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wed me jyn and cassian!

“We don’t have to talk about it.”

Jyn’s gaze hasn’t left the panel in front of her, her grease-stained fingers absently flicking a toggle on the controls. “Talk about what?”

She feels Cassian’s stare, landing somewhere on her back, but she doesn’t turn around. Instead she bites the inside of her lip, clears her throat, and looks for the override on the console. She’d spent the better part of an hour stripping wires and rerouting power grids, if this didn’t work-

“Last night. We don’t have to talk about it.”

Jyn pulls out her pliers, stripes another set of wires. “What’s there to talk about?”

A stretch of silence. She hears a shuffle of cloth, and knows that Cassian has turned to watch the rest of the hall. Any moment, and the Imperial guards would come and they would have to leave without the intel they infiltrated this Force-forsaken casino for. 

“Canto Bight ceremonies are recognized. Legally.”

Jyn’s smudged fingers type across the console, leaving splotches of dirt and grime behind them. She’d drawn the short straw of saboteuring, and had made an impressive crawl through the vent to get to the console hub. She looks over her shoulder. Cassian is dressed in an impeccable suit, cream-colored. His disguise for the casino floor. Even clean-shaven, his face is drawn as ever and somber. His back to her, he’s taken up pointe and doesn’t move.


The console dings. Jyn’s lips split into a wide smile. Her hacking ability is about as good as someone using a hammer instead of a lockpick, but it seems to have worked. “Cracked it!” 

He looks over just quickly enough to give her his grim, thin smile that always does something to her chest. “Good. Pack up.”

She starts to. In the midst of the tools and grime and data breach in-progress, the thin, silver band around her finger is so much cleaner it seems to glow. She glances at it, before ignoring it in favor of transmitting Imperial routing numbers back to base. 

Last night, they had… Jyn’s psyche has never aggressively ignored a word like this before. But it had been for the mission. Short, quick, Canto Bight style. The skeptical Imperial officer’s disbelief at their cover story momentarily displaced in light of matching rings and an official license.

Jyn hoists her gear over her shoulder, shuts down the terminal, and starts to run. A half second later, Cassian’s boots echo behind hers.

Mission success.

They don’t talk about it.

Me, Myself, and My Mortal Enemy (ft. Kris)

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Part of my Office!AU.  

“You have to be kidding me.”

You stood there with an expression of disbelief, almost dropping your bag and files onto the ground. You scoffed when you spot him smirking through the reflection of his glass walls, evidently thrilled to still be able to draw a reaction from you after all these years.

“You. You’re the CEO of EXO Systems?”

As his chair spun around and you were awarded the sight of Wu Yifan in all his glory, you did what no other girl has ever done in his presence.

You threw a fit.

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Yuuri Introduces Everyone to Pokemon

okay okay but can you imagine like
-Yuuri and Victor living that domestic life while training in Russia and one day Victor sees Yuuri playing some game and he’s like what you do my beautiful fiancé
-“oh just playing the newest pokemon moon game”
-“what’s dat they cute animals”
-and slowly but surely Yuuri slowly gets Victor into pokemon
-it wasn’t hard because as soon as Victor found out about ice types he was in love especially Glaceon like 10/10 are you freaking kidding me it’s an ice dog

-these two are high key obsessed and one day they bring their games with them to the ice rink and play until the very last minute before they have to start training
-it gets on Yurio’s nerves like “WTF ARE YOU PLAYING A GAME FOR KIDS”
-“yeah Yurio but pokemon is for all ages you should try it it’s fun”
-“unlike you I have my priorities straight nice job Yuuri look what you’ve done to Victor again- is that a cat pokemon?”
-and before you know it Yurio becomes obsessed too and he has all the cat pokemon. all of them. his favorite type is dark which is why he loves Liepard because it’s a dark type kitty with leopard print like?? he loves

-Georgi and Mila eventually get into the mix and they all become super competitive against each other with IV’s and stats bc they’re competitive athletes it’s in their blood
-and so they’re always battling against each other especially the holy trinity- I mean Yuuri, Yuri, and Victor
-Yurio:“oi katsudon get ready to have your ass handed to you tomorrow my Weavile is going to murder you”
-Victor: “silly Yurio I’m already in charge of his ass awhhh Yuuuuuuri you always beat me it’s not faaair!”
-and everyone is just like me next!! I wanna battle against Yuuri!!!
-pouty melodramatic Victor is always like “ahhh Yuuuuuri you never spend time with me anymooore”
-everyone: “are you freaking kidding Victor he lives with you gtfo”
-“oh shit you right”
-and as always Yuuri is just sitting here like. I’ve invested over 20 million hours into pokemon. I was Red, then I beat Red. I searched far and wide for Pikablu. I hacked Red and Blue fifty times to move over that damn truck so I could find Mew. I can recite each pokemon’s base stat in my sleep. YOU FOOLS.
-poor, poor Yakov sees this monstrosity unfolding before his eyes
-he isn’t getting paid enough

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I would hurt myself for you Tear my body clean in two I know it's not what you would want But I am selfish in my love I'd let the clouds under my skin until I'm dark and cold within Bare my chest, hacked wide open lay my heart on stormy oceans My shattered skull the seagulls' cave inside, my loved for you engraved and should my blood become the sea the tides would change and follow thee As my soul joins with the wind You'd see your name if you squint as a fleeting indication of my undying dedica

You Truly are a woman after my heart. Oh. My. Goddess. Thank you. I am formally requesting you to direct message me. These words you have chosen have earned you this invitation. If you stand beside these words as truth, you will instinctively abide to this desire without halt. I will offer you a chance to experience what it is like for me to show you this life that you are longing for lol

Personal Space: Bucky Barnes imagine

You wouldn’t classify yourself as an avenger. You weren’t a hero. You stayed behind the scenes. Your office or “the cave” as everyone else called it was your battle scene.

Smart didn’t even describe you in the slightest. Growing up you hated school, it was boring and you just didn’t understand the point of it. Your interest in computer started very young and easily you found yourself in the hacker scem.

Fury found you just when you graduated from high school. The Black Plague was your virus that infected too many systems and the government was doing everything to find out who and why. You just liked to push your limits, to see how far you can get.

Fury saw the potential in you and gave you a choice. Work for shield or he would hand you over to the US government. You made it clear you didn’t work for him but helped shield. But when the Avengers assembled as shield fell to hydra, you were now there to help the Avengers.

Slowly then tower became your home. 

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