wickedbabylon  asked:

what are your thoughts on the 21st of dec?

Good Question!

If something does happen on a cosmic level or here on the earth then there is nothing I can do about it but sit back and enjoy the ride! But I don’t think anything is going to happen on the 21st. I think there will be chaos that day and the days and months following because people will be going crazy when nothing happens. People are tired of the way things are and are at the point where they are just losing it completely. They have all been waiting for this day for years to come so they can escape the reality of what is going on here. People have given up and are just done with it all. Unfortunately there could be mass suicides, random acts of violence, major depression and civil unrest when their doomsday does not come. And that I am worried about. However I do think it will be a much needed wake up call for everyone. The way this society operates is wrong and will not sustain us much longer. There is far too much imbalance over the past centuries. This system just wont hold up much longer. One of the problems is the problem we have with ourselves and our relation to our home. We must realize that we are Nature. We disrespect the one being (Earth)that provides everything for us. Yes She goes through Her cycles, cleanses what needs to be cleansed and does what She needs to do to survive. That will always be. It is us, who will not survive if we continue on this self destructive path we are on. If we don’t even respect and honor what gives us life, how in the hell can we respect ourselves and others. It makes no sense. I think we are at a point where we must take back our rights and the rights of this planet. Mother Earth has been real patient with us. We have to take responsibility and respect her, ourselves, and each other.

 Also I do not think some flood of enlightenment or some ascension business is going to happen either. Why people are awaiting some day and time to feel enlightened or feel cosmic energy is weird to me. It is accessible all the time, if you do the mental work!!! The Universe does not care or work around a date on our Gregorian calender. We must wake up and remember who we are! We are spiritual beings having this experience and here to do whatever we were created to do. We all have jobs to do to co create in this world. The problem is, most of us do NOT do what we are called to do. Because we have been so brainwashed, most do not follow their intuition to do what their spirit calls them to do, they end up vibrating on low energies and in situations they do not need to be in.  We are already enlightened spiritual conscious beings. You don’t need a date to find that out. Do the mental work and you will get there. Sorry I rambled a bit. I just feel very passionate about this. Our life can end at any moment, why is any day in the future more special than the one that your living at this moment. Hopefully after this day passes, people will understand all these things and stop falling into these traps. I always tell people to be careful with the new age foolishness. Its really just stolen teachings mashed together from indigenous teachings mixed with lies. And doomsday propaganda is just to instill fear and make you scared. Fear is low level energy and these sickos feed off of it. Everyday is doomsday for people all over the world and it could be for any of us at any moment and that’s the reality people have a hard time overstanding.

Once we begin to Respect Life, our Ancestors, and this experience, Honor and Respect this planet that provides everything, Respect and Love ourselves and every being on it, and do the mental work to learn who we TRULY are, then we will be able to thrive and do what we came here to do. So yeah that’s how I feel about the 21st!