slipped on a pair of panties and a loose, cropped camisole and joined him, falling quickly asleep to the metronomic click of the ceiling fan.

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A tease of my Turbolift WIP

“Ben, I can help you,” Rey breathed as she stepped closer to the conflicted man standing before her.

Kylo Ren pulled his dark, tired eyes from Rey’s beautiful face to the metal binders securing her wrists in place. Although their bond was severed by the Force inhibiting cuffs, he could still feel the trust and conviction radiating from her slim form. Clearly, she didn’t understand the gravity of the situation.

“You aren’t in any position to help anyone at the moment,” he replied dryly.

Shaking her head slightly, Rey brushed his comment aside and took another step closer. Raising her bound arms, the girl hovered her opened palms over Ben’s covered chest and met his gaze once again. Even though he appeared stoic, she knew his protective wall was on the verge of crumbling down. One, tiny push and it would be over. No matter what she needed to do, Ben Solo would be coming back with her.

“I’ve seen what happens, Ben,” Rey began softly, letting her shaky finger tips rest on his pecs, “we will save the Galaxy…together.”

A shiver of excitement danced along the girl’s spine as she felt his heartbeat race beneath her touch; causing a familiar, wanting ache to settle deep within her belly. Ben’s handsome face may have been blank but the way his body responded as she drifted her fingers down the front of his torso told Rey that she wouldn’t have to try too hard to sway him. She had seen glimpses of his dreams at night, when his defenses were cracked and vulnerable to her prying eyes. The girl knew all of the torrid things he wanted to do to her and was prepared to use his carnal desires to make him join her. They would end Snoke’s tyrannical reign and defeat the First Order, of that the girl was certain.

Kylo paused a moment and savored the physical contact between he and the blushing Scavenger. He had been dreaming of her touch ever since they were so rudely interrupted by his Uncle in the hut on Ahch-To. He often wondered how the bare skin of her tits would taste across his eager tongue; the way her narrow hips might move as he pressed his length inside her again and again until she shattered around him. There was more than just a mental Force Bond between them. Their bodies craved one another just as fiercely as their minds. Kylo wanted more than what his measly dreams offered. He needed more.

Lifting his arm from his side, Kylo quickly flicked his index and middle finger and called upon the Force to immediately halt the turbolift’s trajectory.

“I’ve seen our future as well, Rey” Kylo purred, quickly closing the miniscule gap between their bodies, “but you’re wrong. We will rule the Galaxy together.”

Not giving the girl a moment to respond, the Darksider raised his gloved hands to either side of her freckled face and brought his lips to hers in a desperate kiss. Rey wouldn’t dare turn away from him again, not after what he had planned. Before the day cycle was through, Rey would agree to rule by his side as his lover…his consort…his Empress.

Rey stiffened slightly as Ben’s full lips moved hungrily over hers. She had never been kissed in such a manner before, it was as if she was the most delicious rainbowberry cobbler and Ben hadn’t eaten in days. There was a desperation in the way his sharp teeth held her her bottom lip in place as he suckled on her tender flesh. With a happy moan, Rey used Ben’s lead and returned the kiss with fervor; gripping her fingers over the wide, black leather belt hugging his waist. Something new was stirring within her, clouding her thoughts and stunning her senses. It made her skin instantly burn as if she was standing naked on the sands of Jakku…

Wether I finish this or not, I did want to release this portion of it. Maybe it’ll give me motivation to continue it! ❤️❤️❤️

I’m Yours

Also on AO3
Directly follows “Deadly Sweet.”   This one did not come out as smoothly, so I’m hoping the edits made it better.

“Goodnight Maman, Papa,” Marinette called as she headed toward her room.

“Going to visit Chat?” her mother asked, knowingly.

Once her parents got to know the superhero, the teasing had changed, rather than letting up, and she hadn’t even told them about… whatever it was between them.  "I’m not sure,“ she replied, trying not to let any further hints by.  "I think he had something until after eight, so it depends on how tired he is.”

“If he stops by, see if you can pin down a game night,” her father asked.  "I dug out some of the old classic games we talked about last time, and I think he’d like them.“

Marinette nodded.  "I’ll ask him when I see him.”

“Great,” her father said.  "Gotta get to know the future son-in-law somehow.“

"What!?”  Marinette froze on the fourth step, turning to stare.  

“Honey,” her mother said, gently chastising.  "I told you she’s not ready to hear that yet.“  She patted his shoulder.

He smiled up at Marinette.  "Sorry Cupcake.  Just pretend I didn’t say that.”  He turned back to his wife, lowering his voice, but not quite enough.  "But we can talk about it, right?“

"You’d better believe it.”  Her mother winked and they wandered toward their room, each with one arm around the other.

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