wicked the musical

It’s always annoyed me how when Elphaba doubts in herself about the way she looks Glinda is horrified and tried with all her might to get Elphie to see how gorgeous she truly is and says “Miss Elphaba look at you. You’re beautiful” and refuses to let Elphaba believe that but with Fiyero when Elphie states that she wishes she could be beautiful for him and he shouldn’t lie to her all he says is “It’s not lying, it’s looking at things another way” as if he doesn’t see her as the gorgeous person that she is and not “Elphaba you ARE beautiful, you’re stunningly perfect just the way that you are”.

Why is it that Glinda has so much love and devotion to Elphaba but Fiyero can’t even say that she’s beautiful?

girls don’t want boys girls want tickets to broadway musicals


Some of my Wicked the Musical :Act 2 drawings plus the extra scenes. 

I don’t think that I will be able to finish the act 2 of this version. I just lost my drawing files because my external hard drive got broken few weeks ago. Still trying to find a way to recover the files but I’m already working on the newer versions of my first batch of act 1. well, life goes on~