A picture of the gang :3

In the very front row is the cute little ghost Wicu. She is a female Lampent.

In the second row, from left to right, is Gardein, who is a female Gardevoir. On the right side is Shadopaw Bluefur, a… no one really knows what the f**k this guy is. Some kind of hybrid between a human, a wolf, and a wildcat. In a top-hat. O_o

In the back is Blackout. She is a female Luxray.

Yeah, all girls on my team. I will put up real bios for them sometime, but for now, all you need to know is that we are a group of Team Rocket elites known as Team Vanguard. We take care of the problems you grunts never even HEAR about.

Ask away! We want to answer your questions :3

I like how people only read/hear what they want to read/hear. Like, if someone says “If you do that, you’re an/a (insert insult here)”. And all they hear is “you’re an/a (insert insult here)”. It’s so stupid. And you see it all the time, but I have a perfect example from District 9: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mq4i8XlWilQ

Wikus: I require your scroll on this eviction notice
Christopher: Why am I being evicted?
Wicus: Yes, it’s an eviction notice.

He didn’t hear what Christopher really said, he probably only heard “evicted?” Why? Because the humans have already decided they were useless, and dumb. And people do this today. Bullies, racists.. They all do that.

Why am I writing this? Because Onision’s gf (sorry, don’t remember her name right away) wrote about a specific group of people who were kinda fake (as I understood it), and some minutes later, someone had assumed she was talking about everyone. But if you would just take your time and re-read it, you’ll see that it’s actually only to those who say they won’t do something, but yet do it..