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Tip if you live with room mates or parents:

Make your bedroom your SANCTUARY. Make a place you want to go to at the end of the day to relax, having a dirty room is so stressful. And I get it, you sit there and stare at it, but don’t tackle the clutter because it’s overwhelming. My advice, just start somewhere. Even if it takes you a few days. GET RID OF STUFF YOU DON’T NEED. Minimize your belongings. (Read DO LESS by Rachel Jonat. It has seriously changed my view on organization and clutter and has opened my habits and my mind to minimalism) I donate all of my unused but salvageable goods to thrift stores, because keeping them around to try and sell them can cause you to continue to be overwhelmed.
Then, once you’re room is cleaned, let your bed be your bed. It’s for sleeping and lounging only. Try to get a good desk for homework and study.
Then for decorations
GET COZY SHEETS, CANDLES, FAIRY LIGHTS, drape tulle or tapestries along your walls or ceilings with push pins or command hooks. (Small Holes in walls are easy to fix by yourself btw, just do a quick google search.)
Get a cozy comforter and comfy pillows. If you have an uncomfortable mattress, get a comfy foam mattress topper (@ target for $12) to help. Keep a little tray that you can lay your night time goodies on. Mine has a lavender pillow spray, a wide tooth comb, water bottle, Vaseline (I put it on my lips, lashes and brows before bed), and my notebook in case I have any wild ideas I want to jot down during the night.
Keep a catch all try by your door. Lay your keys, sunglasses, watch, etc. there, so you know where they are when you’re rushing out the door. Also, have a place to put your purse. If you can’t put a hook on the wall to hang it up, get an over the door hook hanger from Walmart. (I love this thing because I keep my purse, school bag, fave Nike hat and umbrella there, and I always know where I put them.
Use things like white boards, calendars, and pin boards to keep yourself organized, and design yourself a motivational vision board.
ORGANIZE YOUR DRESSER. Keep socks, undies, bras, tights in the top drawer, then shirts, then pants. But if you can, hang up tips that you know will get wrinkles easy.
Put a cozy rug in your room to keep your feet warm, but don’t forget to clean it, because if you have pets it will start to stink.
Keep clutter off your bed and DIRTY CLOTHES IN THE HAMPER. I don’t care if you need 3 hampers, idc if you need 3 hampers for dirty clothes and 2 for clean clothes, just KEEP THEM OFF THE FLOOR.
Play some chill music while you just hanging out. Light your candles, sit back, and enjoy your beautiful chill room.

Lord give me strength and energy to get through my “wash day” routine...

1. Hot oil treatment for 2-3 hours (olive & coconut oil)

2. Detangle hair (with fingers or wide tooth comb)

3. Shampoo hair (scalp twice) (SheaMoisture coconut hibiscus shampoo)

4. Condition (DevaCurl Decadence conditioner)

5. Comb through and rinse (Wet Brush)

6. Deep condition 1 hour  (SM Shea Butter deep treatment masque, *dark yellow label)

7. Scalp massage and rinse out DC

8. Style hair with leave in and coconut oil (SM JBC leave-in, *light yellow label)

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My Tips for Healthy Natural Hair

• Don’t wash hair too often. Once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly is best. Use a sulfate-free shampoo because sulfate is a cleaning agent that strips all of the natural oils and moisture from the hair.

• Co-wash (washing with conditioner) to refresh hair between shampoo washes. This will cleanse the hair while adding moisture. Two of my favorites are Eden BodyWorks All Natural Cleansing Cowash and Creme of Nature Pure-licious Cowash Cleansing Conditioner.

• Keep hair moisturized. Dry, brittle hair will break off and frizz up, thus halting hair growth. My favorite leave-in conditioner is Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In Conditioner. It keeps my hair soft and moisturized for days!

• Use natural oils to seal moisture into hair after applying leave-in conditioner, and on the scalp to stimulate hair growth. For thick hair like mine, I like to use olive oil. Jojoba oil is also great for using on the scalp and hair as it is the closest natural oil to the sebum our skin produces. Coconut, avocado, castor, and grapeseed oil are also good.

• Deep condition at least once a week for 30 minutes to an hour. Deep conditioning the hair is vital to keeping it strong and moisturized. Shea Moisture and Eden BodyWorks make great ones.

• Sleep with a satin scarf/bonnet on or sleep on a satin pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases suck all the moisture out of your hair and create breakage and frizz.

• Detangle hair only when damp with water or conditioner. Use a wide tooth comb or your fingers and BE GENTLE.

• Avoid styling your hair everyday and avoid tight hair styles that put strain on your edges and nape hair. Low manipulation is key.

• Drink a lot of water and eat a healthy diet rich in protein, iron, zinc, and Vitamins A, E, D, and B. 

• Take a multi-vitamin daily and/or a hair growth vitamin. 

Advice on growing your hair
  • Brush with a wide-toothed comb and tie it up with soft ties that don’t snag
  • Brush your hair from the ends up
  • If you hear a ‘tearing’ sound, that’s your hair breaking, so try to avoid it
  • Hair is most fragile when wet
  • Avoid bleach and perms
  • Avoid heat-styling, and use the hair dryer on low/cool or not at all
  • Gently rubbing your scalp can stimulate hair growth
  • Putting too much tension with tight ponytails or braids can cause alopecia (hair loss)
  • Vitamin B, vitamin C, biotin (vitamin B7/vitamin H), niacin (vitamin B3), vitamin E and keratin have all been reported to improve hair and nails. The most important thing however is to eat a wide variety of foods.
  • Regular trims can prevent split ends and lead to healthier, longer hair long term
  • Wearing hair in loose plaits, wrapped in a scarf, or wearing a hat can protect hair from the elements
  • Leaving conditioner on the hair for longer than an hour has no proven benefit and can actually cause damage to the hair and irritate the scalp
  • Hair needs both moisture and protein. Eggs whisked together can be used as a protein treatment, and coconut oil can be used as a conditioning treatment. There are many more inexpensive DIY treatments to be found online
  • The rate of hair growth is tied to metabolism; the faster your metabolism, the faster your hair will grow. Exercise can help.
  • The most important thing needed to grow long hair is patience
To My Naturals,

Here’s a thread where you can post your hair care routine, what products you use, what products you hate/cant use, what hair type you have + (like 3a of whatever ad if you have is thin, coarse, etc), what vitamins you take for your hair, etc.

I, along with a lot of other girls (and possibly guys too), need help!


-I take 10,000 mcg Biotin daily (I started wit like 3000/5000 mcg Biotin September 2014 and I have used 10,000 mcg for almost 2 years tho)

- I wash my hair once a week ( I don’t wear my curls out often because EVERYONE and their mom likes to touch my hair)

- I have like 3a/3b/3c hair (Lord I don’t know)

- My hair is thin, the biotin helped with length and strength

- I have always had long hair, but it was poorly color treated in 2013 so I did a big chop in April 2014

- My hair is currently bra strap length (the longest it ever was, was waist length in 2011/2012; I'm 4′9″/4′10″)

- I used Mane and Tail from September 2014 to November 2015, It was good but it didn't define my hair good, it has sulfates in the shampoo, lots of slip for detangling

- I used the Organix Brazilian Keratin shampoo and condition from April 2014 to September 2014 (I didn’t like how it made my hair hard)

- I currently use: Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil “Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo”, Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus “Curl and Shine Conditioner”,  Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil “Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-in Conditioner”, Coconut Oil for sealing (I used to oversaturate my hair, it works really good for moisture)

- I use a silicone scalp massager (not the vibrating one, I bought mine for less than $2 on eBay)

- I deep condition before i flat iron my hair ( aka twice this year) and like rarely beyond that [ I KNOW I NEED TO DO BETTER, I don’t know….]

- I did a pure ACV deep condition for my dandruff/dry scalp and so far no flakes (did it on 8/10/16), apparently it’s really good for acne, losing weight, dry/itchy scalp, getting shiny hair, pH balancing your scalp, etc)

- I want to do pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil massages on my scalp (you just pour some of it on your hands and massage it in every day using your fingers or the scalp massager thingy for like 2-5 minutes)

- I want to do some deep conditioning (im very cheap so like… I have ACV, Coconut, eggs, and water, what can i do with that? I also have honey…)

- I used the OKAY Shea Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner but it left my scalp drier than it has ever been and my hair very tangled

- I want to wear my natural hair out more often instead of combing it out and stretching it. I would probably have to wash my hair twice a week for that tho)

- I do not use gel or like gel. I do not slick down my hair

- I use t-shirts for drying my hair

- I only use a wide tooth comb, no brushes

- I only flat iron my hair 1-3 times a year ( only special occasions)

- I don’t eat healthy ( I barely drink water and I only eat during school bc homework takes forever. I tried eating vegatables and I realized that I aint about that life)

Any tips for me??? Please leave your routine and what you do for your hair!

Warning to any new naturals or those wanting to be natural

Go natural with the bare minimum of nessasary products! I cannot emphasize this enough. There are only four things I used when when I first went natural
1. Shampoo
2. Conditioner
3. Mosteriser/detangular (hair lotion)
4. Wide tooth comb

There were a couple of reasons for this one I’m a college student with a very very small budget, and two i did not want to fall into the trap of being a product/style junkie. The most important thing for natural hair is health and i found that hair doesn’t really need that much to be healthy. When first going natural it is best to start out simple and build from there because you don’t know how these products will work on your hair. Even now I’ve been natural for about 3 years and i only needed to add two things to my hair stack which is a deep conditioner and a cheep oil. Anyone just starting on their natural hair journey should limit themselves to no more than $30 on products.

Song Bird

I have a request please. lol how about it’s late night and you didn’t know Simon D would be home. You’re finishing up your hair and singing badly and he scares You? Smutty, fluffy, your choice Thank You! 😍

@vampyxenoqueen I hope you like it! 

Title: Song Bird

Genre: Fluff/Implied smut

Word Count: 1370

You’d been at this for a good hour. It was wash day and that automatically meant your evening routine was going to run longer than normal. You were currently standing in front of the mirror using our wide tooth comb as a mic. Initially you’d just been humming along but apparently the lyrics were speaking directly to you.

“Somethin bout you makes me wanna do things that I shouldn’t!” You belted out, head thrown back, comb gripped tight just below your mouth with your eyes closed. In your mind, you were giving the performance of a lifetime. When your fro was lopsided because you’d put too much leave in the back and hadn’t gotten to one quadrant of your hair. Now Ariana Grande’s pitch is hard for most to achieve anyway. You could be classified as an alto at best but that would only count if you could sing. The squeaking/screeching sounds you were making might be classified as crimes against humanity in some countries.


Luckily for mankind it was around 11:30 at night and you had the house to yourself. Kiseok said he’d be at the studio late which usually meant he’d be home around two. At this point in your relationship the extremely late nights no longer bothered you. It hadn’t been that way initially. You were a little ashamed to admit that at one point you’d been queen of the pop-up. Years later things were comfortable between the two of you and you were confident in your relationship.

You continued to sing and threw in a body rolls as you ran your hands over your bodysuit. You’d taken to wearing them when you were just lounging around the house. You claimed it was for the convenience of not having to search for an entire outfit. The reality was they fit you like a second skin, made you feel feminine and you were hoping that Kiseok would catch you in it at the right time.

Thinking of him had your mind running through some interesting options. The two of you were still somehow managing to keep things fresh with each other. It didn’t always work out like either of you thought. There were a few times that you both ended up laughing at each other. You still couldn’t look at bananas or oranges without chuckling.

Trying to get your mind off your boyfriend you switched over to a 90’s RnB playlist. It might be dangerous territory for some but most of the time you struggled not to giggle through the songs. There were only so many ‘oooohhhhh yeah.ohh oohh yeeahhs’ you could hear before busting up. After making it through Xscape, 112 and Shai you were almost done detangling your hair.

Then all hell broke loose when you heard the opening notes for Any Time, Any Place. Your comb was back in your hand serving as a mic, eyes closed with a serene smile on your face. You held your free hand at your side snapping along as your hips easily found the rhythm.

Kiseok could hear the music from outside the door and already knew what he was walking into. He’d had to come home to grab a few things as it looked like it was going to be an even later night than he originally anticipated. He’d left Jay down in the car waiting as he thought this was going to be a quick trip in and out. He cringed as he opened the door and heard you struggling to hit a note. He loved you. He really did but a song bird you were not. He had to stop walking briefly and stuck his finger in his ear shaking it in an attempt to rub away some of the pain.

Not long after he was in your room standing back from the doorway to the bathroom watching you sing along. He let his eyes freely roam your body as you rolled your hips and let your hand travel up your thigh. It didn’t hurt that you were wearing one of those tight things. God bless whoever made those. He bit his lip and cocked his head to the side and admired your ass. He shook his head somethings just didn’t make sense and the way your ass looked in the spandex was one of those. You moved yourself into a semi sitting position and rocked your hips side to side as your hand traveled up your stomach, between your breasts and cupped your neck. He decided to test and see if you were just singing the words or if you were serious.

“Any time, huh?” You heard a deep voice just to your left. You squealed and threw your comb at what you thought was an assailant and hit Kiseok in the middle of the forehead. “Ow!” He cried and you immediately covered your mouth with your hands. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m sorry.” Rushed out of your mouth and took the few steps to where he now stood completely in the doorway. “Are you ok?” You asked but he was already laughing. You hit his arm playfully. “You scared the shit outta me!” You said in mock anger.

“I’m sorry.” He said between laughs. His hands rested low on your hips as you quickly examined his head. There was a slight red mark but it wasn’t welting so he’d be ok. “I couldn’t help it. I heard you screeching and came in to see dancing around in this.” He snapped the strap of your bodysuit. “I had to know if you meant what you said.” He was backing you further into the bathroom until you felt the edge of the sink pressing into your ass. He tapped your outer thigh indicating for you to sit on the sink.

“I’m going to need you to put a bell or get a whistle or something. You’re lucky I didn’t catch your eye.” You were trying to ignore his little question and make a point of him not sneaking up on you again.

“C’mon kiss it and make Daddy feel better” The man dropped his voice into that dangerous octave. The one he knew would have you sliding your panties off in a heartbeat. He stepped between your legs and pressed himself against your core. He leaned down and closed the space between your lips. You met the kiss head on and let your hands slide up his chest until one was cupping his face and the other was buried in his hair.

The kiss deepened quickly and you were both panting and grinding against each other in now time. Your legs were around his waist and he’d just hooked one of his fingers into the strap of your bodysuit other hand gently caressing your breast when his phone vibrated. “Shit” he cursed under his breath as he pulled away from you.

You groaned and muttered are you serious. “Yeah…” he cleared his throat. “Yeah” You could hear Jay on the other end of the line. “Did you get lost or somethin?”  

You sprinkled Kiseok’s neck with little kisses and gently nipped at his earlobe. You ground yourself against the erection bulging through his jeans causing him to let a small moan escape. He turned a molten glare on you. “Or something.” He clipped back into the phone. You tried to hold back a laugh and hoped you hadn’t been loud enough to be heard.

Jay laughed on the other end of the line. “Next time I’m just dropping you off.” The conversation ended the mood slightly changed.

Kiseok looked down at you with a dangerously teasing glint in his eye. “Thought that was funny?” He cocked his head to the side and licked his lips and examined you. He took half a step back, tapped your thigh again and nodded to the bedroom. “Take that off and be waiting for me.”

You raised your eyebrow in question trying to push him just a bit more. He returned the look and simply stated. “You have 10 seconds.” Then proceeded to count backwards.

You hopped off the sink and made a beeline for the bedroom. Sometimes singing off key paid off.

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You're soo pretty xo how do you get clear skin also any tips on hair growth/getting soft hair would be appreciated (:

Thank you!! Alright just a heads up this will most likely be a long post because I’m going to try and say everything that comes to me…

For Clear skin:
• Your skin reflects whatever’s going on inside your body. So make sure you’re drinking a lot of water - at least 2litres a day!) to flush out any toxins and eat foods full of nutrients that benefit your skin. Honestly drinking more water in itself will improve your skin so much and make it generally look healthier and more glowing.
• Stress, which I know is sometimes inevitable, can also mess up your skin so try to keep that to a minimum.
• Makeup wise, BB creams tend to be better for the skin than foundations but ultimately it’s all down to how effectively you remove your makeup. Having said that I’d like to stress how important it is that you DONT SLEEP WITH YOUR MAKE UP ON. I don’t care how tired you are just don’t do it.
• Make sure you give yourself at least 2 days a week where you go makeup free to let your skin breathe and renew itself.
• Sleep is also needed for your skin to repair itself so get between 8-10 hours of sleep as often as you can!
• As for skin care, gentle cleansers are the way to go.
• Exfoliating 2 or 3 times a week will also make sure that any dead skin is removed and leave you with glowing skin.
• Makeup removers and moisturisers should be bought depending on your skin type. Even if you have oily skin you should moisturise!! if you do have oily skin, there are many oil free moisturisers specifically made for oily skin.
• Toners can be used to tighten your pores and as a result reduce how many spots you get. But it can be drying especially if it’s mainly composed of alcohol so just bare that in mind.
• Sun cream will help your skin in the long term!! It will prevent premature ageing and sun spots. Make sure you’re using a sun cream specifically made for the face and not using a body one on your face (which can break you out) . Foundations with spf don’t actually do a whole lot of protecting because they have a too little amount of spf to actually do any effective protecting so it’s best to just stick with a face sun cream.
• Change your pillow case often to prevent potential breakouts.
• Make sure your phone screen is clean before you make a call so that bacteria doesn’t get on your cheek when you put the phone to your ear and, again, break you out.
• lemon juice helps reduce the look of scarring/hyper pigmentation by acting as a natural bleach. Since the skin on the face is sensitive it would be a good idea to dilute the lemon juice with a bit of water before applying it to the area using a q tip or cotton pad. You can do this 2-3 times a day and you should see results by 2 weeks. Obviously if any irritation occurs you should stop.

Hair growth:
• don’t wash your hair every day. It strips away your natural oils and your hair won’t grow as quickly if it’s dry. I know that some people can have extremely oily hair and need to wash it every day but I’ve heard that you can “train” your hair to not be as greasy somehow (?). Im not very good with explaining that so its worth a Google.
• Deep conditioning once a week will help your hair a lot. There are many different types of deep conditioning hair masks for different types of hair and hair problems.
• My personal favourite is coconut oil (make sure you get the natural kind). It’s the only oil to actually penetrate your hair instead of just coating it and so it will do wonders to your hair. I suggest doing it only once a week at the most as it will make your hair greasy if you use it too often. It leaves your hair soft af though and it’s 100% natural so you don’t have to worry about any chemicals on your hair.
• Reduce the amount of heat you use. Work with what you’ve got instead of constantly damaging it with heat.
• If you can’t go without your straighteners or curlers then always use a heat protector whilst you slowly begin cutting down on the amount of heat you use.
• Depending on your hair type (mine being curly) I find that rubbing in a bit of Moroccan oil on the ends of my hair after I wash it helps lock in moisture and prevent frizz.
• Speaking of washing hair, don’t rub your hair dry. Dab it dry with a towel or preferably with an old t-shirt which is much gentler.
• Your hair can get burnt in the sun just like your skin. So wearing a hat or spraying a little bit of heat protector before you leave the house will help if you’re going to be out in the sun for long.
• try not to brush your hair often. I know that the thought of that unimaginable to some people but it can be very damaging. Obviously if you have massive knots then brush them out but ultimately brushing your hair can cause breakage.
• to reduce breakage, a wide toothed comb is a much better alternative to a brush.
• when brushing your hair, begin detangling the ends and work your way up. Breakage is less likely in this case.

That’s all I can think of for now. idk if this is in more detail than you wanted and sorry for the long read but I hope it was helpful 💗💗💗

PSA for my lovelies with curly hair.

So, I went so long not knowing how to look after my curls and how to make them pretty that I hated them and always put them up or straightened them. So, I thought why not share what I’ve learned.

  1. Use a cotton shirt or a microfiber towel instead of your usual towel (Your hair will be less frizzy and less dry)
  2. Only shampoo your scalp or go the “no-poo” method. (Shampooing all over your head drys your hair out and can ruin your curls)
  3. Only use conditioner on your ends (Putting it all over your hair flattens it)
  4. Only comb your hair when your in the shower, when you put conditioner in (Combing after your shower ruins your curl pattern or combing when your hair is dry will make your hair poofy)
  5. Do not use brushes. Brushes are damaging to curly hair. Finger-comb or use a wide-toothed comb instead. 
  6. Try to blow dry your hair as little as possible, the best thing for curls is to air dry but if you’re in a hurry use a diffuser which minimizes frizz by evenly distributing the heat.
  7. If you have frizz issues get a Frizz cream but don’t overuse it or your hair will be hard, sticky or just gross.
  8. If you can afford it (as it can be expensive) try to not use products with  Silicates, Silicone’s or Sulfates. If you can’t avoid them try to only get Moisturizing/hydrating shampoo and conditioners 
  9. If possible get a satin pillowcase, scarf or cap to put over your hair while you sleep to help keep your curls intact and less frizzy.
  10. Wait till your hair is 100% dry before going to sleep or you WILL ruin your curls. 
  11. Don’t put your hair up in a wrap/towel turban after you wash your hair as it wrecks your natural curl pattern. Instead, wring your hair out over the tub then do the scrunch and squeeze method to get out more water while encouraging your curls. Then use a cotton shirt or microfiber towel to scrunch your hair more.
  12. Get layers in your haircuts the more layers the more bouncy and curly your hair will be, the fewer layers to the more weighed down and less curly your hair will be. 
  13. Do not wash your hair every day, Curly hair tends to be naturally dry and this is damaging. I personally wash mine every 3-4 days and it works for me. 
  14. When your hair is wet is the best time to do anything to it. Once curly hair is dry there is no changing it.
  15. Avoid products with alcohol as they are very drying. 
  16. Don’t use heat. (I haven’t used heat in my hair in 4-5 months and my hair is doing so much better)
  17. Try the pineapple method when going to sleep. Gather all your curls into a loose ponytail at the top of your head. (I recommend not doing this tell you absolutely gonna lay down and go to bed cause for me, I get a headache from sitting up with it. 

Also, check out this video as it was super helpful to me!

Curly hair routine by curlypenny

I hope this helps and any questions you have, send me an ask and I will try my best to answer it :)

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Hi, can I get something where the reader tries to style Hanzo's hair? Thank you!

This is so sweet compared to my last prompt lmao. Enjoy!!!

Your fingers slid through Hanzo’s hair, the silky black strands falling loosely between them.

“This doesn’t hurt, does it?” You asked, arching your eyebrow as you leaned over Hanzo’s shoulder to look at him.

“My scalp is not sensitive, if that is what you are asking.” He responded calmly, his eyes closed as your fingers played with his hair.

“Good,” You laughed “I don’t want to accidentally hurt someone so handsome.”

You heard a scoff from the man in front of you, crossing his arms at your comment.

His actions made you giggle, and you seated yourself once more behind the archer.

Beside you lay several variations of combs, brushes, and hair ties. You reached for a wide-toothed comb, bringing it up to his hair and combing it slowly.

“You know,” You said “You have beautiful hair.”

His head turned suddenly, peering at you as you finished speaking.

“It’s not as beautiful as you are, my blossom.”

You couldn’t help but blush at his words.

How do the boyos react to helping you on hair wash day?

Today was wash day for me, and I was inspired!! I hope you enjoy 🤣🙌🏾.

Your favorite beautician is out of town on an Altissian cruise with her staff. Naturally that means the whole store closes up shop. With a big engagement coming up on Monday, you’ve decided to tackle hair wash day on your own, Friday after work!


“Can’t you go somewhere else?”, he sighs.
He really doesn’t understand. He has Ignis compile a list of the best beauticians in Eos for you as an alternative, but they don’t compare to your favorite spot, “Ifrits Hot Comb”.
He feels… pretty useless. He doesn’t like it. He resigns to making a sick playlist, full of:
-Bey (he loves the way you jump around to “Who Run The World”)
And some of your other joint faves.
-He’ll generally watch, and offer moral support and do small things like get you towels, food/drink, etc.
-He’s *actually* attentive, and interested.
-Mostly impatient because he wants your attention.
-Actually turns into a whiny 3 year old baby. It kills him when you’re so close to one another in his lush master bedroom, but you’re preoccupied in his bathroom.
-Proceeds to come in and huff at you. You just make a pouty face back at him and he trudges away.
-This happens every 30-35 minutes.

-Noctis makes sure your salon is always available when you need them from this day on.
-Conclusion: Noctis hates wash day.

Prompto- When you tell Prompto you’ll be doing your hair yourself since your beautician is gone, he’s excited because that means he can have you over all weekend!
You arrive at his place, and when Prompto opens the door to his apartment he’s standing there WITH A BLACK SILK BONNET ON HIS HEADDDDD.
“I’m all ready for you baby!!” he grabs you by the waist and pulls you in, as you laugh so hard you can’t breathe.
He walks you to the kitchen. This boy just about bought out the entire ethnic hair section, that’s now before you on his kitchen counter. Two different types of shampoo, 3 conditioners, one lock and twist gel, one edges gel, detangling spray, two packs of small rubber bands. One wide tooth comb, one rat tail comb. One pic even though you don’t wear an Afro.
“I uh..hope this will do the trick?”, he takes the silk bonnet off his head and sheepishly twists it between his fingers. He blushes pink and his big blue doe eyes blink at you slowly.
“Babe, you are so great” you say, wiping away a straggling tear of laughter from your eye.

Gladio already owns Mane and Tail because of course he does. You discovered this one night when he was fucking you in the shower and decided this was the man you were going to marry. He’s excited to have you stay the weekend.
You came prepared and brought whatever gels you needed. When you’re done washing, you move to the living room and sit on the floor between Gladio’s legs as he sits on the couch, so he can Bantu knot your hair for you.
“You alright babe? Need a pillow down there?”
“Eh, maybe in like 20 mins”
“Alright, then lets get to work” He cracks his knuckles, puts his hair up in a bun, and buckles down.
You bring the blanket into your lap, and begin munch on some popcorn to go with the movie you popped in.

You’d been telling Ignis how you’re less than excited about having to wash and style your hair.
“It always kills so much time, and my back and arms hurt. Gahh, I know I have to do it but ugh. Don’t mind me…”
“My love”, he reassures you, “that’s quite alright. I can only imagine. Do you have all that you need?”
“Yes”, you reply grumpily. At least you’d be able to spend the night at his place. His shower head is divine.
When he lets you in, you see fresh ingredients laid out on his kitchen island. There’s vanilla, jojoba oil, coconut oil, avocado, and a whole host of other natural ingredients
“What are you making babe?”
“Not what I’m making”, he says kissing your neck from behind, and wrapping his arms around you. “But what we’re making. While you were at work, I took it upon myself to find the recipe for natural hair conditioning masks that will leave your natural tresses more radiant than ever. I thought perhaps we could make it together, hm?”
This. Man. You totally hit the jack pot. Ignis always told you how much he loved your natural hair. The shine, the body, the smell. You spin in his arms to give him a lengthy kiss, deep enough to dislodge his glasses.
“Well then,” he says, clearing his throat, “should we get started?”

Seven loves to play with Yoosung’s hair. 

Because it’s longer than his, and it’s fun, and despite being bleached, Yoosung’s hair is SOFT. 

When Yoosung is at Seven’s house, and using his huge TV for gaming, that’s when Seven sneaks up on him. 99% of the time, Yoosung sits on the floor in front of the couch, and is too engulfed in what’s happening on the screen to notice Seven coming over and sitting behind him on the couch.

Seven takes advantage and reaches forward, pulling the clips out of Yoosung’s hair. He grins widely and starts combing his fingers through the blonde locks, messing up his bangs and hair. He hums happily and does all sorts of fun hair styles. 

Pig tails. Pony tail. Clips his bangs back, ruffles his hair so it’s flipped every which way. No matter what it’s adorable, and Yoosung doesn’t even look up from his game to see what’s become of his hair. 

Seven grips lightly at Yoosung’s hair and just tugs and scratches and plays and Yoosung loves it. It feels so nice. 

Once Seven pulls his hands away, Yoosung finally reacts with a whine. 

“Don’t stop~ It helps me hyper focus! And I have to focus on this next part cause it’s the boss level. Don’t let me down!” 

And Seven just perks up and starts to run his fingers in Yoosung’s hair again. 

“Aye, aye Captain Yoosung!” And he leans his head down to press a kiss against Yoosung’s hair. Because he just loves his scent. And that his hair is soft. He just loves everything about his cute, sweet heart. 

Sometimes you never quite realize how wonderful the little things are. Last night, when my mind was working too fast and I didn’t know where one thought ended and the other began, Kp put me in the bath and washed my hair for me. That sounds weird, but they let me be quiet, soft, and small while their fingers scrubbed little circles on my scalp. They cleaned every strand, picked the knots out with a wide comb, and brushed conditioner through it until it was soft and shiny. They whispered little prompting questions and rinsed the soap out without getting it in my eyes. Every touch was soft and soothing. Every word was light and caring… Find someone who will wash your hair for you when you can’t do it for yourself.

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Any tips for long wigs? I'm cosplaying Ember from Danny Phantom and ended up totally frying a decent wig just trying to pull it into a ponytail :(

Hello there!

For long wigs, working slowly and carefully is everything. It can also help to pre-treat the wig with silicone to help prevent the fibers from gripping each other and tangling. This won’t be perfect, but it’ll help keep things smooth.

For something like a ponytail, it can help to work slowly and in sections. Take the fiber layer by layer in multiple sections across the wig. Since wig fibers are different from hair, you can’t just pull it back like you would with your actual hair. As you are working, make sure to keep the fibers detangled with a wide-tooth comb, and that you gently work any tangles out from the bottom up. If you work slowly and make sure to comb as you go, it should help keep the fibers smooth. 

When wearing the wig, it can also help to detangle throughout the day, and if you need to, get a friend to help comb the back. Ty to keep out of the wind, and if the hair is loose, try to loosely braid it if you need to walk around outside in inclement weather. It can also help to store the wig in a loose braid to help protect it.

You can also carefully detangle and fix a “fried” wig with a flatiron, as long as the wig can handle the amount of heat.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

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117 with Kenny cause his weave is a no.

You’d tried to let it go for a couple of days. Maybe he was still learning how to take care of it?

It was the beginning of the second week and you couldn’t ignore the animal that was clearly nesting in his hair. You cajoled him into the dressing room with promises of playing street fighter with him. He sat down of his own volition in front of the TV, babbling happily about the game while you gave him the excuse of getting the console. 

You were really grabbing detangler and four different kinds of combs. 

He was still babbling something about combos when you launched yourself at him, straddling his lap in an effort to keep him from moving. He grunted at the sudden weight on his hips and thighs before looking at you with wide eyes. 

“(Y/N)? What?”

You brandished a wide tooth comb in his face like a weapon. 

“This is an intervention.”

The look of surprise on his face changed quickly once he realized your position in his lap. His eyes darkened in hunger and two large hands clasped your hips tightly, as he leaned forward, the heat of his breath brushing against the sensitive skin of your chest. 

“An intervention for what?”

His purred words made color rise high into your cheeks, but you wouldn’t be deterred.

“Can I do your hair?”

The aghast look would have sent you into giggles, if it weren’t for the hardening ridge between your thighs.

Healthy Hair Growth Challenge (courtesy of Nappturalistic Beauty)

Basic Guidelines to Follow (in addition to the Sub Challenges):

  • Make sure your hair has a good trim before starting the challenge & ONLY trim at 6 month intervals if needed
  • Wash/Cleanse your hair 1x per week
  • Always do Hot Oil Treatments before (pre-poo) or after you wash your hair
  • Always Deep Condition after every Wash & Hot Oil treatment followed by a Leave In Conditioner
  • Blot hair with a t-shirt & Air dry the hair 99% of the time
  • Remain FAITHFUL to Moisturizing & Sealing your ends at least 3x a week to prevent breakage & split ends.
  • Wear protective or low manipulation styles 3-5x a week
  • No heat (blow drying, flat iron, curling iron, etc.) 
  • Take a hair growth aide or multivitamin if you choose to benefit the health & growth of your hair & body.
  • ALWAYS protect your hair at night with a silk/satin scarf and/or bonnet. Sleeping with a satin pillowcase will be beneficial as well.
  • Eat a healthy diet, eliminating fast food and as many processed foods as possible.
  • Exercise at least 2-3x a week, whether it’s walking, running, jogging, aerobics, etc. Do something that will get your heart pumping & get your blood flow circulating.
  • Drink PLENTY of water.
  • Keep your hands OUT of your hair when you’re not styling or massaging it
  • Every day, look in the mirror at yourself & say a positive affirmation about yourself to motivate yourself.
  • Take a picture of your hair before starting this challenge. At three months (December 31st), take a picture and do a length check to track how your hair is coming along. Post a picture to the Wall whenever you are making progress for your encouragement and others encouragement & inspiration as well.
  • Periodically post how much growth you’ve had.

Sub Challenges

1st Sub Challenge is “Deep Conditioning”, “H2O” and “Scalp Massaging" 


  • Deep Condition your hair with your favorite Deep Conditioner at least 1x a week.
  • If you’re wearing braids or weaves, deep condition 1x every 14 days (2 weeks).
  • Gently detangle your hair in sections, working your way from your ends up to your roots with a wide tooth comb and then 2-strand twist each section.  Rinse your hair with the twists to keep your hair from tangling all over again.
  • Use your preferred method of (with plastic cap) Hooded Dryer, Hot Towel, Heat Cap, No Heat or Steamer (no plastic cap) to assist your deep conditioner for better penetration & absorption
  • Deep Condition for a minimum of 30 minutes every session
  • Do a protein conditioning treatment 1x every 4-6 weeks (if your hair allows it).
  • Drink at least eight 8oz glasses of water or more everyday
  • Post a starting picture at the beginning of this challenge and a final result picture at the end of this challenge.

Scalp Massage Requirements:

  1. Beginners: Massage scalp 3-5 minutes daily 
  2. Intermediate & Advanced: Massage scalp 5-10 minutes daily 

How to do Scalp Massages

You can massage your scalp, using the pads of your fingers with any oil of choice or none (if allergic or scalp doesn’t like oil). 

  • Pour some oil into a bowl and warm the oil by placing the bowl in some hot water. The oil should be warm but comfortable to the touch.  Or you can just use your favorite oil straight from the bottle.
  • Using the pads of your fingers, apply the oil little by little to different parts of your scalp, parting your hair as needed.  Then, using the pads of your fingers, work the oil into your scalp, using circular motions. Slow, deliberate movements are relaxing while steady but vigorous movement helps enhance energy and circulation.

Sample list of oils for scalp massages

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Emu Oil
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Neem Oil
  • *Burdock Oil
  • *Basil Oil
  • *Tea Tree Oil
  • *Lavender Oil
  • *Peppermint Oil
  • *Rosemary Oil

*Essential Oil that should be used with a carrier oil such as Jojoba, Castor or Olive Oil.


Information for Scalp Massage Challenge

You must note that most essential oils are very strong and should be used only after diluting it with a carrier oil. Remember, essential oils are VERY concentrated and shouldn’t be used directly on the skin or hair.  Before using them you must also consult your health care provider as some oils could cause irritation and allergic reactions in the body.

First Date

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader x Stiles Stilinski
Words: 2,852 
Warnings: none. you’re in the clear.
Request? yes or no
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