wicked tree


This tree in St. Louis, MO was struck by lightning, causing it to burn on the inside.

Video: Jim Probst

The Extended Shadowhunter Family Tree


here is that little surprise i have been working on for all of you!!

its the shadowhunter family tree from TID but its extended with the Fairchilds, Blackthorns and a few other people!! (this is correct as of august 2017, i will update it if something gets confirmed *wink wink Ash* and i know that the family tree from CP2 isnt 100% accurate but this is just for reference!!)

I spent a lot of time on this trying to get it to fit together so i hope you all like it!! feel free to download it for your personal keeping!!

lots of love from reallygaymangos xoxo

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for your favorite ships GO!!!



Jamilton HCS

  • Relationship founded on intellectual rivalry (I’m pretty sure thats more canon than hc) 
  • Thomas is a Calvin Klein briefs kinda guy
  • Hamilton is the last to go to sleep and the last to get up, probably why he doesn’t let himself sleep he knows he’ll over sleep. 
      • is the guy that sets 25 alarms in the morning
  • Book Boyfriends, they bond over similar tastes in books. Though Hamilton is constantly “surprised” when Thomas suggests a good book

Hamliza HCS

  • Butterfly kisses for fucking DAYS
  • Hamilton lays on her lap and recites poetry to her like the fucking asshole sap he is
  • Ham likes documentaries and they put Eliza to sleep, semi wishes he was into sports like normal men
  • Eliza buffering all her bf’s insults so they’re not as harsh like: 
  • “FUCK YOU JEFFERSON GO JUMP OFF A CLIFF” “With a parachute because death is a TERRIBLE thing to wish on anyone *elbows Ham* “
  • Snapped at James Madison once because TJeff and him made Ham upset
  • “If you ever make my boyfriend cry again, you’ll hear from me and my sisters. And Peggy has a mean axe throwin’ arm, bud” 


  • Pot-smoke kisses
  • Protest dates
  • “I’m going to KICK YOUR TEETH IN LEE” Lafayette approves
  • Lee breathes on John, Lafayette cusses
  • Arm Wrestling decision making, Laf always wins
  • Counting freckles in French
  • Louisiana lovin’ (Get it, Southern and French??? No…?) 

Marlica HCS (I’ve done this) 
Peggy and anyone because I love her



  • Ice cream dates, splitting a sundae at A La Mode
  • Evan is Connor’s muse, he has 1000s of sketches of him
  • leaving notes in locker doors
  • holding hands behind their backs
  • Connor sleeping on Evan’s lap
  • Evan having “his” mug in Connor’s house
  • Connor watching Evan sleep
  • Evan petting Connor’s hair to derail from bad thoughts
  • “Squeeze my hand if you’re not ok– AH MY HAND!” 


Gliphaba HCS

  • Glinda watching Elphaba change into clothes with a half lidded look
  • “Can I borrow your lipstick?” “Sure” MWAH 
  • pink and black nail polish swaps
  • Elphaba carrying Glinda when her feet her from being in heels all day
  • Dancing to no music but hums at midnight
  • Glinda using Elphaba’s black dress as a nightgown 
  • Theater version of Bubbline tbh

Jeremy and Michael HCS

  • Teaching Jeremy how to use chopsticks on sushi dates
  • “What do you want to do tonight?” “Just stay here with you” “Aw…that’s so gay, Jer~” “Hey, progress” 
  • Watching Porn together, making fun of unrealistic dong sizes and fake moans
  • Bi boyfriends who can comfortably talk about girls they are attracted to without having to compromise that they’re inlove with each other
  • Jeremy nervous stutters and Michael finishes all of his sentences
  • sharing headphones while walking
  • Scream-Singing “Don’t Worry, Be happy” its their song


show off- showtunes sung by broadway’s most popular ladies

it’s today - mame // the life of the party - the wild party // it won’t be long now - in the heights // show off - the drowsy chaperone // killer instinct - bring it on: the musical // popular - wicked // candy store - heathers: the musical // the world according to chris - carrie: the musical // out tonight - rent // there she goes!/fame - fame // model behavior - women on the verge of a nervous breakdown // gorgeous - the apple tree // diamonds are a girl’s best friend - gentlemen prefer blondes // here lies love - here lies love // dance: ten; looks: three - a chorus line // so much better - legally blonde: the musical // the ballad of sara berry - 35mm: a musical exhibition //


forbidden love - the most scandalous love affairs and forbidden romances to hit the great white way

opposite attraction - here lies love // say no to this - hamilton // natasha & anatole - natasha, pierre and the great comet of 1812 // monica’s song - clinton the musical // forbidden love (in gaul) - the apple tree // i’ve decided to marry you - a gentleman’s guide to love and murder // any moment / moments in the woods - into the woods // what you mean to me - finding neverland // best kept secret - bare: a pop opera // seven wonders - catch me if you can // whatever lola wants, lola gets - damn yankees // will you lie? - lizzie // this world will remember us - bonnie and clyde // as long as you’re mine - wicked // the guilty ones - spring awakening // one second and a million miles - the bridges of madison county // mouth tattoo - murder ballad


Cello Suite for the Mildly Depressed

I. C Mayor, lent et triste

Look, t(h)inker, clock-reaching cockroach in the works,
Be on your feet and tremble! See how hollow the night.
Miscreant, in the middle and fifth of C,
The glowworms feed on your carapaced stomach lining bleached
In a dozen colored curlicues brought on by the smoke
Of your burnt trials. Sink, make me. Border-trample the tempest
In the groomed brick of silent scale. The pavements
Cry their rhapsody, now, the wet heat expressing their sizzle
In the ear. Color me surprised. I heard you and your nightmare
Galloping across the frail shields of men afraid of laissez-faire,
Savor me, now, in wick. Candle-shaped pine trees do flicker in winter
And the flame on their heads are not for you to lick.

II. F menor, andante

Please, projection, you are mere, even for the stellas in your sangre.
Your platelets may compose constellations under your skin,
Your icy bones may form planets in your tears that muster galaxies,
But in the grander scheme of things, you are a carpet of logic compressed
In a paradoxic vacuum. Leave and elevate. Leave and elevate
The skin, your toil, such eviscerations and dirt factory,
Carpal tunnels reside in your art; in your heart,
Calloused emotions breeding demons. Life, through carbon, is
A series of sensations punctuated by arousals, accented by
Chromatic cymbals of attractions. But rhythms are not self-contained,
They glean the stalk of everyone’s name, the vibrations in the strings
Create echoes; may your fate be with mine, in the reverberation.

III. A menor, lent et douloureux

I am mildly a shadow, an existence in the final straw, I hung
My lips on words; I hung my ears on sound, my skin on touch,
A testimony of testimonies. Take all of me and the subtle cracks in my
Perceived legato — leave me out of your tierce de picardie.
Your expected brightness in the ending, a preconceived
Colossal composition of what petty chemicals your existence is made of;
Oh, contuse, confuse, grave sadness. The elegy is coming to a close.
Claim my core, forte, fortissimo, louder and louder and more and more,
And be solemn, and be still, I am mildly a shade. I may blur
In your hand-waves. In your clear, corrosive light, I might disappear.
Come, whisper dangers in my ear that my heart might believe them;
Come, make me feel like I am more than what I am supposed to be—

IV. C menor, largo, coda

Softly, like a stream,
Carry me to my dreaming, softly
Like a stream, carry
Me to my dreaming, mildly
Like the wind, carry me
My arrest, mildly,
Like the wind, carry me
To rest.

— A. Prescott


The wicked tree house shell

Aish so here is the house that i build doing my lumberjack challenge. It has a spacial place in my heart as it’s not build in one go and i’m quit proud of it. I have taking all content out of the house so you will be able to make the shell your own, also changed floor/wall to base game so please do change if desired, + minimum cc needed.

  • Just the shell(ish)
  • 64x64 lot (it’s big be aware)
  • Needs pets for barn and some of the other eps for trees and plants (not sure which, sorry) enough if you’re up to replace the stuff feel free to do so.

cc; windows’ l store items in dl

tou; don’t claim as your own. ~You’re welcome to change pretty much everything in it, recolor ect, please don’t use has a base tho or re-upload as i used a lot of time on it.

Download; Simfileshare l MEGA (will be up at some point)

Luckily orbs of purple light are rare,
so are the secret passage ways
behind crystal waterfalls;
seldom will I see
the fairies,
or the gnomes,
trying to outsmart those wicked trolls;
the trees are silent most of the time,
and the moon hardly ever answers
to the sighs of longing I send
upwards to the sky;
I am blessed,
not often do I find the world enchanted;
luckily, such would only remind me of us.
—  Disenchantment, by M.A. Tempels © 2017
What I Finally Understood Post Mormonism

1. I Was in a Cult
Mormons wince at the word “Cult” because it gets tossed around at them so much. Let me tell you why Mormonism is a cult. There is no criticism allowed of the leaders, there are commandments on your clothes, your food, and your thoughts, contention of any kind is considered a sin (3 Nephi 11:29, Book of Mormon), obedience is the number one lesson taught and specifically obedience to current leaders (despite any contrary teachings from the past), and there is constant brainwashing from childhood to adulthood. Even more extreme rules than these for full time Missionaries.
Coming out of a cult feels so much like the cliched Red Pill moment from the Matrix. Suddenly your eyes are opened. You realize that you knew something was just not quite right about it, but were too afraid to face the truth of it. All of the hours being indoctrinated, the need for people to say it’s not a cult repeatedly to themselves all just seems to testify against itself. You shouldn’t need that much reinforcement for true things. 
I remember praying so earnestly to have some peace for my cognitive dissonance and insecurity. It never came. But, in my broken self, the bold structure of Mormonism made me lean not unto my own understanding (Proverbs 3:5) and was some kind of relief to the chaos it was causing.

2. Non-Mormons are People, Too
When I lost my faith, this idea dawned on me. No longer did I see the rest of humanity as experiencing “a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD.” (Amos 8:11). I felt connected because I had much more humility towards everyone. I didn’t look down at anyone or see them as possible converts.
I felt a distance as a Mormon from the rest of the world. If I saw someone had tattoos or smoked or drank alcohol or coffee I felt like a tourist around them. They weren’t part of my tribe. So, they became Zoo animals of a sort. Lost and confused, seeking fulfillment in things that wouldn’t last, if only they knew what I knew. Yet, at the same time, I desperately wanted them to know that I was like them, that I was normal, that I was cool. Any Mormon so desperately wants you to know that they’re actually normal and if you believed the same as them you would agree. That’s because Mormonism is a culture. Every coming of age milestone in Mormonism is expected without question. It’s just what you do and who you are. You feel completely normal because in that environment you are. Which is why it’s so hard to leave.

3. Mormons are People, Too But…
Now, that I have come out to my Mormon friends and family as a non-believer, I feel distance between us. The same distance I felt as a Mormon around Non-Mormons. I’m on the other side of the fence. I’m one of “them” now. A label often given is “Anti-Mormon” which encompasses all resistance to the Mormon cause. It is used to dismiss any arguments quickly so that you may compartmentalize it and move on. As much as I wanted Non-Mormons to think I was normal as a Mormon, I now want Mormons to think I’m normal as a Non-Mormon. They can’t do it. At some level, there will always be “an awful gulf, which separated the wicked from the tree of life, and also from the saints of God.” (1 Nephi 15:28, Book of Mormon).

4. No One is Going to Save Me
With the immense dependence the Mormon Church demands of its members, I felt like I was continually waiting for blessings for my obedience. When they didn’t come, it was because I wasn’t good enough and should repent. The circular logic just made me more dependent and the church became the keeper of anything good in my life. This is Stockholm Syndrome, to be honest.
Any happiness I felt was a “tender mercy” from God, given to me for my obedience to arbitrary rules of not drinking coffee or wearing special underwear. I was completely owned. A hymn, sung routinely, titled “I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” is just the tip of the iceberg of the kind of dominance the church has over its members.
Once I stopped believing, it hit me that my happiness was up to me and that I had to do something about it. Not all Mormons are so lulled, but it is extremely easy to be comforted in your crappy situation because of an imminent heavenly reward. Now, I have to save myself from having a crappy life. Scary.

5. Everything about Mormonism Now Makes Sense
The mental gymnastics needed to stay faithful in Mormonism are overwhelming and eventually you either stop believing or just say “I know the church is true.” A very common phrase in Mormonism. It’s said to alleviate the mind of all rationale against the church. I used to say it often, despite not really knowing. I was taught that the peace of ignoring your logical brain was the Holy Ghost testifying to you and that all your positive emotions were also the Holy Ghost.
Looking through the lens that God was in charge of the church, it all fell into the mysteriousness of deity. Losing that perspective, I can now see that the ordinances in the temples are stolen from Masonic rituals of which Joseph Smith experienced as a Mason, that the Book of Mormon is an 1800’s fan fiction of the Bible, and that the last hundred years of leadership is old white men trying their best with what they have. The weird traditions aren’t divinely inspired but relics from a time when they weren’t weird. I can now appreciate the whole religion much more than before because of these realizations. I can actually feel more empathy for it because of this understanding.