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lord of shadows spoilers

ok but imagine livvy becoming a ghost after she died and then meanwhile kit and ty are just casually making out one day and kit looks up and is surprised to see livvy in ghost form just watching them from a distance with this amused look on her face and then she grins really wide and gives kit a thumbs up before reluctantly walking away with a sad smile on her face bc she wishes she was still there with her partners in crime while at the same time she’s so happy for them she feels like her heart is gonna explode

Kitty Fic Recommendations ➸ 1

So, I read a lot of fics and I wanted to share some (!) of them throughout my time here. The fics listed below can be old or fairly new, so this has no timeline. Neither an order of preference.

Summary :  Ty manages to get Kit out of his room and to get to know people better.

Summary :  Kit and Ty think they understand themselves and their worlds, but life decides to shake everything up, meaning that they no longer understand what they used to. They need each other to work out where they need each other to ease their confusion. Friendships and relationships follow.

Summary :  (LOS SPOILERS!) Kit wanders into Ty’s room at night, feeling the need to fulfill an unspoken promise to Livvy.

Summary :  It starts out with Kit and Ty training together. Soon they realize their feelings for each other. This is my interpretation of how they would end up together. Events take place after Lady Midnight.

Summary :  Kit does his best to hide from the Shadowhunters in their own Institute. Ty wants to meet him properly.

Summary :  Drabble. Kit finds out what Ty’s been listening to.

Summary :  AU? Maybe? Drabble. Sometimes all you have is the people you care about.

Summary :  AU. Which is worse, a school shooting or a school bear attack? Warning: Flippant treatment of serious issues.

Summary :  The story of Ty and Kit’s first (and second) kiss. Posted for Autism Awareness Month in April.

Summary :  He was suddenly the first person, in that way, that Ty could look at with true interest, wonderment. He’d never, ever experienced anything like it.

Summary :  Kit hasn’t come out if that room since he went in. He’s stubborn, but Ty knows he can wait him out.

Summary :  He didn’t talk like his family. Hell he didn’t even look people in the eyes. Well, that wasn’t entirely true; he looked into Kit’s eyes. Kit Rook. The one person he felt close to.. It was a sense of familiarity and recognition. It was something he didn’t know how to explain. Nonetheless, he knew one thing for sure and that was that he could see the world in Kit’s eyes.

Summary :  Spoilers from LOS so if you haven’t read it skip this! Kit does his best to comfort Ty after tragedy strikes.

Summary :  A tale of an unlikely friendship that grew into something more. Kit Rook and Ty Blackthorn.

Summary :  (SPOILERS FOR LORD OF SHADOWS) Ty isn’t dealing well with his sister’s death, but maybe Kit knows a way he can help. Sad, kinda fluffy one-shot for Kitty.

Summary :  Kit and Tiberius. Discovery of new feelings, adventure and romance and drama. All about Kit and Ty but not only that, Kit forms bonds with other characters, including Livvy.

Summary :  KITxTY Fluff. It’s been a month and Ty is always sitting outside Kit’s door. One day he asks him inside and Ty seems to have found some comfort in this new boy. And Kit is trying to figure out what’s going on in his head, and he can’t help but find the Blackthorn boy very intriguing.

Summary :  Ty took a deep breath. “Okay. Well. If you don’t want a book, I understand that too. Sometimes I just want to listen to music. I don’t know what kind of music you like, but I was looking for songs that talked about people who stayed in their rooms, and other people who missed them and wanted them to come out.”

Summary :  Friends noticed these things about one another, sure, but they didn’t agonize over them in detail as the last thought before sleep.

Summary :  Traveling is harder to do when you have someone you don’t want to leave behind.

Summary :  Kit supposed he could have refused to accept the offer, the way he had when Julian had suggesting healing him in the car. But he didn’t.

Summary :  Ty is starting a new school and is worried that he isn’t going to make any friends and that he will get bullied. Luckily he has Livvy with him.

Summary : "I’m not normal,“ Ty told him a month later, as the pair of them tried to catch frogs outside. He said it with the casual air of someone discussing the weather, or pointing out that a shoelace was untied.

Kit blinked. “Obviously,” he said.

Summary :  When Ty realises that he and his sister both like the same guy, things get complicated.

Summary :  Just three different perspectives on Kit and Ty’s first kiss. Going into a battle is a perfect time for rash decisions, right?

Summary :  A bunch of firsts in Ty’s and Kit’s friendship/relationship.

Summary :  Throughout the past month, he learned many things about Shadowhunters, but three things stood clear:
One was that Mark and Emma were definitely in a relationship.
Two was that he was getting pretty good at being a Shadowhunter, though he’d never admit it.
And the third was Tiberius Blackthorn.

Summary :  Soulmate AU where you can’t see the color of your soulmate’s eyes until you see them.
or, the one where Kit can’t see grey until a pair of stormy eyes allow him to see the shining steel of the knife pressed against his throat.

Summary : Tiberius Blackthorn and Kit Rook have each been harboring some feelings for one another, but keeping them to themselves. Eventually, it has to all come bursting out.

“Ty didn’t laugh very often, and Kit had learned over the past few months of being at the Institute that his smiles needed to be cherished. Kit felt his heart warm at the sight of laughter in Ty’s normally stormy eyes.”

Summary : Kit feels lost without the dark-haired shadowhunter beside him (and when had that happened, that he’d gotten used to his steady presence? He hasn’t even been here for a whole day!), but the girl bites her lip, “I was just joking,” she hesitates, and then turns a beaming smile at Kit, “I’m Livvy, Ty’s twin sister.” She goes on pointing around the table, “And those are Tavvy,” the smallest of them all, a quiet boy who seems to be clinging to - “Dru,” -a short girl who’s hugging him, “and that’s Perfect Diego, who’s a Centurion.”

‘Perfect Diego’ sighs, “Please, I beg you all, stop calling me that.”

Livvy laughs, “Right! Anyway, Kit, you’re welcome to sit down wherever you want and have breakfast; you’re one of us, now.”

“I’m not a Shadowhunter,” he grunts, but quietly, “I just want to eat.”

“Don’t we all,” Julian agrees easily.

Summary : “You know,” an amused voice says, and Ty freezes, slowly looking up to meet irresistible blue eyes, “I make my coffee hot, but you may just be hotter.”

From his left, there’s the sound of Livvy choking and dropping a spoon.

He flushes, gritting his teeth, “What would you like to order?”

“A cup of you, to go, please, no sugar, you’re sweet enough,” Kit smirks, and Livvy’s giggling now, not even trying to hide it, “And I would also appreciate if you stopped stalking my coffee shop. It just isn’t good to keep meeting like that.”

Ty narrows his eyes, “This war isn’t over until I say it’s over, you truant. One coffee, black like your soul, coming up.”
// The Blackthorns have a coffee shop. There’s competition in town. Detective Ty is on the case.

Summary : Livvy grinned wide, and Kit was suddenly struck with how the smile of one twin could feel so different from that of the other. Livvy’s was bigger and brighter, but it just didn’t hold that spark that made his chest feel warm, and full of light.
Kit is now living at the Institute, begrudgingly training to become a Shadowhunter. He would have left already, but his father was dead, and he has no other place to go. His only solace was a dark haired boy who understands the troubles of being an outsider. Kit wasn’t even looking friendship with the Shadowhunters, but he thinks he may have found that and more.

Summary : Kit definitely doesn’t want to be at the Institute, and he definitely didn’t want the Shadowhunter that stayed outside his door after everyone else had left…

…At first, anyway.

Summary :  Ty leaned forward, touching Kit’s hand. Kit’s eyes shot up, looking into Ty’s eyes.
“Where do you go?” Ty asked under his breath. To you, always to you, Kit thought.

Summary :  Ty and Kit carry out a theft and watch a movie.

Summary :  Just a pointless little kitty drabble.

Summary : ( LOS- SPOILERS ) Those were simpler times. Times when his parents were still alive. Times when he had no idea that Mark and Helen were different from the rest of his siblings in any way apart from the fact they were older. Times when he didn’t know he was different either, when he still dreamed of the scholomance. Times when he still had his sister, when he still had Livvy.

Summary :  Ty finally comes out.

Summary : Just a pointless little kitty drabble.

Summary :  In which Kit and Ty are in London and there is bickering and snowball fighting.

Summary :  Exactly what the title says.

Summary :  Some people say that eyes are the window to the soul. And for once, Ty has to agree.

Summary :  Ty apologizes to Kit for holding a knife to his throat when they first meet.

  1. From the Shadow                                                                              Summary :  Kit’s trying to leave his bedroom for the first time since he’s gotten to the Institute and realizes he has no clue where to go. Thankfully, Ty is there to help him.
  2. Pancake Day                                                                                           Summary :  It’s Pancake Day at the Blackthorns, and Kit doesn’t get the whole “family meal” thing.
  3. The Weapons Room                                                                     Summary :  Kit picks out his weapon.
  4. Training                                                                                                     Summary :  Kit and Ty in the training room.
    Kit learns how to throw knives.
  5. On the Rooftop                                                                             Summary :  There’s not much left that scares Kit, but seeing Ty standing on the edge of the roof and staring down at the ground below has quickly skipped ahead on his list of terrible things.
  6. Melting Wings                                                                                       Summary :  Icarus got too close to things he wanted most in the world, and it killed him.
    Ty kind of knows how it felt.
  7. Cuddling                                                                                     Summary : Ty doesn’t really know what to do, but Kit’s fallen asleep on  his shoulder and no one’s here to watch, so he might as well just stay put.
  8. Hypotheticals                                                                                               Summary :  They sleep in the same room sometimes.
       Not together.
       Just… near each other. It’s easier that way.
  9. Uncle Arthur                                                                                              Summary : Kit had never met Uncle Arthur, but he had gotten the gist of the situation from Ty’s uneasiness and Julian’s hushed explanations. And yet, despite all the whispered warnings, he still did not expect to come face to face with raving lunatic.-or-The story of how Kit saves Ty from Uncle Arthur.
Kitty Fic: kyknophobia

kit and ty take a walk in the park - read on ao3

wrote a drabble and im super nervous but for my fav boys i defeated my fear

(warning for discussion on death/grief, los spoilers and swans)

please enjoy if you decide to read!!

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sudden thought: The Iron Bull on a sailboat???

  • will wear nothing except his pink swim trunks, no matter what
  • names the boat Aban-ataashi and occasionally calls her his girlfriend
  • constant pirate jokes
  • always on board: 5 gallons fresh water, 3 first aid kits, a wide range of fireworks (for emergencies, or emergency parties), 10 MREs, 1 plastic flamingo
  • has 100% performed marriages at sea

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LOS SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!
(i dont need help! i just want the pain to stop!)
it had been weeks since livvy died, and the institute was quiet from then on. but the quietest was ty, who even ruined his schedule by never showing up to breakfast, even though he heard jules tell the others, “it’s really important we stick to schedule for ty, okay?”
ty never showed up to training, not that anyone trained for more than 10 minutes before their eyes fell on livvy’s seraph blade and they had to leave the room.
it was another day, quiet, ty wearing his big hoodie, sitting on his floor, staring at his dark wall. a knock sounded on his door before kit filled the small crack between the door and doorframe. kit saw ty, dark eye circles and messy hair. blank eyes.
“hey, ty.”
ty didn’t move.
“ty… i think you need help. im here for you, as always, but… i really think you do. a silent brother, or-”
kit sighed. “we all think you do.” he walked in the room. “ty, seriously. i worry about you.” he pulled ty to his feet. ty looked down.
ty didn’t say anything. kit started getting annoyed, but even more nervous.
“kit. stop. im fine.”
“no, youre not!” said kit, his voice got a little louder, this time with purpose.
“yes, i am! leave me alone!” ty was blinking rapidly, hands fluttering.
“you need help!” argued kit, eyes wide with love and anxiety.
“i dont need help! i just want the pain to stop!” tears ran down ty’s delicate face, burying his face in his hands. “fuck, fuck!”
kit’s heart shattered into a million pieces. he grabbed ty and pulled him toward his body, putting his hand on ty’s tangled hair, patting his head. “shh, my love.”
ty hugged kit back fiercely. “i miss her so much!” he sobbed, face mashing into kit’s shoulder.
“shh, i know, baby. i know.”
“and why didnt i become parabatai with her sooner? and why wasnt i there with her like a twin- a parabatai should be? it’s my fault, kit. it’s my fault, it’s my-”
kit pulled away and grabbed ty’s face, looking into his sad grey eyes. “it’s not your fault. it’s nobody’s fault. don’t say that.” he hugged ty again and kissed his hair, holding him tight, vowing to himself to never let go.

Lemony Snicket Writing About Homework
  • Me: I'll do it later.
  • Lemony: many things can be done later, a word that here means 'done at another time in the future', such as eating a hotdog, reading an interesting book, burning down a mansion, or stealing a fortune from three orphans, and many things would be done later such as watching television, walking the dog, taking a good nap, bothering and sneaking out of the house to go to a high school party, a word which here means 'a parents worst nightmare.' Doing homework, however, was not something that would be done later.

I think that Bramblestar and Squirrelflight should have two little toms, named Firekit and Goldenkit.

Firekit is small and shy and quiet, nothing at all like his namesake, but has his flame-colored coat. His eyes are the amber of his father’s, and he has a small white dash on his chest. He originally feels inadequate and insecure, not sure how he’s going to live up to the reputation of his grandfather. Eventually he realizes he can follow his own destiny and becomes a fantastic hunter, earning the name Firestorm, after both his maternal grandparents.

Goldenkit is larger, with broad shoulders and amber eyes and thick fur- but he is born with only three legs, his front right one having never formed below the shoulder. Unlike most other young cats, he doesn’t strive to be like Bramblestar or Lionblaze, but instead admires Brightheart, who he idolizes for her courage and kindness and dignity in living with her scars. When he becomes an apprentice, he is given Brightheart as a mentor, and the two develop an incredibly close bond, best friends in less than a moon. Goldenpaw becomes Goldenclaw, an incredibly powerful warrior named after both his paternal grandparents.

On the night Brightheart dies of old age, Goldenclaw comes to Ivystar (who is totally leader at this point) and suggests a new addition to the Warrior Code: no kit, regardless of any disabilities, will be denied the insurmountable right to train as and become a warrior.

Goldenclaw dies at a ripe old age, expecting his parents or even Brightheart to welcome him into StarClan. Instead he is greeted by a small, fluffy white kit with starlit blue eyes. The kit grins widely, and makes several movements with his paws and tail. He stops, realizing there’s no way the warrior would understand the language he’d learned in StarClan, and puts his paws down.

The kit grinned widely, gratitude flowing in waves from his starry body. “M’ Snowkit,” he spoke with difficulty, slurred and hoarse but strong and powerful. “An’ I wanna thank ya.”

Tumblr......Lemony Snicket Style
  • Me: I'll only be on Tumblr for five minutes.
  • Lemony: many things can and will be done in five minutes, such as eating a bowl of your favorite sugary cereal, counting to one hundred, setting fire to a house, or tricking a banker into thinking your name is Yessica Haircut. However, being on Tumblr for only five minutes was not one of those things.

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I get really anxious, and I recently bought a fidget cube and it strangely works wonders! But when school starts up again, I won't be able to use it (the small switch which I use almost constantly makes too much noise and I wouldn't want to be the one to get cubes banned from school) I was wondering if you had any alternative (quiet) ideas? something small I could hide under my desk or in my sweat shirt pocket that wouldn't distract those around me?

Thank you so much, anon, for being considerate about how your stimming impacts others. Thank you. Not that I have any concern about your being the one to cause a ban (the fault with that lies with teachers, the school and the education system, not the individual user) but I really appreciate the thought you’re putting in to be able to look after your needs with minimum impact on others.

I’m so glad you’ve got a cube and it’s working for you! Yay for stimming!

You might like to check out our Household Stim Toys ask, as almost everything there is small and pocket-sized, and things like marbles, screws and cotton balls are going to be quiet when held in a palm. You also might like to look at our Subtle/Classroom Fidgets ask, as most of these things are small, subtle or quiet.

Now, stim toys that are small and absolutely or very nearly quiet:

Hedge balls / porcupine balls / hedge creatures: small balls or animals shaped like a ball with protruding spikes, some stretchable (I mean you can pull on the spikes), some not. These are hand-sized and make no noise. My hedge monkeys are stretchable and don’t even make noise when stretched.

Edamame poppers: a pea-shaped popper with three peas you can push up from the pod. Makes a negligible creaking sound. Not all that durable under heavy stimming, but extremely cool.

Wooden bolts and screws: makes the slightest of scratching sounds when the bolt is twisted up and down the thread of the screw. Durable, great for constant repetitive movement, has great texture.

Bottle corks: great if you want something to pick at, only a slight scraping noise made by a section of the cork peeling away, a little bit messy.

Stretchy squish balls: quiet, so mouldable and stretchable, stress ball perfection. I need to see if I can find an online source for these things, because Stimtastic can’t keep them in stock and my local Lincraft is now sold out. These are a little bigger than most things on this list, but they are so nice, I can’t not include them.

Marble mazes and marble loops: absolutely silent, great for keeping your hands moving. Marble loops are like to be more portable and easier to use in the classroom, although if you DIY your maze, you can make it in whatever size you need.

Squishies: some are way too big for subtle stimming, but mochi squishies are tiny and readily portable (although they do collect dust and lint like nothing else). Silent and squishy. Note that some might have a strong smell, which might be an issue for people around you. The mochi squishes, at least the few I’ve handled, don’t have a strong smell, so I think these should be okay for classroom use.

Stress balls: particularly foam stress balls and DIY balloon stress balls. The DIY balloon ones can be made as small as you like; foam stress balls come in mini sizes, often in the party favours section of a department store or dollar shop.

Puzzle, kneadable and capsule erasers: all silent. Puzzle erasers (Iwako-style) can be pulled apart and put back together; kneadable erasers are like a portable putty that’s easy to justify; capsule erasers have textures to touch and make a great worry stone.

Chenille knobbly pencil cases: quiet, stimmy, as stealth as anything. If you don’t find stroking does a lot for you, you might not want this as your main stim, but it’s a great back-up stim, especially as most of us need a pencil case anyway.

Mini Koosh balls and smaller puffer balls: silent, small enough to roll in your palms, has fronds that you can pick and pull at.

Makeup blending sponges: palm size, silent, squishable. Good for rolling, rubbing and squeezing.

Tassel and pompom/fluffy keychains: can be attached to your pencil case, quiet. Depending on design, good for braiding, twisting, stroking, tugging, rolling through hands.

Chain fidgets: all the DIY ones I made myself click, but I’ve handled professionally-made chain fidgets and they were absolutely silent. This might vary from fidget to fidget, though, so this one might be a little risky.

Telephone cord bracelets: inexpensive, can be worn on wrists as jewellery or in hair as hair ties, subtle, can be twisted between fingers like a Tangle. Sometimes make a slight noise when twisted.

Lastly, if you want to try a Tangle, they all click some, but the Tangle Jr Fuzzy is generally quietest - the coating of flocking cushions the plastic pieces from clicking as they touch together. It will still make some noise (Tangles aren’t very loud anyway) but not as much as a regular Tangle Jr. In this case, I wouldn’t get the cheap ebay Tangles, as they’re generally louder than my branded Tangles.

A last note on safety:

Toys like mochi squishies, puffer creatures, stretchy squish balls, DIY stress balls and Koosh balls might present a problem for folks with latex allergies. Anything made from that kind of rubbery plastic, I believe. Some people just can’t touch them and some people can’t even be in the same room as a balloon skin. I bring this up not to stop people from using these stim toys, but just to note that it can be a concern. If you need to quietly approach your teacher and ask if anyone in the classroom has those allergies, do so. Same applies for scented items and noisy items. We can stim with these, but we need to be mindful about the people around us and open to feedback from those who sit beside/behind/around us. There’s a difference between that creaking sound is getting on my last nerve and that stimming is weird, stop it. The last we can and should ignore; the first asks us to do the adult thing of trying to negotiate a compromise. This is another of the many reasons having a wide and varied stim kit is a good idea, so we have options if a favourite toy is dangerous, distracting or difficult in any given environment.

I hope this gives you a few good ideas for exploring quiet classroom stims. Good luck, anon, and thank you so much for keeping others’ comfort in mind!

- Mod K.A.


Request: Person A: Is that a knife in your shoulder? Person B: Or maybe, I’m just happy to see you ;) Person A: Nope, that’s a knife Person B: But I am happy to see you With Jason as person A please by @jadedhillon

Tagging @batlog and @diana-jaffa for their help.

“I’m coming over” His voice was raggy, tired and pained. Sometimes you wondered if that was just Jason’s voice, that mixture of pain and grunting, but a soft chuckle leaves your lips as you proceed to answer.

“Are you trying to get laid again?”

“Oh yeah. You better have these luscious… medical kits open wide and waiting for me when I come” his tone sarcastic, and so deep, as if he was indeed sweet talking you.

“I’m waiting.” You smiled through your phone before you hung it up, feeling a warmth spreading inside of you. You were excited over Jason’s arrival even if it was for the usual patching up you’d do for him almost everyday. You couldn’t deny your feelings for him and you were convinced he must be feeling something for you too and somehow it didn’t bother you that you couldn’t be together yet. You hash made your reasons clear to eachother after the big confession.


It didn’t take long for him to arrive; he burst through your window in less than ten minutes after the call he had made you.

Your eyes widened in shock as you laid them on his form. A knife was decorating his shoulder as blood was seeping through his leather jacket.

“My God. Jason, is that a knife on your shoulder?” You cried out, hurrying to his side.

“Ot, maybe I’m just happy to see you?” He clicked his tongue in disapproval. Hoping that you’d get the sass in his tone.
  “How rude” he muttered under his breath, yet somehow you heard him perfectly.

“I’m not rude Jason. That’s a knife.”
The look of sadness in your eyes forced Jason to throw his teasing mood away. He could see how worried and scared you were. As he hated himself for that.

“But, I’m indeed happy to see you (y/n)! I’ve missed you” his voice is softer than a whisper and you know it’s not from the pain he’s into. He’s not doing it to conceal it either. He knows he can be himself around you. He knows that he doesn’t have to play it strong when you’re around.

You proceed to sit him on a chair, but eventually you decide your kitchen doesn’t have enough lighting. And so your bathroom is the best solution. You know you can’t take the jacket off without taking the knife first, but you’re fully aware that once you pull it you have to keep his clothes off fast as hell.

“Do you have a spare costume?”

“Ten of them.”

“Great, now hold your breath” you order and before he has any time to realise it, the knife is off his shoulder and a loud scream escapes his lips.

“Fucking hell! Are you trying to kill me woman?” He growled, completely giving I ti the pain that run hot and white through his shoulder.

“I’m sorry. I love you. Help me get your clothes out”

“Always trying to get me out of my clothes huh?” He joked, with a pained smirk in his face. Even if he didn’t want to move his hand, to make the pain worse, he couldn’t find it in himself to say no to anything, especially when you’d ask so nicely.

You peeled his jacket of, in the most sensitive way you could master, as to not hurt his already hurt arm. Grabbing the scissors from the medical kit ( you of course had a pair of scissors in your -one of your ten- medical kits, God knows how many times you had to cut through his clothes because he couldn’t get them off.) you proceeded to cut the upper part of his costume in half, both in backward and forwards, to make sure it’d get off more easily and less painfully.

In seconds, you had cleaned his wound with alcohol, to which he oddly didn’t protest. He was in great pain you figured, or else he’d have the nerves the protest. You had only seen him like that a couple of times. Yet, you knew, that in the morning he’d brush it off, saying he’d been through worse.

After many grunts and hisses coming from the hurt man, you grabbed the needle that was already loaded with the stitching thread. Of course it always had to be loaded. You never knew when he’d call or how many stitched he’d need. And you knew from experience that trying to fit a thread through a needle as your hands shook wasn’t the best idea.

You lowered yourself by bending your knees a little, to allow your face to get closer to his shoulder. Jason hissed, as the needle pierced his skin and brought it together. He swore to himself he’d never, ever, get used to it.

“Please Jay stay awake.”

“I wasn’t planning on sleeping, princess” He teased, knowing fully well that he’d lose control of his actions.

But there was something, something in the way you looked at him. Your (e/c) filled with affection and worry. And love. Mostly love. And he couldn’t deny it. Because he himself, had confessed too. And he hated to push you away when he wanted you so close.
He watched, astonished, from over his shoulder as you worked on the wound with quick and skilled movements.

He wondered if he could keep his hands -hand- away from you. You were tempting, your love was tempting and even if he wanted to sink into that well of utter love and promised affection, a relationship with you would grant your death. Even this current involvement could hurt you. His heart was aching at the thought of you getting hurt or killed because of him.

And you had your reasons too. He kept reminding himself. You hated that he wouldn’t care of himself or getting hurt to protect this city. Hell you were right. This city had a hundred other protectors, so why would he ever bother anymore? It pained him that you thought that he put the city before you. Because that was the truth. How could he be in a relationship with you when he’d have to ignore your needs for the city’s.
He wasn’t even the right guy for you. He pained you when he told you about his death. He pained you when he called you to take care of him. He pained you all the time. And as to why you still loved him, he didn’t have an answer. He wasn’t enough for you, he couldn’t give you the love you needed.

And most of all, relationships were troublesome and if you two broke up you’d lose eachother.

What a pitiful epiphany of a reason.

Jason fell down to earth from his cloud of thought as he felt your lips kissing close to where his wound was.
Your hands massaged slowly on his back and neck as moans escaped him.

“You’re tense Jay.”

“Let’s fuck everybody and get together.” He burst out, not even caring about your latest statement. He didn’t care if you’d say no, although he hoped you’d say yes. “Come on!” He pleaded with you, feeling as if he had just word vomited from his anxiety.

“Yes. Oh God, yes” you yelped and pulled him onto his feet so you could hide yourself deep in his strong arms and naked chest. “Please I need this more than anything”
It came out of your mouth in a tone, lower that even a whisper, while you felt s few tears escaping your eyes and splattering on his warm skin.

“I love you.” Jason muttered, planting a kiss at the top of your hair, which made you look up to him.

“I love you too” you smiled, as his fingers wiped the tears away from the corners of your eyes “please promise me you’ll never come here with a knife in your body. Ever again!”