Choosing Companions Wisely

“… The youth has to choose a good, righteous and intelligent person for his companion. He should evaluate the condition of the people before he befriends them by researching their condition and reputation. If they have good manners, sound religion, and a good reputation, then they are an object of a long-cherishing wish and profitable gain.

Therefore cling to them, otherwise beware! And stay away from people with evil and wicked character. This should be done so that one isn’t deceived by sweet speech and a beautiful outward appearance.

These attributes are a deception and a misguidance that the people of wickedness use in order to attract simple minded people and to increase their members. Also, they hide within these attributes the things that corrupt one’s behavior and manners.”

— Ibn ‘Uthaymīn, Mushkilāt Ash-Shabāb (p. 31-32)

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Please please please do demon Fruk!! Or demon x angel Fruk!

Okay, I’m too lazy to make a whole comic, so I’m just going to show you a few pictures and explain the plot I have in mind.

Arthur is the Lord of Wickedness and Francis is the Lord of Righteousness. Arthur meets up with Francis in the heavens and demands full rule over the Earth. Francis refuses, and Arthur threatens to end his existence. 

Instead of having a bloodbath, they agree to save their energy and have a dance across the galaxy instead. Whoever is leading by the end of the dance will decide the fate of the other. They are accustomed to having these dances, since Arthur frequently demands control over the Earth. Francis has always won, and every time, he decides to let Arthur live and have his share of control over the Earth. 

Just before the end of their dance, Arthur plants a kiss on Francis and it distracts him long enough for Arthur to switch their roles and end the dance leading.

Arthur turns Francis into a human child so that he will have to grow up and live in a world full of his torment and evil. Before Francis is transformed, he tells Arthur the reason why he always decided to keep him alive after their dance was because he knew he couldn’t live without Arthur, and he’s sad to know that Arthur can live without him.

As Arthur drops off Francis down on Earth, he looks at Francis’s face and begins developing sympathy. He thinks of the dances he and Francis had shared, and how he would never have another dance again. He realises he was foolish to make the decision he made.

He places France in water and decides instead that it will be up to humanity to decide how much good or evil is put into the world by their actions. He then turns himself into a human as well.

Neither have any recollection of their past life, but feel a deep connection.

okay so I was looking into greek mythology, as i tend to do, and came across Astraea (meaning star-maiden), the goddess of justice and innocence. when the earth became riddled with wickedness and humans treated each other unfairly she decided she’d had enough and left to literally become a constellation. she is what we now call Virgo. 

As a child, my mother had told me to kneel before the crucifix.

On my knees in the house she kept clean for her god,

I pictured purity.

I pictured purity to be soft-white and gleaming like opal,

To be whole and to be holy.

Purity would be a sharp knife with a slender ivory handle.

As she scoured the floors with bleach and scraped blood off the walls,

I imagined that purity would be colder than those marble floors;

That it would smell like welded iron and chlorine,

That it would wipe the crook of my elbow with rubbing alcohol

And draw out wickedness with a needle.

I did as I was told and read prayers to the Virgin Mary,

Again and again until I had earned forgiveness for my sins,

But purity had been nailed up in vain against Jesus’s chest;

And my mother had been braiding a rope from the pages of a Bible.

From a rafter she hung me close to the crucifix.

She made the sign of the cross, and then left.

I looked into the face of the son of God as blood pooled in my eyes,

And in the pained face of that wooden man,

Was purity.

Purity was red.

Purity had broken so easily,

And it was the sinner it had demanded that I never become.

Purity was an electrical fire in the church;

The temperature at which holy water boils.

Purity was an arrow shot into the breast of an albatross,

Or at best, a nail hammered into the palms of Jesus Christ.

10 beautiful Italian words

1. scrosciare (vb.): the action of rain pouring down heavily or of waves hitting rocks and cliffs

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2.  meriggiare (vb.): to rest at noon, more likely in a shady spot outdoors

3. lapidoso (adj.): full of stones, said of roads or of the bottom of a river.

4. innaffiare (vb.): to water something, especially a garden, a plant, a flower, etc

5. cruore (n.): it literally means “flowing blood”

6. nottivago (n.): of a person who wanders at night; night-roamer

7. terrifico (adj.): of something or someone that terrifies, that provokes terror

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8. ansare (vb.): to hardly breathe, to be out of breath

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9. nequizia (n.): wickedness, evilness, iniquity or evil action

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10. morituro (adj.): of someone who is next or destined to die

Garden Girl’s gone now.

I spent the day helping her pack, only for her to lose her keys moments before she had to leave. They were locked inside her car and it took forever to get through to AAA. I felt a strange surge of guilt - the kind you get when something happens that isn’t your fault, but you still feel a little responsible because on some level you wanted it to happen. I knew I hadn’t touched them, but some small part of me doubted… a wickeder, crueler version of myself might have hidden them just to snatch a few more hours of her time. This was a cloying, yellowish thought that intensified as time dragged on. I had the absurd fear that if I reached into my pocket, I would find them, under the Altoids and the band-aides and the binoculars.

That wasn’t the case. She found them eventually, under a pile of dresses in the back seat. We both breathed a sigh of relief, but my heart fell. She was more than ready to go.

She hugged me. “You’d better come visit me,” she said.

“Can I tell you something before you go? I meant to tell you all summer but it never never seemed like the right moment.”

“No,” she said, immediately.

“It’s not what you’re thinking,” I said. “I promise. It’d be easier to show you. Here.”

“Your wallet?” she looked at me quizzically.

“Yeah, um. Look inside.”

“Your ID? What am I supposed… oh. OH. Oh my god, what the fuck, why didn’t you tell me?”

“It never felt like the right time,” I said. “And I’ve told you now, so. Better late than never.”

We laughed. She swore at me in exasperation. She hugged me again, promised to keep calling me by the name she knows me by, and said her final goodbye. I watched her tail lights disappear in the thickening rain, and grinned.

Saint Michael Prayer

Saint Michael the Archangel,

defend us in the day of battle.

Be our safeguard against the

wickedness and the snares of the devil.

May God rebuke him we humbly pray

and do thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host,

cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits

who prowl throughout the world

seeking the ruin of souls.


Fëanorian Week Official Announcement:

Hello Silmarillion Fandom! This is your official announcement for Fëanorian Week!

What is it?: Fëanorian Week is a full seven days to celebrate and appreciate some of our fan faves, the Fëanorians, and their parents, Nerdanel and Fëanor.
When is it?:  March 20th, 2017—March 26th, 2017          

The prompts are as followed:

  • Day 1- Maedhros - > Childhood, Kingship, Torture,     Adjusting/Coping, Unity, Beauty  
  • Day 2-Maglor -> Childhood, Music & Songs of Power, Elrond & Elros, Kingship, Maglor’s  Gap, Redemption
  • Day 3- Celegorm - > Childhood, Hunting, Orome & Huan, Strength & Beauty, Wickedness, Love/Unrequited
  • Day 4- Caranthir - > Childhood, Betrayal, Lordship, Dwarves & Humans, Marriage, Appearance
  • Day  5- Curufin - > Childhood, Feanor, Forge work, Celebrimbor,     Manipulation, Ruling of Nargothrond
  • Day  6- Ambarussa - > Childhood, Lordship, Regrets, Twin, Hunting, Nandor
  • Day 7- Nerdanel and Feanor-> Mahtan, Marriage, Reunion, Traveling, Creation, Healing

Rules: You are allowed to post anything fanrelated on the days.
If the prompts are not to your liking, you can do your own thing.
The tracktag is #feanorianweek.
Tag your work accordingly!
Have fun and be nice to others. Disrespect towards others will not be tolerated.

The ask box is open if you have any questions!

*Heads up, I will post reminders as the date gets closer! I won’t let any of you forget* 


I am a man of convictions. And I believe the tree speaks of a simpler, quieter, self-evident truth far more mysterious than that of Christian tradition, Capitalism, Paganism, or Coca-cola: that of unconditional love. Forgive me for the sentimental U-turn, but have you read Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree”? Perhaps this is an unfashionable stand-by, but the profound mystery of that story is undeniable: nature, uncorrupted by selfish causes, gives itself over to the world, generously, and without fault, in spite of common sense, in spite of certain death, in spite of the alleged antagonism of Darwinian Theory–survival of the fittest. Nature loves you. God loves you. I love you. And, even now, standing proud in your living room, the Christmas tree loves you, too … Yes, the earth abides by reckless laws, wreaking havoc on our daily lives, upending all manners of civic and social convenience, but it does so most certainly without deliberate wickedness. It is simply running its course. (“The sun shone, having no alternative”–Samuel Beckett). Would that we could say the same for mankind, which is running a course steadfast into oblivion.
—  Sufjan Stevens, from his essay “An Examination of the Christmas Tree Fetish” in the liner notes for Silver & Gold

Bestiary - Corpse

“To anyone who doubts the wickedness of blood magic, I say: With your own hands, strike down the corpses of your own brothers who have fallen in battle to a maleficar, then we may discuss morality." 

— Knight-Commander Benedictus, in a letter to the Divine, 5:46 Exalted.

The walking dead are not, as superstition would lead you to believe, the living come back for revenge. They are, rather, corpses possessed by demons.

The shambling corpse, controlled by a demon of sloth, causes its enemies to become weak and fatigued. Corpses possessed by rage demons go berserk and simply wade into their opponents mindlessly. Devouring corpses are held by hunger demons and feed upon the living. The more powerful demons rarely deign to possess a dead host.

In most corners of Thedas, funeral rites include burning or dismembering the dead to prevent them from becoming host to demons. But not everyone gets a proper burial. It is not unheard of for the dead to be thrown into mass graves in the aftermath of a battle or execution, almost asking some demon to claim the corpses.

—From Beyond the Veil: Spirits and Demons by Enchanter Mirdromel

I read Howl’s Moving Castle again and I made a list of all of the things Sophie calls Howl and here they are

(companion to this post)

A wicked man

Only a child in his twenties, for all his wickedness

This overdressed boy

Young man

A slitherer-outer

Thoroughly self-centered

Fickle, careless, selfish, and hysterical

A mess

Not only heartless, [but] impossible

Quite impossible

Poor Howl


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Kylo is more like Gaston for Rey, not "Prince-the Beast" lol The Beast had beauty inside when Kylo killed his dad. He is ugly inside

Ah, but Kylo is a disfigured ‘monster’ now that he has a whopping great scar across his face. We’ve been told that we’ll see the character’s humanity explored in TLJ, and that doesn’t exactly line up with his being groomed as a superficial Gaston type.

And as the delightfully named @vulnerablewarlord points out in the notes, the Prince in Beauty and the Beast starts out as a handsome prince - his beauty is stripped from him as punishment for his interior wickedness, just as Kylo’s handsome face is scarred by Rey after he commits the ultimate sin of murdering his father. If anything, Kylo in The Force Awakens is basically the BATB Prince from the prologue. And we know what happens next…