Micah and Amanda of Pistol Whip do summer right as they mix their prints with the right amount of radness. 

Steal their style: Freja Shorts / Jayme Denim Jacket  / Paisley Marie Dress / Jayme Denim Vest / Willa Camper Hat / Leather Sk8-Hi Slims / Authentics


- head stylist at Karmaloop/ dj / blogger/ lover of all things hood & yummy food

SO. Today. Miss Micah posted a link that answers questions kids/peeps be having for her. Like the norm; how did you get started, how does your day go, etc. (the good stufffffff) 

I read it, like always and kept going through the rest of her blogs she’s been posting up. Man, I remember this lady doode has influenced me hardcore the first time I heard about her. She was my age and felt as if someone in the damn world got me. Micah was a youngin like me, trying to live life and aspire to inspire. She has killer style, like a fuckin sixth sense. So normal to her and I felt the same exact way. Its something nobody can really teach you. You either have it or you dont. 

Damn. She taught me all about being yourself, even if its not what others think is “cool”. I truly loved spoken word about “…do what you love and dont give a fuck!” deal. True down to earth bay bb. 

Keep shining bay-bgurl. xx

- Sel 


Vans Girls Music Crushes: WICVH

From the Bay to LA comes our all time girl-crush, DJ Noodles, AKA Micah, AKA “hey, what should we be listening to right now?” This talented girl has been all across the globe spinning our favorite tunes, dropping style everywhere she goes, and touring with music maven Kehlani. Now that we’re swiftly closing the door on summer, (sad, we know) and walking right into fall, we asked Micah to put together a little mix to help us boogie into the new season. Listen to her latest mixtape now! 

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INTERVIEW: MICAH MAHINAY aka WICVH aka NOODLES aka The Chick with The Coolest Style Ever

Age: 21
Location: from the Bay Area but I live in Boston now
Occupation: Head Stylist at Karmaloop.com 

What does “WICVH” mean?
WICVH is MICAH if you flip it upside down. Micah is my real name.

What first got you into fashion and styling?
I was obsessed with male models growing up, and I was really interested in menswear and the idea of styling men. Then I started a fashion blog my sophomore year of high school and did daily outfit posts which consisted of my favorite trends of the season. People started fucking with me and my blog that I just rode the wave with that. I originally wanted to become a designer, but said fuck that. 

How did you start working for Karmaloop?
I had a lot of styling experience at such a young age. And I was really into street wear. So when Karmaloop got in contact with me and asked for me to move to Boston it was a pretty dope, because I’m pretty much their target market so it was benefiting in both ways.

If you could travel the world with one celebrity and be their personal stylist, who would you want to choose and why?
I would choose Miguel or Miley Cyrus. Miguel because I love his voice, his stylist is doing an amazing job right now and I just think he would an awesome person to work with. He seems so humble. Miley because she’s so caught up in fast fashion that it would be easy to get her in looks that don’t go according to trends.

Thoughts on Ashton Kutcher?
I liked him on that 70’s show

What do you believe in more, ghosts or aliens?
FUCK I HATE GHOSTS, I HATE THE IDEA OF THEM THEY’RE SO SCARY TO THINK ABOUT. Well I guess spirits are okay since they mean no harm, I guess I’m just terrified of demons and shit. But I DO believe in both species. I feel like aliens are harmless, but probably look funny? 

Favorite song at the moment?
Any Tupac song is my favorite.

Funnest shoot you styled?
The August Alsina and Stori summer love Lookbook. That day was soooo fun. It was like 102 degrees in TriBeca and we mobbed so deep with our team and the Def Jam team. We shot it on a Saturday but after the shoot ended, we all got turnt that night at 1 Oak. It was awesome.

Any exciting things coming soon?
I can’t discuss any new projects coming up. But yes SOOOOO many exciting stuff coming your way.

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