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“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”


Hump Day Hunky Hogan

Chris Hogan Is The Toast Of New England, And He Is…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Like Violet, like Klaus, and like Sunny, I visit certain graves, and often spend my mornings standing on a brae, staring out at the same sea. It is not the whole story, of course, but it is enough. Under the circumstances, it is the best for which you can hope


Manly Monday

Eric Decker Is Out With A Shoulder Injury, And The Jets Are In Need Of His Return. 

Godspeed To Him!

For Now, I’m Content With Memories Of Him In Pre-Seasn Training Camp In Skin-Tight, Green Lycra.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

>Hideo Kojima announces he is leaving Konami after MGSV
>MGSV is released.
>Widely acclaimed
>Ending is amazing and wraps up the plot perfectly
>Maximum score in every single gaming website or magazine
>Gets all game awards ever
>Kojima does not show up to receive any awards
>Konami representative shows up to get the award and is booed by the audience screaming “A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME”
>Kojima vanishes completely
>Konami announces a new MGS game without Kojima on the team
>Critics are not pleased. Say it is a sacrilege to the series legacy.
>Valve announces a surprise press conference to be broadcast worldwide at Camp Nou, Barcelona
>the stadium is packed full, the entire world’s press is there
>during the conference Gabe Newell talks about the SteamOS, SteamVR and such.
>conference ends.
>lights go off
>Gaben says “I have a surprise for you”
>spotlights pointing to the ceiling
>a helicopter appears, a rope comes out of it
>Hideo Kojima goes down the rope
>Gabe Newell says “please applaud our new developer”
>the crowd goes wild
>people are crying
>people are on their knees and bowing
>Kojima goes up on stage and holds the microphone
>“I also have a surprise for you” he says
>Lights go off again

>The screen shows “Valve and Kojima Productions present”
>“A Hideo Kojima game”
>“Half Life 3”
>histerical screaming
>people are crying on the streets
>the cure for AIDS is discovered
>world peace
>Half Life 3 is released
>Acclaimed as the best game of the entire history of videogames
>creates new standards for videogames
>released on every platform existent.
>Valve buys Sony, Microsoft, Motorola, Apple and Samsung
>Valve is the biggest corporation in the world

>Gabe Newell announces another press conference

>stadium is full again
>Gaben and Kojima appear on stage, hand in hand

>everyone applauds
>then the lights go off
>the center of the stadium opens
>a huge machine appears, armed with all belic power existant in the world
>“Thanks to Mr. Newell, I could conclude my life plan, I announce to you… the metal gear”

>world domination plan
>millions of other Metal Gears appear in the world
>The era of Valve is here
>Kojima cannot be stopped
>War begins
>Humanity is extinct,

If you need to smile, just think about Mike teaching El to slow dance in his basement with his dad’s record player in the background and putting her feet gently on his so she can pick up the steps and stealing quick glances into her loving eyes and very shyly kissing her cheek afterward, leaving them both grinning widely like dorks and ending up falling asleep while cuddling on the couch after a long practice


Y/N: But not this time. *you whisper tasting blood in your mouth as you put a knife in his stomach with your magic help*

Kai: And you are sneaky. I like it. *he smiles through the pain*

Y/N: Just smarter than you. *you grin as you stand up from the ground* And you are lucky that I am not a killer. Although I am not going to help you with this. Good luck – Malachai. *you wave him as you slowly pass him holding your jacket on the wound that he did to you*

Kai: I will find you and we will fight again. This is not the end. *a wide grin spreads on his face*

Y/N: We will see about that. *this time you smile and whisper more to yourself as you leave him behind your back. To be frankly – you were looking forward to the next fight with him*

I was discussing Incineroar doing cat things with some friends.  Here’s what we came up with:

  • walking/sitting on your face when you’re asleep
  • meowing for attention
  • staring out the window, chittering (he could totally smash the window and grab the bird/squirrel but he doesn’t realize it so he just sits there quivvering)
  • meows for you to open the door even though he could totally operate a doorknob by himself
  • meows for food, even though he can reach the cupboard, open the bag, and pour the food himself
  • rubs against your calves, trying to thread between them.  doesn’t realize his shoulders are too wide and ends up sweeping you.  can’t figure out why you’re on the floor
  • you wake up in the middle of the night to loud thumping coming from the kitchen.  you go investigate, only to find him playing with a candy wrapper
  • catnip
  • gets chased up a tree by a snubbull
  • some kids try to pet him.  he swats at them like cats do.  they go flying
  • you turn your back for a minute while doing some baking, turn back around only to find him standing in your dough
  • incineroar paws at your front door.  you go to let him in.  he drops a fainted pikachu on your door step and looks at you expectantly


  • passive-aggressively knocking stuff off tables/shelves/desks
  • blepping
  • rubbing his face on people and things he likes
  • climbing into a cardboard box (and being sad and confused when it bursts into flames)
  • doing something clumsy and then walking away nonchalantly like he meant to do it
  • you throw a wad of tin foil.  he sprints for it like his life depends on it (and immediately loses interest when he catches up to it)
Mini Tutorial : How To Smile

Open up your rig in blender 

and hit ctrl+alt+Q

and it will take you into QUAD VIEW

you wanna zoom up to the face like the following pictures

1) Grab both L & R Mouth Points 
2) From Left Ortho You Wanna Pull them back as far as you like (I wouldn’t recommend it only if you wanna look like mileena)

Originally posted by raffispalace

3) After Pulling Back You’ll get this simple SMALL smile but don’t stop there SHALL WE

4) Click the Jaw and Hit The “R” Key and slowly open the mouth from the left ortho view

now you will have a small Stevie J’s Smile (Lol WHICH IS FUNNY AF !!)

Originally posted by theblogofmicah

Okay for 5 & 6 I do two different ways I to push the L & R mouth ends wide 

5) You Can Press The “G” Key And  Move it to the right but in a upwards direction :)

6 ) Same Way As The #5 But It Would also move the Mid upper lip ( I do this one more for the guys)

After all that you should get this smile ♥ 

You can always do whatever you like but I hate testing in and out of game (Loadtime) lol but yeah TADA !! A SMILE !!!

EDIT* from what I remember this doesn’t work for interaction replacement since some of the interactions don’t have the “Lip Sync” something like that :)

im honestly still so impressed by the level of fandom-wide denial re: the ending of botfa tbh? all of us could be gathered together watching thorin’s death scene or The Funeral™ and we’d still be like ‘so anyway do you think bilbo is going to stay in erebor after the battle or will thorin renounce the throne and go back to the shire with him?’ without even batting an eye it’s as if we’ve collectively cancelled the idea that bilbo and thorin didn’t end up together and replaced it with every single other possible scenario lmao

Second Fan Poster from Netflix new serie “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” D: I’m so exited to see some new characters, and i was trying to reflect the ashes in all this good vs evil fight in all this VFD stuff…

From my friends who help make the other poster viral, thank u! :D Like i said i didn’t knew when this is going to happen, but been realistic i’m pretty shure is not going to be for next year… but finger crossed! jajaja 


Très Beau Mec

Eric Decker…One Of The Most Beautiful Men In Professional Sports.

Woof, Baby!

White privilege is something some white people don’t even know that they have. When they respond to us with confusion of why we are angry, that alone speaks to a privileged view.
—  Karena Atkinson