I went to Machynlleth Comedy Festival and saw
- Bridget Christie do comedy in a converted church
- Josie Long do comedy in a school (the backstage area was a French classroom)
- comedy in a cave and on a bus to the cave
- comedy in Wales’ first ever parliament building
- comedy with a creme tea before it
- an exhibition of comedy portraits
- Sheeps in a bowls club
- Tim Key and Tom Basden do Freeze in the converted church I mentioned earlier
- Jon Richardson, Dan Atkinson and Lloyd Langford do GIT in a room
- a Radio Wales presenter riding a park bench like a surfbort (grinding on that wood)
- Josh Widdicombe throw up mid-DJ set
- Stewart Lee read stories while some adults played with children’s toys in the same converted church
- Henry Widdicombe swing around a circus tent to Wrecking Ball

It was a good weekend

Thousands expected for comedy fest

Thousands expected for comedy fest

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More than 4,000 people are expected to attend a mid Wales comedy festival that attracts some of the biggest names on the stand-up circuit.

Festival favourites like Arthur Smith, Richard Herring and Josie Long will take to stages in Machynlleth alongside a host of new acts.

The fifth annual festival will kick off with Richard Herring performing at the town’s Tabernacle.

More than 150 events…

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Beyond disappointed with ‘The Last Leg Down Under’, and pretty ashamed of Adam Hills in particular. 

What, sexism and transphobia are fair game if you’re in a different country? Guilting your friends for not being ‘man enough’ to the point where one of them is visibly upset is not acceptable - regardless of whether you have a nice chat on a hill about it later on. 

Also, saying things about being a ‘pussy’ is not cool, neither is the multiple suggestions that men in dresses are a joke (and by extension, trans femme people are a joke), and neither is playing up to impress others and adding to toxic masculinity. 

This used to be a show about accepting and supporting people from all different backgrounds (especially those with disabilities but also racial minorities and LGBT people) but now it’s just a show where Adam Hills gets to wave his dick around and show off (in this episode, quite literally). 

Not sure if I even want to watch the new series. Utterly ashamed at what this show has become. 


Looks like our favourite Aussie’s got a badass new leg! Wait until you see what he ends up doing to the dummy!!

Don’t worry, all crocodiles are safe from this video.

The Last Leg

Another show I love. This is an old clip from 2014, and you’ll notice this because they talk about current affairs… and the stuff they’re talking about is decidedly not current anymore. But it’s totally worth it for arguably the best joke by a tent, not a tent joke, but a joking tent… followed by a chuckling tent. 

I love Noel Fielding - he’s such a man child, you can’t believe he’s over 40… not that you get to see him in this clips, because, well, tent. 

The Last Leg Goes Down Under

Something has certainly been missing from a Friday night chill without the wit and wisdom of the Last Leg boys, giving their take on events in this weird world we live in. With 8 out 10 Cats Does Countdown finally starting to get a little tired around the edges, Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe were back on our screens providing a welcome dose of hilarity on Channel 4.    

They weren’t sitting in a cushy TV studio cracking wise with a special guest however. Instead they were whisked out to the other side of the world, to Hills’ native Australia. In an effort to show up his “soft pommy friends,” Hills gives Brooker and Widdicombe the proper Aussie experience, trawling through the sweltering outback in this amusing Crocodile-Dundee-a-thon.  

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Obviously there has to be some kind of point to this journey, otherwise we’re just watching three blokes lark about in Australia (cough). So the purpose of the trip is to meet up with Adam Hills’ 97 year old grandfather to wish him happy birthday.

What follows is part Inbetweeners 2, part Jackass as the boys pile into a gaudy, colourful camper van with profanities spray-painted on the side. Starting off in murder capital Darwin, they journeyed Southwards stumbling across a crocodile farm resembling something out of Bond movie. It was amusing watching Alex and Josh whimper in the background, whilst Adam attempted to assert his new found alpha-male status.  

Meeting some toothless locals in a bar was a highlight as the boys awkwardly made friends with biker gang “The Heretics”- school bullies clad in leather, heavy drinking, and bearded.  “Australia’s answer to Roy Chubby Brown” was wheeled out to provide some laughs, as fellow stand-up Josh watched on looking horrified (it’s a far cry from gags about Pret a Manger).

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At times it felt like a bit of a student travelogue, with unnecessary hand held footage of meals being consumed, but this was all good mindless fun to watch on a Friday. The three have great chemistry and you feel at every step of the way that you’d want to be there with them, messing around and camping in the outback. Watch out for the blind pilot though- seriously!