Broadway songs that never fail to cheer me up

-Tomorrow Is A Latter Day (Book of Mormon)

-The Schuyler Sisters (Hamilton)

-Four Jews In A Room Bitching (Falsettos)

-Carrying the Banner (Newsies)

-Tango: Maureen (Rent)

-Yorktown (Hamilton)

-Beautiful (Heathers)

-Man Up (Book of Mormon)

-Falsettoland (Falsettos)

-Rent (Rent)

-Waving Through A Window (Dear Evan Hansen)

-Defying Gravity (Wicked)

-All-American Prophet (Book of Mormon)

-What’d I Miss (Hamilton)

-Seize The Day (Newsies)

-What Is This Feeling (Wicked)

For Good
  • For Good
  • Susan Egan & Deedee Magno Hall
  • The Untold Rose/Pearl Gaycation

Like a comet pulled from orbit
As it passes the sun…

With great difficulty I synced both Susan (Rose) and Deedee (Pearl) singing Glinda’s part of ‘For Good’ from Wicked, because if witchy lesbians didn’t have a hold on me, now space lesbians do too (again). I’ve been out of touch with rosepearl for a long few months, but now here we are again. When are these two going to get a duet together?? I need the backstory episode and I need it now.


Aaaand the next 10 expressions challenges!

1. Neblina from DOOMMATES!

2. Galinda from Wicked

3. Neblina from DOOMMATES!

4. Taako from The Adventure Zone

5. Hades and Persephone

6. Yrs from Double Edged Crown

7. Mali from Double Edged Crown

8. Adi from Double Edged Crown

9. Neblina from DOOMMATES!

10. Korgonite from DOOMMATES!

Things Eurus Holmes has in common with Flowey from Undertale:
  • Both first introduced to us as a sweet and likeable friend but are soon shown to be No Good when they try and kill a main character
  • We get to know both as an evil violent master-manipulator 
  • Both are mysterious
  • Both don’t really “get” emotions
  • Both see life/their complicating evil doings as a game
  • Both are actually just doing this to get the main character to “play” with them
  • Both have brief flashes of the person they used to be shown during flashbacks
  • Both characters’ parents believe them to be long dead
  • Both are revealed to actually just be sad, scared, lost, lonely children in a shock plot twist during the climax
  • Both want their beloved sibling who they haven’t seen for years and who was the closest thing they ever had to a friend to play with them and show them affection so that they can feel things again
  • Both will make a large amount of the audience forget about all the people they killed and feel sorry for them and cry a lot
  • Both will have flame wars about whether or not they’re sympathetic/redeemable/deserve to be saved raging on from now until the death of the internet
  • and I’ll still love and be emotional about both long after I’ve got over or got bored of the rest of the show/game

(and no I’m not suggesting we start an AU where Sherlock puts Eurus in a flowerpot and carries her out of Sherrinford and keeps her in a pot in his bedroom)