wide eyes big city


I thought it was going to be like any other night. 

Michael had dropped me off at work early before going off with his friends – I was sure I’d not be seeing him when I went home. Work was busy, as usual, with the occasional patron or two being kicked out for brash behavior. Always fun. The busiest time had passed, thankfully, and I was able to catch up on some cleaning and stocking. I was getting a nervous tick at the sight of tables being left unattended to because some of the employees didn’t have the brains to clean up after people. I wasn’t paid enough for this.

I looked up as another customer came into the bar. He was attractive, I instantly noticed. Who wouldn’t? He was the kind of guy that had seemingly been born with a smolder, had messy hair that could or could not have been the result of sex five minutes ago, and was wearing the typical badass black leather jacket. Half the women in the place turned their heads to follow his figure to the bar, including myself.

There was something about him that looked familiar… something that tugged at the back of my mind. I remembered a little girl, one I had met what felt like yesterday. She had made me promise… but I had doubted I would ever be able to keep my promise to her in a big city like LA.

“Alexi?” Brow furrowed, eyes wide as I approached him. He looked over his shoulder at me as though I was crazy – probably was – but I knew that face from the inserts in his books, I knew him from his eyes that looked so much like the blue I remembered staring back at me in the middle of the night as I had held her until she fell asleep. “Alexi Dimitrov? I… I knew your sister. Natasha.”