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Black Friday Sales and Deals

Just like last year, this year’s black Friday coupons post is a mixed bag of big box retailers and independent makers. Wishing y’all a lovely holiday season, despite all odds!

Upto 25% off on selected lines and upto 30% off on bags.

My picks ✶ Baxtor Dome Backpack ✶ Teal Faux Fur Tippet ✶ Indian Paisley Blanket Scarf ✶ Moon Long Pendant Necklace ✶

40% off on everything and free shipping.

My picks ✶ Velvet Catsuit ✶ Suede Knee High Boot  ✶  Ribbed Sweater Dress  ✶ Flat Over Knee Boot  ✶

30% off sitewide with code THANKFUL30 (US only)

20% off sitewide with code GOGOGO (Rest of the world) 

My picks ✶ ASOS Curve Wool Trench  ✶ Alice & You Velvet Playsuit ✶  ABE Wide Fit Leather Boots ✶ ASOS Curve Jumpsuit With Bell Sleeves ✶

50% off sitewide with code AVTHANKS. 30% extra off on clearance. All tall boots $29.99. 

My picks ✶ Hooded Peacoat ✶  Sofie Colorblock Knee High Boot  ✶ Crochet Bell Sleeve Dress  ✶ Gavin Lace Front Tall Boot  ✶

30% off sitewide with code BLACKFRIDAY starting midnight.

My picks ✶ Scandinavian Christmas Star Necklace  ✶  Saguaro Cactus Statement Necklace ✶ Scandinavian Christmas Reindeer Necklace ✶ Scandinavian Christmas Bird Brooch ✶

30% off with code F6P8 and free shipping and returns.

My picks ✶ Curve and Flare Dress  ✶ Amelie Dress  ✶  Moleskin Duffle Coat ✶ Susannah Lace Dress ✶

50% off everything (except sale items) with code FRIYAY50 until 11/25 at 3 AM EST.

My picks ✶ Woven Printed Midi Dress  ✶ Black Lace Bralet ✶  Pink Velvet Bralet ✶ Ruffle Shift Dress ✶

Up to 45% off on most items and free embossing until Monday midnight.

My picks ✶  Full Pint Satchel in Stormy Sea ✶  Brit Luxe Croc Shoulder Bag in Vintage Red ✶  Full Pint Satchel in Chintz Rose ✶  Milkman Shoulder Bag in Rust

Everything $20 or less sitewide.

My picks ✶ Slub Knit Sweater  Sequin Top  ✶  Floral Strappy Blouse  ✶ Red Tulle Midi Skirt  ✶

20% off sitewide with code BLACKFRI starting 5pm Thursday 24th November and ending 10am Monday 28th November (GMT)

My picks ✶ Queen Bee Citrine and Gemstone Necklace  ✶ Red Dwarf Pink Druzy Ring  ✶ Perfect Alignment Solar System Necklace  ✶ Lupus Wolf Constellation Necklace ✶

50% off entire purchase with code FRENZY

My picks ✶ Studio Velvet Fit and Flare Dress  ✶ Studio Velvet Capelet  ✶ Bow Neck Fit and Flare Shirt Dress  ✶  Studio Pleated Velvet Mock Neck Dress  ✶

30% off everything with code TREAT30

My picks ✶ Checked Shift Dress  ✶ Velvet Trench  ✶ Tan Contrast Pleated Skirt  ✶ Contrast Cape  

Extra 50% off sale items with code OHMYGOBBLE 

My picks ✶ Faux Suede Shorts  ✶ Lace Maxi Skirt  ✶ Fringed Faux Suede Skirt  ✶  Crochet Lace Up Dress  

50% off everything through the weekend with code XMAS50

My picks ✶ Mink Lace Midi Dress  ✶ Navy Lace Jumpsuit  ✶ Navy Lace Shirt Dress  ✶ Black Mini Fringe Top and Skirt ✶

15% off everything with code BLACKFRIDAY15 + Up to 40% off selected items.

My picks ✶ Peep Toe Clogs Orange ✶  Maguba Florence Navy Clogs ✶  Low Wood T Bar Clog Green ✶  Low Peep Toe Antique Gold Clogs

From 11/23-11/27 

20% off no threshold with code FRIDAY20, 30% off orders $100+ with code FRIDAY30, 40% off orders $200+ with code FRIDAY40

From 11/27-11/30

30% off sitewide with code CYBER16

My picks ✶ Greatest Glitz Shift Dress  ✶ Ruby A Line Dress  ✶ Defined to Refine Lace Dress  ✶ Lovely Landscape Coat  ✶

30% off sitewide with code BLACK from 11/24 -11/29.

My picks ✶ Lulu Guinness Mini Lips Bag  ✶ The Cambridge Satchel Co. Saddle Bag  ✶   Grafea Sunny Pom Backpack  ✶   The Cambridge Satchel Co. Barrel Backpack ✶

From 11/24 -11/28 extra 20% off selected sale items. 40% off designer sale.

My picks ✶ Kirby Bootie  ✶ City Chic Black Lace Dress  ✶  Loafer Ballet Flat  ✶ Polka Dot Chambray Shirt ✶

20% off on 11/28 with code CYBER16. Half of all profits go to Planned Parenthood and the Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock.

My picks ✶ Letterpress Thank You Cards  ✶ Warrior Woman Enamel Pin  ✶ Letterpress Christmas Card  ✶ 2017 Calendar Wall Hanging  ✶

50% off on selected 50 items (UK site)

20% off full priced items with code BFRIDAY16 (US site)

My picks ✶  Plus Black Floral Print Shirt Dress  ✶  Rose Gold Block Heel Ankle Boot  ✶ Plus Chunky Knit Cardigan  ✶  Burgundy Cut Out Buckle Boots  ✶   

Get 30% off any order with code SGBlackFriday16 on Friday. Free shipping for orders $100 and above.

My picks ✶ Lucretia Mock Turtleneck Velvet Dress ✶  Isabella Tea Length Lace DressSojourner Wool Duster Coat ✶  Eva Pleather Circle Skirt

Upto 50% off on selected lines.

My picks ✶ Berry Velour Skater Dress  ✶ Joanna Hope Boucle Cape  ✶ Teal Velour Skater Dress  ✶ Gold Ankle Strap Courts EEE Fit  ✶

40% off everything with code THANKS till 11/27.

My picks ✶ Snowflake Over Knee Socks  ✶ Crochet Over Knee Socks  ✶ Reindeer Knee Socks  ✶ Scrunchy Socks in Dark Red  ✶

50% off selected items, 10% extra off sale items, half price delivery on all orders with code HALFPRICE

My picks ✶ White Swiss Dot Top  ✶ Navy Lace Skirt  ✶ Lace Up Ballerina Pump in Wide Fit  ✶ Black Lace Maxi Dress  ✶   


[ Note: since so many of you asked me to continue this one… Here you go. And thanks to the lovely anon who sent me the request in the first place - it’s your success in a way, I guess. ]

“I didn’t know you could hide your wings,” Ajax points out as he throws his keys on the small table next to the couch you’re sitting on. “Has it always been this way?”

At first you can only reply with a small smile but then you say, “It’s amazing how much you can learn about your abilities when you’re alone for a long time.” Nodding, he walks around the wide leather couch and sits down next to you, clearly doing his best to keep a safe distance from you. Even though he helped you before you still don’t understand why he’s acting the way he does. Just like at this very moment, when he’s only sitting there with his green eyes fixed on you. “What is it?”

“Well, now that you don’t attract too much attention,” he begins but stops almost immediately. For a very short moment he looks confused but then he awkwardly clears his throat and says, “With your wings, I mean. So now maybe we should go out and have some fun. What do you think? I know a good place nearby.”

“Are you sure it’s a good idea?”

“Why wouldn’t it be?” he asks with a smile, extending his hand so you could take it. “Come on, trust me. It’ll be fun. And after all you’ve been through, I think you deserve it.”

Letting out a sigh you take his hand. “Okay, fine. Worst case scenario,” you begin as he helps you stand up, “I end up in the Workshop again.”

His entire body freezes before he slowly turns to look at you. “I won’t let that happen, okay? Now, go and get ready,” he orders kindly with a small smile on his lips.

Mother told me to go to our bedroom and wait for her. I could hear jingle of her belts as she selected one from her closet. She found her favorite one. Wide. Long. Worn brown leather.

She came in and asked me why I didn’t have my progress report. My heart beat at my chest the way I knew she was about to attack my tender ass.

My dick jumped as my stomach sank. Then I lied. I said there was a delay for my report because my teacher had a few more assignments to enter for me.

That’s when she pulled out my progress report.
I could see the F in English on the page, even though my eyes were pouring tears my this point and my voice grew shrill and panicked.

“I’m sorry!” I screamed, but it had begun.

She grabbed my arms above my head with amazing strength and brought the belt against my trembling cheeks.
My knees gave as she tore my ass with steady rhythm of a lecture about lying and low performance.

potbellied-private-eye  asked:

Drable prompt: Mitsuru becomes a wonderfully gluttonous pig

Anyone outside of Mitsuru’s office would be forgiven if they thought that the sounds coming from within her office were either a gluttonous pig reveling in a trough of food, or a wolf tearing at a steak. They wouldn’t exactly be WRONG… the 500 pound woman sitting inside could most certainly be considered a pig, at least in mannerisms!

“W-Wonderful…” she belched into a pudgy, balled up fist, sausage fingers struggling to curl. “Simply marvelous…” she grunted as she shifted around in her double wide leather seat, crumbs falling from her second chin as she did. The Kirijo corporation had recently made a massive business deal… buying out Wild Duck Burger! Nearly doubling their profits made life a breeze for every Kirijo employee, especially their young CEO… however it DID have an impact on her figure. Having already fallen in love with the fast food when she went their with Minako, her indulgence only increased when she had unlimited free access to burgers whenever she wanted. A thick, triple rolled belly dominated her figure, nearly covering her legs past the knee as she sat down, covering thunderous thighs, thicker around than most girls her age, and twice as soft. Beneath her bulk was a massive ass as well… one that nearly made her chair unnecessary given how plush it was. Her chest, oddly enough, was the one that was left out! Hardly increasing only a cup size with her gain, creating an odd image… her chest was like that of an average woman, leading into pillow sized forearms, and massive… everything!

Hearing her intercom buzz, she jabbed a fat finger into the button. “Yesh?” she asked, swallowing quickly. “Your appointment from Wild Duck is here Miss Kirijo!” her secretary said in a chipper tone. “… give me one minute!” she called out as she began struggling to get to her feet and clean her face and desk of wild duck wrappers.

what needs, part iv

warnings: for unethical medical practices, mention of torture

part iiipart ii | part i

Twenty-three minutes.

Twenty-three minutes it’s been since Tony heard the Hulk roar. God, what the hell had he been thinking sending him to Steve after the near-miss when he’d told him what was going on? Was he out of his goddamned mind?

The jet is perfectly climate-controlled with an air-circulation system that Tony designed himself for maximum freshness and it’s big enough that three men Thor’s size could lie down across it’s width, but right now it’s stuffy and too small. It’s dark outside and sleep time as far as his body’s concerned, so even the soft evening lighting grates.

Tony desperately wants something to do with his hands.

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    Pair of men’s dress boots, c. 1800. They are comprised of three colors of leather. Black for the slipper-like sole. Beige leather under the embroidered knit lace simulates the tone of the wearer’s skin. A wide red band of leather circles the top of the boot. Silk bows decorate the inner corer of each toe.

    These boots are on display in the First Capital room of the Ross County Heritage Center museum.

Wake-Up Call
  • The bedside phone rings.
  • Levi: (reaching to answer it with an arm draped over his eyes)
  • Eren: Good morning, Mr Ackerman. This is your wake-up call!
  • Levi: (groans, head falling back on the bed)
  • Eren: Is everything alright, Sir?
  • Levi: (rubbing sleep from his eyes) Just peachy.
  • Eren tries not to laugh, and in his struggle lets out a loud, undignified snort.
  • Levi sits upright, squeezing the phone to his ear as he recognises the sound as belonging to the enthusiastic brunette from reception. The man who became so sweetly flustered when Levi insisted on carrying his own luggage. After an impressive show of persistence from the receptionist, Eren ended up clutching Levi’s soft leather jacket, wide eyes following his guest’s progress up the stairs as Levi hauled two suitcases with ease.
  • Levi: (grinning) Well, I'm wide awake now.
  • Eren: Shit! I didn’t mean for that... oh fuck! (muffled sound of Eren slamming a palm to his mouth to stop any further obscenities from escaping) Mr Ackerman, I’m so sorry-
  • Levi: -Please, it's Levi.
  • Eren: Levi, I can only apologise-
  • Levi: Tch. There’s no need.
  • Eren: But I-
  • Levi: Swear all you like. Better out than in.
  • Eren: (perplexed) Uhm...
  • Levi: Anyway. Thanks for the wake-up call, Eren.
  • Eren: (stunned) You remembered my name! Thanks Mr-.
  • Levi: It's Levi.
  • Eren: Thanks... Levi.
  • Levi: (lips curling on hearing Eren’s ear-to-ear grin) No problem.
  • Eren: So, (coughs). Can I get you anything else?
  • Levi: (thoughtful pause) Yes actually. Another wake-up call.
  • Eren: (confused) I thought you just said you were wide awake?
  • Levi: Yep. Call back in 3 minutes.
  • Eren: OK, Mr...Levi.
  • Levi spends the next two minutes planning the best way to ask Eren out for coffee and the third sitting patiently on the bed clad in one of the hotel's fluffy dressing gowns.

Ludwig has some serious trust issues about his government. He keeps a very close eye on everything and does all the work himself. Government corruption nearly destroyed everything, and it’s his personal job to keep it from happening again. It’s the thing that’s closest to his heart, the most precious part of him. So when he asks Gilbert if he wants to come work with him, it’s a heavy question.

Gilbert’s been out of work since forever and he’s itching for something to do, but joining Ludwig’s government is special, intimate. When he gives an answer it’s paired with a meaningful kiss and Ludwig lets him know there’s an empty office across from his own with a wide window and leather furniture. Gilbert gets the feeling that Ludwig has been thinking about this for awhile.