Kate asked about siblings to get sad about in ASoUE and I realized while the main siblings to be upset abt are the Snickets, the Quagmires, and (of course) the Baudelaires, I’m also kind of upset about Captain Widdershins’ step-kids as far as how they were separated, and I’m kind of upset abt how the white faced women [redacted]

if you’re looking for a story with happy siblings, try another book.


IF YOU LIVE ANYWHERE THAT ISNT THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE DON’T LISTEN. They should be using desoil or widdershins, which is the direction in which the sun travels (the sun travels ANTI-CLOCKWISE in the Southern Hemisphere, which might explain why stirring clockwise only works for decreasing here)
Tldr; if you’re a Southern Hemisphere witch, stir in the opposite direction to what an American or European has written

Web-comic Recommendations?

Okay, so earlier I posted a request for book recommendations, and the response was wonderful! So I would like to try the same thing, and ask what your favorite web-comics are.

I already read The Property of Hate, Girl Genius, Ava’s Demon, Califata, Lackadaisy, The Myth of Cinnabar, Gunnerkrigg Court, Wilde Life, Widdershins, and Stand Still, Stay Silent. if you read/create more like these, I would love to see them!

shoutout to my webcomics this week:

  • Death
  • The Gang Gets Captured (Literally and Metaphorically) by Envy
  • Death Sentence
  • …Death? Non-being? Capture, fighting, Negative?, bad things
  • …and no single panel can BEGIN to express the clusterfuck that is Girl Genius right now. A paragraph of explanation cannot express the clusterfuck that is Girl Genius right now, or rather, that Girl Genius is going to be once just a couple more players show up to this ball…
On the new ASOUE trailer

“This looks too campy”, “I thought this series wasn’t supposed to be a comedy”, “Why is there internet in ASOUE”.

Seriously people? Have we been reading the same book series? Even though it seems pretty scary and serious when you read it as a child, the plus side to experiencing them as an adult is how absolutely hilarious and absurd they are.

Remember the chewing gum in the Miserable Mill? The noodle whip? The Great Unknown? Literally every single one of Olaf’s disguises? Nero’s pigtails? People doing ridiculous things because they are “in”? The Anxious Clown? The Snow Scouts? Esme’s outfits? The Sunny vs Orwell swordfight? The Baudelaires getting mistaken for the white faced women? Chabo the wolf baby? Volunteers Flighting Disease? Sir? Captain Widdershins? The Sunny-Beatrice interactions in The End?

The ridiculousness is such a major part of the series! I have a hard time understanding how could anyone be a fan of the books yet not like the absurdity of them. It’s one of the main reasons WHY the books are so unique and memorable in the first place.

Why does everything have to be serious and edgy and bland-looking? We have enough of that stuff already. There is undoubtedly a dark , heartbreaking side to the books that couldn’t be shown in the trailer cause, you know, spoilers. 

BTW, the script is written BY THE AUTHOR HIMSELF, not to mention that he’s also the producer? Are people going to complain about him not getting his own series right? And yeah, the books are definitely comedy, just a very unique dark kind of it, with some mystery and drama in the mix. (Sorry if my English is bad)

“This is your chance to do something noble,” Fiona said. “You don’t have to remain on the wrong side of the schism.” 

“Oh, Fiona,” the hook-handed man said, and put one hook awkwardly around her shoulder. “You don’t understand. There is no wrong side of the schism.”

The Grim Grotto by Lemony Snicket

I love Fernald’s lines … basically sums up a lot of things about the books …

A List of VFD Families and Places

For those interested here were the families/places listed in the tunnels:

  • Baudelaire
  • Quagmire
  • Snicket
  • Remora
  • Julienne
  • Spats
  • Strauss
  • Fernald
  • Anwhistle
  • Widdershins

Places: The Cathedral of the Alleged Virgin, Horseradish Factory, -rous Farms, 667 Dark Avenue, The Victorious Finance District and the Gardens

Keeping in mind Lemony recounted this after the Baudelaire’s journeys so it is now confirmed that Justice Strauss joined VFD, with Fernald either having been part of the original schism or defecting Olaf’s troupe afterwards

About Fernald

something I noticed about Fernald (the hook handed man) is that he actually considers the well being of Sunny, like holding out his hooks to catch her when Olaf was raising her up and he even understood what Sunny said about chocolate pudding.

Like they gave notes about Fernald being a good person, like foreshadowing his spotlight especially for The Grim Grotto

I love Fernald, protect Fernald.


- The PARENTS BEING ALIVE and I’m really happy that Cobie Smulders is in it even though she’s not Esme
- Gustav’s death was…really similar to Dewey Denouement’s?? Not really a good thing but I wonder what’s up with the parallels.
- “When did you see her last?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW
- The implication once more of Olaf having crows around him/his house, I love the symbolism and have always headcanoned that corvids are his favorite animal.
- The freaking Olaf musical number holy crap, it was straight up Les Mis “Master of the House” and I LOVED it.
- the THEME
- THE SIGNS IN THE TUNNEL OMG OMG (in case you missed it they were pointing to different directions that said Quagmires, Widdershins, Snickets, Anwhistles, Juliennes, and possibly Squalors and Denouements, I didn’t get a good look at all of them but holy FUDGE I screamed.)
- “I seem to be missing the sugar bowl” OK YOU DID NOT JUST
- Fernald and Sunny playing cards
- “I have books on everything including the most dangerous fungus in the world” I HYPERVENTILATED AT THAT
- I’m 99% sure that Jacquelyn is Kit in disguise because she’s badass and everything and I refuse to believe otherwise until they say so.
- “Wait until the Daily Punctilio hears about this!” I guess Mrs. Poe works with Geraldine Julienne then, huh?
- Olaf stuffing the cupcake into his mouth
- Olaf twirling around in a dress wearing a flower crown. Straight out of a crack fanfic I swear.

So yeah, anyway the first two episodes were LIT and I can’t wait to watch more!!

Is Quigley Quagmire a liar?

Every self-respecting Snicket fan has entertained the theory of a deceiving, villainous Quigley Quagmire at least once. In honor of this cherished tradition, the Snicket Sleuth is now proud to present a variation on this idea.

The character is suspicious and mysterious; however, it’s not that easy an accusation to prove. Quigley has numerous occasions to betray the Baudelaire orphans throughout the story and doesn’t seize them. And, although the stories he tells them about his life after the Quagmire fire are full of holes, his allegations are largely confirmed by other characters (Kit Snicket, Captain Widdershins, etc).

More reasonably, we can therefore assume that Quigley is not a liar per se. He could, however, be guilty of retaining important information from people who need it the most. He may have a variety of motives, but he seems to do it mostly out of shame. Quigley’s past actions may indeed have (unwillingly) caused Jacques Snicket’s death. Let’s start our trial after the cut.

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