• (Pfanee walks in the restaurant where Elphaba works)
  • Pfanee: I would like a slice of pizza. No cheese, no sauce, gluten free crust. Do you have protein boosts?
  • Elphaba: Are you sure you don't want a glass of diet air with that?
  • Pfanee: Is that supposed to be some kind of a joke?
  • Elphaba (with a mocking smile): Yeah, you got me! We only have full calorie air.

My coffee thermos is stored right next to my flask, and this morning I highly considered pouring some bourbon in the flask to add to my coffee during the day.

Woke up at 1:30am, 3am then at 4am just finally gave up and woke up for the day. Thankfully it’s my Friday, and I have no plans this evening but to come home and relax.

anonymous asked:

Re: Armand/lestat ff. Definitely most like the 1st with lots of sex(ual tension) and much angst. I'm gonna go ahead and say that the A/L tag on ao3 is SEVERELY LACKING PEOPLE. I would write fanfic (lol I'm typing this in creative writing class) but I'm too lazy, it would likely suck, and I'm not very confident in my smut writing abilities. I've read a few 10/10 ones on there though and some really good Armand/Daniel fics (shoutout to monstersinthecosmos, I've read a lot of hers) I need more ff!!

I feel ya! We need more Lestat/Armand fanfic and fanart! #FANFIC REQUEST #FANART REQUEST. With and without lots of sex(ual tension) and all amounts of angst and fluff <333 and yes, @monstersinthecosmos is one of my fave fanfic writers, too. 

BTW, I have one short Lestat/Armand fic on AO3… *scoots this link in…* since you’re thirsty for A/L…

A Brief Reprieve - After the events of Prince Lestat, Lestat reflects on certain aspects of his new spirit animal, snuggled up lovingly with Armand by a fire in winter. Slightly AU in that they are snuggled up together lovingly by a fire in winter!

[^Here’s a fanart of A/L for you, source unknown, even reverse-image searched. Tell me the source if you know it!]

Anon, hey, if you’re in creative writing class, then you’re learning, you’re starting out *u* You could be a writer of 10/10 A/L ff yourself someday. The laziness you feel might be more of a fear of failure; I recognize that’s what laziness is for me when I have a mountain of fanworks I intend to do and I’d just rather… y’know… rewatch an episode of the Walking Dead.

ANYWAY Lestat and Armand have referred to eachother in canon as being brothers of a sort, so I tag them #murder brothers, if you want more Lestat/Armand action in my blargh. 

Writing can suck at any time: whether you’re just starting out or even when you’re a published author, but there can also be good stuff nestled in among the suck, and like I was often told about drawing, you have to get a ton of bad drawings out before you can get to the good ones. With writing, it’s plot bunnies you want, and good turns of phrase, good dialogue… Then you have to nurture your plot bunnies, and encourage them to multiply by spending time and effort feeding them or talking about them with others. It’s also like exercise, at least for me. It’s a habit/muscle that needs training and attention. It’s been enormously helpful for me to have @wicked-felina as a collaborator, bc we do push eachother to be productive <3 Your class is probably doing that! 

I personally feel like everyone can write, whether you write superficial or deep topics or anything in between, it’s all wanted in fandom. We just had a post going around about VC characters playing Dungeons & Dragons (an anon asked @monstersinthecosmos about that and others jumped in, so yes, that’s pretty superficial, but it’s still something the fandom wants to speculate about! Who knows, a fanfic about that could lead to the exploration of deeper issues. 

More on writing under the cut, cut for length.

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