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1951 ford custom by bballchico
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I bet if Carlos became evil, his idea of being wicked would be to just steal all the dogs in Auradon and keep them in his house to play with all day 


Originally photographed at the SEMA Show and posted on this blog earlier, this is the 1951 Ford of Bruce Leven.  Built by Wicked Fabrication and Byers Custom, it’s difficult to classify this Custom/Hot Rod/Race Car.  Powered by a 368ci Lincoln engine, Leven’s “shoebox” is perfection on wheels.  Grand National Roadster Show, Pomona, CA.

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Hi what sort of fabrics work best when lining spandex bodysuits? Should I get a swimsuit lining material, another spandex, or even a mesh maybe? Also if you know of any tutorials on the sewing process that I could reference. Thanks!

Hello there!

You have several options for lining a spandex bodysuit, and pretty much everything you listed there would be a good choice. You can also get away with not lining spandex bodysuits unless you wanted the extra material thickness or opacity. (I rarely line mine.)

Swimsuit lining material is usually a lightweight tricot knit, and it usually comes in white, black, beige, and  sometimes other neutrals (it’s harder to find a darker flesh tone sometimes though). This would add some amount of body and opacity, but wouldn’t be super heavy. 

Another spandex would double the thickness of your material and add a significant amount of body and opacity. This would be best if you have a very thin material, or if you wanted to create a very thick and opaque suit. For a fashion lining, this would be your best option since it’s the most opaque, though you may want to keep it to the areas that will show if you don’t want the added thickness all over. You can also use a material with special properties, like a wicking fabric, if you want those special properties, but it will add thickness.

Mesh would add the least amount of body and opacity, but still some. I’ll often recommend using a powernet as a lining if you want the added shaping control. this can be especially useful in a strapless bodysuit where you may want a bit more help in keeping it up (along with boning in the sides), or where you may want to lightly smooth out your body without wearing an extra layer of shapewear, though it won’t have the firm control of much shapewear.

Make sure that no matter what you get, it has a similar amount of stretch to the bodysuit itself. You don’t want to make a bodysuit that fits in the fashion fabric and line it with a less stretchy fabric that then makes it too small to fit. Be sure that the stretch goes in the same directions, too, so you aren’t preventing a proper fit through using a 2-way stretch with a garment patterned for 4-way stretch. 

As for tutorials on the sewing process, check out the bodysuit section of our site.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

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Summer + Your Period: The Spot On Guide to Summer

At Planned Parenthood, we understand that your period is a normal (if not always welcome) part of life — and that it can be harder to track your period and manage your birth control method in the midst of vacation schedules and travel. This summer, Spot On, Planned Parenthood’s free period tracker and birth control app, makes it easier for you to understand your unique cycle so that you can rule it, instead of it ruling you.

Here is a helpful guide to having the best summer ever, period or no period.

By Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, Chief Medical Officer at Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Swimming? Use a tampon or menstrual cup if you’re going to be in the water while on your period.

During summer, you don’t have to avoid cooling off in the water just because you have your period. Tampons or menstrual cups should keep you leak-free.

Remember to change out of your bathing suit or wet clothes to avoid infection.

It’s actually normal for yeast to live and grow in your vagina – as well as your mouth and intestines. A yeast infection occurs when yeast, also called candida, grows too much – often when the normal conditions of the vagina have changed and the balance is thrown off. It can happen for a lot of reasons: certain antibiotics, changes in hormone levels, pregnancy, etc. Yeast likes to grow in damp places, so one way to prevent an infection is to keep your genital area as dry as possible: rinse and dry thoroughly after showers, use dry towels, and – you guessed it – avoid sitting around in a wet swimsuit.

In addition to avoiding sitting around in a wet pair of underwear or a wet bathing suit for very long, you should be cautious about spending too much time in fabric that doesn’t breathe well – like some exercise shorts – which can trap moisture and heat and put you at a higher risk of yeast or bacterial infections.

Symptoms of a yeast infection include abnormal vaginal discharge that is thick, white, and odorless, as well as itching or burning. There are many different treatments for a yeast infection including pills, creams, suppositories and vaginal and oral tablets, and many of these are available over the counter. Check with your provider or a Planned Parenthood health center before picking up over-the-counter medications so you can be sure that you’re following the right treatment plan.

It’s ok to go commando.

Giving your vulva a chance to breathe can be  a good thing – and there’s nothing inherently unhealthy about going without undies. Vaginal discharge is perfectly normal, but it can leave a stain on underwear or clothing. Most people wear underwear to feel comfortable and keep their clothes clean, but it’s totally up to you.

If you do wear underwear, make sure you change into a clean, dry pair every day. The most important thing is to wear what makes you comfortable while simultaneously keeping your vulva clean and dry.  You can do this by wearing cotton underwear or clothes, or a similar fabric that wicks away moisture from the skin.  If you’re not inclined to give up daytime underwear, you might want to lose your underwear at night and just wear a comfy pair of cotton pajamas.

Traveling can mess with the timing of your period.

Sometimes when we’re headed out on vacation, our periods can be late catching the flight. There are a lot of reasons your menstrual cycle may change, including your birth control method, illness, medication, over-exercising, poor nutrition, stress, sudden weight gain or loss – and traveling.

So it’s normal to see differences in your period if you’re traveling – but if you’ve had unprotected sex or think you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test or visit your local Planned Parenthood health center.

If wedding season is cramping your style, know that you don’t have to get your period every month.

That’s right: If you are using hormonal birth control, like birth control pills, the implant, or the IUD, there’s no medical reason why you need to get your period every month. Combination birth control pills can be used to control when and how often you have your period.  Some pills are specially packaged for you to have only a few periods a year, and others can also be used continuously to prevent having periods.

Sometimes periods cause severe health problems (like anemia or painful cramps), and sometimes people just simply don’t want to bleed or have cramps every month. Sometimes you have a really important date with a bridesmaid dress and you don’t want to be thinking about your period. Either way, it’s totally fine to use hormonal birth control to regulate or eliminate your period. If you want to skip or stop having periods, talk with your doctor or nurse about how this is done.

Nix the sex on the beach.

Sex on the beach or in a pool might seem romantic in the movies but, sex and water – chlorinated, natural, or salt water – generally don’t mix well. Water washes away your natural lubricant, so you could experience more chafing and discomfort. If you’re using a condom, less lubrication means more risk that the condom could rip or tear. The odds are even worse in a hot tub, since heat increases the risk of tearing.

The natural water of lakes and rivers contains bacteria, which could find its way into your vagina during sexual activity, putting you at risk for infections. Chlorinated water can also contain bacteria, so pools aren’t necessarily safer. And the chemicals used in pools and hot tubs could disrupt your body’s natural balance and cause a yeast infection, as well as irritate your more sensitive regions. Bottom line: it’s best to stay out of the water if you’re planning to get intimate.

Wherever you get lucky this summer, remember to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Stay away from “feminine washes” or douching, year round.

You don’t need to use feminine washes or douches to be fresh and clean – and they can actually actually be harmful to your body. Scented products often have harsh chemicals that strip away the natural and healthy bacteria that are in the vagina. This can irritate vaginal skin, and leave the vagina prone to infection from other bacteria. The vagina is self cleaning, so you don’t need to add all of these cleaning products. Just use a mild soap and rinse thoroughly.

Follow your period this summer and beyond with our new birth control and period tracker app, Spot On. Now available on iOS and Android.

Why Nude Yoga? An Excerpt for my book...

I find that practicing yoga nude provides a new experience and knowledge of your body. This is specially so in a group class setting. So often we fear being seen naked. Often we’re afraid we’ll be seen as ugly, and therefore be rejected or ridiculed. We’re also just as likely to fear being seen as beautiful and being objectified by another’s lustful thoughts.  In both viewpoints we’re objectifying ourselves. We break ourselves down to “just a body”; an aesthetic image.  Nude yoga defies aesthetics. It’s not about how each pose looks or how you look on the mat. It’s about how and what you feel as you move through the practice.

Yoga reminds us that our bodies are living temples.  They are sacred places of learning; vehicles for gathering information and experience. Practicing nude allows us to feel our bodies in this honored context.  So often we are only nude to bathe, be examined by a doctor or to engage sexual activity.  To feel our own nudity in a non-sexual, non-medical construct can be new and very healing. To perceive other people’s nudity in a non-sexual setting can be healing not only for the individual, but also for the collective.  It can open the pathway for feelings of similarity, equality and compassion.

In a nude yoga class it doesn’t matter how much money you spent on your yoga pants or what label is on your shirt of sweat-wicking fabric.  It’s of no consequence if you went to a boutique or if you bought them at a department store for ten dollars.  All those social cues are gone.  We leave our uniforms and masks at the door.

However rather than just getting naked right away, I remove my clothes gradually throughout the session.  I do this both in my personal practice, alone in my home studio; as well as when I am teaching class. One reason is to keep my muscles warm; as its best not to stretch cold tissue. This is a holdover from my dance background. The other reason is that I view my disrobing as a symbolic act.  I am shedding my layers, letting go of pieces of myself, pieces of my ego, my projections. I’m slowly stripping down to the bare minimum, to me.  To whom I was the day I was born.

I encourage my students to do the same; to get down to the essence of their Selves. When we’re all down to our essential components; body, breath, being, the illusion of separation begins to fade. This illusion is referred to in the Yoga Sutras as “Maya”. This is the idea that we’re all alone in the world and separate. Those feelings start to fade as we take down some of our layers, our boundaries.  Soon there’s nothing left but the boundaries of our own skin…. And skin is porous, breathing and permeable.

Nude yoga allows your whole body to breathe; to feel the air on every inch of your skin.  It allows you to indulge in your physical perceptions.  And, while it is sensual, it need not be erotic.  In practice we consciously engage all of our senses, all of our chakras, our entire being.  Your soul’s experience of physicality is the yin/yang of the spiritual and tangible, the ecstatic and the mundane.

And when you can feel the breath of everyone around you passing over you; feel your whole body breathing, that’s when you begin to feel the connection. This is the union that we seek through the practice of yoga.  The illusion of separation disintegrates and you can see yourself in the people around you.  When you recognize that everyone is a reflection of yourself, you no longer fear being seen.

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Prompt ideas- hinny 1.On Halloween trying to jump scare but actually just tripping 2.Bad pick-up lines btw ur prompts r great keep writin it's fantastic

A/N: ok i love these prompts.  I did the first one only, but I want to do the second one so bad!  I was thinking maybe people could send terrible pick up line suggestions?

On to the fic, its a shorty, but I like it & hope you do too since its been quite a wait!  Here’s some Halloween hinny fluff!

Also available on FF and Ao3!


Harry Potter was a very mature wizard, an auror in fact, who had been married for over a year.  He was very mature and found enjoyment in things adults did.  Not those adult things…well yes those, Harry Potter liked having ‘adult time’ with his wife very much, and the feeling was quite mutual.  But, back to the point, Harry Potter was very mature and most definitely was not hiding in the cramped and slightly musty coat closet of his and his wife’s shared flat on Halloween waiting to scare her as soon as she flooed home from practice.  

No, Harry Potter was much too mature for that, and had not been lying in wait for almost three quarters of an hour waiting for said wife, because that would be a very immature waste of time.  However, if he was immature and hiding, he would currently be muttering curses and trying to wriggle his toes in an attempt to regain feeling beyond the uncomfortable tingles that told him the entire lower half of his body was asleep.

A whoosh of sound traveling from the inner rooms of the flat drew the young husband’s attention from his prickly toes, his measured breaths and excited heartbeat loud in the silence. Harry listened, ear pressed against the door, as Ginny let out a tired sigh.  Her light shuffle-steps moved from their cozy sitting room currently bedecked with cobwebs and pumpkins they’d messily carved over the weekend, toward the front entrance, the sound of her coat dropping on the bench, as it always did, despite the half dozen hooks that were meticulously hung next to the cherry wood front door.

Harry’s hand slid onto the brass door handle, chilly from the autumn cold, waiting for the perfect opportunity.  She has to be relaxed…and positioned in the exact right place…Two thumps in quick succession told him she had kicked off her battered trainers that she refused to throw away, not from a desire to economize, but because they were ‘perfectly broken in;’ a choice that frustrated Molly Weasley to no end and had once been the subject of a recent Rita Skeeter exposé accusing Harry of miserly tendencies toward his young bride. 

Quiet metallic clicks told Harry’s ears that Ginny had now dropped her green and gold Harpy duffle to the hardwood in an unceremonious heap; smelly, sweat-damp clothes and underthings to be fished out and washed later, likely by the ever dutiful Harry. Early on in their marriage, they had intended to split such chores, taking turns doing the weekly washings, but a few months of putting this plan into practice left Harry with one too many pink undershirts and the realization that his devious wife just happened to only find dirty clothes when it was his turn.

The sound of a zipper refocused Harry’s attention; in his mind’s eye, he could see the individual teeth unlocking from each other, slowly but steadily revealing the plains and slopes of Ginny’s toned torso, snugly encased in a standard Harpies practice kit, long sleeved for the cooler months.  As this final outer garment fell to the ground with a whisper of a noise, Harry leaned closer, biting his lip as he listened closely, mapping her progress through the hall and towards his hidden location in his minds eye.

Face scrunching in confusion, Harry pressed himself closer to the door, cupping one hand over his ear in the hope of determining the lovely read head’s current location, should’ve stolen some extendable ears from George…

Just as he was contemplating cracking the door open slightly to peer around, said door swung open rapidly, his screech of surprise mixing with the triumphant battle cry of one Ginevra Potter, who caught him with deft arms as the door slammed into the springy doorstop and bounced back with enough force to tap Ginny’s shoulder.

Under normal circumstances, falling face first into the bosom of his lovely bride would’ve been cause for happiness on both of their parts, but Harry’s scowl broke tradition as he spoke, voice muffled by the moisture wicking fabric of her top, “How?”

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what is health goth?

this is pretty easy to independently look up, anon. directly from health goth’s wikipedia page

Health Goth is an aesthetic revolving around biotechnology, monochrome sportswear, fetish culture, extreme cleanliness, and rendered environments. Health goth has roots in “street goth” but focuses on trans-humanism, Net art, technical sportswear, bionic body parts, combat gear and an understanding of whole body and mental health. The creators have stated the following keywords they use when sourcing imagery: “mesh, moisture-wicking fabrics, BioWare, body enhancement tech, prosthetics, shoe dipping, various fashion and performance wear brands, transparent clothing, chains and light weaponry, tactical gear, elemental aesthetics, corporal mortification, and rendered environments.“ 

some images:

basically a lot of cyber goth influence mashed with more modern net punk/aesthetic culture and sportswear.